159 The Best Horror Movies and TV of 2018

Episode Transcription

I Welcome to the new Flash podcast. My name is Brett Arnold @Brettredacted on Twitter and my name is Joe Avella, @joeavella on Instagram and this. Have damn it. We already blew it. We’ve had we had left we’ve had three weeks off two weeks on I’m not sure and we’ve already we’ve already forgotten how to speak.

[00:00:39] Welcome back everyone. I personally apologize for the for the lack of episodes in the past two weeks. I’m pretty sure Joe was ready willing and able for the past two and I have always well, let’s take it easy. But yeah, I had to travel last Sunday and. The sketch holidays it was a little tough and I do not remember at all.

[00:00:59] What we why we didn’t do it two weeks prior to that but the importers yeah, that sounds right but heaven but we’re here now and this is everyone’s SEO and by everyone. I mean SEO, this is s CE, o–‘s favorite episode The Best of 2018 where we did it? Yes, we made it through the year and we’re going to recap all the movies all the best movies.

[00:01:24] We saw this year. Which means. You’re a loyal listener. You’ve probably heard us talk about all these movies some at some other point in the year. Actually. There are some new ones that we just watched that may or may not have joined the rack have joined the ranks. But so we’re going to I guess to a list countdown from both of our top 10 or top fives.

[00:01:46] Yeah, we’ll probably start at the top top actually because everyone probably has the same number one of the year and it’s kind of boring so. We’re going to try to highlight stuff that you may not have that may not have gotten as much attention. Yeah our list. It’s hard making horror list at the end of the year because every exhaustion it’s exhausting but it’s also like you really you have to do a really good job and watch a lot of stuff.

[00:02:11] If you want to avoid being the very boring list that every every place publishes you notice thinking Brett. We want you to live before. I think this episode should be the best of 2018. The best of our abilities and then next week’s episode should be kind of like here’s all the great stuff that either didn’t make the list or we didn’t get a chance to see because we’re kind of catching up with everyone’s list.

[00:02:33] So this is the best of and then the next one’s kind of like the Deep cuts the we like maybe not the best maybe notable ones from 2018 that’s got a little to no attention or we just kind of saw it just by yesterday you and I texting back and forth. My list of things that I missed went from like five to fifty somewhere to like ah shit.

[00:02:53] There’s. There’s so much good stuff that came out this year. It’s a great year for horror and there’s still so much that we need to see. So this is like the this is the greatest hits next week will be the Deep Cuts. Yeah. I think that makes sense and we can mention I’ll do some honorable mentions today, but I definitely am.

[00:03:11] Well, first of all, there’s a lot of stuff that I just learned about that. I need to watch definitely in time for next week. But they’re there are some honorable mentions. I’ll make today of stuff. You may have already heard of but next week, I think yeah deep Cuts is a good way to put it. I also think it’s kind of like a fact check of other people’s.

[00:03:28] Like we had Lewis Weitzman put out a list and I talked to him about it. His list had a bunch of stuff that I thought was great and had a bunch of stuff. I thought was crap and in a bunch of stuff. I thought was not even horror. So yeah and perfect transition. Yeah. I made my list. I have a 14 I mean 14 movies.

[00:03:47] That was like fuck. I got it. I got it down to a lien 14 of this year alone and then talking with you and also talk with Moe this three on my list that might not technically be horror I did. Another horror lists, but we might be bending the rules a little bit with horror. So I think those will fall into the honorable mentions for today that even though like my maybe most favorite movie of the year that I thought was also going to be on this list.

[00:04:11] That’s not a horror lists on second. Thought I think is more of a hard sci-fi movie. It’s yeah you probably guess what I’m talking about. So I’ll mention it an honorable mentions, but I guess it’s technically not a horror movie. This is where it gets tough for me because I also I loathe the conversations that are like.

[00:04:27] This is there isn’t horror but in this case like it’s not as cut and dry as you know people arguing that hereditary for example, is that a horror movie are fucking insane. Like there are people who say that we’re talking more about the I know which I was referring to with the the Sci-Fi Blockbusters that have horror elements or the Indie the Indie drama with horror elements like those.

[00:04:49] Yeah, what will make the calls as we see them, but my list also has some stuff that I would say. What will address each one specifically so it will be like this is for horror fans. This is for fans of this. Maybe not straight horror. Yeah. Well, this is going to be comprehensive if only because I’m too lazy to cut down my list of like 20.

[00:05:10] What are the horror what other horror podcasts are they going to openly admit that they’re lazy only the new flesh baby only NFP. It’s laziness born out of extreme not laziness though because I’ve spent the past few weeks cramming all these horror movies and I just want to I want to I want to give our listeners.

[00:05:30] Even if we don’t like something I want them to know it exists and yeah, they can watch it. So your R&R end-of-the-year episode is not about ranking movies. It’s a celebration of our favorite thing that is horror movies. So maybe the order isn’t so important and maybe we kind of bend the rules, but I just think they’ll like.

[00:05:47] This is the end of the episode we can be like this is some really great shit that came out and you need to see it. Absolutely. And before we get into that, I think we’re going to skip it’s in pieces today. We have a lot of talk about anything on top of your head that remind the past couple weeks.

[00:06:01] All I can think of is the Jordan Peele trailer is out. Yes, the US I’m already upset. I will say that why I’m upset that I watch the trailer and I’ll tell you why without spoiling it the trailer gives away what the movies about which is exactly what trailers are supposed to do. But you know, it would be it would be a hard sell and be a hard sell for this movie to not show us dead giveaway is then what else were they going to show?

[00:06:28] What is the movie that I know and that’s my own fault. I always. There are most movies where I say, you know, I’m not watch the trailer. There’s always big event movies where it’s like I can’t avoid this trailer. I’m going to watch it and I did see one person who saw them. There was like a couple people have seen an advanced screening of the movie who said oh, I wish I didn’t watch that.

[00:06:46] I wish they didn’t release that trailer because it’s kind of gives away. What is I know? Can I give my theory of what I think this is about so real quick. Okay. So this is spoiler territory. If you know, it’s a voice on spoiler. I don’t know. I know as much as the average person but well, okay talking about the trailer is itself a spoiler because I saw a headline and I was like God damn it and it ruined what the what the twist I guess was or the premise was and like I would have I wish I could have gone to this movie not knowing what the trailer gives away.

[00:07:16] So from this point on we’re going to talk about what that is. Ok spoiler alert from okay. Here’s what I’m thinking. So Jordan peels us trailer. You see this family the look like the doing pretty well the goat looks like on a vacation with some friends and then at night a family shows up and they take them hostage.

[00:07:35] And the reveal is that it’s them it’s like a different version of them and I’ve read in a review or an interview with Jordan Peele. He was saying that he’s interested in sort of making a movie with a monster mythology or some sort of monster element. So my theory is that this movie is going to be sort of like.

[00:07:50] Vision of the Body Snatchers type thing but the Clones are the copy people of them are like the worst version of them or possibly the the version of them. Like they’re most ashamed of or embarrassed and this will kind of parallel maybe like how we as human beings like we have our real-life personas and maybe our.

[00:08:14] I don’t know online troll personas or maybe okay, or maybe like an another way being like we have our online Instagram. I’m so beautiful and every I got everything together personas, but deep down were very like like flawed or desperate or. Anxious or whatever. I think these playing with this idea that today people live two different lives like the life that they show everyone that they’re like, I got it all together.

[00:08:38] I’m so happy. I got this great families great job Etc, but versus what the really like on the inside and maybe like it’s going to be a manifestation of that. That is my theory. I’ve only seen a trailer so I know as much as everybody else, but I’m saying it now the movie comes out in March I believe so yeah.

[00:08:55] Yes. It was that movie comes out of March and dude. I’m so excited because. Our plot and all plot giveaways or all like reveals aside. It just looks like it’s great. Oh, yeah. Well, okay, so I have a theory about what it’s about. But if you have a watch the trailer go ahead and well actually well, I already said on the top don’t watch it if you if you haven’t yet, but if you have you’ll know that the trailer were the big reveal is that they’re being hunted or stalked by monsters quote-unquote and that its clones of them.

[00:09:26] It looks. Them but it looks like like like fucked up versions of that like the like Bizarro World versions like like the what’s that weird sparked Simpson version of himself. That’s not fart. I don’t evil Buzz whatever they’ll switch over to my Tree House of Horrors. Yeah. Anyway, my theory or like I saw some people tweeting about is this what he’s getting at and if so like slippery slope.

[00:09:47] Oh is he saying that black people are Their Own Worst? Me what? Come on now? No. Well, I don’t know we don’t know because it isn’t even know it isn’t even out yet. And there’s so many ways to interpreted as so stupid. It would be like, I don’t think I’m not saying that’s on its face stupid. I would think that’s that’s that could be a brilliant brilliant examination of someone’s thesis or something.

[00:10:13] I don’t you know, if that’s what the movie is about. I’d be surprised but I already see people theorizing on what is it mean that. The monster in the movie is is ourselves or its maybe it just means so many things. It could be something it could be just as basic as literally we are Our Own Worst Enemy, but then you watch the movie.

[00:10:30] It’s blue black characters the person I saw tweeting that was a black woman and so it wasn’t like a angry white person being like is this what they’re saying? It was a black woman being like it wasn’t under constant, right? Is this what he’s saying and in which case like, oh man, like what? I don’t know.

[00:10:46] I guess it’s already up see it’s already amazing that it. I forget how many views it has on YouTube. It’s insane everybody YouTube. I know the Instagram. He excuse my Instagram. It was the Twitter video because there’s tweet had the Twitter of the video evidence. We million some like some like like like 19 or 20 million in one day.

[00:11:03] It was fucking insane. How many people watched it the only thing the only thing that got more views in that was the Kevin Spacey video. Well speaking of horror movies, but that guy like after this in the video like I’m like, I don’t even know what’s going on with this guy. I don’t know the details of the case, but throw him in jail for that.

[00:11:18] Video just watching this thing. I was just being like this is it’s just as so tone deaf. It’s just the most 2018 thing possible. It’s like it’s like Kevin Spacey watched, you know Trump become president and watched all these other people just refuse to apologize about shit and it’s just come like Weinstein and it just like yeah, this is my attitude now, like I’m clearly about to get charged with sex like hours after that video dropped.

[00:11:42] He was charged with felony sexual assault or whatever and it’s really me. Yeah, and it’s a field that there’s video of it and the guy. Video and all this shit. So like it’s just him it was his last hoorah to try and be like well if I’m canceled quote unquote and in this day and age, here’s my at least have the right wing people on my side video to get no to letter really help people up.

[00:12:05] I don’t know man. Yeah total flop. Oh, um one quick bit of business. Well two bits of business. I want to give to the fans before we continue. The first one is the new flesh is on Instagram. Wow. Wow, just let me show of Ella. That’s right. The only social media platform. I like oddly enough. The only one that Brent Arnold does not use so I was thinking the reason I started an Instagram account is it’s going to be all stuff about the podcast give shout outs of movies.

[00:12:34] We’re going to be reviewing give you guys a couple days in advance if you want to watch them and prepare probably be dropping in my thoughts about movies that I see whenever I do it. Whenever I can other stuff I shared some screen grab of a text conversation. We had congrats on those Hellraiser Socks, by the way.

[00:12:53] Oh my God, you shared that with the world. Sure did anyway, so they want to check us out for that for the Hellraiser socks. I love. So just search new flush podcast and Instagram or it’s instagram.com backslash new Flash podcast. How many followers we got like to 24? Oh my God, that’s right.

[00:13:13] That’s right. So if you want I’ll new flesh horror specific stuff what’s going on with us in the week? Maybe we can get Brett to get on it so him and I can just post our RBS throughout the week. So you guys can follow that along. But anyway, we’re on Instagram now, please give us a follow speaking of things.

[00:13:30] Line Brett. I discovered something that I think is very cool. It might be my new Addiction online. It’s a site called scener.com. That’s SCE any are.com. Now what this is I started a new flesh. So to go to senior.com backslash the new flesh. You will find our senior account and what it is is it links up to your Hulu and Netflix and YouTube and what we can do now is record and share our own video commentaries of movies.

[00:14:02] I did three and the past two weeks because I was having too much fun with it. So many months ago. There’s Joe’s wife was out of town and he had a bunch of pot something. That’s really cool because like we can just pick up. Movie anyone can pick a movie and it is a lot attachment to your Chrome or an extension is Play the movie and it records your webcam.

[00:14:25] So you watch it on your laptop and just talk while you’re doing it records it and then that point forward anyone can go on there and if they have Hulu or Netflix or whatever streaming service the movie you want to share is on it goes right to their account. And then in the little picture and picture is that thing the recording it syncs up with a movie that’s sweet.

[00:14:42] It is really sweat would have been helpful for our chappie. No shit, dude. I was thinking exactly that will be helpful for future things. I want to keep doing them. Definitely would love to get some suggestions from the listeners. What movies they want us to do a scener audio video commentary for the site.

[00:15:00] Is a little wonky. It doesn’t have a search feature for whatever reason. So again, that’s scener.com the new flesh. Also, if you go to our Instagram and look in the bayou I set up a link to one of those link tree things. You can get a link through that anyway, it’s a cool fun toy that I want to play within the next year and maybe we can just make it like a monthly thing or a to a month is a bi-monthly.

[00:15:24] I don’t know. I think it’s really cool. I’ve kind of just glanced at the. The browsing section and already lots of people are having fun. And of course a majority of them is clearly, like people are like we watched Catwoman. We got drunk and watched Doom or whatever. So it’s dumb shit. Yeah, but the three movies that I did was Hulu’s new year new you that is the latest into the dark.

[00:15:47] Excuse me horror monthly horror movie. We’ll talk about that next week. And I also did Tara fire which was one of my favorite movies. I saw this year even though it came out in. 17 and also I did the Netflix Much Ado Bird Box Sandra Bullock film which we can talk about briefly here if you want to or equate sure.

[00:16:07] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. I guess we should talk about it today just because sure it’s so in the in the Consciousness right now and beside guys, I will just say about those socks. My favorite thing about them. Is that for some reason I’m assuming has to do with like, right. They’re called Hellraiser.

[00:16:26] Inferno sucks

[00:16:30] why that one you just discuss with this is this that was the one that Clive Barker lost. He lost the right. Whoever made those Sox had the rights to one of those movies and was like, all right, we’ll do it so fun. Yeah. It’s on the tag. It says Hellraiser Inferno incredible like that. That’s like how I like there’s three child’s plays and there’s like five Chucky movie.

[00:16:49] These are chunky socks challenge like no no Chucky completely different. Funny, okay. So senior sounds fun. I’m down. I’m down to do that. Let’s talk about before we get into the new year. Let’s talk about stuff. I want to talk about last week which includes the house that Jack built the new Lars von Trier movie, which I.

[00:17:10] Just and then let’s talk about Bird Box first. So cable did shoot will do those two and then we’ll go into our best up. Yeah, don’t be fooled Bird Box is nowhere near my best of lists. So first of all, I will say this movie is like. At best fine breaks Bird Box. I do not think it’s by any means like terrible or bad.

[00:17:36] I think it’s very kitschy on purpose. I can’t tell if it’s kitschy on purpose or if it’s campy on purpose or if. Genuine and I just think it’s kind of dumb. But either way it’s a post-apocalyptic movie starring Sandra Bullock. It has a crazy cast at Sandra Bullock John Malkovich that girl from I think that rapper white rapper movie that came out a couple years ago whose yes, yes patty-cakes.

[00:18:03] Yeah. It was also in Darla Senate and clicks the Netflix other big pothole. It’s called dumpling dumpling Jesus darling is the Mickey Keating whore. But Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie the trailers and every all the promotion was just Sandra Bullock wearing a blindfold and everyone made all everyone’s making the same joke.

[00:18:24] They’re saying it’s you know, how dare you make this movie after a quiet place because the quiet place was about, you know, you can’t make a sound and this movie is about how you can’t use her eyes and see and look at style of how I love that. How could you do that? How could you not it’s Netflix.

[00:18:38] They looked they saw the biggest movie of the year the highest grossing movie. Here and they were like, let’s do that. It makes perfect sense. This movie is an algorithm movie to a tee. It is part a quiet place part the road part amidst. Yeah. Yes. Yes part Dawn of the Dead total other the Remake there’s a to other if you watch as a one or two other.

[00:19:03] Movies and they just sprinkle through with the tropes it is so long. It is over two hours long believed that it had been that long when it was around. Like I kept waiting for it till like get to the get to the end and then it was it was over two hours, right? It was yeah only over two hours. Yeah.

[00:19:21] I’m trying to think of what other two movies that are The Happening. Yeah. It’s like oh, that’s a good one. Yeah, and it’s really odd side. It’s really an amalgam of a bunch of other movies, but I will defend. And it on this on these terms in that it was a book. It was a book before a quiet place was a movie.

[00:19:40] So if your grapes are with the fact that it ripped that movie off while I do think aesthetically the movie did rip off a ton of shit the premise predates a quiet place. So maybe it’s the other way around but I know I don’t know I think the idea of a horror or suspense movie where like, you know, you can’t trust your.

[00:20:03] I don’t think if you look because the eye of the conceit of it was like when people look around something in the atmosphere. You never really see an alien tomorrow. So if you ever see anything, so insane versus now you down which is very irritating. But versus a quiet place was like you’re being hunted by a monster that like has super-sensitive hearing.

[00:20:21] I don’t think I do. I don’t think those two are that actually that’s similar if you think about it. I don’t know. It’s a tough line to draw also between like show the monster or don’t because sometimes. Some movies. It’s like they show the monster and it kills all the tension like in fact a quiet place.

[00:20:38] I’m like, it didn’t kill any tension for me, but it’s just like, oh that’s what it looks like. It’s kind of you know, it is what it is and I feel like there’s a lot of movies where it’s like that’s what it is. It’s so fucking stupid like Cloverfield. I feel like people felt the monster looked really stupid.

[00:20:52] I looked awesome. I agree. It did look awesome. But I guess that’s the that’s the risk of showing it is that you’re going to alienate some people who think it looks really stupid. And if you don’t show it, it’s like the mystery remains there, but I think this movie just didn’t earn not showing it.

[00:21:08] Yeah, I agree. Also. What’s frustrating I think we had the same gripe about bright which came out a year ago a year and a half ago. Maybe the same time last year and I think was once a year as last summer. Yeah. It was last summer that is movie comes out and then Netflix can kind of to their horn about how like 0.5 million people watched it and that the week that it opened or whatever is an amazing and it can we keep come back.

[00:21:30] This is like you guys are. I couldn’t go on Netflix without them being like this movies common Bird Box bird, but literally literally auto-playing it. So here’s the thing. Here’s why those ridiculous. So yeah because it’s just like you guys have the means of distribution is yeah in some ways. I. I have to have the tell Netflix to stop playing it totally also they do not Define their terms.

[00:21:54] They don’t say what a view is. For example the whole I don’t know this is going to get inside baseball regarding digital media, but online Publishers all you know went all in on video because because of bullshit metrics by Facebook Facebook said o people prefer video people watched video 90% of our people watch video.

[00:22:17] What they don’t tell you is so say a video on Facebook gets 40 million views though a view on Facebook is literally three seconds three seconds, which is you like it takes you that long to be like what’s going on in this video. So pivoting the conversation back to horror. I’m not going to get into how Facebook and other online publisher other online stat place.

[00:22:44] Literally lied to Publishers about the stats to the point of newsrooms pivoted to video and fired people and hired people and did their they don’t they’re just strategy is essentially based on a hundred percent lie. So the fact that Netflix comes out and says, oh 45 million people watch Bird Box in a week, it’s our most it’s the most popular movie ever again.

[00:23:07] They didn’t release that with any stats like Facebook had to be goaded into being like Oh, by the way are here’s our metrics and. Chicks were all bullshit. No, but she’ll never doesn’t even ever have you Lily said dad. I yeah, they’re not releasing anything. They’re just saying give it they might give it to people who put stuff on their site and even that if they don’t I asked I asked Daniel on cam.

[00:23:29] I forget if you listen to the cam episode he tells you what they tell him, but it’s not very informative either. So wonder what I wonder what black slave is though why I wonder what the play for Netflix is like well if they own is is it. To say we have this amazing original content. Like I’m sure they’re always looking for more subscribers.

[00:23:49] You can tell you why they’re doing it in my mind. I think they’re they’re being secretive because it behooves them to be secretive because they can say whatever the fuck they want and no one can check it against anything. But what’s the value of telling everyone that 45 million people watched our thing, but what I think that is like first of all if they don’t have advertisers, yeah, I think you subscriptions.

[00:24:11] I think it’s for subscription purposes, I think. It’s for to throne horn for the markets and let people know that people are watching their shit. I think I think it’s just it’s itself is marketing for the movie. Oh everyone watch this. Let me watch it. Now. It’s all it’s all self-serving and I don’t want to point out.

[00:24:32] What’s interesting about it too is like. it’s just so annoying like, you know, 45 million people watch this movie and then like other people who have probably comparable. Films are produced comparable work and put it on Netflix this year. Maybe not through Netflix Studios may be just like sold something to Netflix clearly aren’t getting 45 million views and they’re sitting there thinking like probably over the summer were like, hey Netflix, like we got like 6 million views and you guys were like up.

[00:25:00] That’s all we can do. Sorry, but when it comes to your movie you shove it down everyone’s throat. Exactly. And that’s another reason why it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t make any sense for Netflix to release stats. A selectively first of all for their own shit that they are as you said if you open up flicks right now on any of its apps, I guarantee you bird boxes like a big banner at the top and that’s fine, but it just makes essentially this conversation is whatever metrics Netflix releases is meaningless.

[00:25:28] Like I do believe them, I’m sure 45 million accounts or whatever watch the movie for or turned off the movie. Yeah washed it for a few minutes. It does start off kind of like with some action. I will say that the movie my first 30 minutes was like, yeah, I love to open it. I think it’s I think it meandered for too long and didn’t the ending is fucking insultingly stupid boring.

[00:25:52] It’s just boring and like I think my girlfriend who I watched it with really. To it and a lot of people I’ve talked to like it. Like I feel like crying it’s like you’re like mission of fine. I feel like people that aren’t you know, super super horny nerds are gonna like it because it’s very accessible.

[00:26:11] It’s easy to watch and it is shocking at times like the death scenes are kind of crazy. But to me all that shit felt like they can know Stephen King’s The Stand type quality it all felt very made-for-tv like 80s 90s Stephen King kitschy to me. And it and once you know being horror fans that we are it’s just hard to watch it without comparing it to the hundred other things that it is very clearly imitating.

[00:26:39] Yeah. It’s a I mean, I think every year Netflix is puts out at least one movie. That’s just like. Like here, this is like everything else you’ve seen just to like placate an audience that wants it because I’m not what it really is around Christmas. Yeah, because this is a perfect like we have nothing to do.

[00:26:56] Let’s watch this movie. It really is a phenomenon. If you look at Twitter, like all all since it came out. It’s just people just memes about it. Like the meme of her in the blindfold is one those memes about how dumb her kids were. First of all, another thing I thought was dumb the boy girl names for the kitchen and give them and it’s just like post-apocalyptic weird bullshit.

[00:27:17] I don’t know it’s not it’s not terrible and I don’t want to discourage anyone from watching it. I think if any like listener the show watches it they’ll probably go. Yeah, that was okay and like that’s fine. It’s not offencive. It’s just it’s too much would you say it’s worth it just to just to know just to be part of the conversation just to be like oh, but my.

[00:27:39] Whole thing. It’s just crazy to me that this is the one that we’re having a conversation about when your Netflix owns and distributes so many other better things like why didn’t they why not push the Night Comes for us as hard I know which is like, I’m one of a kind of been a little camera be lot harder because it’s about cam girls.

[00:27:58] Although I don’t remember I don’t recall cam having a lot of nudity not is that stability? Yeah, it has some but it’s nothing about cam girls. It’s like, yeah, I totally agree. Oh, there’s so many things. When they do this for annihilation, right, which I guess they own I think they own that one only for like four in distribution or something, but it just it begs the question like why this one and who chose this one to be to be the one that going through because it’s I don’t buy the Merit of Facebook or Netflix just touting their most budgeted movies as the ones that do best because they did the same thing up, right?

[00:28:34] Yeah. They’ve been they spent all the bright they spent all of their money on Will Smith. And this me, right they spent all the money and Sandra Bullock. I think the idea is we spent millions of dollars to get these huge box office stars in our movies. We spent zero on the rest of the movie and now you know, I think I think they’re kinda like shooting at the top right now.

[00:28:56] I mean, I’m not in the Hollywood System, but I can only assume that like the biggest stars in the world’s the Leos and and the and the rocks and whoever’s still just look at it like the idea of doing a Netflix movie like beneath them. I think Netflix is doing this would be like well we got Sandra Bullock.

[00:29:10] She’s an Oscar winner. She’s a household name. Everybody loves their she starred in this movie 45 million, you know Capri Mark Wahlberg, you know, another thing that pisses me off about what they do is they will sometimes a Netflix press release will say like comparable to this big opening weekend at the box office, which is a hundred percent bullshit bullshit for many reasons other than one of them being.

[00:29:35] I guess this is I guess this is also makes theater numbers on pure and not true. But like a Netflix movie you’re watching it at home. You’re not going anywhere and lastly you can walk away at any time. It’s already paid for they’re not it’s not comparable at all and they keep saying equivalent to a hundred million dollar opening weekend and like all they’re doing is multiplying account serve users by ticket prices and getting there but it’s like that’s not comparable because I’m sure.

[00:30:04] We’ll choose to watch it on Netflix at home because it’s paid for and it’s also like you can put it on while you’re doing laundry, right so long story short Netflix is full of shit bird boxes. Okay, it’s nothing we work and we will yeah, and we will continue to. Wholeheartedly the Netflix subscribers.

[00:30:26] Oh absolutely. They’re doing great things and like even though I think even though I think they’re leaving industry in a way. I think they’re also helping and of maybe a bigger way. I don’t know this this this this these past two weeks with Christmas and everything. I mean forget about how easy it was for me to press literally one button from my phone to send this at all.

[00:30:46] My Christmas gifts to my family. And also how many packages I. Sent here and then since then with like Christmas money and everything and end-of-the-year bonus is Moe and I just turn around spending all that. I mean like I have been like I feel like we’ve been keeping Amazon in business just the two of us with all been spending and also Amazon is completely destroying many.

[00:31:07] Yeah my neighborhood history. Yeah. It’s it’s funny to be like this is ridiculous what this company is doing. Also. I love this company. Please don’t go away. Oh, yeah. I mean I can critique Netflix while Phil thinking they’re a great place I guess. Looks right now it’s a complicated thought but anyway, that’s another Netflix thing.

[00:31:25] I want to bring up that is just funny to me. It was reported this week that Netflix Sony knew that Holmes and Watson There Will Ferrell John C. Reilly comedy was exactly they knew it was going to be a flop. It was testing apparently horribly serums a try. Yeah, they tried to sell it to Netflix and Netflix booked and said no so the joke going around.

[00:31:50] Pound is that Netflix is like the that Holmes and Watson is quote too bad for Netflix. But to me, I just don’t understand their thinking because a when the fuck has quality ever mattered and what Netflix is acquiring. They literally did this on. I think it was Super Bowl Sunday last year with Cloverfield Clara.

[00:32:13] Dr. Knox who know I don’t so maybe maybe they learned a lesson from that and didn’t like the negative press of how bad that movie was. But in my estimation, I’m sure they I think they did selectively release numbers for that one to saying how many people watched it. So my thinking here is I don’t understand why Netflix didn’t buy Holmes and Watson because I guarantee you Sony was.

[00:32:38] Argan bending it and giving them like whatever the bare minimum they needed to not lose a bunch of money on it was and you know, how many fucking people would have watched that on Christmas on Netflix a good pie would have I totally would have mine and like we would have been better for them. I think I think Netflix Netflix does have an image problem and they have several problems, but their image problem currently which.

[00:32:59] I think it’s a little unfair is that you know, Netflix will buy anything or make anything or release anything that mean they definitely that’s the vibe. I got from Netflix in 2018. At least the beginning of the year was everything I watch for a short period or maybe a long period just felt like it was shit that other Studios denied and they picked up Cloverfield mute.

[00:33:20] I feel this. Yeah, I know but I feel the same way about Hulu and Amazon Prime. I have all three of them. I do not never. I think I mean Netflix might have more of a selection but I write for the three of those every night looking for something to watch and usually just decide like okay fuck this.

[00:33:40] I’m just going to watch you know, Grey’s Anatomy or 90 day fiancé none of these stream. None of these streaming platforms, including the you know, top of the pile HBO. GO is giving me like endless quality where I feel like, oh, I can’t believe you know, like there’s no streaming platform. I probably rent movies on Google Play.

[00:33:58] More than watch on any of these Services because at least that it’s like those because you know, those movies are only on Google Play and rather pay three dollars and watch a good movie of wanted to see then just be like, okay, let’s just watch you know, this bird box, you know what I mean? So I yeah does does Netflix have a lot of juncture?

[00:34:16] Who’s got a lot of junk? Shutter has a lot of junk totally HBO. GO has a lot of they all have a lot of junk as a numbers game for everyone. So I think it’s a little unfair to God Netflix. I just I would love to hear the Netflix rationale behind the Sherlock Holmes The Holmes and Watson thing because it seems like if their whole business is like put something on there and have it get a ton of views.

[00:34:36] That would have broken records for them. I feel like it’s I guess that’s a sure thing. It’s like well, it’s I mean it was supposed to be a sure thing and it just like I knew it was going to be a bomb because it was coming out in a week and I hadn’t seen a single TV spot or trailer. Anything is a good point.

[00:34:51] I never saw any and it was just buried and it sounds like again, I’m just. Shocked that this movie is out and is apparently in the final form. That’s bad because how do you fuck up like Will Ferrell and John C Reilly two people Everyone loves who are great and all who are great together. And apparently the script is so bad that the movies just unwatchable and not funny.

[00:35:12] It sucks crazy crazy to me that it’s I mean, it’s not crazy that Sony tried to get rid of it. It’s amazing to me that they. I guess High bald Netflix to the point of nothing saying it’s not worth it for us. I just don’t know how that went down. I would love to know but all right, but we’ll never know will still stay tuned.

[00:35:29] All right, I want to get in do a real quick how subject built in the well, okay. Yeah house that Jack built. So if you’re a Lars von Trier fan, you’re already know what you’re getting into. You’re also super weird. Yours your fan weird. No, I don’t know. I like I like Breaking the Waves. I like dogville.

[00:35:46] I like his earlier stuff. He’s gotten more and more. I guess one would say provocateur e another would say trollee like he’s very he knows what he’s doing and he’s trying to push buttons at this point. People said that with nymphomaniac people said that when he got kicked out of can for for or was it Sundance for saying?

[00:36:06] He like basically with sympathising with Nazis or making jokes about Hitler any a kicked out of the festival but he’s been he’s been in the that goes wrong that that that that razor-sharp large Venture with didn’t go over with the French apparently. Yeah, so when you’re looking you’re looking for sarcasm and irony you go right to a large bench rear right?

[00:36:27] But the funny thing is he was kicked out of that Festival, but then they welcomed back the movie premiere on Collier house that Jack built came back and Anon say he’s out. It was for Melancholia. So yeah, he got kicked out of the festival. But now he’s there his movies there again, and I guess he still wasn’t allowed to be there.

[00:36:42] I don’t really know. Anyway the movie the reason we’re talking about in this podcast is because it’s explicitly a horror movie Lars von Trier has made us. It’s a serial killer movie a serial killer movie starring Matt Dillon. The form of the movie is a man talking to a person and you can’t tell if it’s like he’s in he’s in a church doing a confession or something, but he’s talking to somebody.

[00:37:06] About the murders. He’s committed and we learn his committee. I think I think the movie says he’s killed 60 something people but the movie highlights five incidents five random incident. So you see like the first one that he’d ever did and then let’s a bunch of random ones and Okay, so. I’m very torn on this movie because part of me hates it and hates everything that Lars is trying to say with it.

[00:37:34] I mean part of me is fascinated by it because it is a hundred percent. There’s no denying. This is a very meta movie about Lars von trier’s career. So that your killer is a hundred percent him. It’s a stand-in for him because he’s always dealt with issues of massage because he’s always dealt with accusations of misogyny and and how violent is movies are and shit like that.

[00:37:59] So this is a hundred percent sort of a confessional movie of him being like this is the way a person is and I’m going to explore why and it’s not quite an apology, but I think it’s an it’s him trying to get those feelings out and. Say we’re just trying to say I don’t that’s the thing. I don’t really know what he’s trying to say, but he’s definitely it’s kind of it has to be treated as a sort of I don’t know if an apology or just some sort of like Creed or screen.

[00:38:28] Like I just don’t know what he’s trying to say, but this is a movie where he goes. Hey, I’m going to make a movie about the movies I make and if you think I’m reaching watch the movie because there’s literally a part it gets to where there’s a montage of other Lars von Trier movies in it. Wolf, right, it’s crazy.

[00:38:45] But you know what the movie itself like the opening scene. For example, I will describe it. It’s him. It’s his first incident your we are to believe this is the first time he’s ever killed a woman and it’s he’s picking up he picks up a woman on the side of the road. It’s Uma Thurman whose car has broken down and he picks her up and he can’t the jack that she has won’t work for her car like it’s broken.

[00:39:10] So he has to drive her to the mechanic and then driver back and then. Whole route the Uma Thurman character is telling lies went through our Jack but Matt Dillon, she’s telling him. Oh, how easy would it be for you to kill me right now. I’m just a stranger you can you could you could find something in the car to do it?

[00:39:28] I’d be dead. No one would know and you’re just like this is fucking ridiculous that you know, no one would have this conversation. And then I think it dawned on me, maybe 20 minutes later. Oh, this is clearly his point of view what he thinks you know what he’s here. So they’re having a conversation about right she wasn’t actually saying there’s no way in hell is he was actually saying that but then you kind of realize okay this movie is about the psyche of a person who commits these Crews who would do something like this his point of view totally.

[00:39:59] It’s his boyish thing. So it is interesting and like it is interesting to and then it’s just like at what point is this horrifying to watch because like that, it’s just you’re watching a guy commit murder is in like he’s keeps them in a freezer and like you like he like. Sets them up to take photos of and like make some you know Picture Perfect like every time like he sets them up and it’s just it’s kind of a hard watch but horror fans.

[00:40:24] I want to tell horror fans to watch it because like it’s fucked up, but they’re also going to be bombarded with like. You know the arthouse Lars von Trier narration type shit that’s like obnoxious to a to a point but like II liked it to a degree 2 and then I guess I will say it builds to like the final 20 minutes, which I think are great.

[00:40:47] And like if the rest of the movie was less up its own ass about you know, it would be good as is I think it’s kind of a mess, but I appreciate what he’s going for. I still think you can’t watch that and not think he’s kind of a misogynist asshole. There’s there are some parts where Matt Dillon’s talking like literally like men’s rights activists lines, like just being like men do this when Mama and it’s like is this Lars von Trier condemning this.

[00:41:13] Character or is this ours right here saying what he actually thinks and I don’t just know. I think you should absolutely watch it. I will add the fans of the podcast now. I have very little patience for the movie-going experience and even less patience for movies that are over an hour and a half two hours.

[00:41:31] How long was this movie? Two and a half. That’s that’s another reason why it’s like yeah just sounding it’s just more. Yeah. I’m waiting for it to be available. Simply heart it is it is though. It’s VOD. You can rent. Oh is it? Yeah well under well, here’s the thing that it’s out now in Theatrical cut and it’s quote theatrical cut form.

[00:41:48] If you remember I’ve talked about what happened. It’s they had a director’s cut version that I have see decided to screen for one night only across the country and it did really well. It’s sold out tickets MPA it. And a foul of MPAA rules. So the MPAA sanctioned IFC films or something and they got to pay a fine.

[00:42:10] I’m sure and they also cannot release the director’s cut for six months now, but the director’s cut this isn’t like another Lars von Trier version or other like with Maniac I think was way longer. The director’s cut here is just four minutes longer. I think it’s just I think it’s just shavings off of Gore because I mean I was shocked by the shit that made it into the really into the story.

[00:42:33] Oh, yeah. Oh the when there’s horror. It’s like holy fuck. Yeah. There’s some really really gruesome kills. There’s the movie people described it. A lot of people describing it as a black comedy and like I get that but also like here’s a scene. For example, there’s a scene where he commits a murder and then.

[00:42:51] Others a cop closing out of the place. He goes back in four different times to make sure there’s not like blood spilled anywhere because it basically it’s like watch a serial killer who has OCD and like it’s like a serial killer like running in back and forth like hiding the body like there’s a cop literally at the door and like he even drives away with it.

[00:43:09] So, I don’t know I don’t the movies interesting man. I’m still thinking about it like two weeks later. However, many weeks later and. The movie pot like it shows how like the killer wants to get caught like four different times and like no one pays attention. There’s a there’s a really horrific scene bit of American Psycho better than to it.

[00:43:27] Totally where it’s just like there’s one scene where he’s killing. I think what’s your name Riley Keough gig he kills her he first he cuts off her fucking tits. Anyway, he uses one of them as a wallet later. It’s really weird. But what that help I know man. It’s really fucked up to talk about but that scene literally includes a large of our goddamn it Matt Dillon talking to a cop outside with the girl the girl saying this guy’s a murderer.

[00:43:53] He’s about to kill me and the guy just acting he’s acting kind of drunk so the cops just like, you know, have a good night guys, like get sober up and like then she. Sighs it’s just and there’s another scene where he literally drags a corpse with his van and like there’s a blood through is like literally leads them to where he goes like through the blood trail and then it rains and washes it away.

[00:44:13] So like it’s just like all these moments where like Lars von Trier. What is it? What are you saying with this? We’re like, I mean does he say anything? Really? I think that’s the thing. That’s that’s the Merit of the movie. It’s like I’ve read multiples. I’ve read people who hate it and I’ve read a couple amazing pieces of people who love it and and get and think they get what he’s saying.

[00:44:31] Going to appreciate what he’s saying and I guess and I did anyway large Venture is like he’s like everyone knows these guys you deal with them online. They’re equally like, how do I describe? It sad and mean like I just for the longest time, he’s just been like this like you just you look at him and you see him and he read his interviews even like seeing him.

[00:44:52] Like I liked being an interview. He just carries himself in like this sad-sack like life is so hard in this and that and then also he is. He’s being ironic or not. I can’t tell how truthful he is. He has been said to have he’s said very misogynistic things in the past. I’ve retraced apparently Abused women on women on set.

[00:45:13] Yeah, he’s one of these guys is just being like I’m really sad and I’m so depressed all the time. I think I’m bipolar and also treats people like absolute fucking garbage and and the people who continue to work with them are like, oh he’s an artist and he’s difficult. It’s like this guy fucking sucks.

[00:45:27] I mean, that doesn’t mean we like try to see his movies and Miss like. He just I mean I can’t if you don’t really looks like look at him and just you just look at me when his guys are like like he’s like an uglier Guillermo del Toro or something. Yeah. He like has he like has to have like a little like stubbly beard to kind of like make it look like he has a chin because he’s just like.

[00:45:47] You just has excessive look of just like right now. I’m just kind of Blobby and I don’t want to pick on the guys looks but if you think that’s main read a couple things he said and you’d be like a fuck this fat piece of shit. So well, these are always finding Melancholy. I had to come back to it like two or three times because I’ve just like took me forever to get through it.

[00:46:05] I couldn’t even I couldn’t even get through the first nymphomaniac. So I’m kind of like Antichrist is the last movie that he made that I that even remotely like ten even that I was like, oh, this is interesting. How much Willem dafoe’s dick is in this thing? But I mean I will probably watch this but I’m also kind of like Lars von Trier like this.

[00:46:24] I mean this guy’s like a men’s rights activist. Yeah the bed at thread come to life. Totally. I think that’s totally fair. The movie is just this weird metal thing. It’s like you’re watching Lars von Trier meditate on his own career like and what being an artist means and like the movie opening narration is like talking about I believe I gender member.

[00:46:42] It’s like I think it’s like. About how evil how the how he to Jack, you know, these murders are his art and like who are you to say that it’s not art and that’s why don’t you I know and that’s what bunch of mirrors it’s literally large bunch of you. I think this is a quote from a piece. I was reading the house that Jack built is closer to Lars von Trier artery with himself locking us in a debate between his ego and his self-loathing is confidence in a Self Doubt at the same time was when she was dead serious about the inner turmoil that drives back to kill.

[00:47:10] It’s really a distorted Phantom of Von trier’s own tortured creative process driven. Depression, he’s funneled by his own admission into into films like whatever Melancholy on Antichrist. So why not? It’s not a pleasant experience and I don’t know what to feel about it. But I do know that I’m still thinking about it weeks later and that’s it was a sign of an effective movie and I think you and horror fans should.

[00:47:37] Who are fans who are curious and who know Lars von trier’s stick should check it out. If you’re considering if you’re going to be offended by just like dude, I don’t want to I guess I’ve already spoiled enough sequences, but like there’s one sequence that I’m not going to mention anything about that is just like one of the most upsetting things you’ll see in a movie.

[00:47:55] It’s just like, you know, it involves children. It’s crazy. Yeah, it’s it’s just I mean, I just watched that movie along to to me a long time ago. And I’ve I just recounted it pretty you know, a you know, it’s still Vivid in my head is all I’m saying. So that is that we’ll get to Summer of 84 next week.

[00:48:15] I don’t I guess I haven’t plugged have a podcast so they saw Aquaman because I need I need to tell everybody that I fucking love Aquaman. I know you’re freaking out of money. We’ll talk about Aquaman next week. Okay, so let’s get it done. Is going to be the theaters for the next you know for months.

[00:48:31] Yeah, and this is the best episode and it’s 50 minutes and we said we’re not doing anything else. I don’t think it’s 15 minutes and we were talking before there’s a 15-minute 750. Oh Jesus. Okay. Yeah. All right guys now that’s out of the way it is time for the best of 2018 new flesh podcast and I got a best of theme song and it goes a little something like this dude it dududududu best of 2018 horror.

[00:48:55] Wow, it was so well thought out and planned. That’s right. I feel like we should just get a few things out of the way. And the first thing that we see out of the way is the movie hereditary. Yeah, because hereditary is. pardon me. I’m burping it and made the cut that mean the podcast totally hereditary.

[00:49:16] If I were ranking shit, it would be number one. Yes, it would be number one. It’s on everyone’s number one. I would say. All in all things considered it would be my number one. Everyone in the world has written a bunch of thing pieces about this and we won’t Bore You by going over our own you can also go back to I don’t know what episode number we just pretty much see if we did two episodes of hereditary because you think you got some people together and then I guess so week later.

[00:49:43] Yeah, so we did a lot by me. I mean hereditary did something that I think get out did last year which is get non horror people to examine a very well made a horror film that is more than just a horror film and bring horror discussion to a higher level a level that you and I think should be at at all times.

[00:50:05] I mean hearing people talk back to the elevated horror conversation we hang up. Hearing people who don’t who seemingly don’t like horror movies really wax poetic about hereditary and what it means and certain scenes in it and people started like doing research about piedmon. Is this a really is this demon a real thing and I mean the movie works on every level it’s incredible script beautifully directed and of course, I mean Evans talk about Oscars for Tony Coletti, which I think she absolutely should get some because her performance in this is just absolutely incredible.

[00:50:39] Yeah, I mean I saw it on my birthday. I saw it in June and I think about it all the time. So I’ve not seen it a second time. Although I want to but yeah, the whole times in the theater was just like eyes wide open like holy fuck like not only can I believe this movie got made but I can’t believe it connected with such a large audience.

[00:50:56] Yeah, I love that. It did very well. I saw it twice in theaters. At least I believe another thing that I think elevates. I hate saying elevated horror because I think it’s a it’s a hundred percent a horror movie. It’s not an art house horror movie. It is a horror movie and I think it has all the elements that horror movies have like the act like the ending is very actually scary and like when Toni Collette Saul crazy and crawling around the house like it’s very scared and like lots of her own head, but it also has the.

[00:51:26] Sheer emotional Terror of like a brother killing his sister on accident and like that. I just got goosebumps saying it out loud like that scene the second time. I saw it. I was tearing up leading up to the crash because I could not. You know was found I couldn’t deal with what was about to happen.

[00:51:47] So look just like the character who go who then goes home and doesn’t tell anybody and sits in bed that whole sequence is one of the best scenes of the Year easily just like it’s an it’s an amazing amazingly difficult thing to pull off. Yeah. It was amazing how well this pulls off is using Incredible family trauma as fodder for a horror movie this movie.

[00:52:13] Could have been so melodramatic so over-the-top laughable. Yeah, this is this movie walks a tightrope that few movies. Do you know even though it feels totally or subject wise nothing like get. You know, we were just as Amazed by get out last year but being like how does someone make a horror movie about racism that the whole country is like this fucking rules?

[00:52:38] Like I mean, yeah it is it racism also an incredible tightrope to walk and putting it in any sort of movie. So this movie turning it inwards towards the family and you talk about a brother dealing with something but also Tony colletti a movie we watch her watch her family fall apart and the traumas of her previous.

[00:52:59] Erase your mother’s generation and her own bullshit. Go under children who cannot relate to this in some sort of way of just seeing like how family Dynamics can actually get worse and worse over time as your children grow up and how tragedy can learn from previous generations can have incredible effects on future Generations.

[00:53:20] I think we will talk probably about another Indonesian horror movie that we watched that had that kind of touched it. I touched down in this kind of like sins of the father get past some of the. Yes of the parents get passing our children. I mean geez Louise. I mean there’s some fucking heavy shit and for this movie to let that tension kind of like, I mean if you think of like the pressure and the tension is movie kind of from the beginning just kind of slowly time.

[00:53:44] It starts to the funeral and it starts with Toni Collette. He talking about a horrible relationship with her mother and just get tighter Tighter and Tighter and Tighter to the end and you don’t like those up. I know you’re just like by the time we get to the part where she throws the book in the fire.

[00:53:57] You’re just like. Holy like you’ve been holding this tension in your heart and it’s getting Tighter and Tighter it feels so I want to say cathartic but it is what it feels like to deal with immense pressure internally and it just kind of fall apart in front of your eyes. It’s not it’s not a feeling that I like want people to have a real life.

[00:54:21] But as far as being able to put that into a film and do it so effective makes it a master base. Totally totally agree. I’ll put spoiler tags on this episode. I’m sure if you’re listening to this podcast you’ve seen hereditary, but we did just spoil a lot of shit and we can keep that General Vibe Goin don’t worry about spoiling stuff.

[00:54:41] Okay. So hereditary we all agree is just terrific. I think the next one that we really need to like just get out of the way the one that’s on the top of everyone’s list is the prequel to Bird Box a quiet place. See ya I. I don’t know if it’s the constant or if it’s the box-office success the cultural phenomenon feeling about it, but it ranked pretty low for me on my top ten.

[00:55:07] I don’t even know what made my top 10. I think it’s in my top 20, but I think I had a lot of movies that I ranked higher than that, but I guess it is good to get out of the way. I think that movie for me. It’s it’s like a it’s a good feed of like filmmaking because again, it’s not a. we haven’t seen before in terms of like post-apocalyptic people hanging out there trying to survive.

[00:55:33] But the way in with the you can’t make a noise thing. It’s just like it’s like perfectly tailored for the movie-going experience. Like I’ll parlor trick exactly. I was going to say if I were ranking the best. It doesn’t to me. It’s less of a horror movie and more of like a theme park ride. Does that make sense?

[00:55:52] It does you know, and he they were very wise this movie to not do a thing with it. Like cuddle way to like the Pentagon Reverend’s in rooms like yelling and screaming like right you you as a viewer almost feel like you need to be quiet this whole movie. Oh, yeah, like you don’t get it doesn’t let up on you all that word hereditary.

[00:56:09] It doesn’t it doesn’t let up. It doesn’t give you the ability to like take a breath. Like okay, we’re going back in like you’re not looking at it from a distance right away. They make it feel like you are with these people this entire movie totally and I and like I was in say I’ll never forget the theater experience because like everyone was so tense.

[00:56:30] It was actually a great audience was opening night and I was worried about it, but everyone will really quiet and some way to get audience to shit at like the worst possible time and everyone laughed really hard, but then we were immediately like sucked back into the movie with the scary thing that happened like it was just.

[00:56:44] As I said to me it’s more of a novelty and a gimmick. Like I don’t know. I haven’t watched it again. I don’t know if this will play the same at home. I guess if you show it to someone who hasn’t seen it before like it’ll probably be fun for them. But I don’t know how much of the experience will be replicated for me watch all interesting.

[00:57:02] I have now watched it On Demand yet. I to be honest. I don’t feel that it’s unlike hereditary and a few of the movies on this it quite places a little lower on the list for me because. I don’t feel like I need to watch it a second time good point. If someone said they’d never seen it. I’d like oh, yeah cool.

[00:57:16] I’ll watch it again. But yeah with a ret what we special with the Ratatouille like I’m dying to see it. I’m just talking about it right now made me want to stop the podcast and go watch it. I do own it on Blu-ray so I can do that. Luckily, sir. Another Brick in the Tomb. So I think okay. Yeah quite places like your Blockbuster.

[00:57:34] Let’s all go to the movies and see the fun thing. Everyone’s talking about I do think like I might be a little biased because I had an opportunity to. You the guys who did the sound of this movie the sound design for Insider and talking with them and how much they worked with John Krasinski. It’s Krasinski right Krasinski and how they were brought in pretty early not only in designing the sound but also this idea of like I’m talking about the challenges the movie and this is the first time where they had to deal with the challenge of the absence of sound and I think he said there’s even the moment where he puts on the headphones, too.

[00:58:11] Like quiet or whatever. Yeah, I might be remembering this wrong. But I think he said that like they drop off all sound. There’s a part in the movie where they actually everything goes completely quiet. Maybe it’s when the girl takes out not when the girl takes other thing. There’s there’s a pitch.

[00:58:26] I think I might be when he puts on the headphones almost all sound different talking about like there’s a moment where like. The sound was so minimal and so absent like they just had never worked with like the decibel levels that low for like a really one specific thing and they were really geeking out about how incredibly challenging it was.

[00:58:44] I have a prediction that is as ironic as it sounds quite place will be nominated probably win an Oscar for best sound and the joke be like, hey, we won because you know, we had there’s no sound. Yeah, like and those guys deserve a man because I know we can kind of sit here and be like. Oh, yeah, no sound so it sounds so easy.

[00:59:03] But they as professionals doing this for years. They were like one of the most challenging films they worked on they went from this to pet cemetery which are working on right now are probably down which has one of the loudest trailers I’ve ever seen in my yeah, and then I was just like I’m like, so how is it compared to work with then?

[00:59:16] They’re just like it’s like night and day they were like quiet place never done anything like this and they really had to like do Innovative new things for like creating the sounds and lack thereof sound. So it is it is it’s a from April. Point of view it’s a feat that how they were able to successfully make it make you just tell me how excited I am for Pet Cemetery because gotta count way Starry Eyes people are doing it, right?

[00:59:41] Yeah and John Lithgow Senate John Lithgow’s the trailer is really really good. I’ve seen it before a bunch of stuff and it’s just like really loud and great quiet place. Yeah. I don’t have anything against it. I. As I’ve said my piece I’ve said that I feel it’s more of an experience than a movie at this point.

[00:59:59] I think as a movie it totally works or something wrong with it. I love the last I remember the last shot being very satisfying and yes, it was it was very satisfying. Yeah. It’s just it’s a very fun movie and it’s. Is it yes, it is on my list of best horror movies of the year, but I will continue to talk about movies that I enjoyed more than this.

[01:00:22] I think I just get weary or tired of talking about anything that people mainstream. It’s already like a thing that everyone knows I guess it’s I guess I don’t know why it’s different from hereditary then but hereditary to me is a better movie. I guess. I don’t know. I look great and I feel like the last one that’s on everyone’s list.

[01:00:42] There was just get out of the way right now is of course Halloween. Yeah Halloween is in fact in my top. I think six or seven if I were doing a list. It’s my number seven. Hey, it delivers. Yeah, I like it. This this was movie. It delivered what it’s promised you you and I had the same reaction first time seeing it was kind of like, yeah, it’s fine I guess but after a while thinking about it, and I probably like them.

[01:01:11] Movie the most right now. I was saying putting this together. I was like man Halloween was really fucking awesome. Yeah. I took it took me seeing it again before I was like, okay. Yeah. I definitely liked it. Like I had the whole podcast with Louie where he or Lewis where he kind. He didn’t he didn’t like it and that’s fine and like he had valid opinions and like I can still agree.

[01:01:32] That the movie wasn’t what he wanted it to be our like the movie didn’t exactly hit the elements out of the park that he wanted to but for me as judging it purely as a Halloween sequel or remake or whatever you want to call it as reviewing it as a movie in the Halloween Cannon. It is one of the best one.

[01:01:51] Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. I mean I would say. I figure we can we got a list. I mean we loved one I think to we were kind of like who is solid three Israel is not a Halloween movie. Yeah, and then and then people usually go one and for their favorites. Yeah people like for which I just remember despising four five and six.

[01:02:10] A lot when we did the rewatch. Yeah, there’s one that’s like super 90s which was like the ones like the most 90s thing ever. Oh, that’s um, that’s only like stay in the house. Like it’s like a reality show with it. Yeah, but H2O is very H2O is very very very Kevin Williamson 90s. And then Resurrection is I guess maybe even two thousands because that lets the one where it’s like.

[01:02:34] Yeah. We’re in the reality to be honest. And to be honest. I like those latter two more than I like the. Shitty three that I just met sure but the new one it David the way David Gordon green shoots, Michael Myers like the camera in the new one is better than anyone has ever shot them it totally agree.

[01:02:54] So imposing so scary and so just cool like he’s like always like reflected in glass or like reflected in a puddle or there’s always really cool shots. It’s just like probably the best-looking Halloween movie that’s ever been made. I want to point out. This is the. Second of the list that we talked about best horror movie that has to do with past trauma being passed down to children and Grand this in this case grandchildren.

[01:03:18] Yeah, which I think to finding to be a theme among most movies when everything to do with the baby boomer generation is total garbage and they’re cheap. They’re affecting the Millennials. Huh. Anyway, one two things. I’ll say we’re all broke and we’re all see that article this week where it went viral because the headline was like Millennials are deciding.

[01:03:39] To freelance more and it’s like no, they’re not they’re not getting jobs reminds me of a funny bit that I heard comedian Dave Angela talked about about like he likes that show tiny houses because he goes is about poor people who don’t realize they’re poor and he’s just like like I watched this show and I’m just waiting when people are yeah, we like this is a different choice.

[01:03:58] So they like what I would living off the grid that Ida is like waiting for someone to walk in and just be like, hey turns out your poor Clare. I can’t believe that. Okay. So two things a Halloween doesn’t mean Halloween. As far as a big budget horror film in a franchise and what all budget but bunch of smaller budget for Blum House, I guess.

[01:04:17] Yeah, two things. It did really well and I say that for there’s another movement talk about maybe one of my favorite movies of the year or not. That is a remake. You probably guess what it is. We’ll get that in a second. We’re pretty much they did the opposite of what I’m about to tell you what Halloween did was they knew what the fans were expecting and they.

[01:04:38] It deliver it, but without being too gaudy or like winking eye at the camera Halloween kind of ticks other so many nods to the franchise, especially the first one actually just tell me that’s just the first one that I caught within this movie that didn’t like if you’ve never seen the first one and I’m going to just don’t know anybody.

[01:04:58] Yeah, so too, but two parts where I was just like fuck. Yeah. This rules was. At the beginning the beginning opening sequence. I mean that whole beginning sequence is great. But when he’s like like look at me or say something holding the mask and then just like it cuts to the Halloween title song.

[01:05:14] Fuck dude. Like I got shows I was just like I got chills you talking about it, right? Because you know, because you know, this was a discussion that the holy has like, when are we dropping the theme song? How much is it going to be in it? You don’t want to overdo it. You don’t want to under do it.

[01:05:26] So the poor they paid that is the first homages of fans of be like motherfucker. This is a Halloween movie. We know what we’re doing. A name. Yeah II good hands second part where I don’t know if they’ve done this before in other Halloween movies and I don’t have done this in other movies and they probably have but the did of the most effectively so I mean, this is spoilers Galore, but when they finally make it to Lori’s house and Lori is going through the house looking for Michael Myers and eventually she’s shutting off all the rooms and then eventually they have a little bit of a tussle.

[01:05:59] He does something to her forget exactly why but she falls out the window. Like how at the end of the first Halloween Loomis shoots about the window and Michael Myers walks to the window and Lori’s God just like the final shot of Halloween, which is one of the best albums of all time from that moment for the next I think five or six minutes this movie does something that I was just like in a theater.

[01:06:19] I was just like like thank you. This is fucking perfect. We for the first time in the movie and possibly in most horror movies are now following Michael Myers is he’s looking. Lori and in some ways he’s now being hunted by her, right? So what is a movie were following a person in every fucking slasher movie?

[01:06:41] It’s just were following this girl found this couple. When’s the bad guy going to jump out? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he at? That moment the decision to flip it to now we’re following. The Killer is he’s like where the fuck did she go? From his point of view for a long time a longest time.

[01:06:58] I was just like waa again maybe I’m sure there’s examples of this before or hints to it. But it is the for movie will were there like when’s Michael and Laura going to meet? When does she get when he’s going to come to her when he’s going to find her he’s broken out. He’s coming together is coming together is coming together and then we flip it to now we’re following him.

[01:07:17] But uh Brilliance, yeah fucking that part. I was like this movie fucking rules. Yeah, there is a lot of moments throughout where I was like this movies great. There’s the kills. I think the first time I saw it I was underwhelmed by the kills, but I’m pretty sure it is like one of the highest body counts.

[01:07:34] Okay, uh most of them and yeah a lot of business a lot. There is a lot of stuff that happens in the first one that like technically happens in this one, but as David Gordon green and Danny McBride being knowing Halloween, so well, They do those things again in this movie, but not like in a repeat.

[01:07:53] I mean they definitely are we he stabbed someone against the wall where they’re kind of acting still there’s like a fine line between image and imitation and I think about this time when he breaks out it’s from a bus but there’s crazy people wandering around the street. That sequence is really good too.

[01:08:08] You know. Yeah, there’s a lot of sequences that are great. There’s a lot of kills that are great. There’s that one kid who’s being babysat that is hysterically funny. I’m gonna kill ya. That was really good. Yeah, the movie Works any qualms I’ve had about of kind of subsided. I just think again, I always have to stop letting myself get caught up in all these like height machines or like taught takes because everyone was like, it’s the me to movie and then Loui I think Louise reaction to the movie was like.

[01:08:37] Mostly in response to people saying it’s a meat to movie and like maybe that’s something to that because I’m sure the filmmakers have said whether or not what they were doing but like judges a movie for what it is and not what it isn’t and I think as a it’s you can’t I can’t imagine a better Halloween movie coming out in 2018, you know, like they really did it.

[01:08:59] They made it honest like I couldn’t imagine a better Halloween movie. Like ever loved the first one. This one was great. It’s like I mean my only complaint I guess I think I said this before it’s just it’s not scary and I think that’s okay. Like I don’t know horror movies don’t have to be like scary the whole time like a slasher movie, especially like, of course, they’re going to do those jumper.

[01:09:25] Another thing that pissed me off that affected my initial view of it was the trailer did give away a lot of the or almost all of the moments that were supposed to be scary like the part where he’s in the closet. There’s another polka dots. Yeah the part of the teeth like they really I hate that so much and that really upset me.

[01:09:44] I think when I saw it, but you know, the trailers are short-lived thing and like in 10 years from now, I won’t remember the trailer. I’ll remember the movie and the movie for the movie is great. I really really liked Halloween and it’s definitely one of the best movies of the year. Yeah. I don’t like I I never read any think pieces of movies.

[01:10:03] I’ll read reviews by quote-unquote professionals because I think a person whose job it is a review a movie whether I agree with them or not kind of understand what they can give away and how much they can like editorialize but when it’s someone whenever it’s like, you know BuzzFeed or vocs or vice or I’m so like I like with just some person takes it upon themselves to see something popular.

[01:10:23] Come up with a hot take I never read it one because I don’t know this person and I don’t care about their opinion and to theirs so long and boring you pretty much get it from the headline. Anyway, so I never really read any of those me to think pieces what I mean? Okay, it’s weird. It’s weird to say that it is.

[01:10:36] I mean, I guess it was made this year, but it’s like, you know, we you and I could come up with you know, two dozen horror movies that are female power and could be looking like meter they like maybe the first Halloween came out in 75 was like the first movie with a woman who’s dating 870. Excuse me.

[01:10:51] Oh God. Movie jail, you know, like everyone always talked about Laurie Strode and Jamie Lee Curtis is the first woman to fight back and she like defended herself and the children is like right so I don’t think people just looking like to be like, what’s everyone talking about? Well, I gotta get my your point and I get my traffic for the your point.

[01:11:09] I will agree, you know, there’s a lot of online bullshit articles that are just a hundred percent clickbait to debate these very things but I love reading good film criticism and I will never stop. And I do it well back to that professional thing. I said like to be a good film critic, you need to understand film and be a good writer.

[01:11:29] It was people are one of the other on the internet like people. Yeah, they don’t want you to watch the house that Jack built and I’ll send you a couple great things because I can’t wait. Yeah. It’s. Some 2019 know how to take some Santa right. I’ll see my movies and give my heart takes on the show and after that it just I can’t because I can’t be bothered to read with someone who works at Verge wrote and there’s four.

[01:11:51] It’s like me a fucking break. All right. What do you got now? I’m trying to think from this point forward. I think everything on my list is like. Not controversial but people people can we make Arguments for or against which it kind of like some are more popular than others right you go ahead you throw?

[01:12:07] Um, what’s another one I want to do. Okay going low low budget or under the radar. If you follow the new flush Instagram. I actually made a quick little video about this film a horror movie that we and we’ll go thriller horror suspense. I mean, it’s one it’s definitely a movie that like you got to kind of fight to get into Horror by I’m going to put it in there.

[01:12:28] Movie that came out in June that is still on Netflix that I fucking loved so much and I could not recommend enough. It is caliber. Yeah see a libr e not ER because it is a film from England takes place in Edinburgh Scotland or the Moors outside of Edinboro simple premise two buddies. Go on a hunting trip something bad happens and from that moment forward.

[01:12:53] I compared to Green Room. I compared to 13 zammeti which came out in 2005. It’s a Russian Roulette horror movie. It’s very good. Check it out and a few other movies. I’m drawing a blank maybe even a little bit Reservoir Dogs of a movie that after an inciting. Every scene after every line every motion every movement.

[01:13:10] It’s just tenser and tenser and tenser. It’s not in real time by think it takes place over like a day and you as a viewer are like you’re with these guys and literally every scene they go deeper and deeper and deeper into some bullshit that they fucked up and the trying to lie the way out of it and they can’t and it’s just like getting worse and worse in the Noose slowly closes in on them metaphorically and it is fucking fantastic.

[01:13:35] I. I don’t know anyone who is seen this movie. We talked about in our pod. Yeah, a few fans reached out and even agree that they liked it outside of our universe here. I don’t know anyone else has seen this movie is fucking great. Yes. I actually included this one on my what was it 13 under the radar horror movies list that I did for Yahoo!

[01:13:54] Before the that people should watch before Halloween. I love this movie. I thought it was so so intense, it’s one of those horror movies were like, it doesn’t need anything. Supernatural to happen, it’s just like this is all real people real shit. This could totally happen and that to me is true horror when like watching something that like, oh this could happen to me.

[01:14:15] If I did, you know, what happens in this movie right? This this movie does not require any post effects this movie just now wire any monsters mythology. It is just. Great Simple Story great characters. This thing just gets like just unfolds and unfolds and it’s really great. And you know, I don’t want to give anything away.

[01:14:36] I’d rather not okay, I could just say I say this was ever any talk about movie but like without giving anything away. When the dog shows up, I was like, oh fuck. Oh fuck, you know the part. I’m sorry. I could I do I do. Yeah, everyone should definitely make time for caliber and I believe it’s a Netflix original so it’ll just always be there.

[01:15:00] Yeah, it’s on there. I know it was an Edinburgh some Edinboro film festival and it did really well in England and it’s caliber. That’s definitely I must see you go. Okay, this one I’m assuming is also on your list. Maybe not unfriended to yes, untested barred web. Yeah, unfortunately dark web. Not even just one of the best horror movies of the year.

[01:15:26] Just one of my favorite movies of the year. It’s just so much a product of its time. It’s one of its one of many in a long line of these like computer screen desktop horror movies. We’ve talked searching searching is very good and great and in my I guess would be in my top. 20 genres things but I wouldn’t call searching horror searching is a mystery.

[01:15:52] No, no way. Yeah, but it’s it is the best example of these types of movies totally and dark web is that it has that same Vibe as searching but it is. Unequivocally a horror movie and why I’ve you’ve heard me talk about this before but why unfriended dark web is so much better than the original and why it differs so much is because the original took the fun desktop or premise and the story around it was pretty dumb Supernatural dumb horror that can never actually happen type.

[01:16:24] I wish that yeah. I always thought under the first and friend. It was just fine II was definitely like excited like wow, that was a good use of the screen grab only. A you know switching from Facebook to Skype to whatever but it was it was like it really depended on that visual medium. Yeah, and I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I would say this movie and also searching but this movie why it’s so terrific is if they decided to not use this screen grab technology if they did like a straightforward movie still would’ve been great.

[01:16:55] Still what I’ve been very great. Yeah. The story here is more about like the as I was saying the horrors in the original work. Natural the horrors in this one are a hundred percent real world could happen again things, but I say that with a with an asterisk because like the way that the hacker have you want to call it like manifests itself is pretty over-the-top and not realistic but that doesn’t really matter because the it works in the movie and the movie itself, like what it’s like the way the characters die is all very like holy shit.

[01:17:29] This could happen and the movie is. The about the horrors of an unchecked Internet or like the horrors of like the part of the end of that’s not regulated and like where shit like this could a hundred percent happen and Pacific Lee you’re in for me like yeah with just your basic. I’ll get my information anyone like your name on your Facebook page and probably you’re addressing your LinkedIn or something like that, which is the minimum amount of information people can in theory.

[01:17:58] It could ruin your life. Yeah. So the premise of the movie is basically a dude picks up a laptop. He steals a laptop from like a lost and found at a cafe or swipes in from a table at a cafe and I said lost and found. He said he saw out there for like a couple days. All right. So yeah, so he gets this computer and logs onto it and.

[01:18:17] That’s just like a really smart way in but then you know the he finds on the computer as secret folder that opens like what do you call like a VPN type thing for like like it’s going on the dark web and it also has a lot of videos of what seems to be people being kidnapped and or murdered right?

[01:18:33] So like then it unlocks this like whole web of conspiracy law this whole web of like, oh my God, like this is actual crime ring. Like this is actually how a crime ring would operate if it was going through, you know certain time the darkness based on. Through things, you know. Yeah. So like the movie is just like dumb dumb horror movie aside shit.

[01:18:52] Like it’s actually the implications of it are really really scary and like I left the movie thinking. Wow, that was awesome a really fun movie and crazy and dark. It does really go darker than you think. It does. Like it’s really fucked up. Um, and then it left it left me like worried about like, wow, this is happening.

[01:19:12] Like this could be happening like not to just absolutely movie, but. Trafficking is real and like all that shit is real and like snuff people making their own snuff films is definitely real and like maybe there is a place where people are trading this shit and it’s crazy. The movie is very it’s a terrific horror movie.

[01:19:29] I can’t praise it enough. It’s one of the best horror movies of the Year easily. Yeah. I agree great choice by mr. Brett are. Old I hinted at this earlier, but my next one that I want to talk about is a film that I think we talked about two episodes ago. May the devil take you yup on my list too.

[01:19:48] Holy shit, man. I did not see this one coming. What are you looking for? It was it was episode 158 so might have been to actual last episode we talked about. Yeah, if I had to describe this movie to someone wanted to sell to them. I would be like if Sam Raimi was Indonesian. Yeah. Is this from Indonesia?

[01:20:13] Yeah, so did I yeah. Yeah this this movie it is like it’s a little bit like, I mean I can’t I. Not necessarily A but this is the third movie were talking about about how sins of the father is passed down on me by dementia that this is this is a movie were a very greedy very stupid man earlier does a deal with a demon or a devil or something to be rich and famous.

[01:20:38] That’s how it starts off cut to he’s on his deathbed and the demon has returned and it wants what is due to it. And that is this guy’s family and he surprisingly as we learn for the story does not have a very good relationship with his with his family. He has one daughter with his original wife who died mysteriously and two or three kids with his new stepmom and nobody gets along and they meet at the house the very house where he did the deed.

[01:21:05] To figure out what they can do is is a state and the demon there has different plans and from then on it is a evil dead on steroids. Everyone’s turn into demons. Everyone’s impossible to kill. It just gets fucking crazier and crazier and I think pretty much every scene every horror scene in. Just kicks it up a notch and like this is so many scenes around like oh she’s definitely dead.

[01:21:30] Oh, no, she’s not you know what? I mean? Like just it just keeps hammering you with this intense insane, you know, Sam Raimi sideways shot camera zooming freely far in following the face. packing list images are fun terrifying to it is fucking so intense and so well done. I just like like yeah, it’s like I mean I was I was I didn’t laugh because it was funny but I was like laughing several times just because I was like, oh, holy shit.

[01:22:00] Yeah this movie goes for men great movie. Yeah. I really liked it too for all the reasons. You said. It’s like a it’s definitely a horror movie, but it definitely has that Sam Raimi Vibe, which is so tough to pull off where it’s like, this is definitely scary. It’s also like crazy kooky and you’re supposed to kind of laugh at it like Drag Me to Hell or evil dad or anything like that throw it has that same Vibe and I love all those movies so much and they’re very few and far between so definitely watch May the devil take you and on that same note.

[01:22:28] I want to also bring up Satan’s slaves. Yes, because yes, yeah, I think that is it’s also an Indonesian horror movie and I don’t think it’s I liked it quite as much as May the devil take you but it’s also a riff on I would say a riff on hereditary or then same like passing down the scenes type of thing and.

[01:22:53] It’s it’s very effective. It’s not it’s more eerie and unnerving than like, holy shit. Gauri, Sam Raimi horror, but I think Satan’s slaves is also worth your time. Oh, yeah is that I think Satan’s slaves is on shutter Satan’s slaves is yes. It’s absolutely on shutter. Yeah. I mean, you know, I got to say like this year was the year of a foreign horror.

[01:23:19] Yeah. No, absolutely another one that I. Talk about real quick that definitely not my best of that. I think we watched a while ago. It technically came out in 2017 was released in the states of this year. So I’ll count it was all right, Veronica. Yes, that was on my list dude this movie based on a true story which really makes it really fucked up.

[01:23:39] I. I obviously don’t believe in these things but I do but they have the fucking police report at the end of the movie and I know and the pictures they show the pictures of stuff in the movie like certain key spots and then next to the other pictures from the crime scene is just like whether or not there was any sort of demon possession some really awful thing happened to this family and it kind of.

[01:24:06] It does a really good job. I would say much like was it The Conjuring 2 that’s about the end the the Enfield estate. Yeah, right. It’s similar to that whether or not you believe in these actual Supernatural incidences it Veronica like The Conjuring 2 takes a horrible real life event that happened and kind of uses that to find the deeper meaning with the family in the people involved and that I think.

[01:24:34] Just know we sell fact that it’s not a blow-by-blow of then this happened and that happened blah blah blah. It’s more like the potential torturing of this girl Veronica. I mean for God’s sakes is it means she’s playing with the Ouija board. I mean, that’s what we already have to have a Ouija franchise, which is surprisingly so far and the second one is great.

[01:24:53] Yeah. Yeah. So right away, you just be like, okay like I roll give me a break but this movie does it really well from Spain Spanish language film. I was very impressed with the lead actress. I don’t know what. Name is but for her dealing with this quote unquote possession. There’s a lot of really good jump scares in this one, but I don’t believe that.

[01:25:10] All right. There’s a haunted. I think it’s a terrific Possession movie and it’s directed by the guy who did the wreck franchise by the way, which is which a great move is it? Yes Paco plaza plaza. So I do think the jump scares are great and as it works up as a possession movie, but I also like it because it’s like it’s one of those movies that like has a deeper meaning to it and I think you could like watch that movie and just.

[01:25:33] View it as like, you know metaphorical and be like, this is a movie about the horrors of being like a latchkey kid, you know, like responsible for her not only herself but her siblings because her mom’s never there and she’s constantly like being the mom and that role and she’s a kid. So like it’s just it was such a it’s a really good movie.

[01:25:51] Like I think it’s a great horror movie. It’s just a great movie in general like you could pick it apart as an art house critic and also like it and I think. You know a lot of movies like The Exorcist to what not claim to be based on true shit and this one brought the receipts to the end credits, which I thought was a nice touch.

[01:26:08] I really like that it that it showed all that. Yeah, Veronica stuck with me at also made my Yahoo list that I wrote up a few months ago. Nice. All right you go next what you got, um shit. Okay another shutter. Another shutter foreign movie that is actually being remade right now by being produced by Guillermo del Toro terrified, dude.

[01:26:33] So good certified is a premise. So simple that it’s in you’ll be crazed to like think that no one’s done it already because it’s basically just a haunting movie like a haunted house or a haunted person or whatever you call it, but it is of a whole city block. So it’s like multiple stories weaving in and I believe it’s Argentinian if yeah feels a lot like Insidious, but just treated like I don’t know in through a different lens.

[01:27:07] And I guess I think we’ll one of the one of the main departures from movie like Insidious is like the police get involved. There’s not like some I mean it’s kind of like a supernatural. There’s one guy who’s like, um, I’m a supernatural guy, but for the most part there was and it starts off with with the confession of that one guy after his wife is killed really gotta believe me.

[01:27:25] I didn’t do it like yeah, we took we do actually do believe you we’ve been like tracking this case for a while and and close them in like there’s actually some bad shit in that area happening and and then from that a kind of. Unfolds to this like opening sequence itself is fucking crazy if I’m so fucking crazy.

[01:27:40] I’m she’s doing what she’s offering above the bathtub. It’s fucking crazy. Yeah, and there’s that shot of the kid at The Breakfast Table that stuck with me so good. Oh and in the one part at the end where the guy’s drove about the drive away and you kind of see like over his shoulder the the driver’s side window and the one girl that we just saw good drag Metal Wall comes running out and she’s like her heads like upside down or whatever.

[01:28:00] So fucking good. Yeah this this movie I mean, yeah, it’s it’s it’s just a well-made haunted establishment people trying to like rid the haunted of it Ted movie, but you know, that’s that’s a very broad connection to say your Insidious movies and it’s really nothing like that in tone or Pace and total edges being glad it’s being remade because I really did enjoy it and only thing the kind of I think held up back from being more popular was that it’s a foreign language film.

[01:28:25] So just the Remake it in English people are really going to. I think I think it’s going to be a pretty big hit when it comes out. Yeah, I agree with that. It’s going to be huge. Absolutely. Okay you go. Okay. I have two more big ones that I want to say that and then from that and we can just kind of talk about whatever we also could give a shout-out to TV real quick.

[01:28:47] Yeah. We got a lot of talk about stuff. So jump in a TV real quick. I want to give a shout out to three shows that I thought were fucking incredible gives me hope for horror TV because anyway listen to the Pod knows that we hate most horror TV. I mean, we’re not we’re not impressed by American Horror Story you like that one channel 0 season that channel 0 is great and I want to give it a shot out.

[01:29:09] Now. I haven’t watched the rest of it. I watch one season. I thought it was really cool. We both love the hunting of Hill House. Yes. Taunting Apple has one of the best things of the year. Yeah, I agree. I mean feels more like an eight-episode or 10-episode movie. So well done, you know gives me hope for horror television because usually I just think it’s really hokey.

[01:29:31] I think you know, a lot of people said that but a lot of people. Who hated it, but it was like poorly acted and like a dramatic. I was like I didn’t get any of that. I thought oh, no, it’s not I thought was really well done. He loved the premise love how it wrapped up at the end. So shout out to The Haunting of Hill House.

[01:29:48] Ghoul remember ghoul, I’ll consider it a show of into some like a three-part sort of movie. I think it’s from my begin this wrong I think is from India. I don’t know. I don’t know the information front of me. I’m sorry but a goal was really good kind of like in the future where there’s a. A dictatorship that’s forcing all these people and they’ll like these weird camps are these like horrible prisons, whatever and you see if the perspective of a woman who gets a job there and she thinks that she’s like really helping the country by enforcing these really strict rules, but turns out there is a monster in this prison and it starts killing people and it’s great.

[01:30:25] I mean, it’s enclosed location horror movie monster can like shape-shift. I want to finish that. I’m pretty sure I saw Chef Lee watched episode 1 and I don’t know if I got the rest of. It’s great definitely recommend it and another show that admittedly I did not finish but I saw half of it really loved was AMC’s The Terror the terror is fantastic.

[01:30:45] Yeah, I’m really hoping that this becomes a trend of like fictionalized history, especially fictionalize Horror history or to fictionalize history and a horror bent this idea of what do they? What do they call that revisionist history whore? I think so. I think revisionist history implies that we say revisionist history is more like the winners makeup.

[01:31:09] Oh sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. I think that has little bit of a negative connotation. This is more like taking a historical event that is mysterious and just taking taking liberties with that. This one is the account of Captain Sir. John Franklin’s lost expedition to the Arctic and 1845 which a loves idea of a bunch of humorous.

[01:31:31] Englishmen just being like we are the greatest country in the world and we will take a boat into the Arctic and you know, because we’re just going to explore because that’s what men do and then no one ever heard from them again and Dan Simmons wrote a book where he pasted. It was like What if they got stuck in the ice and then some sort of almost like what he called a lovecraftian horror monster comes and kills everyone.

[01:31:51] I mean, hey, they disappeared so you can make up whatever he wants. I love that idea in this movie actually the show I weigh think watch the first four episodes and I was like fuck this is so good. I need to check the AMC app to see if it’s available whatever but I was thoroughly impressed with the terror highly recommend it.

[01:32:08] Yeah, the terror is coming back. We just confirmed its so the book is based on a book. So everyone was like, how does it how do they do it? Because the books only about that but it’s another book is becoming a Anthology series and and the next season will be World War II themed and I want to say didn’t I read that George Takei was going to be in it.

[01:32:28] Yes is something to do with an island? And yeah, let me see what I got. It’s an internment camp thing which is fucked up because parents were actually in one but here we go set during World War 2 the second season follows a series of bizarre deaths that haunt the Japanese-American community and a young man’s journey to understand and combat the malevolent entity.

[01:32:48] Responsible. George Takei is set for a series regular role Ridley. Scott still producing will be 10 episodes. Yeah, you got to go back and finish that are. I will I will all right what you got? I think you were I guess that was yours. Did you have cam on your list? I do but you can only talk more to it because you interviewed them.

[01:33:11] Yeah, I just think cam is a really brilliant movie. I think it works as a you know, Lin Chi and horror film in a way of like loss of identity type thing and it also has some like very clever Gore at times. I guess the opening sequence and I think. It’s just a very smart and very 2018 horror movie.

[01:33:32] It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen that about a pardon me about the way we like live online, you know, like unfriended just more of like a straightforward like this is what they are and that’s capable of and I think. Cam and also the second movie I’m going to bring up that’s not on your list because you haven’t seen it assassination Nation.

[01:33:53] I think both of these movies are perfect like 2018 time capsules of like this is what the conversation about social media should be like we’re all you know, these are the conversations to be having assassination nation is more about it’s kind of like a I’ve described in the past on the show. It’s like setting though, you know set the town of Salem.

[01:34:13] It’s kind of like a modern witch trial thing. But instead of which is like it’s just like what if everyone in the town social media are like personal things were like docks and everyone knows everything about everybody and like what’s hap what would happen to this society and. So the movie is like part Horeb small town crazy horror movie, you know and like part social commentary and I’m sure a lot of people will find it like insufferable but I think uh, I’m curious if you will find it a softball.

[01:34:39] I think you should watch it. Yeah. Well, I just think it’s very it has a lot to say and I think it says it well and it’s even though it’s like annoying because like it’s written by a white man and it’s like starting all these women and it’s just like why don’t you know, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s disingenuous.

[01:34:54] I think the director has a lot to say. It gets through and I don’t think it’s obnoxious. So I think both cam an assassination Nation should be viewed from our viewers. I think cam is definitely more more horror assassination Nation. I like again was waffling with the genre because it’s it’s a lot of.

[01:35:12] I don’t know cam is what to say about can we haven’t already said it’s it’s it’s very it’s amazing that no one’s made a horror film about being a cam girl yet because like again a lot of true-to-life stuff a lot of it’s just like true life issues. Like, you know, what do you do when you run into the guy who you’re camping with at the store?

[01:35:31] Yeah. Like, how do you how do you keep it from your mom if it’s if it’s your full-time job, and and the if anyone wants to they can go back about two or three episodes were luckily you got to it. Charles got to interview the director Daniel and the writer was Namaste. Yeah, because in she was a cam girl or still is I didn’t enter remember what I think she was.

[01:35:53] Yeah so directly drawing from her real life experiences. Yeah. I think what interesting thing about this movie is it’s like. Being a cam girl is the backdrop of This Girl’s Life in the story, but it’s not like a about not about really am girls. Yeah, it’s about lost identity online. That’s about to watch it.

[01:36:14] You just have to be like, it doesn’t apologize for being one. There’s no I don’t recall a scene where she goes on about how like, you know, she’s got daddy issues and that’s why I’m trying to make ends meet know that was very clear to them that they didn’t want to do that. Yes various Expo. It of yeah, it’s just and it’s presented from a character.

[01:36:31] Who’s like yeah, I want to do this. I like doing it. I do it like yeah, there’s never a point where the movie is like explaining to you that like, well, she’s doing this as a means to an end. No, yeah, she’s not that you’re trying to college tuition, whatever it but but it neither like yeah, it’s positive towards that but it doesn’t like defend or deny that careers just like this is her job.

[01:36:51] This is what she does is what the job entails and this is the central conflict. So I like how it just is like. Makes it a normal part of the story without having to like get hung up on all the other Hang-Ups of sex work and in today’s society, which was great. Yeah. I mean, I I was very interested and very surprised by how good this movie wasn’t first.

[01:37:13] Thought I was like, yeah, I don’t know this is okay, but the ending becoming as abstract as it was was an interesting choice that I thought like, okay? Okay, like I’m not I’m not seeing. Anywhere, so yeah cams a really solid entry and definitely one of the best of the Year. Awesome. Do you have any more I do I I’ll give my favorite now that my favorite with it, but probably the one that really stuck with me the most and then after that we can kind of do our honorable mentions or non horror horror adjacent.

[01:37:41] Yeah, I would still call these not even I would still say the next several are going to be best of the year. And yeah, okay go. Sorry, so this last true horror movie that I consider the best of the year or one of the best of the year if I can lost my mind seeing this movie would be the 2018 remake of Suspiria.

[01:38:00] Yes, that’s on my list to this movie fucked me up. I still want to do a full episode with it because I had an episode plan that I had to cancel because of my dumb cat, but I’m gonna had I’d be I’d be happy to but I just like was like, holy shit. First of all. A remake in name and concept and that’s pretty much it and I love that about this.

[01:38:23] We’re Halloween kind of like gave nods to the people who love Halloween this Suspiria is a very tasteful very kind yet. Very pointed. Fuck you to anyone who came and being like, oh, they remade that movie from the 70s this movie. You can go down the list and go what are the top three or four most iconic things about Suspiria and.

[01:38:47] Into this new version does the exact opposite the most that the thing that people point to Suspiria the original 77 1 Dario gentle one like it’s so colorful. It’s so bright. The blood is so bright. There’s so much color and can you believe how we use color in this idea of like artfully making colorful deaths and stuff like that.

[01:39:07] So what is this new Suspiria do everything is brown? There’s very little use of color to the very end to withhold color from this movie for most of them to withhold color from the audience for most as movie is like it’s just it’s it’s so. Brave and Bold and interesting and could have been a total misfire, but the director makes it work.

[01:39:33] So well, that’s one of the many things I love about this movie. I love how they use the backdrop of 1977 East Berlin to ya form what’s going on? We’re Suspiria kind of like takes place in this. The original takes place in this ballet studio and you don’t get a lot of stories just like all these women and said a witch’s cauldron this movie again does a 180 is like no, we’re going to talk about how fucking insane and dangerous and horrifying 1977.

[01:39:58] Berlin was especially like the the fall of that year was to the people in this and that’s going to directly inform the rest of this movie as an American who comes to live there righty? It’s a very old movie. It’s a very like fuck you. We don’t care what you think about it and a lot of people.

[01:40:15] Wrong way and think it’s arthouse pretension and that the 1977 Berlin shit is like all forest and the Holocaust stuff is force. I didn’t think that and I think people that think that are like the ones who are like Argento is sacred and how dare you as someone who’s not the biggest Dario Argento fan and like hoop, I legitimately prefer this spiria to the original Total because this one everything in the original Suspiria is implied.

[01:40:42] It’s like here’s the thing that’s happening. Actually a couple kills like a dog kill someone but it just like everything is like it cuts away or it’s just like scary things are happening and like you’re supposed to think it’s these witches but like nothing’s ever explicit this movie the new one Luca guadagnino Suspiria is just like the complete opposite and that it shows everything.

[01:41:03] Everything is like explicitly sad and like the movie is I don’t think yeah. I don’t know. I just I didn’t care that much of the original Suspiria and I love this new one, but here’s the thing if. Really cared about the original Suspiria which again I think is fine, you know sometime about like, you know, 20 years ago.

[01:41:20] Everyone just started suddenly being like Oh Suspiria is the best horror movie ever made or it’s the most artistic. Everyone’s got to see a Bubba Bubba Bubba and you know, I’ve saw it and I was in college and I was just kind of like, yeah. Yeah. I got it. Like I get why this is was a big deal in 1977 total horse Dario Argento and George Romero become friends and they kind of co-produce or help make the original Dawn of the Dead which is one of our favorites so I totally get its.

[01:41:44] In the horror Cannon total, but to if they did a straightforward remake those same people would be like what the fuck was the point of that why we make it we already have a good one. So I cried even better to go. Hey, look we’re just going to we’re going to like use the basic idea of it and do our own version of it our own 2018 version of it.

[01:42:04] Even that takes place in 77 still and I think that’s way better. Keep in mind. I think you know, what fucking remember. I don’t know what the point exactly was when Gus Van Zant remade a shot from psycho. It was no there wasn’t a point. No one liked. It is horrible. He literally he literally remade shot-for-shot a classically replace Perkins with Vince Vaughn.

[01:42:27] I mean it is it is a shot-for-shot remake a bit forbid frame for frame remake of the movie and it’s fucking terrible. So, I don’t know. I don’t know if Gus Van sant’s point was to be like see. Closer a remake is the worse. It is seven-step talk about this like why he would flush Studio money down the toilet just to do that but it does kind of make the point of like if we’re going to do a remake or a redo.

[01:42:50] You can’t just do it shot for shot or character for character, whatever because that shit doesn’t work. So to just move it to not disregard but the go like basically I want to say that again, I don’t have any proof to back this up. I think what Lucha Lucha guard genome I pronounce that right? Nope Uno.

[01:43:09] Okay, what if they what if. Luca didn’t know always what Luca did was go. I’m going to make a Suspiria movie this year and I’m going to think how Dario Argento thought about making a movie maybe how we made the 77 1. And that does not mean that the move is going to be the same. I think he approached it with the same kind of like passion for something new the same wanting to make it like Artful and beautiful the same way wanted to make a statement about the world but doing that in 77 and do that in 2018 are completely different movies and that’s why I think it works.

[01:43:44] So, well not since I mean only the movie I can think about that. Really gives you an in-depth look at like how incredibly difficult and demanding being a dancer a ballet dancer or a any kind of dancer was Black Swan and remember Lincoln in Black Swan where like I think it was the beginnings as a few scenes were Natalie Portman’s kind of like just like practicing whatever and you really feel like a bones cracking and and I like it just really really did a great job of being like yeah dancing is fucking glued on your body this movie.

[01:44:17] That’s so much of his like how fucking physically demanding and hard and difficult as idea of becoming a professional dancer is so well and I’m going to say it the scene where decoded Janssen is dancing at her movements is ripping and twisting off your face apart. Yeah best scene of the year. I’m watching that and just every second I am this like holy shit.

[01:44:40] So incredibly effective just the crunching and the crackling and then just like the music and the way is cutting back and forth like this is fucking but there is nothing nothing in the original Suspiria even hold a candle to that scene. Yeah, you know what? I mean? I agree with what are we being so Reverend about but even on its own not even comparing it to the original Suspiria.

[01:45:00] Just if you look at its own Merit, which I we clearly can I. I felt like this was a phenomenal movie it it’s pretty straightforward. It has amazing performances by Tilda Swinton. She plays three different characters in this movie including ones and Incredibly old man. Yeah, which why do they do that?

[01:45:18] I have no reason why not was why she what’s your responded? When asked her performance is so good that even I mean I knew it going in but if I didn’t know I would have no idea if I didn’t know I wouldn’t have known and I wish I didn’t know because it was kind of distracting. She I don’t think so.

[01:45:31] I think even knowing I was just like, okay fine. She’s. One thing the one- I have that I still think is the negative is I love it’s so crazy to me because I love Tom York and I love Radiohead, but I hated any moment when the score itself was fine. But when there were those two moments, I think when like it’s like Thom Yorke vocals over over music.

[01:45:50] I fucking hated it and I was like, this is stupid. It’s not it’s not big a big enough of a gripe but the movie is great. I love Suspiria. I yeah, I was like, yeah, I could I walked away thinking that I love that and then like. Weeks later all I can think I still think about it and I do want to watch it again.

[01:46:07] And I really liked it. Yeah, I like it all. Yeah, it’s funny. It’s in the it’s and we watch it. Like it can’t be more opposite of 2018 Halloween. Yeah, but but they so like embody The Same Spirit of people who are incredibly passionate about what they’re making who absolutely love The Source material and do an amazing job of delivering something excellent that I think gives the fans like gives nods to the fans like hey, we see we know this is.

[01:46:33] To you and we’re going to treat it with the utmost respect but same time being like but also fuck your expectations were making a great movie. Yeah. Yeah. So a double hands Wu-Tang raised up to Suspiria. Excellent. Is that your last one? That’s like, um, I mean, I have a mansion. Yeah, pretty much.

[01:46:53] I mean the rest say I’m an honorable mentions are more like movies that I love this year that okay, we can do that stuff and the Jean and stuff that are technically not horror. Yeah. Okay. Well, let me save that will save that for a sec. What else do I have? I have a couple more. I think the endless did you still don’t see that?

[01:47:11] I did not care for the endless you didn’t care for the endless. Okay. It’s a sequel that I one movie. I didn’t like what was the one I was alluding to. Yeah, I thought well that’s equal to that. Yeah, or like like just movies basically like. Here’s what’s going here is what was going on. If a mile away, it’s like almost like how every song movie takes place during the one before this movie when the reveal was his during that same it has to do with resolution.

[01:47:33] I was just like how fucking who cares? Okay. Well spoiler alert, but I don’t think that anything to me and listen to me. The endless is one of my favorite movies that you’re still key on all a lot of my friends who I recommend this movie to do not like it. So take it with a grain of salt. I. But I really still do it’s a great movie.

[01:47:54] It’s about two brothers who’ve escaped the cult going back to the cult because one of them is still very interested doesn’t seem to remember why they laughter what’s up and then when they get there, they realize like, you know, maybe there’s some other forces at work that are keeping people here and the movies like this really trippy.

[01:48:11] I’d say it’s more sci-fi than horror, I guess so, I guess maybe we are. Genre discussion already, but I think this is one of my favorite favorite to the year and I guess I’m gonna call it horror for no reason other than legit. We’re on the podcast. But let’s also while we’re on the subject. Let me guess what your genre movies.

[01:48:30] Go ahead Annihilation. Maybe my favorite of the year. Yeah, and I Elation is in my top five for sure. What a movie is. What a movie. What can we say about it? That’s sure loyal to talk about Annihilation pitch. It’s a horror people masterfully done any fans of ex machina would see that the writer and director comes back with this movie and it’s like.

[01:48:53] It’s I feel like if you go back and listen to my our discussion of it just because we both were like flabbergasted when we saw we both like we need to fuckin talk about this thing Alex Garland, man. I mean give that guy everything because we’re a were ex machina kind of had this idea of like, What is technology and how do we connect with technology versus with each other with this like cyborg woman that guy falls in love with and you know, it’s pretty it’s pretty it’s a Well Done movie was pretty clear what the implications about like technology and humans this movie.

[01:49:30] I think in a more abstract way, but more straightforward is more like about identity politics and more specifically about how we probably more time than ever now that we’re connected online and connect to the entire world are desperately trying to Define ourselves in certain ways and this movie pretty much pauses a theory of like our only way to survive is to give ourselves over to the the mass thing that we can’t describe and this whole like this idea of you know these.

[01:49:59] We’ll go into this Shimmer or whatever and they whether they like it or not kind of just dissolve into this thing in various ways is such a fat in like they’re afraid of this in such a fascinating way to look at the potential for the future and this alien presence that isn’t necessarily a monster or conflicting.

[01:50:16] Anyway, it’s just a thing that now. Exists in a slowly taking over and and human beings trying to reckon with this potential future is just a fascinating thing to meditate on that aside as a sci-fi movie this movie fucks dude this movie Fox for women led by Natalie Portman go into this alien environment.

[01:50:35] They don’t know anything was going on in the things that are hidden them in the crazy shits are running into it is just like from minute to minute. You’re like, I don’t know what’s going on. But this is the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen so engaging. Yeah, and there’s also some really good horror in there like the bear.

[01:50:47] Oh, yeah. Yeah, the the voiced weird creatures. The movie is a great alligator with like tons of teeth and like weird gills and say oh man, it’s one of those movies that some people will get ripped pissed off when it ends because like that. It doesn’t like leave them with any like like what happened?

[01:51:02] Like what the fuck was that like the end of the third Act is so bonkers. Is that I feel like a lot of people like are like lost our like, you know don’t like the movie because of it and I think that’s part of why it’s so good. It’s just like I don’t think it left open to interpretation. I think I think it’s fairly obvious with the ending means and we can spoilers.

[01:51:18] It’s clear that what happened to her happened to him happened to her like whether or not they come back as completely different alien beings or come back as just change affected human beings who now realize what the future has in store for the human race and them being the only two people who understand each other, you know, because it starts with them being a.

[01:51:35] Relationship where like the kind of not on the same page right cheated on him and he’s got this job and she’s got this life and it’s weird with them and kind of looking at each other like kind of give each other an odd like, you know, it ends with them being probably the two closest people on the planet considering what they just went through.

[01:51:51] Yeah. It’s not going to really musical movie. I love it. It’s so beautiful. I fucking Alex Garland God damn dude, like whatever he does from now on like I’m in like this movie is gripped. You know that movie that on Black Friday Also course, you did this movie kind of gets a bad rap with the industry because when it came out in theaters in.

[01:52:09] America it was also on Netflix in Europe like he kind of right-handed a distribution deal like that. They’ve got the same guy who sold them Cloverfield Paradox that was part of their deal because Annihilation was testing, you know, not great because it’s very it’s too good to be made. Him and I think now more I mean it’s it was this year that happened.

[01:52:28] I mean the movie came out in February move in January. Yeah, it’s less than a year later. And I think we’re all kind of like, yeah releasing enough looks whenever but when this came out, you know, 11 months ago people were like, I mean Studios were I mean people were like quote boycotting it or like flipping out or being like, this is a.

[01:52:46] Annihilation of the studio that made it is I like Traders because they went to write to Netflix and not the theater and certain countries That’s like fucking fuck off, you know, and they’re trying to make their not on a movie. That’s really good that doesn’t have that that is like insanely not marketable.

[01:53:00] They’re measured this movie was first one of the first of this times of be like, let’s just go straight to Netflix. I’m sure they got more dough than they release it. They’re released in theaters in Europe probably would have done nearly as much money and upfront and looks like who fucking cares anyway hmm.

[01:53:13] Yan dilation, I mean. Really have to sit down and think hard about it. But my knee-jerk reaction is to say it’s my favorite movie of the year. Okay, it’s on my yeah, I agree. It’s up there for me. The next one. The next one is going to be the Night Comes for us. Fucking love this movie Yes, this movie is one of my favorites of the Year.

[01:53:30] Absolutely. It’s definitely not horror. It’s like not even close but I consider genre movies like this horror or like I like adjacent enough where I would recommend it because this movie is just I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the most. Island movie you’ll ever see maybe it’s just Relentless Relentless well-choreographed the best action the best shot action you’ve ever seen it’s like which I used to say the raid was this but it’s everything the rate is times like 10 somehow but yeah, it is more and more.

[01:54:03] Not even a promise of this movie. Do you II think it was a guy was like I’m gonna look at right now. I did it. Okay. So character is a Gangland enforcer is caught in this treacherous and violent Insurrection witness Triad crime family crime family. Everyone’s in this in this apartment building or complex as they live there or most people are there someone’s trying to leave or someone’s trying to overthrow something some so premise of like, you know, someone crossed the main Triad boss and he’s pretty much.

[01:54:33] Been like kill these people in his family and he’s pretty much got to violently fight to get the fuck out of there and survive. Yes an Indonesian movie right is an Indonesian. Yeah. Yes. It is. Fuck’s going on in Indonesia man named playing movie. But yeah this movie much like the raid once you kind of get the plot out of the way like yeah, this person wants to kill this person and all this gang members going after it.

[01:54:55] This is fucking wall-to-wall violent wall-to-wall machete machete fights like it’s crazy. It’s fucking violent. And what I thought was funny there’s a couple characters that kind of like when things are going like getting really bad and some was like get me so and so like the person like get me the this person who like comes in and fixes everything and then this person will like show up and start killing people and the but then after a while they get killed as I go fuckin I’m going to call this other guy like this keep throughout the movies introducing more characters approach come in and get like do even more hacking and murdering.

[01:55:24] It’s fucking great. Yeah, there’s a there’s some sort of movement happening in Indonesia. I don’t know what it’s called. Like, you know, we had the French new extremity movement when it was all those French horror movies. There’s something going on there. We got a name it because it’s nothing you have any others.

[01:55:40] I have one left alive to left. I got a yeah, okay both once both of both the straight to Netflix releases, so go. Okay. Go ahead. Oh God. Yeah, I mean gotta get giving a shout-out to a parcel golly. Gareth yeah, I whore adjacent. It’s certainly horrible the thing that they go to I guess I’d call this I guess I don’t know.

[01:56:04] It’s tough. I guess it’s whore I think it’s horri. I think in horror enough to call it horror Miss more when it’s more like dislike the brutal realities of living in the eighth and in 1905 pretty much it masquerades as kind of like a no so. Religious fervor witch-hunt kind of movie danwstephens goes to a cult that took over an island in 1905.

[01:56:30] He’s got to like know take a boat from England to America just to get to hurry want to savor because you think she’s in too deep gets there and this kind of cult like it’s based around some sort of religion worship of some sort of force God or so. It seems you’ve no idea what the fuck you’re talking about, but they kind of rule the the town with an iron fist in a very strong religious.

[01:56:53] And you know, they know that that she has called for her brother to come and get her and spring a new people every day. So he’s got to kind of play double agent trying to find it without like blown his cover. That’s not starts. I there’s some pretty brutal fight scenes in this and some pretty brutal like hand to hand.

[01:57:10] Slicing and dicing that one probably drill. The guy’s head was like holy dude. Yeah, there’s some definitely some gruesome violence and it builds to like a pretty fucking wacky conclusion. I really really really enjoyed this movie. It’s just like it was kind of like kind of like just a two-hour like build build build build build and every every every piece gets more and more crazy.

[01:57:32] It’s a lot of different movies in one also. Yeah, it had tones of you saw the proposition the the Australian. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thing that I thought the proposition was, okay, but one thing I really they’re really resonated with me is like how well a details of the awfulness of like living back then.

[01:57:49] Yeah, and this movie is really gets like almost like granular of like what these people like live like as far as like the wooden houses in the uncomfortable clothes and the hard work and your slacks and suspenders and how difficult it was just to get from England to America and then to get to this island and.

[01:58:07] How did this does everything about the grittiness of this movie is like what if affected me the most it’s the whole time just like oh God, how can anyone live like this? Yeah. It’s a be reminded me. It just felt like you know, the original wicker man on like on like acid or something like it’s crazy.

[01:58:22] So good. This is a good way of looking at it. Yeah, and what a wicked man was in 1905. Yeah, totally. What’s your other Netflix original? I mean got our boy Jeremy solder. Oh, yeah. Yeah that’s on my list because I didn’t know how to define that either. The dark fucking it’s fucking great man.

[01:58:41] It’s like oh God damn good. It’s like top 10 of the year. Not even just horror good. I love them anyway, and what I love about it, it’s excellent at does not play by the rules saw another this movie, you know, he goes a Netflix and I think to some grumblings a band like after the success of green room.

[01:58:55] It’s like, hey man, just Studio picture this and that but he has said time and time again. He staying in D because the last thing she fucking wants is people taught him how to make a movie Case in point signed on to be on True Detective season. Three and then bounce after a couple episodes. Yeah, he does not need your notes.

[01:59:12] He does not need your fucking input. He knows how to tell a great story and goddamn it. Can he direct this fucking movie? It’s like it’s it doesn’t follow the say it does and doesn’t follow even like the same structure of movies. It just has these incredible twists and turns and we were just like I don’t even know what the fuck’s gonna happen next.

[01:59:31] I after the scene. That’s I guarantee that that shootout is exactly. In the middle of the movie I bet if you look at when that happens at must have to present Mark and when that went on I was just like okay all bets are off. I can’t even fucking guess what the hell is going to happen in this movie?

[01:59:47] And that’s what makes his filmmaking so good. He puts you in a situation and he’s just like I’m going to throw shit at you and you’re not going to know what’s going to happen from seeing the next I didn’t I didn’t like from the last scene of the movie in the cave to the last blast last part when he was in the hospital.

[02:00:01] I was like fucking a man this guy. It’s like a magic trick this fucking movie. I. Masterpiece that would not exist if we didn’t have Netflix talk a lot of shit about Netflix, but who the fuck is going to make a movie what’s duty is going to make a movie with what’s it got Geoffrey, right? Is that his name the guy?

[02:00:19] Hey, he’s an amazing actor. He’s killing in a Westworld but no major Studios going to be like, yes. This should be our star this like 55 year old old man. That is is Starvin of HBO show. Co starving spiritual should totally be the lead in this movie. No one would ever do that. Yeah, Michael Michael Michael Fassbender is the other.

[02:00:36] That’s the guy in what and hold the dark know. Who’s the oh, oh, it’s the guy from True Blood. What’s his name? What’s his name? Ah, geez. It’s a she’s a Skarsgard Alexander Skarsgard. He’s by all accounts a more famous person. Another TV actor. I would say that. Yeah, he’s in he’s in he’s in it, like, you know four five times he’s great in it, but that guy is like oh and here’s this guy that really knows that we’re just gonna it’s just a movie about the premises.

[02:01:04] He’s a wolf Hunter going to like. Search for a missing child, the politically was taken by Wolves, but it like really morphs into something much bigger than that and it is like a really thoughtful interesting movie. Like it’s definitely deliberately paced and not for everyone but I love it love it.

[02:01:21] It’s one of the few times when other gripe I have with Netflix and most of the streaming services is. What I can tell as a person is not working the studio system nor makes films that for of all the flaws of the studio system. You want to make a movie that kills at the box office. It makes money back and video in order to do that.

[02:01:40] You want to kind of like wow people enough for them to kind of tell other people to go see a movie that’s kind of how it works for better for worse with a lot of these Netflix deals from what I understand. It’s kind of like when someone gets a Netflix deal, it’s like Netflix is like we’re going to cut you a check.

[02:01:55] Give us whatever you think you want to do kind of the. Like we let the artists make the thing and there’s a 50-50 kind of mixed bag with that. That’s some people like Jeremy saulnier use that as a license to be incredibly creative and kind of do something amazing, but there’s just as many movies like hey, we just talked about bird box for it’s like the people feels like people are like now that we have our paycheck.

[02:02:14] Here’s a here we’re contractually obligated to make a thing, you know, so I don’t know if that is a sustainable model, but I love those people like Jeremy song there when you get out of the way, they actually create excellence and don’t just like, you know, Things that they can like say pocket the rest of the cash and you know disappear for a year totally.

[02:02:34] Yeah. All right. What else we got? Oh my God. I have a lot man. I’m just going to start railing him off. I guess let’s end with the quick hits. How what how much these can cook how much what how long’s our episode right now just over two hours ha ha ha I’ll take I’ll save plenty for next week, but still I want to get okay.

[02:02:54] I like to upgrade a lot. Is Blum House tilt movie? It’s it’s Morris example. Yeah, not Tom Hardy. What’s his name? Logan? Marshall Green movie upgrade is Blum House tilt. It is more sci-fi than horror. But the horror, I guess it’s Horror in terms of like it’s violent, but upgrade is basically guy gets computer chip in brain makes.

[02:03:23] Very violent and strong and he doesn’t have a computer and controls body. Yeah, and he doesn’t really like control it himself. So it just provides some my favorites nuances of the Year where like Logan Marshall Green is like doing a very good he’s very good comedic actor because it’s like these really goofy sequences where his body’s fighting and he’s not supposed to know how to do it and like it’s just so funny and there’s some really really great core in their upgrade is so much fun.

[02:03:46] It’s not the premise is nothing you haven’t seen before. I’m not saying it. But it’s a very very fun Riff on a gigantic. It’s got its got a crank feel sick of crank wasn’t a self-aware. Yeah, it’s very it’s very fun. And I wholeheartedly recommend it and you shouldn’t just no distinction between anything in this I think it’s just as good little stranger.

[02:04:06] Yeah, quite a baby. I enjoyed it did the girls like one of the best of the best an honorable mention. This one though is definitely yeah, it’s a it’s just one of those movies that nobody saw so I want to put it on people’s radar. The little stranger is a very low-key aren’t housie horror movie.

[02:04:24] Which is more thoughtful than there’s no actual scares in it. If I recall it’s more just like creepy and unsettling and it’s a really clever movie Mandy. Mandy is great. Yeah, I mean Mandy is insane. Mandy is insane and my prop I don’t know if I have a problem with it. But like I definitely am of the minority.

[02:04:45] I believe that prefers the very slow Meander e trippy first half to the like horror Revenge movie second half. It is it is both of those movies in one and I just haven’t stopped thinking about the imagery. It’s very it’s very visually pleasing. It’s not for everyone either. There’s barely a plot to it.

[02:05:04] You have to kind of just like watched. It’s very visual. It’s like kind of just put it all together yourself. Yeah. It was it was directed by the same guy who did Beyond the Black rainbow, which I think we’ve talked about before it has the same aesthetic of that movie. The movie is visually.

[02:05:16] Beyond the Black rainbow rainbow is visually great but there’s very little story to it so it’s pretty boring. So he’s with this one there is technically a story but kind of not a lot that means the Revenge movie but it’s a lot of Nicolas Cage’s looking like a fucking maniac and beautiful red and purple lighting so man.

[02:05:33] He’s definitely worth watching. I did enjoy it. I thought it was crazy. It doesn’t make the best of because both halves of the movie The Quiet patient Slow Burn first half and in the crazy murdering. Half at both times I was like be could easily lifted 20 to 30 minutes out of either part. It feels incredibly long.

[02:05:53] Yeah, it does feel long, but I didn’t mind the ride. I don’t work together through it another honorable mention that I think people should watch his ghost story. Really fun, which was that? It’s a British movie. It has Martin Freeman in it. It’s basically an anthology movie where a guy who’s like his like, he’s like a TV guy who like, you know investigates paranormal shit.

[02:06:16] It’s basically like because his whole career is proving that the Paranormal is never paranormal and then it’s always some. It’s just like this guy exploring three unsolved cases. That will make oh, oh, yeah. It’s very I would say I wasn’t super into it until the end and then like I love the ending so much.

[02:06:33] I was like, oh that colors everything that came before it and Main and made me like a little more and I think I still think about it. It’s a clever little movie. It’s nothing incredible, but it’s definitely horror and like it definitely has a third act twist that I think is what I’m it’s so good and like it’ll make you rethink.

[02:06:49] Everything you just saw definitely seek it out. Another one that’s on my favorites of your list that you put on your worst of the year list is unsane. I liked it and saying you like then saying I hate it I’m saying is a great B horror movie directed by Steven Soderbergh. It’s just it’s based on like a buzzfeed article about a real thing.

[02:07:08] Like I buy I am totally horrified of like the power that doctors and hospitals have an. You know like the largest pharmaceutical company was ripping people off and doing this shit like it’s a to me. It’s like that’s what’s scary. And like that’s why it works. Then the movie takes like a very deliberate B-movie turn into being about something else and like maybe the whore is actually real and like maybe it’s not in her head and like I don’t know if I agree with it.

[02:07:30] I don’t know. I didn’t mind where it ended up but I just enjoyed the whole experience and thought you know for movies shot on iPhones like it’s it’s worth watching. I know you didn’t like her at all. Yes, I don’t care for it. And then I guess we should save a lot. We have a lot of stuff for next week that we need to catch up on I’ll let you watch this next week, but I’m going to add this to my best of what keeps you alive.

[02:07:52] Oh, yeah, what keeps you alive is? Just the it’s kind of a Revenge horror movie actually plays a lot like Revenge, which is also on my honorable mentions list, I guess what keeps you alive is about a couple of wife two women a lesbian couple just got married go to like a lake house for the weekend type thing.

[02:08:11] And then like one of the wife the new wife starts learning about her the woman she married and finds out she’s not who she says she was and then. I don’t want to ruin anything because this movie surprise the fuck out of me. It’s crazy. So yeah, the trailer and the trailers pretty nuts. Yeah, so it’s just a crazy movie.

[02:08:24] We’re finding out the person you love isn’t who they thought they were and then you know, it’s out of control. I was surprised about how far it went and the ending is satisfying as fuck. It gets a little goofy, but I never never strayed from a I really liked it and then honorable mention. I guess we should save all this shit for next week.

[02:08:46] There’s some stuff I guess audible mentions before next week because this is mostly stuff. I want to still watch we said caliber. I liked Overlord Overlord second half is very horror. The rest of it is like war movie. I think as a whole Overlord is worth watching for horror fans. I think it’s a it’s good.

[02:09:04] It has a lot. It’s very very great opening if I can remember it’s just like I was expecting full horror and it’s more it’s more of a war. B-but if you know that going in definitely check out Overlord, there’s some stuff I’m deaf. I’m deliberately saving because you’re going to watch it for next week.

[02:09:19] I won’t mention those but I did enjoy Revenge already mentioned revenge is really good. I liked revenge is just so you know, it’s a rape Revenge movie. So it’s hard to like get excited about watching a Revenge movie. I like that. It’s satisfying and the Gores really Gore It’s very bloody Hellfest Hellfest.

[02:09:39] What’s that? Good? Yeah. Not amazing. It’s definitely like worth mentioning like horror fan should watch it’s just it’s a very it’s a very standard slasher movie that it’s like don’t make them like this anymore. So to me the fact that like a slasher movie was released in theaters and no one saw it kind of sucks and everyone should see it how fast was good.

[02:09:55] I would even watch a sequel they did one but. Nothing’s gonna blow your door off or anything. And then Anna and the apocalypse was a zombie zombie Christmas musical. I actually the more I think about the movie The More I liked it. It should be like it’s if you’re ever looking like a horror staple classic to watch on Christmas like it does it gets the job done.

[02:10:12] It’s like the zombie kills are good. The songs are pretty fun. I like that and there’s a long list of stuff. I’m going to send to Joe of to watch for next week if we can. Yeah. I got a lot of. And then I’ll mention now the ones that I watched I liked because like these two may end up on my list pie.

[02:10:31] Whack it which is like an occult Indie movie that’s on Hulu watch that py e wa cket. I really like that just watched it and I just watch which in the window which is on shutter and I also really like that. You should watch that and then the rest of them I’ll send you on a. Thank you, and we have to fucking stop because this is too long.

[02:10:54] Okay, so, thanks and all right so long story short this year fucking ruled for her. I think the next maybe certainly the next episode and probably even a couple after that. I think we’re just going to kind of hit all the stuff that we didn’t get a chance to see that a hype that we just did wasn’t a radar reference gonna go through other people’s lists and assess, you know, if there’s stuff on people’s best horror list.

[02:11:17] We haven’t seen we’re going to watch it. We’re going to tell you if it’s garbage or if it’s good, or if it’s with their time. I already told you if you next week. We will come back with even more. Thank you for listening to the new Flash podcast, and we’ll be back next week. Bye I

[02:11:36] was hoping it’d be.

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