161 The Standoff at Sparrow Creek and the 2 Fyre Festival docs

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[00:02:34] I was hoping you’d be back. Welcome to the new Flash podcast. My name is Brent Arnold @Brettredacted on Twitter. I’m Joe Avella. Check us out a new flesh podcast on Instagram and today me and my homeboy Brett we’re going to catch up. It’s been at least two weeks possibly three since we’ve chatted. I think I spent two I promised I would be back with an episode with Jason gracio talking about one cut one cut of the Dead which I don’t know if I’ve been back since I watched that movie, but it is in fact incredible as Joe said.

[00:03:09] But I figured I shouldn’t record and release an episode about a movie that 99% of people can’t watch because it’s not out yet. So we’re going to circle back on that but we’re back this week with just yeah just to catch up because Joe and I in this past in these past two weeks have watched. Like an insane number of movies?

[00:03:32] Yes both horror and not horror. I saw so much. I went to Singapore 20 hours one way said 40 hours to do nothing but watch movies and TV shows we do. Oh my God a 20-hour flight. That’s one way bro that is and I did it in a week. I booked and so basically 40 hours on a plane in a week. You’re just stressed me out so hard.

[00:03:53] It’s like like no, there’s no flight on the planet that I can stress a stress out about taking for the rest of my life. I did it and now I just feel like because I think the longest one-way flight you can take is Newark Airport to Singapore and that goes. Over what’s the North Pole? Whatever that is, right that one that one is exact that flight.

[00:04:18] Is 20 hours my flight was 17 hours one way, but I also had to go to San Francisco to LA to San fran san fran to Singapore. Total was 20 hours. Oh my God, like okay. First of all, I know there’s been a horror movie on a plane called red eye by rest Craven, but how is it up in one on the 20-hour flight?

[00:04:41] That is a brilliant premise. I don’t know what could happen. But the fact that some that just being on it is a horror movie enough, I would. You know, like most Americans every time I get in a plane at least some of my part of my brain, let’s be honest. My whole branch is being like is anyone on this flight of terrorist.

[00:04:55] Is this one going to get hijacked like looking at trying to like size people up like a know what to look for right? But then my attitude was what kind of fucking Maniac is going to be like I’m gonna hijack this 20-hour flight right before we land. That’s what I think over. It’s like and the planes are fucking gigantic.

[00:05:08] It’s those like a nice double decker double decker. Yes, I really don’t think that won’t know it wasn’t a double-decker. But it’s like the nine across the the front half of the plane had those like pod first class pods. Was it like Emirates flight or something? I don’t it was United, but I was United you flew United for 20 hours.

[00:05:27] Hey, I bought myself up to economy plus bro. On the way there. I was in the in the the exit Lane, you know, the one where you got to let you like. You’re right by the exit door, whatever I and way the plane was set up is also right by where they kind of like load and unload all the drinks and shit like that.

[00:05:42] So there was no rows in front of me. So I had like 20 feet of space and for me, it was fuck. I didn’t know that I had booked that dude in class. I’m going to exit Row from now. I know it’s not normally like that but I think the exit rows just a little wider because they are they almost always have a little bit more leg room.

[00:05:58] Yeah, but on the way back, is it worth it for all the responsibilities in the case of an emergency or is your attitude? It’s just we’re done anyway, so who cares? First of all, like woohoo, surviving a plane crash A and B. The reason was simple the door because they’re like, okay, you gotta do this.

[00:06:15] You could do that. I’m thinking here’s how I’m going to do. I’m opening the door. I’m the first one out fucking say all you later. Here’s the strategy see the guy sitting by the exit row follow him out the door. He’s. I’ll clear a path going up but the feel like we’re sweating. What am I supposed to do with eyes opened and like what I think is so you’re supposed to remain calm and like help everyone out.

[00:06:36] Is it watch me step on everyone’s neck to get the fuck out of that plane first and also like what do what do I know that the guys around me? Don’t know he like let’s say it crashes, right and for some miracle we don’t die and you know, it’s not for the cabins and rapidly filling with water. It’s like it’s a door turn the knob and push.

[00:06:55] Right. I mean I understand why they wouldn’t want to have like elderly or like disabled people there because they can be kind of quick. But other than that, it’s just been like why I don’t like what am I supposed to know? They don’t they don’t I don’t practice opening and closing the door, right?

[00:07:08] There are like special coat the what what do I what am I qualifies me more than the guy said. Oh, I know. I know the answer. It’s the 32nd. Reading they give you right before the plane takes off what they’re like hey eyes up here eyes up here. Hey, you know what your phone down put your phone down dude, there’s no pamphlet.

[00:07:25] It was she just each of us, like look his hands like. Are you comfortable sitting in this seat and press the gas and you’re like Brad’s very comfortable. Thank you. Excuse me, like the guy next to me not and she’s I need verbal confirmation. It’s like why why for nation who gives a shit right? Just fucking out of everyone.

[00:07:44] I don’t give a fuck about no one on the plate. I wasn’t with my wife. I was flying solo. I’m just like this thing if I survive this crash. Jay man’s the first one out the door. I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go Scout the area for food guys fucking see a and he’s over the ocean to like what we look like we’re dead who gives a shit anytime.

[00:08:00] I’m on a plane. I’m always just anxious and nervous. I hate flying but I don’t know and it’s a point when I’m in the air. I’m just like I can’t believe where we are. Like, I’m like, we’re just flying hurling through the sky. And like I’m not all giant metal box. This is fucking insane. What are we all doing?

[00:08:15] But every time a flight attendants, you know, like when they like, you know, turn your phone off before we take off and stuff like that. I think of the I think it’s a Simpsons episode where they go to Japan and then she tells BART to turn off his game boy or something and he’s like whatever and he turns it off in the plane starts falling.

[00:08:31] It’s a good. Yeah, that’s what I’m waiting for it to happen. Let me we’ll get a little more into that. But so for people who know this is gonna be the ketchup episode. We’ll talk about everything we’ve seen. I know coming down the pipe in the next day or two. You were going to be doing an episode on glass what you saw and have opinions on yes.

[00:08:49] I have seen em night shyamalan’s glass which just had a I think 40 million dollar opening weekend and almost a hundred if you count worldwide. Which when you consider the budget of 20 million because M Night Shyamalan, I think since. He’s been doing Blum how stuff is just you know, self-funding and not really taking huge budgets.

[00:09:10] So the movie’s a huge hit relative to its budget, but I can’t find many people that are very enthusiastic about it and like it it is very it’s a lot there’s a lot to talk about and I didn’t want to just have me talk to you talk at you about it because you have it. You know, I haven’t seen it. Yeah, so I booked I actually think I put quite a panel.

[00:09:33] I think I booked. Guess you film critic literally will be calling in from Turkey Istanbul Ali Eric on and sunny Bunch the of the Free Beacon film critics. That’s he is. I don’t want to call him a conservative troll on Twitter, but he kind of is but he has good movie tanks and we’ve been Twitter friendly for a while.

[00:09:58] So I asked them to join and because they were both tweeting about glass and and they feel they feel about the same way I do about it. I will say I did try to book a panel all week of people who liked glass people who love glass and all these different different varied opinions and everyone’s busy because who knows why Sundance is coming up all the film critics are busy.

[00:10:18] So I’m I settled for two dudes who have similar opinions and me on it, but it’ll be quite bad loved it. You know who I bet fucking loved glass Graham plan again. Got you get Business Insider senior video producer Grant Flanagan also are chappie commentary. Co-host Everly we did that. I forgot about that.

[00:10:37] Yeah. That was fun. I’ve been telling you I bet it bet. It’s his favorite. And then and then also next week, so I think that’ll be like will drop that in the middle of the week and bonus episode because we made last week. Yeah next week. I want to do the most anticipated because there’s so much stuff coming on 2019 do we got to talk about and that’ll be coming down soon.

[00:10:59] So we got a lot going on. Okay Brett back to airplane talk real quick the Singapore flight. Yeah. So the so. First of all, I’m never taken a direct flight like that fire ever again. I in my mind I was like, oh, yeah, just get it all done real quick. Whatever now you’re not bad. I would never take that flight looking back on it looking back on a should have flown to Hong Kong and like kicked it for like an hour.

[00:11:24] Even if it’s just in the airport like stretch my legs and grab a drink. I’m gonna separate flight the the flights there and back fucking nightmare, but there was this one moment. Rustling there United. I’ve you know, I look through the movie thing that they have there and I like my own little screen is do you normally do and I’m kind of going through them like, okay.

[00:11:41] There’s a bunch of movies that I want to see like want to put one quotes like that. I will sit through and I guess watch people listen to podcast. No, I only watch, you know, superhero movies and Marvel Universe movies on airplanes same with Star Wars movies now and I’m like, okay, this is a bunch in here that like, I guess I’ll watch and check out so watch all these movies.

[00:12:00] And I’m like, okay and then I’m kind of like I’ve eaten I’m thinking like a man like I’ve been watching a lot of movies you bring your switch. No, I didn’t I’ll get to that in a second and I watched like every movie going there that I quote wanted to see and then one of my God man, like such a shit ton of movies.

[00:12:18] I’m exhausted. I look at the flight thing the tell us like the distance we weren’t even halfway there. Literally. Yeah over the Pacific Ocean fucking nightmare and I’m like, oh my God, we like nine hours left. You have a full workday plus an hour left. I know not just like I can. Fucking believe this so I just like dozed off woke up was some more stuff red and you’re just in a regular plane seat.

[00:12:47] Yeah, and the way back it was a little less awful because I’ve been just the terror yo a and I think the new move is going to be all those years ago and been yeah, it seems like it seems like the selection of shows isn’t as good or at least lined with my taste as far as movies are but yeah the binging a show made it a lot.

[00:13:07] Go a lot quicker. So that shows tip for flying binges show. Ya didn’t bring the switch. I was going to and then Mosley you can’t take the switch because I’ll be home by myself. And I want to play Zelda and I’m like, you’re not going to fucking play Zelda. She’s like I haven’t got a chance to play it.

[00:13:23] You’re always home. You got to play it. I want to play it again for a week. I want to play the switch while you’re gone, but fine play the switch. I leave I come back. She never picked it up never touched it. I’m like, alright, that’s it. That that’s a wrap on the switch. You just moment forward if I’m going anywhere.

[00:13:39] I’m taking it with me like dude because video plan that thinking though. I would think the same thing. I’m going to use it. Now finally and I never would because I’m gonna have all this time to my cell right like didn’t fucking do anything one of our producers who came out there. He got Legend of Zelda just or the Zelda game breath of the Wild for the.

[00:13:58] And he’s just like dude the flight just flew by do it couldn’t put that game. That’s amazing. I’m like, yes. Oh and where my game is speaking of the switch command? He’s out there playing it right now. We’ve been playing Super Smash Brothers, man. She kicks my ass of that game. She is so good. I don’t disappoint you.

[00:14:16] I know you’ve been really hit me like a Super Smash Bros. I haven’t got any yet, but I did get the Mario Deluxe guy and I’m buying that today for fucking awesome. It’s awesome. It’s as good as the Mario World. Where were just Super Nintendo one course like it’s the map but it’s a side-scroller. So it’s like it’s different than Super Mario Odyssey, but as like as isn’t as great as great as entertaining as perfectly references the take a platformer side-scroller because.

[00:14:46] To me. The reason I’m like so excited to get this game on switch. This is the type of game. In fact, it is the exact game that I would play when I had a Game Boy and and DS and like the thing I actually travel with so I can actually play the new Super Mario’s Deluxe on the train. That’s. Some I’m totally yeah, it’s wonderful.

[00:15:02] Yes, and this one much like I think Mario Kart 8 was actually an old game that was on the Wii U, but because nobody bought the fucking we you they just remade it and called it Deluxe and now it’s on the switch and and people still praised it as if it’s brand-new because it is basically two most I’m not me.

[00:15:21] Yeah, I’m gonna definitely buy that today. So yeah, so Singapore is fucking awesome. I would recommend anyone who has a chance to go to go but I would definitely like Loop it in with like a trip to you the Pan Asian area or Indonesia or something like that and like bring your Nintendo. Yeah. Well, I mean like if I had like, you know, if I was going to like plan a trip to the Pacific Rim, I guess I would like, you know hit Hong Kong hit a couple places in China swing down to check out the Guillermo del Toro Kaiju.

[00:15:55] Yeah from the hits check out. Yeah, right. Yeah, check out a couple spots in Indonesia. I mean you could do. The sites in Singapore and a day and then eat like you’ve never eaten before I get the fuck out of that bro. It’s so hot. There it is. So fucking hot. They’re just drenched in sweat the minute you step out the door it’ll look poor buckets for like two minutes and just ruin everything and then the clouds part and then it’s like oh, this is why it’s a sauna.

[00:16:22] I mean every time I check the weather on my app would be like 92 degrees feels like a hundred and five like a saint. Every day feels like it’s such a terrible metric is never good never lets it feels fine. It feels great. That’s always like the feels like a nightmare. So yeah Singapore was screaming good and ya neck while you were in Singapore.

[00:16:48] I pretty much got super into the movie lover social media Network letterboxed, which I used to use. I think I start if you. Look at my account. I think it’s like you can go find old reviews like 2014 that I used to write in depth. Now, I’m just using the logging feature. So basically I’ve like a film diary that shows like, you know on January 1st.

[00:17:12] I watched Black Mirror bandersnatch and await further instructions. Like I’m just I’ve been doing it by the day and keeping track and I’ve watched a ton of fucking movies this year and I used that opportunity. I started basically just by watching all the things on shutter that were like curators choice that I hadn’t seen so.

[00:17:29] I’ve seen a lot and what I what I’m learning is shutter has a lot of what I would call three out of five movies, you know. Yes like yeah nothing about going to be like, holy shit. This is the best of the year and I’m also not going to be like, that wasn’t very good. To me a 3 out of 5 movie is just a good movie a good delivers.

[00:17:49] What a promise a liver is what it promises wasn’t particularly amazing, but it got the job done and I would recommend it on this podcast. So today you’re going to hear a lot of those for me probably some a little lengthier than others because most some of these you may have seen a lot of them to me.

[00:18:04] They were they were foreign and new to me. So like some of them are not new they’re. 2014-2016 but there’s some notable ones definitely and then I did also which I think we could tag on to the main event. I watched to new horror movies. Actually, I watched three new horror movies two of which I rather all recommendable, but one of them stands out and I’m so excited to talk to you about it.

[00:18:30] It’s like this year’s role in cell block 99 like it’s so nice just like movie. I’ve never heard of that is like really badass and cool and it’s on shutter. No, these are the one of the new ones are not on shutter. There were VOD, so we’ll have all that talk about. This isn’t necessarily Horror in terms of like Supernatural ghostie org or anything.

[00:18:54] But we watched both fire Festival documentaries. He did a Netflix one and then the Hulu one which was a very funny that they all came. I live in the same. Yeah. Well Netflix had a release date and Hulu did not so what Hulu did was Hulu just surprised dropped. There’s like three days before Netflix’s and stole all the headlines.

[00:19:14] Right now it’s very short. Got to give a give us the hula. That’s just fucking gangster move. Yeah it was and now everyone was on fire Festival. Yeah, and now like but yeah, if it was just Netflix when people are in Hulu came out after it no one would even talk about it. But because it came out before now there’s all these ones like which one do I watch and I may be but we’ll get to that we’ll get to why I don’t think that is true in a minute.

[00:19:35] Okay? I well. Yeah, I’ll talk briefly though, but bunch of bullshit that I watched on the plane and since then, Mostly non horror so we can just do like a quick pass. I did however finally watch I didn’t finish the terror but I’ve seen up all but one episode and also go to Aruba. Oh Nan whore I watched all of them.

[00:20:00] Killer Mike’s trigger warning. Oh, yeah. So God did so good. We’ll talk about that too. And yeah, I think that we’ve got a lot on our plate here. You’ve been watching a lot of movies. Yeah, before we do that. Let’s do some let’s do a couple week update of bits and pieces. Mmm, Babbitt’s Bobby put the pieces be a bit Bibble bits and pieces.

[00:20:27] Alright, this news is probably the biggest of the week and also the most likely to pissed you off. So we’re going to start off with that Jason Reitman. Son of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman. He announced that he was working on a quote secret new Ghostbusters movie. So the reason this is big news and that it pisses middle fingers to the motherfucking sky with this shit.

[00:20:55] Yeah. So we’ve already had the conversation about the nepotism regarding like you know, Max Landis is supposed to be directing a remake of American Werewolf in London. His father’s – classic movie. Yeah and and Max Landis deserves the calling to be called trash. We hate him Jason Jason Reitman. I have a different relationship with I really really enjoy a lot of his work.

[00:21:20] I think Tully was one of the best movies of last year that no one really talks about I think you know, thank. Smells good capable. He’s a capable director. He’s a cable director. He’s definitely made some trash like that money. How do you know when he’s Ron Howard leight? Sure. I don’t know. That’s a little that’s a little harsh.

[00:21:36] I think I don’t understand amazing director. What do you mean? I don’t know. I guess Ron Howard just to me is like, you know, he directs movies my parents would like and like not very exciting season, right? It is the same fucking thing. He’s in a couple of years when we’re all parents will be like, I like right man.

[00:21:50] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he’s done a couple huge. There was that one there was men women and children. It started like a serious role for Adam Sandler. That was really bad. And then he did a movie Labor Day, which was just like inexplicably crazy that starred Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet. Anyway, Jason Reitman is never really done a big like genre movie.

[00:22:15] And the reason why this announcement rubbed like film Twitter and whoever else the wrong way is because he’s so gleefully announced it. As like, you know, we’re taking this back to the original franchise. Basically this one this Ghostbusters movie is supposed to be connected to the original the original to and not like this bullshit the Paul feig remake with the the lady Ghostbusters which in it which in and of itself was like the dumbest internet controversy ever were like just online trolls drove.

[00:22:49] The entire Narrative of the movie and like this movie somehow became like a reckoning of like if females can lead a movie which is just like a such a false bullshit argument. Like that’s so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid. I’m so upset with the live through it again because it should grow up.

[00:23:05] They should have just let this this whole thing die because like, yeah it became this whole thing the movie underperformed very badly to the point of they’re like, yeah, we’re not going to continue this. So now for some reason Sony is so like hyped on their fucking. Ghostbusters IP as if they’re like as if it’s like some holy thing that I need to know anyone other than like a handful of dorks from like, you know who grew up in the 80s it just like they’re treating it like it’s like a superhero property and like we got to reboot it again.

[00:23:33] So they’re so stupid Jason Reitman apparently secretly wrote a script in the past year with Gil Kenan who Gil cannons actually a directed one of my favorite horror adjacent kids movies and monster house really good movie. But yeah, Sony is calling it The the next chapter in the original story and saying it continues The Narrative of the 1980s classic and has been described as a passing of the torch and like I’m trying to I’m trying to find the Tweet because Jason Reitman just like gleefully announced it in such a way that was.

[00:24:03] Kind of like undercutting the other one being like, yeah. Fuck that one. Like now we’re going to really Leslie Jones sent out a tweet just being like fuck you guys. This is like because because I don’t know if I may I’m going to speak for her but her tweet pretty much alluded to something that I felt when I heard about this is that they’re pretty much like letting that obnoxious Pro male alt-right argument when.

[00:24:27] Yes, you know totally exactly they’re validating it and hits his in Hindi. Yeah, and they’re acting like, oh, we’re just you know, we’re doing it old-school whatever like that. So you basically are making the thing that all these pieces of shit were local was not the biggest fucking exactly.

[00:24:40] They’re validating every online through like all the gamergate idiots who you know, like it’s all these people getting validated is just going to be horrible for all these people online for a while. It just sucks what annoys me the most about it is that. It’s so here’s how it’s already going to go down.

[00:24:55] There’s the first I was movies gonna be terrible, right? I don’t even need to like look at a script to see you soon notes can be bad then when it’s coming up to 10 to release this movie. They’re going to get Bill Murray. They’re going to get Ernie Hudson. They’re going to get Dan Aykroyd. They’re going to get Sigourney Weaver and they’re going to get fucking I don’t know who else to put on the stupid fucking costumes and Beyond The Tonight Show or whatever at Emma’s gonna be like, oh they’re back isn’t the so great as in the so great and that’ll be big enough for this to do.

[00:25:21] Okay at the Box. That’s what annoys me about it is like the Nostalgia is the only thing that people are hanging onto and the for whatever reason when they did this all ladies reboot or whatever the original even though Dan Aykroyd was involved. Hence why it was so bad those it was just you know, what the movies not bad.

[00:25:38] It’s just not good either. It’s like it’s just who cares there. But yeah it all we all if fucking Bill Murray and the other guys. Just showed up at some press thing wearing the stupid fucking Ghostbusters outfits that movie would have made three times as much money the fact that those guys kind we have a by the way, they weren’t involved really publicly because they weren’t getting paid.

[00:25:59] I mean think they’ll fucking Bill Murray’s gonna fucking help anything with without getting paid for it. That’s why they didn’t I’m sure they have a problem with their just like nobody asked Bill Murray to do any press for it. So we didn’t write so that the implication was that. This this whole reboot implies that that old one they didn’t like or they didn’t want to be a part of it and there’s new one.

[00:26:17] They do want to be part of it because they’re going to get paid to do it. It’s just this whole bullshit narrative that the making of it and of course, of course, they’re all going to be like, hey guys held Ramos is dead. Egan’s dead. You guys I vegan was still alive. He would be here to be blah blah blah, you know what?

[00:26:34] I mean? Like they did they got fucking. Play to all the people My Generation could be like Harold Ramis was such a genius and now he’s dead. Let’s go see that movie because he’s dead and Bill Murray’s a goofball Bill Murray misses his friend. Well, if if Bill Murray does it, you know, he’s gonna phone it in real hard.

[00:26:51] He doesn’t he hates this shit. I feel like I feel like talking about you know, you know, he won’t miss an opportunity to go on The Tonight Show Drunk. Yeah talking about the fucking Ghostbusters and just you know that but this whole thing is just so hey I have to like I have to say. I’m sorry, I will say to everyone else it to anyone’s fucking face and I’m going to say this podcast and I will never back down from this opinion Ghostbusters is.

[00:27:14] It’s a fucking kids movie. I loved it when I was a kid watch it. Now. It’s stupid. It’s not funny. It’s boring. It’s just I wouldn’t go as far as the calling it but I think it’s bad. I don’t think it’s member. I don’t think it is not property. They think it is. I think it’s definitely tied to that era and I also I don’t know anything about this new movie yet, but I also I’m going to say it’s not going to perform much better than the lady one.

[00:27:36] How do you think do you think kids it might even I hope it’s I hope it does work. Yeah, me too. And the only thing that drives this thing is kids. No kid is gonna be like awesome. I want to go see that movie. That’s like the movie my dad likes know. Yeah and the Reitman tweet by the way, it was finally got the keys to the car unbelievable who fucking right and then the Q and then the trailer he posted or they act they already have a teaser for it.

[00:28:00] And he also tweeted everybody can relax. I found the car as it was saying, it’s just the implication that like, yeah. We let Paul feig and a bunch of women fuck this up and. Going to save it. It’s just like they really as you said they bought into the narrative the bullshit false narrative that was all over, you know Fox News and just everywhere online.

[00:28:18] You couldn’t escape it War on Christmas. It’s the war on. Yeah, it’s the same. It’s the same thing and it’s insane that we’re literally everything that whole debacle has just been validated by Sony like the like we heard with like, hey, we hear you and we’re going to do it if Starbucks made an announcement like we’re salary will put Santa Claus on our cups.

[00:28:36] Next Christmas, right? It’s like, what are you. Yeah, it’s really lame and like I know it’s not that mean spirited on their part like they’re just like weird Sony pictures. They’re trying to get their nut off and they think that you know, we tried to make this thing that we thought was going to be huge a thing and it didn’t quite work.

[00:28:53] I mean it made I think I made its money back internationally, like it wasn’t a huge failure but like we’re going to try it again with this other plan that we know we this was a plan in the past that didn’t pan out. So like Jason Reitman expresses interests and like of course, they’re going to do it with them.

[00:29:07] Everyone everyone like here’s what’s annoying about it. Is no one else aware that like every move that the Ghostbusters has done the first movie. All Ghostbusters moves and decisions have been made by Dan Aykroyd. Yeah, all-female reboot was not done. Like outside of the like it’s ackroyd’s property right was the one to do it.

[00:29:25] And when the heat kind of came on the women suddenly this guy just disappears that doesn’t do well and he’s like, I guess the world is not ready for another goes back to his fucking binney’s ads and not and now he’s doing another one. I’m sure he’s going to be like, hey, we’re doing this one for the fans like this greedy fucking Canadian piece of shit.

[00:29:41] It’s doing all the time. Like I was want to pull everyone with an opinion Ghostbusters aside and be like guys no one gives a fuck. About Nostalgia, it’s Dan Aykroyd. He wants the money. He thought that if he didn’t all-woman one, that would make him really rich. It didn’t work. He acted like it wasn’t his idea and now he’s doing this one because he’s going to get rich.

[00:29:58] He doesn’t give a fuck about he’s a real. He’s basically the the job rule. This is correction fire Festival why it’s comedies Donald Trump. Oh God, Dan Aykroyd his comedies Donald Trump. I set it here first think about it MacCready doesn’t give a fuck about the fans. And so say whatever it takes to get people to like him every minute.

[00:30:19] It’s a different fucking point of view on his and his properties. Fuck Aykroyd. Fuck Ghostbusters. Fuck all this bullshit next. Okay. Next. This is some fun news. I think you’re gonna be excited about please excite me. Netflix will reboot Unsolved Mysteries. Are you. You know creators on board.

[00:30:35] Yeah, so we all know Robert Stack host of that show for 500 plus episodes. Mr. Clean. Yeah, and I said is he did that’s just like dead rest in peace bro. Now I have to know if Robert Stack is dead. He’s not gonna he’s been Deb he’s been at since 2003. Okay, let’s so he’s not going to come back to host it but that would be a trip if you did so the show is coming back.

[00:31:05] If you don’t know what it was. It was just basically a true-crime Serial show like it was just like a TV like a made-for-tv style documentary like with I’m pretty sure like didn’t have like reenactments and stuff. And it was just like it was just like yeah, this is like a reenactment of a true crime that happened and like I want to say sometimes it was like this person still out there like so if you seen them, yeah, please find them it was but it was both.

[00:31:32] It was like America’s Most Wanted Was a show that was yeah strictly who still out there but Unsolved Mysteries was everything from like, you know, well, I mean Unsolved Mysteries just it never said like this guy’s the killer. Let’s find him. It was more. Here’s this crazy thing that happened and you know, hey, who knows?

[00:31:50] Alright, here we go. So / Netflix This Modern take on the classic series will maintain the chilling feeling viewers loved about the original while also telling the stories through the lens of a premium Netflix documentary series. Each episode will focus on one mystery. And once again, we’ll look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book on Long outstanding cases.

[00:32:08] It will run for 12 episodes it began. I think he’s seven. In a series of seven specials with Robert Stack Raymond Burr and Carl Maldonado hosting NBC picked it up to series and 88 where it ran until 1997 and the Jesus. I know and the show moved to CBS for its tenth season. And Virginia Madsen was brought in as Stacks co-host during season 11 before being cancelled 99 lifetime then picked it up in 2000 where it ran into 2002 and then it was briefly revived by Spike TV in 2008 and are until 2010.

[00:32:41] And with Dennis Farina taking over hosting duties since Robert Stack died in 2003. So yeah, I remember the Dennis Farina one. But anyway, this is something that you know, my dad will be excited about I’m excited about I think I think it’s perfect binge-watching. It is perfect binge-watching. It’s not like his watch all of them.

[00:32:59] I’m pretty sure I think it was Amazon has them all up now or Hulu one of them. Maybe it’s Netflix. I’m sure they do nothing since they’re doing this. But all I know is once those got added everyone was just watching them again. Like it’s just very watchable trash TV. Perfect. It’s perfect to like have on and then also you can surf the Internet while you’re watching it.

[00:33:17] Yes. What else do I got? I mean, I mean, I hate to say it but like that’s the only way to watch something now, I will. I will kind of like drag my feet and watching like some incredibly acclaimed film or show but I have no problem putting on some bullshit that I can just like be on Instagram when I’m like half watching it.

[00:33:35] That’s my life. Now. I’m sorry everyone. That’s what I’m like now. I have some sad news or I guess news that you won’t care about but I lost my tab. I don’t know where I found it sci-fi just canceled Channel 0. After four seasons here is four of them. There’s four and I’ve only seen one and I really liked it.

[00:33:55] So I’m excited to watch the rest gutter has Cutters got a ball. I think yeah when you like no Warehouse or something was no end house. Yeah, I don’t want it was cool. So here’s the the Creator had to say on the channel. Cove one was like unwatchable. I’ll watch it everyone loves it. You’re. After four seasons Channel 0 0 is no more.

[00:34:13] I love making the show and I would love to do more but I can’t complain too much about doing for stories. I love with the people who I love working with people like our writers are actors are extraordinary crew the artists who contributed our editors and post team our composure, Jeff Russell. Our team of sci-fi and UCP and all the foreigners for awesome directors Craig Mattson, Ellie Stephen P at arkasha Stevenson Evan cats, and he continued and before all that the authors of the original Creepypasta Stories.

[00:34:37] There are stories. We didn’t get to tell creature didn’t get to see but still might meanwhile the first three seasons are currently on shutter in the fourth season will be soon. Yeah, that’s sad. I’m part of the problem. I didn’t watch the show until it was like in season 4 and as it was on – Network.

[00:34:54] Nobody has less the thing. I think there’s going to be a new model of television today. Well, you know what? This is actually good transition. I didn’t even have this pulled up but I know this happened this week Netflix on their earnings call was like, you know reporting all these huge numbers of stuff like burned box got 80 million people and then this and then this new show.

[00:35:13] Called you have you heard of this just called happy one Shamu watches. She loved it. Okay, so here I bet you didn’t know that. So maybe you did but what you was a show that was originally on Lifetime and nobody watched it. So never rightly Netflix just bought it and put it on there never lifetime.

[00:35:30] He lifetime even passed on a season 2. So Netflix Netflix has it and 40 million people watched it already and like, you know, it’s really you just really sad about that. I mean that’s great news for that show, but you’re right like it’s kind of changing that changing fast. Of some friends of mine from Chicago throughout here in Los Angeles.

[00:35:46] Now, they have a comedy show on TV Land. Okay in the show’s called shows called teachers like like it’s like those who can’t write. Yes, but it’s an all-female cast and it’s okay really? It’s a really really funny well-written well-acted show. Here’s why nobody knows about it many years ago when they they did a web series.

[00:36:07] It was really hot. They were shopping it around. It’s like it’s a Stars five women they star in it. They write it. They produce it whole thing. Right really great story about female teachers at a great school the Hue like just want to things like a summer was like the coolest thing on the internet.

[00:36:23] So they sign a deal with a TV Land because TV land’s like we’re doing all this new like we’re gonna do comedy. Everything’s TV Land is just like reruns of old shows with you land of is. Yeah, which is still as well TV Land wanted to make a move towards having original stuff. So so I think younger was also on TV Land.

[00:36:42] Yeah and two other shows that kind of came and went so they signed a Deal TV Land and the problem is is that the show. I everyone understand this there now teachers is in its final season and if it’s on right now are about to start because the show never took off because TV Land refused to put it streaming anywhere except on the TV Land app.

[00:37:04] Yeah. Sorry Pat so stupid so like and then as this thing this this plan for TV Land The try and like build their roster of like, you know, we’re gonna have all this new stuff and whatever and every we’ll just cut they’ll be foolish to think like an it was going to come over to our app, which of course nobody does.

[00:37:19] If TV Land was smart, they put the first season of teachers on Netflix. That’s why see so failed to there’s tons of amazing content on C. So they jump they hoarded it there. It’s literally only think they think we’re all going to spend three dollars a month people don’t understand how people watch it Executives artists and people you should I deal with this shit a Yahoo all the time with them trying to do stuff like this.

[00:37:41] I’m like, no like haven’t you seen these things fail? Yes. He’s so had sex. So was owned by nbc/universal they. Put those shows on NBC and weird timeslots people would have watched them and they were gracious but it or just put it on Hulu like put it on. I mean who knows like with Netflix and Hulu who knows the deals are maybe you know, they were like, we just put it on for a few months and you guys can feature it and I’m sure the service is like no give it to us forever or fuck off.

[00:38:04] I don’t really know what the deals were. The point is. Both with teachers which is unfortunate. Hopefully now that the show on force is going to end. They’ll put it somewhere and maybe we’ll get a second life because this show is like legitimately so funny and so well made and like again written by five women starting five women produce by five with.

[00:38:22] You know this this there’s a story there that everyone just kind of missed because yeah, you’ve got to have the TV land at them pay for it or you can like rent it on Netflix and now yeah, we’re alright that’s an iTunes for two dollars an episode that’s setting shit up for failure. And that’s exactly why I like this Netflix you think is going to change a lot of things I said the same thing last year.

[00:38:40] I think the same phenomenon maybe was two years ago now. The same exact thing happened when the CW put Riverdale on Netflix. They would that a huge they’ve never seen it before like a jump from season 2 to 3 ratings on television went up like some crazy percent because now they had all these new viewers like a new game the new game is and it’s hard for people going in right now making stuff.

[00:39:02] They can play this game. It’s the people who like. Even popping off the past five or six years like the kind of came in when the industry was like, yeah you we you have a TV show on a station of people watch it and then like the kind of like all these properties are stuck in this weird limbo period of like we signed a contract to be a TV show but we want to be on Netflix.

[00:39:20] We can’t get enough looks is a contract and it’s really weird. I’m a comedian I think was Ron funches for his what’s that guy’s name Ron tweeted. Yeah. Yeah, he told this thing that Comedy Central. Yeah, and he was like, he just he’s like here’s why Comedy Central like three. Is tweet like he said why I did with the Comedy Central over Netflix Comedy Central and he had like three bags of money emojis looks one bag of money and he just said like, you know, my kids can’t eat exposure or some like that dude totally agree with that.

[00:39:46] He’s got a family. I totally understand. The only issue is is that I don’t know a hundred times more people are going to see a special on Netflix Toto. So if he liked and I was going to bombing bombing you on the and the and the text. Oh my God. I know – calcio who now is the biggest comedian in the world.

[00:40:06] He’s the biggest Committee in the world and it’s just sold out Madison Square Garden right now. He’s there right now and I think. He is like a whole week of shows there some yeah, think about that. Yeah, thank you said it’s 70 it between seventy eighty thousand tickets. You sold Madison Square Garden now, why is it has comedy is?

[00:40:25] Whoo, boy, I think you so funny you love you hate them. I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s ridiculous. Like I like it sort of ironically 50/50. The point is that I could tell from your text. I’m like, you’re not really liking this but you also loved it. So I yeah, so we’ll talk about Sebastian a second.

[00:40:39] But what I’m saying this if Sebastian was a type of comic. And this goes to everyone making stuff comedy comedy or whatever if he was just like who’s gonna give me the most money for my special. He absolutely would have signed a deal of Comedy Central and everyone listening to be like who the fuck Sebastian Sebastian was smart enough to go.

[00:40:56] If I do a thing with Netflix where set y signed a deal where my Netflix special comes out. I’m getting way less money, but more people are going to see it that special came out last week. He saw analysis regarding four nights in a row five nights at IQ is sold out. Yeah, he was sold out way before not my thing with him.

[00:41:15] Is he? I don’t I think I want to say he had a Showtime thing first. He’s just it’s a bunch of special. Yeah. He just like he’s been selling his and that’s always been always from Arlington Heights. Yes, I do and he’s two years older than me. I keep meaning to ask my parents if they know the Maniscalco family.

[00:41:32] I want if you want The Meadows that’s high school. I went to but plenty of my point is this. It’s no longer make a thing get paid to put it somewhere the end. It’s like every move you make you have to think like I need as many people to see this to kind of parlay into the next thing and what’s weird is like you or I if we were about to make a horror movie will be like the horror.

[00:41:53] I would be like, okay I can maybe get I can make an indie horror movie for $200,000 and now I can give it to I don’t know some bullshit streaming service. That was is a shudder would give me. 200,000 for pay for me even like that’s pretty good. But Netflix could be like, yeah, we’ll give you 50,000 for it, but the difference is is that it’s on Netflix.

[00:42:15] And I can I can point to it and be like one fucking Netflix Netflix Netflix Netflix and people see it. I’ll make no money, but I can parlay that if I’m smart and have like my social media campaign in place if I have like my other shit in place of a deal like a deal way to go and I can parlay that and get my paid a couple of years from now versus if a guy’s making a horror movie and gets the most money from shutter cool.

[00:42:35] But let’s be honest to you and I we love shudder our listeners love shudder. Shudder doesn’t have even point one percent of Netflix traffic and then who’s going to see it if you go into a meeting to. Next movie Hey, where’s your last movie? It’s on shutter what shutter the end. So it makes sense.

[00:42:49] Yeah, I think so. So it’s just it’s an interesting game of like. You know, you can no longer think of what’s gonna put money in your hand today. You got to think of what’s about money in your hand five. I also believe that like Sebastian’s Netflix deal was not the same as Ron’s like Sebastian definitely got like a fuck ton of money.

[00:43:06] He’s huge. He’s also in in the soon-to-be Academy award-winning probably green book. Yeah bring book is in there all this movie. I mean, let’s move and we can book. I tell my Dad Dad. Hey Dad. I’m in this movie Green Book. My dad goes by Green Book. Good job. All you should go drive for Uber. Take an Uber laughing.

[00:43:30] Ooh, brr X has the work you put your phone. Boom. There’s a ride. Have you seen these people at the gym? What are you doing? He’s so that’s what’s so funny about it because it’s like. I told you I think I texted you like gold are he’s the new Ace Ventura in the sense that like he’s so stupid. It’s funny to be like look how stupid this is but also some of his jokes.

[00:43:52] All right, not bad. I’ve driven in an Uber. I relate to thank you. I think he’s got jokes not the best jokes, but like the combination like I totally watch them like I totally get why this is so popular. Shout out to my homie Sebastian. Alright, that was a good bit like a day. I got a bit for you.

[00:44:09] Okay. Dario Argento says the Suspiria remake betrays the spirit of the original film you Dario. Fuck you where you lived and movies amazing book. He where you live pretty bold move to say fuck you to Argento for shooting on a remake of his movie. But as someone who prefers guada Geno’s movie, which is such a weird thing for a horror fan to say I guess.

[00:44:33] Yeah, I prefer the new one but Argento of course prefers his movie. Here’s the fly just annoyed. Yeah, this is super annoying. Okay, whatever 10 15 years ago Gus Van Zandt comes up with this idea to remake psycho shot-for-shot. I’m sure you’ve seen it sucks right now. Think about that he took. One of the best movies ever made didn’t change a thing in change.

[00:44:57] We made it shot for shot. Yeah, but bit frame for frame and it stinks. How is that possible? You know, it’s possible because remaking things visually how it looks is not going to make it as good you copying. Something doesn’t make it as good as the original we all know this. I think that that movie proves that if you make it exactly like carbon copy, I mean Michael haneke’s even remade funny games in English and it definitely is not nearly.

[00:45:22] Good as the original and he had his movie he remade it and yes with better actors and I still like the original to his remake. My point is this when it comes to remakes you can’t remake what somebody else did you got to make it your own guada? G-gotta Gino. His Superior is so excellent because he made it his own.

[00:45:41] I think he paid great homage to the original but also made a very clear. I’m doing it my way and I think he succeeded with flying colors is one of my favorite movies of last year. So Argento of all people should understand that simply was not as good as originally evil. People should be like.

[00:45:54] There’s mind there’s original it’s great. And there’s his as great and they’re nothing alike in there you go. So for him to come out and be like, I don’t like it like almost betray is the very thing that he was trying to turn 77 with his original. That’s why I don’t like and also I think Luca said that they had talked about it and that Dario had like a good opinion about it.

[00:46:11] So I don’t know who’s lying, you know, if Luca was lying or if you just like kind of threw me under the bus or what? He said it to not excite me and betrayed the spirit of the original film. There is no fear. There was no music. The film is not satisfied me so much. He added that. It’s a he added that however, it’s so fine.

[00:46:28] That is terrifying as he did scarier than his I would say. Yeah. Absolutely. He called this one a refined film and he said Luca is a fine person. So he wasn’t like pissed off. He’s just like yeah didn’t care for it, which is fine. I didn’t care for his. Somebody look at this. Yeah. Well, the original sucks.

[00:46:45] This is a weird one. Remember the remember the movie from 1999. I was based on a book called The Bone Collector. Yeah. Yeah NBC just ordered a pilot of that titled Lincoln the series follows legendary friends are criminologist Lincoln rhyme who is seriously injured during his hunt for the diabolic serial killer known as The Bone Collector called back into action when this killer re-emerges Lincoln forms unique partnership with Amelia Sachs a young Beat cop will help some hunt the deadly Mastermind while also taking on the most how high profile cases and the NYPD.

[00:47:17] I think it was Denzel and Angelina Jolie absolutely. Is that crazy to think of those two were. Movie that like oh but I like almost like a you know, like a police procedural. Yeah, I think James Patterson based on James Patterson books Along came a spider and shit like that. Yeah, like I they’re definitely based on books Jeffrey Deaver.

[00:47:37] I think wrote Don’t collector but. Yeah, I remember Taking Lives is another one with Angelina Jolie. There’s a lot of these like late 90s early 2000s a lot of them Start Ashley Judd the lion just like Thrillers that are like yeah crime novels. So this is becoming a TV pilot. That’s interesting. We now know, I don’t know if I announce this already.

[00:48:00] We know the February Hulu into the dark thing Netflix Hulu Blum House into the dark, which I think is getting better. Every time new year new you is by the best one. This next one is called down and it’s it’s about Valentine tackling Valentine’s Day directed by Daniel stem who did that movie The Last Exorcism in down a pair of office workers.

[00:48:25] Get trapped in an elevator over long Valentine’s Day weekend, but what at first promises to be romantic connection turns dangerous and horrifying in this Blum House mashup of a rom-com and horror movie what I read I think was that they said they wanted to like make a movie about like someone going through all the stages of a relationship like in the course of like a day like, you know from like, Falling in love to the falling out of love and like all the crazy shit in between so it sounds like it could be fun.

[00:48:51] But you know, these things are very hit-or-miss. So we’ll see about that. Couple more. We now know. About at least one of the segments of the new Creepshow TV series for shutter do it. Yeah, which is going to be created by Greg nicotero special effects master and filmmaker each installment of the Anthology series will be helmed by a different director and negatives doing the first one.

[00:49:19] We know something about his segment, which is said to be based on Survivor type one of the short stories included in Stephen King’s skeleton key. Whoa, wait wait wait, Really? Yeah Survivor type Survivor type tells the story of Richard Pine a shady surgeon who was smuggling a large amount of heroin on a cruise ship.

[00:49:39] Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes stranded on an island. Yep. Yes, when it sank somewhere the pursuit of in the Pacific stranded on a desert Island pine keeps a diary of his days which grow increasingly dire until he’s finally forced to revert to resort to horrific means to survive because you can see basic stuck on a deserted island with nothing but heroin.

[00:49:55] That’s fucking amazing. That sounds great. So that is very exciting. I love that who are shutter is doing that. It’s very probably the coolest thing shutters done from an original perspective so far and this news will announce and then we’ll T something new line Cinema. Finally announced something.

[00:50:15] We’ve been I think joking about the podcast for a while a reboot of Final Destination the series that began in 2000, and I think ended in 2011. New line has hired sauce equal writers Patrick Melton was from Evanston Illinois represent and Marcus Dunstan to pen the script plot details are under wraps, but those two guys were the winners of season 3 of project Greenlight.

[00:50:42] And they wrote The Collector the collection and piranha 3 Double Dee. Yeah. That’s why three was the one with Wes Craven the making a horror movie, right? I believe so, yes, but they didn’t win didn’t they were winners? Yeah, they won a parent. What was the movie? They made was it Feast are the guys behind its waste Beast.

[00:50:59] Yeah. That was just a movie that there was made by thought that was made with the people who won. Yeah, it is the road. 2005. Yep, that’s them and they also crazy dude that is crazy that those guys are on that show and still have a career. It’s amazing. Yeah, like that’s like that like those those types of shows are like like Paramount to ending your career.

[00:51:20] Oh for sure and they also wrote the. Scary stories to tell in the dark for CBS. Wow. All right. All right. All right good for them. All right. And with that I’ve one less bit. Okay. I mean it’s really nothing more than Joe Hill’s Nosferatu and F and the f x what we do in Shadows Pilots will Premiere at South by Southwest?

[00:51:40] Oh, wow, the trailers for what we do in the shadows looks fucking amazing Nosferatu NOS for a to was an excellent book and there’s a picture of a Zac. Quinto Zoe yeah, as Charlie manx is the deformed old vampire guy shows going to be a knockout dude. I’m excited for both. Hell is all I got hello for some what did you watch three two?

[00:52:08] What? I need you. All right, Joe. What? Uh, what did you watch on your 40 hours of plane? I’ll do I’ll just go quickly through, you know, I watched most of the movies that you probably brought up over the last year all the big action tent pole. Whatever Marvel DC blabbity blah movies, so I was able to knock all those out and I got to tell you man.

[00:52:35] I mean watching on the plane is only way to watch them. So I watched. First Venom. Okay. I totally understand what Tom Hardy was saying about like I’m lunches moving them like at this was an R-rated movie. It’d probably be amazing as a PG-13 movie. It is a bit of a tease that just turns into a bore and a chore.

[00:52:55] I fell asleep during it woke up and felt like I didn’t miss anything woke up still over the Pacific. Yeah woke up just like ah Jesus, you know, so Venom was just fine. Tom Hardy’s performance, and it was pretty funny. And ridiculous, but overall, it’s just like I don’t care. I mean, I’m both surprised and not surprised that it’s like the second highest-grossing international movie of the year something because I was just like I can see why everyone would want to see this and also I mean, this is stupid Spider-Man homecoming Pleasant pleasantly surprised isn’t a Michael Keaton Creighton that he’s great in that and the kid Tom Holland is really good in it, by the way, like he plays like a but 17 or 18 year old kid in the movie, right?

[00:53:37] He’s like what like he’s got to be in his mid twenties, right? I think so probably please it was a really good little kid. I just felt like okay so for Spider-Man homecoming and then also I saw solo both those movies, I felt like okay, they’re better than what I expected. But that being said, they felt more like I was watching episodes of a TV show like did a start and and they just assumed I knew what happened in the last eight movies, which I don’t especially Spider-Man homecoming is just like.

[00:54:04] He’s in a car with Tony Stark at the beginning. It was like, alright, well good seeing you and I’m like, wait, how did you guys know each other? I wasn’t confused. I mean they really matter but they really started off but I liked how they didn’t go through the whole fucking rigmarole of what happened to his parents away ice powers blah blah blah blah.

[00:54:20] It’s just like yeah perfectly fine episode of a TV show Michael. Keaton was great since everyone has seen it. I’d forgive me the spoiler but the part where he finds out that the girl he has a crush on his dad is Michael Keaton. Yeah. I was a huge huge twist that actually worked right? Yeah. That was so good.

[00:54:37] I the revealed I remember this scene. It was in like a car, right? It was he goes to pick her up for the dance. And of course the dance of the door and is there’s a whole. Hey, you’re the date your peter. I’m like yo, I was like, that’s really I think I tweeted after that like props the Spider-Man for having like a genuinely shocking twist in the middle of the movie.

[00:54:55] Yeah. SOLO was fine. I think Solace should be a TV show not a movie series. I don’t know if those things will it’s unfortunate that the thing bombed. Not like I mean I can see why bomb because it was like it was just fine. But I was like it reminded me of that show The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

[00:55:09] I was like, well we could just the they could it feels like they can make 10 of these a year. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, he’s just an adventure and every episode. It’s a nude. There’s solar should be a TV show. What else could I watch the new Predator was perfectly fine? Yeah, it’s dumb and fund really dumb dialogue and shed.

[00:55:30] I would still leave it in the turkey shoot to still a disappointing. I was hoping is gonna be amazing. It was definitely not amazing. I feel that one of the things I had to get over I tried watching it and then fell asleep and they had to start over it like movie at it like playing out of it. Do you not think so.

[00:55:45] It was a pretty violent? Okay, um the thing about the movie that I felt probably why a lot of people hated it when I didn’t like it, it’s how it actually looked it looked too. How do I say? Good did the Predator was too like detailed and well lit. I know this seems kind of weird. But if you think about it that the original to Predators, you don’t see the Predator that much, you know, and this movie like you start off with The Predator.

[00:56:10] He’s like in the spaceship he’s crash and you know, like they go to the layout and autistic kids summons. Oh, yeah. It’s just the whole thing. Looks like. Like because it’s in the suburbs put it this way on paper. It sounds like an amazing movie. I if I was involved in making the movie, I’m like this thing’s going to be huge.

[00:56:28] This is going to be like the biggest movie ever. It’s just there’s a look to it. Like I want to get the deal but this is not the cinematography Lee. It looks like an American Pie movie. It looks too like glossy and like everything seems like a set even though probably isn’t it supposed to look like was shot in Canada.

[00:56:44] I just felt like this thing doesn’t look like an action horror movie. It looks like. Teen comedy from the from the 90s and there’s too many scenes where everyone’s just like exchanging smart as quips and it’s very self-aware to keep talking about like how were the group but he’s this guy that go because that guy of the group and he always says funny things and this guy’s and by the way do does anyone really know what Tourette’s is like am I only like Island?

[00:57:10] He has it. What who does named the director Shane black has Tourette’s he revealed that while well on the tour for this movie well. Every time someone’s in a movie theater at all. They do is like can’t stop like contouring fucking yeah. It’s is that really what it is? Is it always like offense of things are just not always that but it often is that yeah.

[00:57:31] There’s a documentary about Tourette’s on HBO or something that I want to know. I want to know more about Tourette’s like legitimately because that’s the one thing I thought like I constantly using the guy with Tourette’s as a punchline to be he’s got who’s yeah, fuck shit. Fuck really stupid lot of dumb things about that movie oldest trick in the book.

[00:57:49] I mean like, That’s the second unfunniest thing next to when guys have the dress up and drag to get out of situations. You know, we’re like What open old white guy has to pretend to be local rapper. Like those are three things that are the unfunniest things in the world that are always shoehorned into try and be funny and yeah like so I mean, I didn’t really dislike it.

[00:58:07] I just didn’t like the Predator at all and other non horror things. Well horror, I watched the the the terror which is an excellent show. I’m not done with it the holy fucking shit dude. I don’t know. I don’t have best ever like it’s a bust of but it truly is one of the best shows of last year.

[00:58:30] It’s so fucking good. I recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to find it. Yet it is so goddamn. Yeah, I can I level on AMC’s website I think and it’s coming out on Blu-ray soon. If it’s not already highly recommend seeing it. It’s so so good. It just ticks all the boxes. It’s a masterpiece. I feel like not enough people know about it because again, you gotta have him see and download the blah blah blah.

[00:58:51] So once that is finally on like Hulu or Netflix, it’s got a top of your list fucking love the terror speaking of binging killer Mike’s trigger warning. Everyone has to watch the show it is so fucking good. It’s basically. Nathan for you, but with the guy from run the jewels, what is he like doing it as a bit or is he really just going and helping small businesses?

[00:59:13] Is that what you mean? It’s like that know in a sense of like he looks at a problem and comes up with a really like funny solution and likes let’s a play out in real time. Like the to the two ones. I thought if I did the pilot episode he talks about how so basically it’s Nathan for you black was social issues.

[00:59:30] He talks like you know why the black community has such a hard time. Developing wealth is because in the Asian community and the Jewish community and the white Community like a dollar stays in the community for like weeks or sometimes months because there’s just the community’s really good with like investing in themselves.

[00:59:51] And this is why they have a lot of wealth is like he’s like the average dollar stays in the black community free says six hours that he’s like he feels that part of the reason that he likes looks of it because he lives in Atlanta. He’s like. He’s like you look at like why there’s not a lot of really huge successful black owned businesses.

[01:00:09] Is that black people don’t primarily spend the money on black businesses, which you know, he he lays at the data there. So he decides for the three days leading up to a four days leading into the drum module show and Athens, which is also in Georgia. He’s going to only keep his money in Black owned businesses, but like there’s no black automobiles.

[01:00:31] The black owned car companies he was like he realized that he couldn’t smoke weed because even though he buys from black people. It’s all grown by white people in California. He has he has to pretty much figure out. How he’s going to survive only living a black only like putting money back into the black community and use it a point to be like here’s all these other people who are doing versions of the things, you know, but is that nearly as good because you know, no one’s putting money into it and kind of highlighting these communities but also like how impossible it is to keep your money in the black community as a black person another one he did.

[01:01:06] Was how the education system is really bad. It’s failing people and he was able to get a bunch of unemployed people and sit them down and you know of black white men women and be like, what do you guys want to do and they all want to do music and they all want to be the actors in this nice things like fuck all that bullshit.

[01:01:21] Why don’t you guys learn these skills of like, you know, and it’s like carpentry or like skills that you need to learn something when people pay you something and everyone’s kind of like that’s kind of boring. I’m not interested in that so he produces he finds out like what do people like watching on the.

[01:01:33] Porn so he produces and makes these educational pornos. Like we’re your people and its really really makes them and then so then he uses those porn to show the people who recently didn’t have any skills like and in the point of the like they’re like also learning how to like do plumbing construction be a locksmith.

[01:01:55] But it’s also an important videos and all these people that he these focus groups. He brought in wash it actually learn something and then he went to a university and a Atlanta and try to convince them to make these part of the curriculum to help teach people is to be like well, why don’t look at these like with data being like the people who watch my pornography actually learn something and like maybe it just shows like.

[01:02:22] These different like social issues and comes with a kind of funny interesting ways to like possibly solve them. All right. That sounds good. I’ll watch that. There’s also the last one that he did. I mean you did about your little one. I thought was fucking amazing and he and if anyone who saw him on Colbert, he brought this out.

[01:02:37] He sat down a bunch of Crips and was like, okay like the Hells Angels there a copywriter thing. You could buy a Hells Angel t-shirt Hells Angels merch they’re Incorporated. That’s a white gang. Why doesn’t this black gain incorporate in the scripts are just like what do you mean? So he helps them start their own business to start their own soda business.

[01:02:58] Oh my God, but all the problems that happens when it’s like, how do these guys get a loan? How does any does anyone want to be associated with a product that the Crips make right so it’s interesting thing to be like funny kind of idea like a Nathan for you. Like here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to legitimate you guys by making your own soda brand and then kind of playing out like all these funny situations of them going to get a loan.

[01:03:21] Trying to make the product trying to get stores. Don’t carry it trying to get people to drink at it as like a focus group a bunch of white guys were all like, oh, no, the crypts are bad. I would never drink this thing because I did a gang members in violence in this and that and then then he tracks down some blood’s and then the Bloods make their own soda and is like a soda Feud.

[01:03:39] It’s very fascinating. Oh my God. I’m very interested. Yeah, watch it’s very bendable true trigger warning with Killer Mike Netflix. Check it out. And then I watched a movie that you recommended that I loved you want to talk about that right. Now. What is it standoff? It’s Barrow Creek or you watched it.

[01:03:59] Yeah, of course. Oh, I just see this really bad. I didn’t know I didn’t know we didn’t know it’s let’s save that for a little later. Let me go through some let me go through some others quickly before we get to the new one that I definitely want to make part of the title here. Here’s all I watched since the 6th of June of January 1 code of the Dead which I’m pretty sure Yuri talked about at length, but one cut of the Dead I will just say I see, you know, it makes a turn about.

[01:04:26] Yes see it if you can but I don’t know if it’s out here in. Well, yeah, but so this movie had takes like a turn at like the 45-minute Mark and from that point. I was like, I have no idea how there’s another 45 minutes after this movie and like what they could possibly do to keep my interest and make it interesting and I will just say it has one of the most satisfying and like laugh-out-loud funny and inventive and clever and smart payoffs I’ve ever seen.

[01:04:54] I don’t think I’m ruining anything by saying that. It’s a zombie genre movie and a behind the scenes making the making a movie comedy. Yeah to two types of movies that have been so overdone that going into it or like to talk about it. It’s like you would think it’s impossible to make an original zombie movie or an original behind the scenes of making a movie movie.

[01:05:22] This movie is shockingly original and both counts. Yeah, it was fantastic and I highly recommend it. Yeah. All right. What else? Oh my God this movie called therapy. It’s on Netflix. I believe it is French. It’s like definitely like a like a French new extremity type of horror movie. Okay, and I didn’t know this until after watching it because I was just looking it up.

[01:05:49] Like wow. That was great. What’s the deal with this filmmaker? It was May 2016. Yeah. It was 2016. This is on shut. You can watch on shutter right now. It’s called therapy highly recommend. This movie was made by a fucking 16 year old child what watch it watch it and then get back to me and you’ll be like what it’s crazy.

[01:06:10] It’s good. It’s good. It’s a found footage movie Very standard. Like wait a second. Is he also the star of it? Yeah. Ha it’s nuts. It’s truly not for him. It’s a second movie to it’s crazy. Huh? So this yeah the the Ambrosio knee. Yeah. The premise is nothing amazing. It’s just like a found footage movie were like cops like find this footage and then like, you know, there’s a frame story with the cops, which is totally Expendable and stupid but the one every time they play like one of the tapes it’s just.

[01:06:41] So just the way it’s shot and like the visuals. It’s like I was watching it alone at night. So scary like so creepy. Scary. Yes scary found footage. Like I don’t want to ruin anything about it just a very they’re just basically investigating what happened to a bunch of kids whose footage they found really fucked up really good.

[01:07:03] So that’s on shutter. That’s a three and that was maybe a three and a half star rather than a three star that I also watched the same day. I love that. I have the dates so nice. I also watched Lake Bodom. Have you seen that? I’ve heard of it. Yeah, so 2016. It’s called Boda most places. I think it’s called Lake Bodom in America.

[01:07:22] It’s based. It’s a finished movie from Finland. It’s based on the most famous unsolved homicide in Finnish history, which is like in on June 5th. 1968 Bodom Lake to 15 year old females and an 18 year old male were killed while sleeping in a tent. They were stabbed and blunt force trauma to the head all this crazy shit.

[01:07:45] So this movie. I don’t want to give away too much either because it has one of those really great as a great twist also, but it’s basically. A group of kids go to the camp and it’s like self-aware the like they’re like we’re here because this is the campsite where these murders happened and we’re trying to like, you know stir up some shit and see if they’re the person still out there but there’s a Twist and I want to give it away but it is genuinely surprising and some movie not a show.

[01:08:12] It’s a movie. It’s a for some reason was a sub 90-minute movie. It’s Grandma’s at that was a show. I’m a bit confusing with something else. Okay, Lake Bodom now. Yeah Lake Bodom totally worth your time. Also on shutter. What else should I watch I watch not horn at Horror. Oh, I watch the entire series on Showtime Escape it.

[01:08:33] Dannemora. Did you watch that and even know what it is? Oh my God, I think I told you about it. It’s Durrett isn’t directed by Ben Stiller. And it’s the Prison Break TV show based on that – yeah, I want to see that so bad. So it’s really good. It’s based on the prison break that happened in New York state.

[01:08:49] I was twenty fifteen one guard that work there, right? Yeah and the guard in the movie is played our the show is pretty played by Patricia Arquette who like either got really big for the role or put on a bunch of makeup. She’s great Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano are the two prisoners. She the shit so bad directed very stylishly by Ben Stiller.

[01:09:11] You will not know you would not know if he didn’t have his name on it that it was him. And my only critique of that show is I think besides the finale which was like a full movie length. It was like almost it was like a hundred minutes and it was really good. I think the first I think it’s seven episodes.

[01:09:27] I think the first five episodes could have been. Still like one less like it could have been like four episodes than the last two because like it just kind of meanders for a minute. But like I know it just kind of showing you how it all went down and it’s really interesting. And I also wonder how much of it was based on police reports and how much of it it seems like based on How It Ends like it seems like it’s all pretty true Jude for reasons.

[01:09:49] Yeah, you know, huh, you know who helped write most of this was Jerry Stahl, you know who that is. That’s the guy remember that the the first Ben Stiller serious movie permanent midnight. Yeah, but the kid the heroin that’s Jerry Stahl. Oh, yeah the heroin addict who also wrote for Elf. It looks like it’s still a good in still have been so stars in that movie played Jerry Stahl.

[01:10:11] Yeah, that’s right. Looks like looks like they’re still homies. That’s great. And looks like a stylist. The one seller. This is one of the coolest things ever been a part of for sure really really good really worth your while. It’s seven episodes pretty long pretty good investment of your time.

[01:10:25] It’s like probably eight plus hours, but it’s a really good then I also watch that the same day I finished Escape at dannemora I watched. A 2014 movie from Spain on shutter and it was called shrews Nest. Yeah, if you know once when Sam Zimmerman was on our show last year, whatever he was talking about this was that was talking shit.

[01:10:50] I mean CB recommend like 20 things member. I have it in my queue. I keep meaning to watch. Oh, yeah, really really really good. It’s set in like I want to say something like the 50s or something. Basically, this woman is agoraphobic. She’s stuck in her house her until she lives with her sister, but her sister like is normal and like leaves the house and like the woman who’s at home.

[01:11:14] All the time is basically told her sister her whole life, like all these stories about their parents and how fucked up things were and how like her birth is why her mom died all this crazy shit, but one day a man their neighbor falls down the stairs and knocks and drags himself to her door and knock.

[01:11:30] Yeah, and then like basically it becomes like misery and he just stuck there because she won’t leave and he won’t she won’t let him leave and she’s like in love with him. Okay. Yeah, and it gets really twisted and there’s some it gets really gory and fucked up at some point. It goes places. I did not expect it was genuinely genuine not scary but like kept a really creepy mood going the whole time.

[01:11:53] I really liked it quite quite liked it then I watched. This movie from Taiwan. I believe a horror comedy called Mon Mon Mon monsters. What what what? Yeah, it’s not great. It’s a movie. Basically we’re like. A kid who’s bullied ends up teaming up with the bullies because they find like a creature of its kind of like a zombie.

[01:12:19] I know how else to describe it. It’s like a mom. It’s a monster and they basically chain it up and start torturing it and doing horrible things to it and like you kind of like this movie about like, you know, when this kid becomes them on the other side of it. Is he still a bully or will he like stand up for the.

[01:12:32] Stir and it like it’s tone as is all over the place. It’s like really gory sometimes when it’s like trying to be a kids movie the rest of the time it’s worth watching if you’re interested, but it’s also just kind of like my least favorite of the ones I watched then I watched killing ground. Have you seen that if sounds so familiar, this is on Netflix.

[01:12:55] It’s essentially I would describe it as. I think it’s Australian Australian Last House on the Left. It’s like the same thing. Yeah, I think I have seen this. It’s like the couple goes camping and they arrive and there’s a whole and there’s another camp set up. And then they realize they all actually what kind of think they find a child wandering around.

[01:13:17] Yeah, but it isn’t it seems like it keeps jumping back. Yes, right. What a linear The Narrative The Narrative is like tricky and it’s like yeah. So like the one the thing you’re seeing. Now you find out is like actually happened earlier and like shit like that. So that thing actually kind of annoyed me but then you kind of think that movies kind of its kind of all the movie has going for it.

[01:13:34] That’s interesting in terms of like not just being a ripoff of other movies. Yeah. It’s been great. Yeah. I don’t think I even finished it. I finish that it’s fine. It was over three out of five for me. It’s just like a perfectly watchable Riff on a better horror movie. It’s not like I like that device of jumping back and forth.

[01:13:52] Like here’s what happened the last couple and here’s like the because the baby’s there. So it’s like the verrilli the first couple. Had clearly had just recently gone missing and then they kind of get involved with these other guys like hunters or something kind of floating around and you don’t really know how they fit into the whole thing.

[01:14:08] So it’s like the mystery unravels with flashbacks. But if I recall correctly, it isn’t giving anything away like they just missed the first couple like it’s just kind of like really like talking about like hours or days ago. Right. Yeah, which makes it interesting, you know, it’s interesting. I think it’s worth watching.

[01:14:26] I recommend it three out of five Netflix horror movie and then okay, what else do I have here? Everything else I have is new so we can transition to let’s just say, this is Main Event territory now for arbitrary reasons why we do that just for our benefit pledge. I watch this movie. This is an IFC midnight release.

[01:14:51] I’m also out of the read the I read an order. I read an article in the new fangoria about this movie and then realizing came out last week. The Frat movie right crap movie. It’s a movie that essentially the premise I would say is like what if hazing at a frat was like saw torture level fucked up and like that’s such a fun premise and like the movie the movie doesn’t do anything.

[01:15:13] You don’t expect it to do and like doesn’t like take any crazy. But it does deliver exactly what it sets out to do and like I was fully fully entertained and kept waiting for like the next fucked-up thing to happen and like was waiting for how the kids would get out of it like that movie a cheap thrills.

[01:15:29] Remember that I was yeah. It was keep those little better but pledge I was a the performances they’re all like unknown kids. They’re all really good, especially like the really creepy frat leader guy. And there is actually another I think about it. There is a third-act Twist that kind of makes it a little more interesting and raises the stakes a little bit.

[01:15:50] But again, it’s one of those twists were like, it’s kind of the same like how I felt watching escape room when I had an ending twist. I was just like yeah, I saw this coming a long time ago, but it delivers I would say the what you want from it and it has a torture scene that I swear to you is a hundred percent inspired by / ripped off from too fast.

[01:16:12] To Furious ha ha does that mean Santa? Oh really? There’s this memorable scene in that movie where a guy never seen and never seen any of those Molly. Yeah, that’s a whole other problem. But that movie has a scene where man is tortured they put a rat on his chest and then put AB of like a metal bucket over the rat and then heat the bucket.

[01:16:31] All right, that was in those in Game of Thrones. I think Okay. So we’ve been ever since I’ve seen depicted in other such a fantastic fear. I want to start just going to just going to cloth. To his inner. Yeah, it hurts because it’s trying to get away. Yeah, so I’m 90% sure that 2 Fast 2 Furious didn’t invent that but up for the purpose of me thinking that movies inspirational.

[01:16:52] I’m going to go ahead and thank it because it inspired so many thing. It’s just a thing. It’s just a thing. So yeah pledge is is worth a watch. I liked it. I also watch trust Creek which as I was talking about. Yeah another IFC midnight movie. Actually I was talking about. Killing ground a second ago and in my head, I couldn’t distinguish between the two of them because they’re pretty similar.

[01:17:15] Also. It’s kind of similar to Revenge. It’s essentially this girl. I think she’s from the south or something. She liked his driving to Washington DC for an internship interview or something and she makes it she gets lost and then basically super car breaks down the side of the road and these two hick creep guys who I think our brothers are just friends.

[01:17:35] I’m not sure they basically show up and. You know, they realize the situation that she’s lost and they try to like get her but she’s quick and kind of fucks him up a little bit stabs. One of them I think and she gets away but she gets us she has like a stab wound. So the movies just her. In the wilderness like trying to survive after that and then like the others the story.

[01:17:56] The rest of it is like those two guys trying to get away with it like find her so I can kill her so they can like move on because like, you know, the car was on the side of the road and the state police found it and they’re like no other now, they’re going to comb the woods looking for and then like there’s a plot.

[01:18:09] You find out like the head of police might be in with these guys and like there might be something in the woods that they’re hiding and like the state police can’t find that so like we better find this fucking girl and kill her and then the girl while walking around the woods. Finds a guy making meth out there and then just like stays and lives with them not in like At first in the kidnappee way, but then it becomes like I’m just keeping you safe out here kind of way.

[01:18:33] It has a lot going on and it just kind of busy and like it’s like almost two hours and like I was kind of bored with it by the end but everything I don’t know it again other movies that kind of played out exactly how I expected like all the big twist. There’s a couple things with like this cop that I just didn’t buy.

[01:18:50] I thought was really really ludicrous. This is like a two and a half Star movie for me. It was like maybe three it was almost it was worth watching but I want I finished it and I was like. Yeah, I don’t know. I watched better horror movies this week. That wasn’t my favorite feel like yes, of course.

[01:19:07] It’s more of its another. Yeah. It’s another genre that’s kind of becoming overdone the woman narrowly escapes men murdering her I know and then likes and then she and then the rest of movies like her like finding a strength like horribly kids. It’s becoming love that. I love them and I love the message but it’s like when it pops off right away, it’s like I know exactly how this is gonna go down totally and this one like I saw a headline of thing from indiewire calling like it’s.

[01:19:30] Feminist Breaking Bad. I must like all these like buzz words mean nothing when you just like Roman shit like us now what it is at all. Yeah. I didn’t I didn’t love it. But I didn’t hate it is pretty good A lot of 3 star 2 and a half 3 star movies for me this week and then besides that I besides glass which I will tell you now.

[01:19:49] I rated one and a half stars and it’s just a lot to talk about. I’ll save that for this bonus episode, which I get it right? I hope happens and. Let’s talk about before we get into fire festival stuff. Yeah, let’s talk about the standoff at Sparrow Creek. Yeah, you know I saw the trailer for this seems like it’s like.

[01:20:11] A month or two ago kind of like there’s this movie that just killed it at if I think I was I think spastic Fest to and all yeah. Yeah, and it looked right up my alley with a really great trailer. I forgot about it. I just didn’t think to like keep an eye out for some so glad that you you caught it on that’s a VOD because it wasn’t even like it’s so funny ceremoniously dropped.

[01:20:30] Yeah. I just like you can’t help people from festivals who had seen it just tweeting about it saying like, you know, you guys gotta watch this movie ASAP. And it’s it is excellent It’s So, I think it’s this year’s caliber a movie that we were hyping last year. It is a brilliantly acted written directed Thriller simple premise.

[01:20:49] Yeah, I will say to me. I think I knocked off half a star. I loved I really liked it. I loved it. But I knocked off half a star just because it’s so inspired by others like it to me. It felt like you know, some guy watch Reservoir Dogs and was like I can do this but a little cooler and like it’s very directly or I can make it a little bit a Tarantino we because like a better than Tarantino, we in terms of Lamppost certainly, you know the so we’re not gonna do any spoils first movie because I highly recommend everybody watching it because it has twirlers or movie.

[01:21:20] Yes, but. Using twists and it’s what I love about it is it is for Five actors one location, you know who done it everyone’s a suspect just kind of like in the tension just like ratchet up right away like they get right into it the premises. It’s a militia a five six five or six guy militia starts off with one of the one of the guys.

[01:21:45] Here’s that there was a horrible shooting. And they kind of meet up because at their militia Hideout, you know, which is a what he called in Warehouse or something really are like a storage unit or something like that it just yeah exactly Warehouse or whatever and get together be like shit. This is bad.

[01:22:04] The probably we’re probably gonna get blamed for it. Clearly. We didn’t do it and like yeah, so we’ll figure out how to manage this and then they notice that one of their machine guns and some of the Kevlar armor is. And all the five of them were the only people have access to it. Nothing was broken into so I quickly realized that one of them probably did it or has done it and they’re not going anywhere like that scene from the thing but like a whole movie.

[01:22:28] Yeah exactly. It’s like yeah, that’s a good that’s a good way to there’s no Supernatural element to but is it a thing kind of viable? It’s like someone in this room is guilty and we have to find out who who it is and you know, From that point forward what I loved about the movie is there’s so many details either on how its shot or how its put together or plot details that make it like the perfect one location Thriller suspense, you know the stylistic movie, you know.

[01:22:59] Pretty much use it takes its weaknesses and uses advantages. I’m sure you notice the way that it was lit the fact that they’re in this warehouse at night and then want to call attention themselves these allow like floodlights and flashlights. I’m like boom. There you go. That’s all what if that’s such an amazing look like that one scene towards the a number like it’s just I think like a big it’s like the wide shot of like the you know, your people on one side and then on the other and it just like the outdoors the lights.

[01:23:21] Yeah, I think about like think about think about what that actually entails to do. So like yeah lighting wise fucking nothing fucking look like. Strobe light worklight. Yeah, and there’s like so many scenes where like. You know one’s accusing the other and there’s a lot of like staring and not talking.

[01:23:38] I’m like this movie. These guys are making a meal out of a very small very little dialogue. Oh, yeah, and this like it wouldn’t work if the dialogue didn’t work and if the actors didn’t sell it everyone’s really good and like I haven’t heard of like most of these people. I know James badge Dale and like that one guy thinks he’s an everything.

[01:24:00] Yeah. I loved how like right away they get there goes the militiamen. There they hit the government the hey drop that thing that whole narrative and like that’s why I like I think it makes this movie Stand Up above above others is it like it does have that like Sly social commentary and like twenty eight twenty.

[01:24:16] Nineteen, I guess of like, these are like the right-wing extremist people like that the the like the Bundys or whoever, you know without without without calling attention to. Yeah, but no another thing they didn’t call attention to that was so smart at the beginning when everything’s going down.

[01:24:33] They want to meet up you see them. They’re texting each other and they have like those old school Nokia phones. Why because these guys are paranoid and the probably on a list and they don’t want to be tracked so they purposely have old phones and I’m like and then they go to this location that doesn’t have the.

[01:24:50] Why because they want to purposely be off the grid because they’re hoarding guns and stuff. So they don’t want to be able to be tractor spied on so when I go to this location there like nobody’s fucking leaving it to a figure out what’s going on, you know, everyone hand over your phone just like there’s no there’s no phones.

[01:25:04] There’s no internet. There’s no so they’re isolated and they’re not getting any information which makes it that much better. I mean how many times have we seen a special horror movies words, like what you’re watching is being like just call. Just check the internet just like we’re so used to having right so they said mention.

[01:25:19] Yeah, they’re going to be these guys who do not want to be found. So of course, they’re isolated. So that works beautifully in this movie say boy, does it pay off? The boys that specifically pay off later. Yeah, it’s so great. Yeah, I really enjoyed this movie man it it’s first-time writer director.

[01:25:38] Yeah, which is makes me very excited for his career and it’s just this is the first great movie of 2019. It’s not like saying much. It’s like fucking January. But we’ve got it first ones available streaming, I guess because yeah, it might have a skip skip the theaters. It’s so great. Definitely going to be I guess it’s considered a came out 2018, but technically the 18th was when I finally was released in 2010.

[01:26:03] Yeah, it’s technically a 20-19 release just because like it was a festival movie and it debuted on VOD here. So, you know what anyone listening watch the trailer and I guarantee you’ll be I have to watch this movie right now, and I didn’t even watch the trailer and. And I loved it. It’s trailer the trailer gives very little away.

[01:26:20] Okay, everything the trailer besides like some quick shots. Everything in the trailer is pretty much what is established in the first five minutes. There’s a shooting everyone’s gonna think it’s us because with the militia guys one of us might have done it. Nobody leaves until we figure out what’s going on.

[01:26:33] I mean just I’m just and I am DB look at the screenshots, which once again don’t give anything away this thing the blokes are beautiful. Yeah. I know everything is just the Stark lighting, you know one light above them in a warehouse, you know, dark room with like just the closet. On all these shots of guys looking at each other for a long like going to be in like is this bullshit or not the scene in the basement where he wants to interrogate the one guy it’s just a big open room with nothing in it, really and they’re just sitting across from each other Nick not talking to guys like fuck.

[01:27:02] You ain’t say nothing the whole thing. The whole thing just looks great. It’s so well made and what was the budget this this is going to be more than like. Couldn’t even could be 10 bucks man. It’s not it doesn’t I don’t do anything these guys at these guys. I mean these actors and they’re not like household names but you’ll recognize everyone is in the movie.

[01:27:21] So probably, you know, they cost a pretty penny but as far as like. This whole thing cleared takes place in a warehouse one location could probably and unfolds like a play almost. Yeah, we’re likely could be a plow. Just thinking that it’s very talking. That’s what we’re saying is extremely talking but it’s also like one location strength and characters and dialogue and or the lack of dialogue.

[01:27:44] So I feel like it making this movie obviously these professional actors, but they could have probably like gotten this location had them run through it a couple times over a couple of days. I’m like, all right, let’s shoot it. And just go. Yeah, it’s great highly recommend a new flesh recommend standoff at Sparrow Creek as I was called.

[01:28:03] Yes. That is what a standard these standoff Pittsburgh streaming right now. Check it out. All right. We’re already been talking for 90 minutes, but we should talk about fire festival for a bit. Okay, let’s do it. This is this the main event fire Festival I think standoff was also part of the main event.

[01:28:21] But yeah, this is the main double Main Event. So what can be said about this thing that hasn’t already been said on Twitter a thousand times. My issue with this tattoo came out. I mean so going back right away to something you said before you were like Netflix planning on doing it and Hulu kind of slipped one in there.

[01:28:40] And because I don’t know who was making it but Hulu had not made a formal release plan. My thing is though. That one thing should be considered is the main guy Billy. Whatever the fuck his name is Hayley McFarland. He is in the Hulu one. He did an interview Hulu. He did not do an interview with Netflix.

[01:28:58] I think that the Netflix one came out first with Billy not in it, but it makes him seem like he is this Mastermind con man. Well, they both kind of do but really the Netflix one goes a little bit harder. I would they say the Hulu one to me you watch them in different order than I did. I think I watch Netflix first and Hulu second and I felt that the Hulu one was a great like compliment to.

[01:29:24] The Netflix one because Netflix one is like a very good overarching broad look at everything and like goes into detail about like not only the festival but like how it affected the people in the Bahamas who like put it us and shit like that. The Hulu one was more like here was this guy in a shady bullshit leading up to it.

[01:29:42] Yes. The Hulu one is basically a look behind the curtain more at Billy and the controversy surrounding it. Is that yes Hulu paid Billy for the interview. Billy Billy is Griff’s continued as he made Hulu pay for his interview. We don’t know how much but what was reported is that he asked and when Netflix when Netflix asked him to do it, he said I want $250,000.

[01:30:06] And they said no and then he came back shortly after with a hundred twenty-five and they still said no and it’s all Hulu is said as yes, we paid but not that much remember that. Our movie is about how Billy is a liar Ja Rule suspiciously absent from both as far as like this is the absent from both but when you watch both movies and I’ll see you guys a fucking asshole.

[01:30:27] Yeah. He was very he was very much involved all the way through like totally wanted the Accolade and then as soon as it fell through he’s like, well, I don’t. Not my thing. It was my problem just a wrapper and then when he got drunk on that clown, yeah, then he got drunk on that TV show and said it was all my idea or whatever the Krusty the Clown in the sense of just being like I’ll put my name on anything this thing sunk not my fault.

[01:30:48] Yeah, but also like real quick child role each other rules and a cool. Chapels not. Yeah, that doesn’t have heading me I couldn’t tell if that one investor was being like jokey when he kept saying like well, I knew this thing was legit because Ja Rule was on board and I’m like, is that a joke, you know like yeah, but what about John ruled makes you think like he’s like, Like and well job rule in 20, whatever year it was like it’s not like Ja Rule and that’s right three years ago.

[01:31:13] I know the rule in his prime was like 15 years ago. And even then he did his phone with Jennifer Lopez was like, yeah, that’s all right, but I just can’t imagine people being like wow Joe, it’s not Kanye. He’s not 50 Cent and role of a 50-cent fucking lays Enderman Instagram regardless, so I felt that the one.

[01:31:30] Billy companion pieces, I think who knows they’re totally dependent because they should be watched together. I think yeah, they’re both they’re both different and it seems like who wants to watch a documentary about two documentaries. I love that everybody watched both to documentaries this weekend.

[01:31:43] Like what a crazy thing. Yeah. I’m so jacked. So the Hulu controversy is that they paid Billy and the Netflix controversy. They’re not without controversy is that it’s produced. Partial in part by Jerry media people and Jerry media people as you watch the Hulu one and a little bit the Netflix one.

[01:32:07] You’ll see their big part of why the whole thing went down like there was that’s so true. The Hulu one makes it seem like. The jury media is part of the reason why it was such a fiasco like they were and then never play was responsible for playing. I’m really popular and this looks when it’s like it’s all these supermodels fault.

[01:32:26] Yeah. Yeah. The number is very interesting. So like you have to watch them both of the grain of salt knowing each of these things. But yeah, the Hulu one goes hard a cherry which they should because Jerry media the people running basically Jerry media fuck generator the like Instagram guy who’s famous daddy steals people’s content and redistributes that and then in the.

[01:32:45] Basically be like use that so fuck Jerry is a very popular meme, but you just said there Instagram page for those of you don’t know and then about so big I made so much money. I know like for instance another person who is super big and Instagram and kind of still is is that guy the fat Jew or fat Jewish stored in the same thing those guys kind of came up at the same time as being like the accounts to follow for comedy and bullshit and they both kind of turn that into a guest businesses.

[01:33:08] I don’t know the fat Jewish is doing I think he’s trying to be like a movie star but Jerry media became a thing where like. They are they they sell the services gender the go to place you’re the go-to place for companies that want to become big on Instagram. They come up with like campaigns, you know, funny meme related things basically like Instagram tailored meme tailored.

[01:33:29] What advertising accounts on Instagram you know, what I will say their initial like fire Festival marketing, it’s all fucking genius like the hip the like it’s stupid. It’s just like they the big thing that made fire Festival what it is is that they just paid. Hopped on of inflict 300 or 400 very very famous very influential on Instagram people to post literally just an orange tile with nothing else at the exact same time.

[01:33:57] Yeah, fire Festival on the like which is very smart, which is very smart. So everyone already is knows what it is. And then from there all they had to do was like sell the lie because like all they’re doing is selling a dream to people and like the problem with the reason it didn’t work is because it was run by this clearly on coke.

[01:34:14] Guy who was just very hot, but just incompetent doesn’t compensate people who just think anything. They say is Law and like will get done or more specifically just being like we want to do this music festival, you know, everyone knows like the whole idea of the festival’s going to Cabanas and you had the beach and it’s just a private island and etcetera Etc and all these musicians are going to be there like Coachella basically on a exotic deserted island, right or desert island.

[01:34:37] What you want to service called Pablo Escobar’s Island. Yeah, one of Pablo Escobar’s Islands, right? And the I didn’t like, you know, they just made this fall. The made of false video by like how fun is going to be granted? They hadn’t done the festival for so what the fuck else were they going to do except, you know made this this camera.

[01:34:52] There’s a lot of emphasis on the commercial that they made the web commercial those supermodels and people hanging out on boats and doing stuff and being like this is pretty much what it’s going to be like. Then when they got to planning it, it was like they keep going to this New Year’s party.

[01:35:05] Where do you know Ja Rule gives a toast and it was like we’re going to do is going to be great. And then it’s like supposed to be in April is like we have four months to do this thing, and we’ve literally done nothing and people. Both people who just live in the Bahamas and what people who put in festivals and even people in the media are like this thing you want to do would take at least two years to put together and typical Tech investing Bros or like, you know guys like this Billy guy who just be like, hey man anything’s possible quick side note.

[01:35:35] They were the idea to fire Festival was pretty much promotion to launch the fire app, which was supposed to be like the Uber of booking which was actually now a thing called Cameo. I feel like it’s okay. Is right now but also like. It gives on this thing. Essentially. The fire app is supposed to be like, hey, I want Ja Rule to my birthday party and then you go to this app and it tells you how much it would be to get them and you’d be able to get them.

[01:35:58] But again, this is something that looks like is it isn’t that also something you just like email his manager and totally yeah and also the platform for fire that he claimed existed like he had like Lil Wayne’s picture and always people picture saying like they were involved. They were not like he another another grift like and at first you want to think like okay Billy just got in over his head.

[01:36:18] He really wanted them as Festival. But then you see the history of Fraud and then the quick how quick he went back to fraud as soon as this thing was over like he did. He only know he only knows how to like he only knows how to grow. It’s quite had a lie to a bunch of people with like a lifestyle that they want like how to get really cheap tickets to things that are really hard to get hot at festivals to get things and I just but he won the ruler one does a great job of showing how much of a psychopath he is because he has his this one part towards the end where he goes.

[01:36:47] You can rewind all the footage. I just I just did this interview like you you tell me a lie that I told I didn’t tell any lies today and then like then they do that they cut through it and they’re like this was a lie This Is A Lie This Is A Lie. He just has a compulsive liar. He can’t help it.

[01:37:00] There are people so like this and I forget her name but a woman who I’ve interviewed a Business Insider John a blanket or name. She’s written books and she’s and yeah Professor. Yeah. She’s written a book about. Psychopaths and grifters and stuff and sociopaths and she was she’s interviewed towards the end of the Hulu one where she’s like the thing about people like him is that he doesn’t think he’s lying, right and the most affected the most effective con artist is sociopaths think to tell me the truth.

[01:37:29] So when you go back to footage, he’s like what have I lied? What if I lied she was like if you hook them up to a lie detector, he would pass right? Cause he doesn’t think he’s lying and these guys. Just are like busy, but I never lied and he doesn’t think he’s lied because he was like. Yeah, we had a festival Ja Rule is going to be there.

[01:37:46] It was going to be awesome. Like he didn’t pull together, but I’m his point of view. I didn’t you know, I’m sure he’s just like thinks himself like all these things fell through and the weather and then this guy in the Customs people and stuff like he’s not sitting there even nothing like oh, I blew it.

[01:38:01] He’s thinking like well, yeah of course doesn’t come together because of all these factors I couldn’t control and it’s like, yes, you fucking moron. That’s why you don’t put a festival together in four months at a deserted. I right. Yeah his version of I’m telling the truth and this is what happens.

[01:38:12] I guess that’s what we’re all set. You’re just saying it differently. But yeah, he his point of view was like well, I told the truth and did the best I could it didn’t come together because all these facts been control. So yeah, and that’s what we’re that’s you think you’re a liar, right and that’s ignoring all the people every day who told him this isn’t going to happen and he just told him to fuck off and it other than annoying like Steve Jobs you kind of like, hey, man, anything can happen the kept saying there’s a thing going around that everyone working there would say is don’t focus on problems focus on Solutions, which is the most irritating person in the world to imagine someone in power like your boss telling you that it’s like.

[01:38:43] Actually do what that it? I do all that work all the time. Sure, you do to the people of the top always want to just be like, yeah, they don’t know what goes into making their decisions happen. So that it of course they’re just going to be like, yeah, it’s fine. Like you don’t know. Yes. This is a lot of boat.

[01:38:56] Both of them do a great job of the people who are working on it who were just legitimately like working at a job that these are crazier and crazier. I think that’s more of an interesting story of the people who work there not to fuck Jerry guys, but like the people in charge other things were just like.

[01:39:10] It didn’t start as a fiasco day one. It just kept getting crazier and crazier and they all and this is kind of you see this and startups just a media companies. You see this just in general and Millennial businesses this idea of like I know it’s a clusterfuck, but it’s all going to work out. Just just bear with us.

[01:39:26] I know we didn’t pay you yet. Just bear with us. I know that. These people are complaining on the internet. Just bear with this like just every time a fire pops up. Just whatever. The solution is. For instance when everyone was on the social media was falling apart. They’re like guys like oh, yeah, we believe those apartments thousands of people are attacking Us online.

[01:39:44] This thing’s a disaster. We look really bad in the solution was in the moment like just delete every comment block. Everyone is planted and the ports of social media persons just. Okay, like a 22 year old kid who lives in Brooklyn and works out of this office in Manhattan, of course isn’t going to be like well as a moral person I’ve decided to leave you’re just like yeah, they’re doing bigotries.

[01:40:06] You’re just like what I don’t know what to do. But what I think is so fascinating about it is like you get a fire Festival when you have a bunch of Millennials we have even the guys at Jerry media every day were like this seems a little bit weird or the seems a little bit weird Essential by Nature.

[01:40:19] That’s why they’re implicated because they were there every day. There were they knew every day, especially like the last few weeks before the event like they knew it wasn’t going to happen and they kept with like four days to go three days but also but also I’m not sticking up for them. I’m just saying like the way these companies work now and the way media Works generate those man, every person every person has just plausible deniability like the Jerry media guys, they were.

[01:40:44] It’s not up to them to just doesn’t happen. They weren’t they were just like every selling a product and the product like you were being paid to do these posts to get traffic to this thing. That’s what they did and you know the for that did a great job. Who are they to say that it wasn’t going to work out the interesting thing.

[01:41:00] I think that I’m trying to forget remember which which one gets into this a little more. I think it’s maybe the Netflix one, but like just the idea just. It’s kind of shines a light on like the whole bullshit adness of like influencer culture and just how Like These people aren’t selling anything but like they’re not selling anything.

[01:41:21] They’re selling the idea of their life and lie about this the idea of their life like that. Like the reason people with the fire festivals because there was this ad a viral ad with every supermodel you ever seen like fucking around on jet skis and touch and pigs and having a good time and I people are like I want to be there, that’s me.

[01:41:37] I can do that. And like I shall abide in me, but in the in the Bahamas, I love how Billy underestimated the cost to like. He should have made so much more from the grift because like like we don’t eat we charge this much. But then like the festival costs were so much more like like the he didn’t realize like each being really allant and the setting up and and my favorite thing about like, they’re just kept no telling what run.

[01:41:59] Yeah, he kept selling like all these. Oh, yeah, we’ll sell a 20,000 dollar premium room to pay for these other rooms. We don’t have and then like they don’t have those either. That’s what is that. That’s what really coming grip of just like pay up. Now when that emailing everyone to be like you should put about three like we’re going to do a cashless wristband thing.

[01:42:15] So make sure you put about three thousand dollars on. And your wristband and when that money came in that used to pay other things it was usually like endless cycle of like in too deep. It was an it’s so cathartic to watch and just crazy to watch and stressful to watch but like I think the reason we all know that the reason why there’s two of these things and the reason why everyone is still talking about it is because it’s everyone loves watching these particular group of people suffer.

[01:42:41] Yeah, that is trimming. Well what I mean, my personal feeling is and when this happened. So real quick my understanding nobody died, right and nobody was horribly and Joe, but he died which is like amazing to me. Okay, so I’m going to I’m going to take what probably the most unpopular opinion because a lot of people are like look at these rich kids suffering and I thought was like look, I don’t like rich kids more than anybody else.

[01:43:03] But this was not a you know were so rich look at us aren’t we great sort of thing? And I really I mean it kind of was I was just looking at how much of the fuck up it was like, I can’t be mad or point and laugh at these kids who went to this thing because there’s just like a seem like a cool thing to do.

[01:43:19] We shouldn’t be like cruel to your looked all stuck in the airport didn’t get. Looking Kayla whatever. It’s like give me a fucking break it to me going to this me just as much sense is going to like a Coachella right? We’re on flying across the country to go to Lollapalooza in Chicago. Maybe you’re paying a little bit more but the idea of like the basic to your package was not much more.

[01:43:38] I think it was a thousand bucks, which is like definitely like less than like Coachella. At this point I feel like yeah, so sorry, that’s me. That’s me is like I wasn’t Dominican Republic for one of these, you know, yeah, this isn’t like, you know, only the Sons and Daughters of millionaires went and just because someone’s Rich doesn’t mean they’re an asshole really sorry, but but.

[01:43:59] Oh my thought on this always from the beginning was like because I’ve actually been to the Bahamas and Grant I went to the Bahamas after the fire festival thing. You know, I went to the Bahamas and went to NASA Island was where we stayed and started its NASA Island, which is probably the most populated developed island in the Bahamas is like a third world country.

[01:44:21] People are nice. I don’t think it’s really that violent but like we went through town and it was just like I mean, Talking to some of the locals like it’s not unheard of to like have no electricity or running water like days on end, you know, the resorts on those islands are Primo. That’s your own stays.

[01:44:36] That’s where the money is. It’s amazing. The hotels are Brits great except actually tell you the truth. I stayed at the Hilton and for a full day, the elevators didn’t work in one of the towers of luckily. I could get to my room by the stairs doesn’t like the third or fourth floor but these buildings go up like 40 stories.

[01:44:53] And of course the penthouse Suites are on top imagine doing that and being like for day like, yeah, you can’t go up there unless you want to walk up 40 fucking flights of stairs. My point is. One day when we were shooting an episode. This is for work. We took a small one the small chartered planes to to a smaller Island Brett.

[01:45:08] There’s fucking nothing on these islands. Yeah, there’s nothing literally nothing. So to be like and you’ve been to a festival I’ve been to a festival and anyone who’s you know, if you’re old enough to go to the fire Festival, you’re old enough to understand you need Plumbing you need first. Aid, you need electricity to for a stage you need water like you understand like what goes into it, so.

[01:45:29] Be like, oh, it’s on a deserted island you cannot but think like. There’s nothing there and how the fuck like the original Island. They want to do it on like oh, it has a Runway by the I think I saw that Island when I was in the Bahamas Pablo Escobar had lots of islands of the Bahamas with like runways and shit, right?

[01:45:45] Yeah regardless. It’s like my favorite was when Jerry media guy was like, yeah, I kept going like DMS from people who like my family was murdered by Pablo Escobar and I don’t appreciate you guys promoting it this way. It’s not funny. But regardless it’s like a big fan of public affairs in the 70s.

[01:46:00] It wasn’t that long ago, right? Um was going to say is like anyone with a brain in their head. Head at least think like okay. It’s gonna be in a deserted island. You going to take a plane to get there like those planes see 10 people maybe even if they sold mm. I think they sold 2,000 tickets and might have been planning to sell more but maybe like I remember hearing them are mm.

[01:46:21] I’m like that’s 200 flights just to get everyone on the island right? I know it’s not that’s insane. And being in the Bahamas, we kind of went through into a smaller Island. There’s one guy on the island with the car. That’s the cab and they were there they were there the weekend of the biggest of the Regatta like the biggest everything was different with fucking nothing.

[01:46:44] It’s just like it’s crazy. That’s I mean, it’s yeah, I understand, but that was like a couple weeks before it and by that point everyone’s just like, I mean, I personally speaking and I can say this as a employed person if I was working for this Festival. My first thing would be like when Friday comes and I didn’t get paid or pay the amount.

[01:47:00] I supposed to get paid fucking see you like goodbye. I’m not you know. When they were Believers think that when the employees were like, yeah, you know Friday, we have the didn’t get paid or get paid a little bit of what it was and you know course the people who run it we’re fucking dicks to everyone’s really long to get back to work.

[01:47:14] It’s like get the fuck out that’s what this thing and like the government shut down all these things remind me like so many people are living so out of their means like they can’t afford to not do that. But like then it’s like against their own interests because like you’re probably not going to get paid.

[01:47:28] Yeah, and also did this fire Festival it is an interesting snapshot of. What Millennial living is right is like today? Yeah, forget about the disparity of like poor people versus rich people even in like the ecosystem of like business. It’s like dozens of kids. Work 24/7 and disgustingly insultingly awful conditions as far as working 20 hours a day always being a social media work work work around the clock.

[01:47:57] They get paid nothing and then their bosses who were probably the Rage of a couple years older by the rich ones were just like fucking do what I tell you and then those guys in those businesses are based on. Money that they don’t have Investments that don’t exist or you know, like good good cheer whatever we were stuck in this can’t stand this like startup culture of like we don’t have actually have any money but we have a value and we have the idea of money and it’s and the idea.

[01:48:24] So this is perfect because the above the quote valuation of a company like fire is the same bullshit as like someone on Instagram being an influencer. It doesn’t mean anything. The influence of thing what I think is interesting about influencers. Is that like by the way, like, I think it’s funny that everyone’s going at the gyro, which we’ll get to him in a second.

[01:48:44] We should go after him but everyone like conveniently forgot about Kylie Jenner, which I think is probably because people still like her but she did a post. They paid her to enroll at that one. Let everyone was that Bella Hadid all these people they all were just there just again as we said earlier like they’re just the vessel though.

[01:48:59] Like, how are they Dudley?

[01:49:04] Scholl and it has I don’t know if Kylie Jenner was on an actual like Revlon commercial. Hey my makeup brand Revlon. I love Revlon go check, you know shouldn’t give a fuck about Revlon. She gives a fuck about getting paid make sense. Then a story comes out there like, you know Revlon was tested on animals and if certain people are getting horrible skin rashes, is she not on the hook for that.

[01:49:26] right the these to me it’s like. Influencer marketing which is so annoying about it is there’s this plausible deniability a person a fitness person can be like take a picture with some like hey, you know, check out this shake. Here’s my promo code these these all-natural shakes. I take these instead of eating in this is why I’ve lost so much weight.

[01:49:45] Somebody takes them. It’s clearly bullshit. They get sick. They get in trouble. They get injured using it. Then that influence are going to be like, yeah. I don’t I don’t drink that. I just they paid me money to post a thing to say that I did it. So then like where’s the line like it’s yeah, where where where is the you know we’re used to I think as a culture where used to be like I saw you on television saying to buy this product.

[01:50:05] I bought it. I’m hurt you’re responsible for this and we all go. Yeah, you’re a sellout in your liar. But when it’s an Instagram post, we’re just like Nana like, this is a picture. I got paid. Yeah that’s people that’s the problem. I think people just people need to start realizing. None of this Instagram feed isn’t for you to have fun with your friends and catch up.

[01:50:22] It’s there. It may have been at one point. But Facebook which owns Instagram has now monetize that shit to the darling of every yeah, everything everything you see is curated to make you buy it. So like who’s here’s a weird fucking here’s a here’s a weird fucking thought that I have like, I don’t follow any.

[01:50:40] Influencers. I mean, I follow like some comedians that I like. I don’t know if I’m really following anyone that I said that I notice that they’re like posting like bullshit. Okay by this bullshit, maybe some companies like I know I have enough sense to like tell the difference. But again, I don’t feel like because I follow a comedian or something Rafael like an actor and they’re like, hey you check out this, you know, What did we check out audible get added Casper mattress heck this episode the beginning we’re talking about last legs to know where which is a product that actually like the point is like I can tell when I when it when a person’s leg and I got paid a couple bucks to do this, but I don’t follow.

[01:51:18] People who like workout or in really good shape. I don’t follow like, you know, someone who’s like I think is trying to help me like get my business going or whatever, you know, so I have enough sense to be like, I don’t like who are these fucking dummies but I don’t I don’t follow supermodels on Instagram.

[01:51:31] I think that’s pathetic personally. I don’t like it’s stupid. Right but people who do it, you know, and I don’t quite understand why they do it. But like I’m like, why are people dumb enough to think that Kylie Jenner or all these other models like when they shared their their. Desert Foods or excuse me like that like weight training things a weight loss things and make up things.

[01:51:51] Like you have to under you cannot tell me. There’s people out there who are like, oh, I think they’re really passionate about this thing. Like, of course you realize they’re paid to do this, right? Yea, you are. I don’t think that I think it’s more the clout like I don’t care if she was paid. This is what’s in that like just by just by virtue of her say Kendall Jenner puts out an ad for like a necklace and you know, she was paid to put out an ad for that necklace, but just by virtue of Kendall Jenner wearing that necklace the necklace is.

[01:52:15] Cool, it’s crazy. It’s like a self-sustaining economy. It’s it’s yeah, it’s all crazy. Ja Rule. Let’s get the jar rule real quick that guy. So I don’t care about your rule. I’m personally speaking. I love 50 Cent. I’ve always been a huge 50 Cent fan got a big fan of the film half past dead. Nope.

[01:52:34] So 50s been going after job for at least 10 years and it is so goddamn funny and just every step of the way. He’s made jarrow look like a fucking idiot. And this is just more proof that Ja Rule is a fucking chump in an idiot like. I forget which one I think it’s the Netflix one. They have like footage from a all-hands meeting the next day after it failed and Ja Rule’s like on the phone.

[01:52:57] Yeah, he’s just like you just like yo dog just say like he’s like yelling at people to go. Fuck this fuck that it ain’t that big deal. Nobody died that at it like it just like. Yeah, Ja Rule is a quintessential just decided that he’s important decided that he is an influencer and it’s just like every step of the way just trying to put his face on this thing to be like look how special I am.

[01:53:16] It’s like your job rule like you’re a clown like cuckoo who again whose influence by Ja Rule, but he looks so bad in this. Yeah looks like concrete. Every every clip like when it’s behind the scenes when they shot that the commercial he’s just barking orders at everybody. You’ll need supermodels want to go pet the pigs.

[01:53:36] You will film that the fucking pigs blah, you know, he’s giving the toast. Oh my God. My favorite thing is when. They’re all just wasted on the island during that shoot and it’s like a part of the evening where they’re not even shooting anymore that it’s like having a party and they’re just so drunk and clearly on coke and shit that they’re just like yo, we got the most perfect shot.

[01:53:52] We’re going to walk into the water everyone get into the water and they’re like, what are we doing? There’s no cameras. Like what like yeah, we’re not building anything. Like he’s a good be so glad to babes in the water the sun set and they’re like, we’re not filming and I mean she just eats this is like an he’s an idiot.

[01:54:07] He’s one. He’s one of these guys. Who thinks he’s a smart businessman who thinks that he’s like got his finger on the pulse who thought that this was going to be the thing to make him like this big like media Guru. So every step along the way he’s barking orders at people like he’s ever fucking done something Miss kind of fucking few hit records may be that you know, How much money could you possibly have?

[01:54:26] I don’t know anyone who listens to Ja Rule. I couldn’t name one. Jail Rule song only time I hear about Gyros and fifty cents fucking Flanagan and Instagram famously sometime over the last fall 50 Cent bought the first three or four rows of a concert Ja Rule concert, but all the tickets just so they’d be empty.

[01:54:42] Yeah, it’s like it’s so fucking funny. But and then of course when things are going south gel rule, he’s yelling at everyone like why is this not working? And then when it’s over he’s just like yeah, I don’t know. I wasn’t really part of also. She’s been tweeting all day today. I don’t know if you’ve seen he’s like coming out of people think I love how people watch a documentary and think they have all the answers.

[01:55:00] I had an amazing Vision to create a festival like no other I would never scammer fraud anyone. What sense does that make he said people still don’t know shit after watching the documentaries watch the fucking dead that the. Like everyone’s like yo, it’s going to take you to the one guy who’s like if I get the guy but he was like somehow other involved in festivals or actually built businesses.

[01:55:21] One of the investors was like this thing is going to take at least 18 months to set up if you want to get this and they’re like we’re going to do it in for that right? There is like you clearly walk out bullshit. Like what I look what could it have any competition do it in 18 months? That’d be why wait, why are why why do it in fact, I never caught why it had to be done in four months.

[01:55:43] Another thing that I kept thinking the whole time like to just do it in two years and you’d be fine and it’d be and like could have pulled this off but it’s that grifter mentality of just like I gotta do it right now. Yeah, I don’t know so like but also the grifter. Or more like the millennial boss mentality of like Get young people and pretty much push them to the brink and something will happen having no kind of feeling for the it’s like device model Vice famously when they’re when their ship was kind of going down.

[01:56:12] They had said back in the day. They had the 22 rule which was higher 22 year old work them 22 hours a day pay them $22,000 a year that is idea of kids are desperate which they are the economy sucks which it does. So let’s get a bunch of desperate kids and basically do everything but torture them and because if they do it until they burn out and then when they quit put another person in there case in point, one of the social media guys are what the guy was a yoga instructor everybody else.

[01:56:40] It would also he did he was saying finally with emails is emails like this is bad. We need to stop. He’s like fuck this I quit and then he gets an email like a minute later. It was like Hey, I’m Dave. I’m the new social media guy can’t get that Instagram login and password just like. Like they have no problems replacing some 22 older than the 22 year old.

[01:56:56] That’s how it goes in like these guys at the top were just like they think there’s such good clever businessman the business or their Leadership Model is scream at kids until they do what you told him to do and when they get burned out on leave place them with somebody else. I fucking hate that here’s my so terrible.

[01:57:13] Here’s my impression of Ja Rule at the end of the movie. That’s not fraud false advertising. Is that racist? I’m sorry. No, he has a raspy voice. Okay, what would I do without you? You are my one and only put it on you fucking say I think he sucks. Where would I be without you? Sorry, it is like it is you think like yeah, what would I be without my motherfucking now?

[01:57:44] You have the yell though. You can’t just like say you can’t whisper it just talk and Ja Rule because he does sound like. Sounds like you who Sarah goes down see sound like a trying to Batman the original bad boys’ I’m not wearing hockey pads Let’s Dance. Yeah, whatever. Whatever. He says, I think I just couldn’t get over.

[01:58:09] What is so funny about it is like like oh, yeah, all these influences got to go and like I see like the hot chicks be an influencer. But charu like what Millennials like, oh cool gel rules signs of yeah. I was hoping it was just nothing. I was just Billy tripley Billy hits himself to whatever wagon would talk to him.

[01:58:25] Like that’s it. That’s all it is. Yeah, I mean, all right. I guess I guess the lesson of the fire festival thing is if you’re going to spend a lot of money for Destination anything look into your deal. Yes. Yeah. I mean, I mean there were there was alarmed Bells going off for weeks and months before this thing and but anyone who got on a plane and went there is just like they didn’t do the I mean they went there without seeing where they were staying like, there’s so many.

[01:58:50] Reasons why I was a fuckup. I mean, you know, I know I know you expect like utmost quality when you pay for something but like sometimes you get grifted and these people these people learn the hard way and least would like Coachella and Lollapalooza and I Bonnaroo whatever let’s say it’s the first deer of any of those.

[01:59:09] You’re also working the impression of like I’m going to go and drive or take a whatever train to this thing. And if it sucks, I’ll just turn around and go back with an island. It’s like well, how the fuck you getting off? Yeah, that would yeah. That was if I was there I would have been horrified just being stuck there.

[01:59:21] I hate that. Throwing their luggage off the fucking palette amazing amazing. We’ve been talking for two hours man. We gotta set up. Okay, so that’s the show next episode coming up next you’re going to have yeah next up will be glass with a couple guests will and the most anticipated will do after that.

[01:59:38] Yeah. Most anticipated will be a week from today Monday. And then after that well, we’re going to have a new series. We’re not going to tell you but we kind of tease it today. Maybe Without Really mentioning it and yeah. Back next let’s just say you’ll hear me on Wednesday, and you’ll hear Joe and I next Monday.

[01:59:57] Alright. Thanks for listening. All right. Bye.  I was hoping you’d be back.