162 M. Night Shyamalan’s GLASS (SPOILERS) ft. Ali Arikan, Sonny Bunch

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my name is Brett Arnold @Brettredacted on Twitter and we are here with a very special bonus middle of the week episode to talk all about one thing one thing only and it is M Night Shyamalan glass and I’m joined by some esteemed colleagues one of them all the way from Istanbul.

From his Temple. We have film critic and amazing Twitter personality. My favorite follow. Honestly re arak on hello. Hello. How are you? I’m great. How are you doing? I’m very well. This is 6 o’clock in the morning. I just got up and I feel chipper and wonderful ready to talk but glass hell. Yeah, and we’re also joined by Sonny Bunch executive editor and film critic at the Washington Free Beacon and frequent, Washington Post contributor. And also a great Twitter follow Sunny Bunch ladies and gentlemen, I mean not the best Twitter follow obviously, but yeah, well their best their best on this podcast probably and no way I tried to get Lex and son John the show they abstained. I don’t think Lex is rolled out for glass yet. T

here’s too many heads sea of heads. That’s right. Yes, absolutely. And sometimes I think Sunday is going to suck what waiting for some time in the middle of the week when the when the pepper prices have gone up and is full of raging is Embrace much. I love how we have already alienated like 99% of listeners. Exactly. Exactly. Fuck are these people. We’re talking about the inner workings of like weird film Twitter. That’s right. Exactly. One of the guys is actually locks. The other one is just this egg person. Although the great. Obviously. I really love them both and and and let’s say hi. Hi sanj. Hi. Yeah. We got the front. He got he got the promo, so he’s happy now. I love it.

Alright, so I’ve assembled this crack team of film critics and M Night Shyamalan. I’m not I don’t want to say I don’t know what these how these guys feel about it my channel on we’ll get into that. But I’ve been trying to find people to talk about this movie all weekend. And I’m glad I finally found a couple I was hoping to find some more varied opinions because I think we all have the same take on this movie, but will I will parse it out? Sunny you wrote a review for the Free Beacon? What what is what was your take on this movie? So it’s it’s. I like about 50% of it. I like about the first 30 minutes in about the last 30 minutes and I was just kind of bored out of my skull for the middle our yeah, and I’m not and I’m not a hundred percent sure why I mean this is I this is the worst like film critic take to have but like II like I don’t quite understand why it doesn’t work.

I’m not sure if it’s just repetitive or if it’s just kind of. Just kind of boring. I mean they’re just sitting around this Hospital for an hour and nothing really happens. And it’s a lot of talking and I it’s not it’s not having enough like split a lot of talking and split a lot of sitting around and same sets and all that stuff, but it was like really propelled by James McAvoy doing like hammy James McAvoy stuff, which I like right and it’s not tight like unbreakable. I rewatched Unbreakable. This weekend and unbreakable as an hour and 45 minutes. It’s just it is not like I could not believe that when I looked at look at its runtime. I just retroactively assumed it was like, you know 220 no. No. Yeah it is. It’s an a it’s an exceptionally type film. So it again it’s not like super exciting. It’s not like there are a ton of action set pieces. You’re not going from like beat to beat to beat with big explosions and chases and fights in whatever but it’s like. Really well done.

It’s just very very tightly and efficiently film. I mean there I again, I’m not a hundred percent sure why glass doesn’t work, but it feels like the first rib, this is what we were saying. We were telling each other this over DM’s, you know, it feels like the first draft of the script was the one they made. And there are little things that kind of pop up throughout like they keep talking about this dumb super Tower in the middle of Philadelphia was talking to our what on the arm power did it? Yeah, I get that really cool and they keep and it’s like it’s like when are they going to get to the fireworks Factory? You know, they just like they can’t they can’t they never get there. It’s either it’s either it’s either M night was stop trolling the audience or. Just kind of distracting us with a red herring or something. But like if you introduce a socket our in act 1 you have to blow it up or something and act 3 you got to do something with it and and nothing.

This is exactly this is exactly what I was saying as well, you know, like you have chekhov’s gun. So, you know, if you see the fucking gun in the first acts of the you know, the gun has to go off and you’ve got Shyamalan star you see it in the First Act of fuck all happens with it in the fucking thing. And you can you can you can say oh, yeah, it’s a slice of fans sort of thing. And you know, it’s the legerdemain and it’s you know, that’s the whole point because in that final scene you actually see the or socket are and then the cameras slowly pans to the train station and these are going here while we were all concerned about this. We were going to show you a bunch of people jumping around. And a bunch of people seeing this on YouTube going. Holy shit superheroes exist where it’s just it’s literally fucking Bruce Willis just bending a bar and and James McAvoy on all fours who matron jumping around from one place to the other it again, like we live. Okay, you know, I do I do get that. They’re trying to obviously was Shyamalan was trying to you know, bring the whole thing down to a certain understanding. Reality, but I mean. You know, you know I can roll my belly and I can do it very well.

And that would go fucking viral right away. If you what the shit. Oh my God. This guy has a talent. This guy has a super human Talent as a superhero, you know that’s easier to believe as a superpower than a man on all fours jumping from one place to the next and just you know, another guy fucking bending a bar. So that’s the first thing, you know, even though that’s that’s quite. Literally the reveal what Sonny’s saying about the about unbreakable I think is spot on because someone on Twitter was said, you know, nothing happens in Unbreakable either and you know, I couldn’t agree more organ disagree more. Stuff happens in Unbreakable, you’ve got you know, obviously we’ve got the you’ve got the train crash and then and then the whole thing with the wife and the whole thing with the sun.

I mean there’s and and then him realizing him first being in doubt and then you’re having doubts with with the with this character as well Elijah coming up and him, you know, like the whole thing was Shyamalan in the end. It’s the same character by the way Shyamalan plays the same character as his character and unbreakable you. Yeah, a very important cameo role. Absolutely. Absolutely. I’d love it.

If it were the same guy also the same guy in the village. So yeah, why not shovel shovel? Yeah, and eventually we’re going to get a film where all the characters are played by Shyamalan fucking way, you know, and so the twist The Twist, is that the hoarder all of the Shyamalan. That’s right. Exactly. We are all Shyamalan there is only some a lot. And so so that stuff happens. Where is in this one?

They are in this hospital and the sort of the conflict the major conflict that people are supposed to be concerned about is whether these guys are really heroes or not and Sarah Paulson with that because Sarah Paulsen’s character will be of a supposed to be a twist. You know for a fact that she’s deluded and you know that these guys are actual heroes or Monsters or whatever. So you’re for like 40 minutes going. Yeah. Okay.

I know what you’re trying to do. And then yeah, you know, they’re trying to fill them fill them with that. But I know that they’re not, you know, I know that they’re not fucking that’s a huge huge problem with the movie for me is that it pretends like the other two movies didn’t fucking happen like if in the universe of the end of this movie. We have seen unbreakable and we have seen split so we know these people are the superheroes. They say they are so the whole idea that they might not be there’s no tension at all for the. No, absolutely. I mean there’s you know, and I think because he was so concerned with having that sort of you know, Shyamalan asked twist. I think what would it made the film? Obviously, this is again. This is a horrible way of you know, like speaking like as a film critic saying, you know talking about the film that it should have been rather than the film it is but but you know, the whole point was if the twist had been what if.

If it hadn’t been a Twist, if you knew from very early on that there was this like secret society of anti superhero assholes who are meeting in the middle of the fucking day and a fucking restaurant, but, you know stupidly conspicuous. Clover tattoos and and then just looking at each other going. Yes it is done or is it? Yes, we are extras and cheap ones to look at us in boat like fossils. And if you if you knew about that, then that would have been that would have been interesting. But because that is the twist eventually at the end the other young, okay, so that’s it. Okay, so the sockets are nothing with the Osaka nothing with this secret society of super villains or whatever. It is the shitfire club and and and and the worst thing is and this is something that I was saying to a couple of other friends the worst thing is this all Hero. Dies like just this. I mean it’s such a massive middle finger to the audience because glass is glass has some sort of a victory, you know, I mean, it’s some sort of a apotheosis in his own in the way that his life’s work has been validated not just through the film and through the fact that he created these two superheroes but his mother says, you know, he’s got that final. Scene with his mother and his mother says if you know you were spectacular like mother’s tits you expect and so you’ve got that, you know, James mcavoy’s character his finally he’s finally in control of his demons and Kevin finally has the light, you know, even though with supposed and he’s come to terms with the tragedy of his father’s passing and whatever even though this guy is literally a cannibal and I can okay fine and he’s like, so.

Guys now friend too but fucking you know, all Hero the Superman of the fucking guy. He gets fucking on ceremoniously drowned in a puddle and a problem by a random guy that you yeah it is, you know, the whole thing middle finger is a perfect way to put it that whole that whole third act where it’s just like Osaka Tower Osaka tower. Look there it is in the. And then it’s just like we’re literally going to have a parking lot brawl that ends in a puddle drowning that whole that whole sequence. The only way I can interpret it. Now at first I didn’t know if it was like a big middle finger troll or just like, oh, I’m Night Shyamalan really wanted this huge third act but you know, it’s a 20 million dollar movie. So it just didn’t happen. But I do think I now I’m of the mind that it is definitely intentional and we’re supposed to think it’s clever, but that’s the problem is it’s just I’m night. I’m nights humor is so fucking weird and like yeah, not good generalissimo. Like he I think he talks about the visit like it’s really funny and it’s just not at all to me. Yeah, and I didn’t think split was very funny. I didn’t like split. I don’t know how you guys were on split but I yeah, yeah. Yeah my so my think my take on split is that I was surprised by how much I liked it. Like I went in not expecting very much. Yeah, just as as I think most of us have not expected very much from M. Night Shyamalan for about a decade right and and I was pleasantly surprised look, like I said, I think I can watch James McAvoy to screen all day. Like I thought he was the best part of atomic bomb.

Like just his ridiculous ridiculous over-the-top spy, so that that all kind of worked for me and I remember watching it and I was in like I told that I told Ali this is like I remember watching it and halfway through like the last act being. You know would be kind of neat if Bruce Willis showed up here because like okay same city. It has the same sort of feel to it. Like it’s a real you were onto it. Yeah, and who knows if I like heard something, you know heard a spoiler something subconsciously like I was like I was like kind of like, okay this could work this go and then dismissed in rushed inside. So like the whole thing works for me. I like the World building their I liked I liked how it all felt and then this again glass is a very weird movie because it’s. Like two different it’s almost two different sequels. Tied to two different movies that are just very awkwardly jammed together. That’s why it’s such a mess. Yeah. I mean like all the stuff with Anya Taylor joy and all is that is that why is it back in that role? I I like her a lot. But I just don’t like that. It’s a nothing role and she’s on the screen for like 20 minutes. I know I just it’s insane and the stuff with Bruce Willis is kid like again, I like I kind of like the Callback. Unbreakable.

I like that. They got the same actor. He’s been working this whole time who knew and and and and I kind of like all of these separate little things, but just together they don’t none of it works. It’s just too long and drawn out and boring. Yep. I agree. I mean this in a way in a way you said what you said about on your Taylor Joy’s I think I think there’s a spot on because I felt that way about all all the other characters though. It almost feels like Arrested Development season for like these things were like were filmed separately like months apart and yeah together in this thing because they don’t like, you know, okay now this this 20 minutes, All about this kit and now I’m going to enjoy again another 20 minutes. So so and that even glass you know for like, you know half the film is like among these coma trolling the way comatose and then and then and then just you just go by the way, of course, we know that he you know that he’s not comatose but oh by the way, he wasn’t coming to us, you know, it just it doesn’t feel like you know, they had been thinking about this but here’s one thing I’d like to say about split. I went to see it with my mum in Ankara my. You know, my mom is. Into like into Thrillers and horror but not supernatural horror. So, you know like Midway through she was like, I’m not really sure about this bobbin come Mom enjoying it. So and when the film first came out and people were talking about when it first debuted in fantastic class and people are talking about this giant twist or whatever. And I went all right. I’m going to make it a usually I can’t help myself and find the Twist right away. So I’m going to make a conscious effort not to fucking listen to and here’s a nice little bit.

I was at a restaurant with another Twitter personality good friend. John Lichtman and Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson were. And I was like look at this. So baby. Maybe they were actually talking about Bird Box, you know another another wonderful. And anyway, so John almost told me I was in no no. No, I don’t want it. So right at the end, you know at the end of split when you get the Revelation that it was the same city, you hear that unbreakable music and there’s cameras panning and then and then and then you see you see. Well as clock by that woman and then he says mr. Glass I was like, oh my God, this is the best thing I just you know, I like what I like with the first time Sonny and I met we have to talk about this as well. And we you I got goosebumps. I was like fuck. Yeah, this is awesome.

And I hope this part of this bill makes money and then you know so that I can make another one and this is it there’s a lot of in like the rest of development. There is a lot of you know previous Goodwill that you’re actually harboring as you go into this one and then all the stuff happens and they’re going well. I don’t know whether I’m enjoying this because I like seeing these characters even though Bruce Willis plays like. You know like a just so perfect version of his already, you know, rather taciturn character and I know they supposed to be this, you know, like the strong silent type but you know, you don’t have to be the strong sleepwalking type and so and glass and whatever and eventually just go. Well, you know, I hope you have something.

Happen in this movie and nothing less nothing happens. That’s the biggest crime against it for me is that it’s just as Sonny said at the very beginning it’s so boring for long stretches. There’s just it’s just the same scene over and over of Sarah Paulsen’s character attempting to Gaslight them into thinking they’re not superheroes and like with it. So as I said earlier, it’s all for naught because we already know so there’s just you’re watching like a like a like a. Take a volleyball match that like there’s no Stakes for like I just I just couldn’t get into it at all. And then as we talked about earlier, it kind of just builds to this like multi twist scenario in the parking lot where we haven’t even mentioned the fact that they start just like openly talking about comic book trope. Oh, yeah. Oh God. So I think there’s actually an interesting idea in the film that is kind of like a ripoff of The Incredibles right? Like yes, you have you have these you have these people who are trying to convince great extraordinary people that they’re ordinary and normal and they’re doing this. To maintain balance and to keep societal order and also they’re right by the way because mr. Glass. Mr. Glass is a fucking Psychopathic Master governor who has literally killed hundreds of people to try and prove that these great. Superhuman people exist and then the other one is a cannibal a mass-murdering cannabis. Like it’s actually probably a good thing that this secret Cloverfield organization exists to keep ticking people people down and dead and away from the rest of us. But like I like that idea I like they could have done something with that but it’s kept to the last five minutes.

It’s kept in the last five minutes and instead we get coordinates off limited editions versus origin Stories versus like I know. I don’t care. I don’t care. Am I in the original number is this too but it was also in a different era. It was in the pre comic book movie era. It was it was an ERA when you know comic book artist getting million dollar contracts to do their 12 issues a year. I mean like it would that was. A wholly different time when you could actually talk about comic books and like it would make some sense to a mass audience. There is all sorts of stuff. They could have done with comic book movies and about how you know, I don’t know how ubiquitous they are and how watered down they are and how repetitive they are right something anything literally anything but instead this like Soliloquy about like, oh my God, this is actually the origin story for the bad guys, and it’s not the fuck off. Exactly. I mean what was the the the point of the Sarah Paulsen’s character realizing?

Oh my God some random dog speaking in the back going. Yeah The Mastermind always has a plan and she’s going holy shit The Mastermind has a plan. I mean if you think about it as well. How powerful is this organization? So this organization not only managed to actually get the fucking cops together to arrest these people and then get them that’s you know, one of them is a sky that everyone had been had been looking for and get her to actually become the sort of War. For them for a couple of days until until they realize that there weren’t Super Heroes which is not as you know Psychiatry Works anyway, but whatever and and that sort of thing. So, I mean they could have really done with that as well like like. Illuminati like, you know secret organization like a genuine secret organization, but you don’t feel that way you feel that that’s just I mean and this is one of the major problems with the film as well. It just feels so empty and cheap like where are all these other people even the final scene where all these people at the train station are realizing that those. You know, this great thing is happening. It’s only like, you know, like they’ve got 15 extras, you know, I mean, it doesn’t the world doesn’t feel lived in. I mean if you if you think of unbreakable and and they actually show clips of it and whatever and going back it actually feels like it’s a real City. Where is this like, you know, it just feels cheap. You know it yeah, it feels like it was made on just 20 million dollars, you know, like 15 of which went to the three leads, you know, it’s just like another thing is just that I think Sonny was getting at this like what is M night trying to say about superhero movies by like all the trollee bullshit he threw in there like what is. Like what are you saying when you say? Oh, this is a limited edition origin story all by like, what does that add to the to the film? Like there’s no critique of like the it’s like he never saw he hasn’t like seeing a superhero movie in the past 20 years.

It’s like the yeah, but there is there is one there is one pants. There is one bit where you know and Sonny talked about this when we’re talking about on the phone on diem as well. There is one bit where the camera I mean, you know, the camera placement is really weird. They don’t like these, you know Kubrick as you know, like Central or Jonathan demme Eli. Speaking to the camera stuff and whatever as of like everyone’s lecturing the audience, so thank you but there is one best where Sarah Paulson actually says, you know, you guys are out of your minds. What the fuck are you thinking about the whole goal the whole world’s gone insane with this comic book bullshit or whatever and it’s that that is basically trolling, you know, you could Marvel fans and DC fans and you know comic book critics and whatever, you know, maybe you want to talk a little bit about that sir. Yeah, I mean, well, it feels like a pretty putting those words in the mouth of the villain in a universe in which we know that these people are again. We know we already know that they’re Heroes. We already know that they’re you know, super super powered. It really did feel like kind of an explicit shot at the people who say we have too much of this comic book. Stuff out there, but like it just wasn’t it didn’t feel thought out at all. I mean and Beretta, it’s like you’re saying I don’t quite have now I don’t quite understand em nights sense of humor, and I’m never I’m never entirely sure what is like what is honestly felt and what is a put-on? Yes in his films.

And this isn’t to say that I don’t like his films because I do think that certainly that that run in the the late 90s and early aughts is is really good and still I think holds up. Mostly. Yeah, I like signs when it came out too. Yeah, but you and I I know I know yeah, but II but I like I just it’s yeah, I don’t know what he’s trying to say about. The state of comic books and comic book movies and it feels like he definitely wants to say something. It’s just I ate the whole thing is so totally confused. I don’t know what to make of any. Yeah, it actually feels like the 3rd October of a larger story in a usual but you know, you can say that that’s a good thing obviously whatever but it feels like the third Act of a of a bigger movie, you know, I mean, it’s like the, you know the Genome of this sort of movie and and not a particularly exciting movie to begin. And it doesn’t quite feel like the sequel to these two relatively exciting movies. I mean, you know, I’m breakable unbreakable. I remember when I’m breakable came out and when it was, you know, some people like to but like with everything it will it was considered a bit of a disappointment after sixth sense, you know also box office was didn’t do that well and whatever so, you know, so and but now with the parliament Austell GA everyone’s saying oh, you know, It was a masterpiece of one of it’s definitely something that works and it does feel it.

Does also feel influential like it kind of led to the soup not like it was the total Catalyst for the Noose the superhero movement that as we know it but like it definitely led into like those self-serious. Yeah, well, you’re right. Yeah. Yeah, I mean it is accidentally the Prelude to an entire generation of Cinema. I mean, I it is it’s a very weird movie that I think holds up in part almost accidentally because it is like the it came out before I think it came out before X-Men but it came out the same year. So just just after yeah, but it but it came out before Spider-Man it came out, you know, it’s obviously eight years before the MCU starts and all that. So like five years before Nolan’s. Batman Begins I so like it feels like a it is weirdly profession and I again this is like an accident of history, but that accidents of History happen all the time. And we remember we remember, you know, great works for that. So I like I don’t you know. Again, the movie we go back and watch it. I really recommend it. It holds up very very nicely. Yeah and got it is one of Vista DVD of that. I saw I have that I still have the Alex Ross artwork on the inside I was open again.

I was opening it up last night to watch it. I was like, oh look at this pretty nice. Yeah, it’s a very nice set. I remember that about it. I have I have the VHS motherfuckers. Oh, wow, you do. You still have a VCR. Can you still watch I do I do well because because you know, I live in turkey and and the technology like DVDs and DVRs and and in fact fire. I only came to Turkey. I still have my VCR and I still used to like record stuff off the television until until very recently also like 10 years ago, you know people are talking about and this is a thing now, this is a complete, you know segue, but I want to have a little mini rant about. I know that people always bitch about on film to it’s a bitch about stuff like Netflix and how Netflix is horrible and whatever and for me the fact that once Netflix became available in this country. It was the greatest fucking day because no other like this weekend. I will I asked Brett’s and sunny for you know, horror movie tips and you know, all the stuff that they were actually, you know, recommending was stuff on shudder or Hulu or this or that or whatever. And it’s just not available in this country. The only thing that is available is Netflix. And I know it’s horrible that you know that Criterion stuff whatever it was film struck is Downstream never.

Yeah, but you know what, I mean that is again, you know, I empathize with it. I’m sorry. I hope you guys get the criteria thing back when want to brings it back and whatever but it is very much a first world problem for me like having Netflix somebody you press a button and then you see like thousands of fucking options including some old. This you know that is wonderful for me. Thank you very much. I want to put the Turkish perspective into this into this podcast. Wow. I love it. I think I understand that as well. My brother lives in Brazil and I have the same, you know, the he has the same idea we’ve talked about where he’s like. Yeah. I love it because you know, it’s. Some people need accessibility and like bitch and moan all you want about how Roma should be seen in fucking 70 millimeter, but like some people can’t do that and like yeah exactly. I get it. I’m with you. I’m an ally. Thank you. And and also now that we’re all together and I think we’ve got another 10 minutes. I’m going to I’m going to usurp your podcast Brett. Maybe we could talk about it like this so that so that this can be topical about Oscar nominations. They’re not out. What do you think? Oh my God, come on block all the way. Fuck. Yeah, motherfucker. Yeah, I don’t know I can tell you one thing though M Night. Shyamalan will not get one. Would it be? All right though completely rewrote the rules. But that’s the big twist of unbreakable. Whatever glass the biggest risk was, you know, you know throw caution to the wind tonight T 2 years of Oscar history and discuss. Sorry.

We are going to nominate so film from this year and it is going to be this man. We also haven’t talked about how a big a big plot. And split that rears its head here because they read they brought the character of Casey back from split but split has this weird thing where I think the movie really lost me where it kind of says like the key to your superpower is your trauma or like. Matt getting over your trauma. I don’t quite know what the message is supposed to be but essentially in Split. It’s revealed that Anya Taylor Joy’s character was like raped by her uncle as a child and like that’s the reason why he she was selected is it was that well, well now isn’t that why she was saved? Yeah, I should have. She was not pure and had experienced harm or something. I wanted to be watch it, but it’s does I wasn’t going to pay yeah or dollars. Are we watching? It’s another it’s I think that one’s actually two hours are almost two hours. I still can’t believe on breakables that short. Holy shit because gas by the way, we haven’t mentioned is. Two hours and fucking 12 minutes or something. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mm. Yeah. It’s way too long. It could it could lose like all I could say it can lose 45 minutes and not lose anything. What would you see because this is this is why I kept going through my notes and knowing my head trying to figure out what I could actually cut from the film. Yeah, I there was I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. It just feels like everything is done twice. Exactly. Yeah, it’s just like the whole middle part feels like it’s half of it could go like it’s just the same shit over and over like you’re not crazy. Here’s why are you’re not a superhero. Here’s why? Yeah, just ad. Yeah, you know, I think we’re going back to what Sonny said that first. It just feels like a first draft, you know, I mean, it’s.

Like like he could have he could have shaped it out and then go right. Okay. So what do we have now got you know the same three scenes, you know over and over again and and then people aren’t really together and then the you know, the final thing the final showdown. And then the parking lots, you know makes the one in fucking Captain America Civil War in a German fucking you know airport. Looks like the greatest showing us. Yeah. And because because none of that happens obviously because it it just it the I think you could have and this is what I mean when I say it feels like the third Act of a larger movie. It’s just like they took the third act they took like, you know, 30 minutes of it and just cray. Yeah. Yeah, you could have cut every scene that takes place in a comic book store. That was saved at least 10 minutes and like this 90% of this movie takes place in that fucking hospital and like yeah, I know the other has last two movies were also like single location, you know, mostly for budgetary reasons, but this it didn’t suit this movie. It just doesn’t work with the material. It was just boring. We have said multiple times. That’s how boring it was and Sarah Paulson.

The reveal it’s just it’s just I mean, I’m trying to think of what like the idea. It’s just such a like platitude of an idea. I think like, you know. The powers that be are trying to hold you down and don’t let them like I just it’s also sophomoric or something to me like I don’t know. Yeah. Well, yeah, don’t let them if you’re if you’re if you’re a psychopath and people are trying to tell you not to be a psychopath don’t listen to them if you’re eating women. Yeah, she’s totally right. I mean, I hate to I hate to play up to my own stereotypes here, but the villain is actually the good guy in this movie and. Probably and like even if even if we had to have David Dunn drowned in a puddle for some reason it’s probably for the best for society. To keep the rest of these fucking people away from us.

You’re like the bad guy in every X-Men movie really weird. We live in a society exactly. We literally live in a society. We have rules and laws. And if you start if you start derailing trains and eating younger girls sighs from that Society, I’m fine with that. Exactly. That’s a good message. Yeah, that’s my whole thing with this and split. Both like I know were joking. But like what is the fucking message of this and split like they’re both likes the fact that Casey it is still in this movie and like totally trying to help the person who almost do kidnapped like implied may be raped and olds going out to eat her. Yeah. Exactly. It’s just this that ought to be honest. I actually. When I you know that was obvious against PS1 and then when they showed that, you know, Sarah Paulson was in this film. I thought that maybe she was going to be like the or superhero that the Revelation that she actually you know, she does something truly amazing, but I don’t know like control electricity or Flyers something, you know, something visually exciting, you know, right? Yeah and and then Midway through a moment. Okay?

No, so you’ve got all these three and they’re all talking about origin. Brazil whatever and I thought okay, you know the old lady the dorky kid and you know IE Taylor Joy who looks like a fucking mutant anyway hook no no, don’t get me wrong. This is a very talented actress and a pretty lady but she’s she has a weird, you know, sort of look and then I went okay, so they are going to be you know, they’re going to be like. The next generation of superheroes of something and then and then and then you know, usually all the twists that I come up with in my head are stupid and horrible and obvious much. To us than the one that’s eventually reveal not here. I will take it any of that fucking shit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it does. It also does feel like and I just trying to say something about YouTube viral culture, right? You have like the scene at the beginning with the guy doing the knockout game. Yeah, and he’s like, he’s bad and Bruce Willis kicks the shit out of him and we’re of like fine with that and then at the end of the film you have the you know, the medium of us guys. Yeah.

Yeah. So like but but again, it’s all very mixed here. It’s like first off if anybody saw these dumb videos on YouTube, they’d be like, wow. This is what this is. These are pretty cool effects. How are they doing? This? This is like, you know, is this like computer done? How do we how do we is this a new suite of tools that I can use on fucking I video like it would if but it would nobody would nobody would be like wow superheroes are real. This is amazing, but it’s all potential. Let’s humans like it. Like I don’t know I so again. I just don’t I’m not a hundred percent sure what he’s trying to say. Yeah, and it’s still going to make the fucking, you know, Evening News the first, you know, like the moment actually went and why girls as well and you know, yeah, I mean come on and I also when I was watching split in this movie, I had the thought that maybe M night was trying to say something like you know the fucking. The Beast just like representing all of like toxic masculinity and being like, you know, he hunts basically by finding like the victim of trauma and like is that what he’s saying about men and Society then I’m like wait, I’m giving M Night Shyamalan way too much credit. He did not think about any of that shit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t think I mean. It would have been interesting. You know, it would have been to have it for him to actually explore a more woke angle, you know and like that toxic masculinity thing don’t order me to stuff or whatever that would have been interesting. You know, that would have been you know, I usually roll my eyes at stuff like that, but the but at least it would have been a message of some sort, you know, whereas here unfortunately, it’s true. It’s no, you know what the end of the day we’re going to drown this guy in a in a fucking puddle and and the villain is right and you know, the the months the Monstrous rapist cannibal, he’s actually a good guy, you know, and yeah, he’s just fucked up and he’s yeah, he’s yeah, he’s fine and the only the only. That way I was people trying to you know, I mean maybe he’s actually answering his own critics.

Maybe he’s saying look motherfuckers. I was a superhero for a couple of years and then you guys gaslighted me or gasps. Let me rather you guys gasps. Let me through for you know, and then I made all the shit. I didn’t believe in my talents and then I spent all my money made the visit met tons of money. They made split tons of money. And now I’m answering you know, I am a superhero, you know, maybe that is you know what I think you’re onto something there. I do think. There’s some like I think I think I read something I think was Simon Abrams in The Hollywood Reporter who mentioned that this movie and the house that Jack built are kind of the same like the house that Jack built is Lars von trier’s like apology movie or like explanation movie or just you know, just a very self-indulgent. Someone’s making noise. Is everything. Okay, what’s going on? No, I’m sorry. Oh, sorry. That’s that’s the call to prayer. Welcome to Istanbul.

Oh my God, that was amazing did a very Multicultural episode already? What was I talking about? I got so distracted. So I’m Simon Abrams. Yes. So this movie could it’s if you want to read it as like a meta take on how M Night feels about the state of superheroes. I think that’s what he was going for. But again, I don’t think he stuck the. Big enough for me to know what the fuck he was trying to say. Yeah. Absolutely. It was in it Sonny you mentioned, you know the thing with the with the Osaka flaps, you know, because I was when I was watching I thought okay. These are sucker flaps are going to I mean, there’s something that is missing and that is spectacle, you know. The film is missing spectacle eventually, even if that is the message that you’re trying to say, even if you’re trying to say look, I am a superhero and and I believe in myself you have to show something that is spectacular that people will go out of the movie go fuck.

You know, that that was interesting. I didn’t want the marble ending, you know, I didn’t want to know why don’t I satisfying ending exactly and those claps those. The Osaka flaps as they were turning I thought right there going to reveal some sort of a giant screen and everyone’s going to watch it through the fucking Tower, but no you all right. Yeah. Yeah, no that would have been and that would again that would have tied it all together. Right like it’s not just a red herring the Osaka towered is used to demonstrate to the world that superheroes like like yeah again, it’s like it’s like little like a half-page a dialogue. Or a half page of scriptwriting would have liked I think saved the end of this movie, but maybe not. I don’t know. I maybe it still would have been kind of disappointing what my ending note here for me what I think after talking about it with you guys. Is that maybe I think the entire point. Of this movie keep in mind that this is another one that he was offered. He was offered massive budgets for this movie, but he said no I’m going to self-funded again and he self-funded this one.

I can see self-funded of the visit for five. I think split was 10 million dollar budget and this one’s a 20 million dollar budget by the way, it already had a hundred million dollar worldwide opening weekend. So this movie’s huge fucking bank for him already. But like the whole point to me, is that M night made the movie that he wanted to make didn’t give a fuck about what we would say on this podcast didn’t give a fuck about all the people who would praise it all the people who would say it was bullshit. He didn’t care. He made the superhero movie that he wanted to make. I think I think what he was saying tongue and cheek or something with his dumb humor was that. Yeah, II don’t need spectacle to make my movie entertaining and you guys are going to love it and like yeah again, I don’t think he’s stuck The Landing but I think that’s what he was going for. It’s like yeah, I’m going to build up to all this spectacle and prove that I don’t need it and it’s like well to me you prove that you do need but yeah, I’m in do yeah. Not every movie has to be about something right you can have a movie that is entertaining that doesn’t, you know, rock your world or make you check your preconceived notions of society and whether or not we should allow multiple personality monsters to run around on checked like you but if you if you don’t have that it has to at least be exciting and big and entertaining and you have to have the spectacle. I like this this satisfies. No, This satisfies nothing.

Yeah, it’s like ticks. None of the boxes. That would it’s not. Yeah, and I agree with you. Not not every movie has to be a message movie or say something, but I what I’m saying. What I think is this movie really wants to be but like doesn’t have a cohesive message and maybe I’m just projecting onto. But I don’t know. I I just like, you know em, like one again, he made another he’s the self-funding thing worked out again for him. Yeah this movie I wouldn’t say it’s a success in terms of like critical Acclaim or anything but the the movie already made, you know, five times its budget in a weekend. So yeah, it’s a win. He said he’s done with this franchise or whatever you want to call it, but we’ll see 181. Whatever some day they called it, but the train Trilogy or whatever want. Yeah, drain, whatever but they all the line is whatever. Yeah. Yeah ridiculous. I no one calls it that all right, but the thing is the thing was about it. I mean you’re right. The thing about Shyamalan he he had become a laughingstock. Remember, I mean people his name would come up and Traders and people would have laughter, you know, yeah, and and so so the more we actually talked about this and I’m going to.

Simon’s piece I missed it. The more we talk about this the more I think that this might actually be something about him more about him because it definitely is not about spectacle. You know, it’s just devastating a lot like the visit or something, you know, the you know some yes, it’s not like a genre. It’s a very personal movie I think for him and I think he’s very satisfied with it good for him. Yeah good for yeah, I hope so. I hope so too. Well, thank you guys so much for calling in at such an odd hour sunny. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Globe bar offerings. Oh, yeah, and I’m just getting started and I will ya I hope you have a good day at work. I guess. Thank you so much. Yes. Yes. Yes. I was a zero yesterday. I’m going to London tomorrow. So and today I’ve got a ton of work. But I still have I still woke up at 10:00 to 10:00 to 6:00 to be on this glorious podcast and thank you for having me breath my dear friend. Hey, thank you so much. It was an honor truly to have you both follow them both on Twitter. I think it’s at a leoric on and then at Sonny Bunch, right? Yep. That’s it. Hell yeah. Thanks for listening to the new flesh podcast. We’ll be back next week with the most anticipated horror movies of 2019. It’s Monday. All right. I was hoping you’d be back.