163 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2019

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the new flesh podcast. My name is Brent Arnold @Brettredacted on Twitter. My name is Joe Avella and be sure to follow us at new flesh podcast on Instagram. And today we are talking about the most anticipated horror movies of 2019 Brett’s how we doing. I’m doing great Joe and I actually recorded last week’s episode hours ago, I guess a day ago, but so we don’t have that much new news for you.

[00:00:29] And this is recorded about a week ago. So keep in mind some of the news we do have may be old news to you, but. We scour the web to find the stuff so you guys don’t have to so I think some of you would still be happy to hear about it. Yeah, we’re here today Joe and I both have our own independent lists of our most anticipated of 2019 most anticipated horror movies, and I guess that’s a loose Stephen loose term for me.

[00:00:56] I have a couple I guess genre. You know sci-fi maybe type of movies on my list. Yeah, not sure about you. But yeah, we’re going to talk about those and why we’re excited about that more why we’re not and we also have a list of you know, some anticipated movies that might come out this year might not Joe.

[00:01:15] What else has been going on in the past 24 hours. That’s not much just watched a bunch more. Television and movies and played that Super Mario game. That’s really awesome, but it got hard fast. So now I’m like I yeah frustrated I hear there’s also like a Luigi whatever mode that is like the same game but really hard or something.

[00:01:37] I don’t know I should say that I haven’t done it yet. But also you can play as Toadette and some other character and in the game it says if you play with them, it’s like a way easier game. Hmm, so. I don’t know. I haven’t done any I might have pulled those guys out because if you levels I can’t get past.

[00:01:53] Hey, you know, what’s crazy. I didn’t realize this until after we talked yesterday speaking a horror movies that like so the past two two and a half years as long as we’ve been doing this podcast. We’ve been like dude every year like this is the best year for this is the best year for horror. But this year we’re getting a new follow-up to our we’re going to do follow-up horror movie from Jordan Peele.

[00:02:14] We’re getting one from. The guy who did hereditary and the guy who did eyes of my mother, which I’ll see I saw that movie and also Dave Eggers who did the Witch and we’re also getting one too. We’re getting to classical reboots and we’re getting a Cronenberg reboot and we’re getting a sequel to A Blum housemate like we’re getting like the.

[00:02:45] Three years of Great Horror. We’re getting like follow-ups this year. Yeah. She’s like is there’s a lot to be excited about. Yeah. Yeah, you actually reminded me of a few that I didn’t have on my list. So I’m glad I’m glad you clearly do. No, thanks. I don’t really have a lot of bits and pieces or anything.

[00:03:03] So do you have like one or two of the order? I have a couple we can do to get drop me a quick truncated theme, uh-huh bits and pieces but bits and pieces. All right. So Edgar Wright who most recently made baby driver, which was actually a big hit and probably the last notable work of Kevin Spacey.

[00:03:26] You know, we love Edgar Wright because Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and all those movies he makes. Cornetto Trilogy with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Etc. He was good about eight years ago. Yeah. I also love Scott Pilgrim by know that movie is not for everyone. Oh that movie is great. I love Scott Pilgrim.

[00:03:44] Thank you. It’s so good. I have I’ve that’s one of those movies where either you show it to someone and they love it or you show it to them and they think it’s horrible and I’ve had that expect show to a lot of people and I remember having those really uncomfortable like please pay attention to the scene.

[00:03:57] It’s really good and then it’s don’t care. Yeah, and it sucks. It would have been great if that movie did well enough to like. And a few others, but obviously I know it did horrible, but I’ve seen it probably more than any other movie in the past decade. Anyway, I go rights new movie. He just told Empire magazine.

[00:04:11] I. He said his next film is quote a straight-up psychological horror Thriller. Mmm set in London and with a female lead. He reportedly told the outlet that both don’t look now and repulsion our influences on the film to Fantastic films here Zach. Yeah. Wow, don’t look now that said that’s an interesting one to mention.

[00:04:33] You’re going to be referencing. It’s totally swing for the fences. That’s Nick Rhodes, isn’t it? Yeah, Nick Rogue and and then repulsion I you know. It’s a plan ski, right. Yeah, totally have you seen that? Yeah, it’s great I have is it I am not sure. Yeah. It’s a good horror movie. Classic lot of movies like it now.

[00:04:52] It’s very influential. Anyway, I realized I had never made a film about Central London specifically Soho somewhere. I spent a huge amount of my time in the last 25 years with Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead you make movies about places you’ve lived in this movies about the London I’ve existed in and that’s exciting for me.

[00:05:08] I love that. You’re right still do even though baby driver was. You know, it just was so hyped for me that there was no way it was going to be like as good as I hoped but it’s totally a solid action Heist comedy like it works and it’s very satisfying. I watched it again recently and I liked it but it’s definitely it’s fine.

[00:05:27] It’s still my least favorite Edgar Wright movie. It takes place in Atlanta, right? Yes. I think I read something that it also is like the all the all the chase scenes and everything. Are he made a point to make them how to say this like location-specific? Yes, or yeah, like all the roads and stuff like this actually how the city is laid out like he made a point to not.

[00:05:48] Just make up whatever I whatever whatever the actual layout of the city is is how it plays out which I thought was interesting. Yeah. No, he definitely liked directed the shit out of that movie and like there’s so many amazing all the the chase sequences are like you’re not going to find better ones recently.

[00:06:03] Yeah. It’s a good thing. It was a rebound movie. Right? I mean he got he got dumped by Ant-Man and he just clearly like wanted to make something. Yeah. This was like a passion project for him. I think he wrote it a long time ago. What else do I got here? So yesterday our lunch? He’s last week. I’m like really pulling the curtain back on the creation of the show last week.

[00:06:23] We talked about one of the Creepshow episodes. We that we know about that was the first one Greg nicotero is directing now, we know that this is actually interesting comedy writer director Rob schrab. We’ll be doing one. He’s nice. Yeah, you know him probably he’s from Workaholics. I think the Sarah Silverman show Community just a big producer.

[00:06:45] I think created scud. Yeah, he’s directing an episode at least one episode titled bad wolf down. It says a group of World War Two American soldiers pinned down by a Nazi unit resort to Unholy and Supernatural means to avoid capture torture and death. So that we know two of the the other one was a Survivor type the the king short story.

[00:07:11] I’m not sure about the source material for this one. I’m assuming it doesn’t have to always be king stuff. It was Creepshow was it all King stuff or was it what didn’t work some of them just written for the screen? Yeah, like hidden Romero. So right I know that at least two in the in the in the original movie were adapted from short stories.

[00:07:34] I don’t know if all of them were selling so I think the same deal applies were some will and some won’t be and I’m just so hyped for that show like that’s probably my most anticipated if not movie if we were. I can TV shows or whatever. You want to call that Anthology series. It’s definitely up there.

[00:07:48] And yeah, I guess that’s really all I got. I also have a quick blurb about just Mads Mikkelsen teasing that there’s always New Hope that Hannibal season 4 will happen someday and be revived but I just don’t believe it. I love that show and it died too early. And if you haven’t seen it Watch Hannibal NBC’s Hannibal always and forever a fan of bull.

[00:08:12] Which is what they call that social media. Hey, I didn’t cost anything. Oh, yeah. Third they had a very obnoxious social media presence people not yeah, it’s horrible. Anyway, let’s get to the the main event The Showdown. I tried to organize my list by date. I don’t know how you did it. Oh, I just wrote down like on the top of my head.

[00:08:33] So okay try and get through this as much. We’ll try to get through. This is like. Conceptually as possible. I don’t have the release dates. All right. Well, I will drop them when you name them. So if it won’t get it might be out of order, but it won’t get that too confusing. So this one you already said well, I don’t know if we said this on air but you said you have a list of like most anticipated for you and then you have a list of well, I don’t give a shit about this that much but I think the world will care or horror fans will care.

[00:09:01] So instead. I’m already seeing people hype about on the internet and ones even have. Those out and I just personally I’m like, okay. Well, let’s start. Let’s start there because I think I know you’re talking about maybe I’m maybe I’m wrong and actually this is first time I listened terms of dates date-wise.

[00:09:18] So on Valentine’s Day this year Blum House is putting out a sequel to one of their most successful new original properties from I think two years ago now, maybe just a year ago. Happy death day. So the sequence called happy deathday to you dude. I’m stoked for this. I loved happy death. So that’s yeah, that’s what I was trying to think.

[00:09:38] I know you most people like them more than me. I enjoyed it. I think it’s fun. I think the third Act was really fucking dumb and took me out of it. And then I you know, I’m probably being harsh on a movie that’s like Groundhog’s Day, but horror, it’s definitely trying to be funny this speaking of trying to be funny the sequel the trailer that’s out.

[00:09:55] This one’s very much like pivoted into comedy. Have you watched the trailer? I have not. It has like a lot of just visual gags like her getting electrocuted waking up with like giant hair like it’s just really really quirky and corny looking but I read in fangoria. They were being very vague about it.

[00:10:16] But the the director and Blum like he basically after the success of the first one opening weekend, he went and pitched Jason this thing and he was like dude you have to do that like he loved the idea. Whatever the basic and shifting movie is like he was very like you got to go make that I love the I love the premise.

[00:10:33] So it’s apparently very like maybe it’s very meta. I don’t know what it’s going to be but it’s very same girl. It is it’s like it’s it takes place. I think like right after the other one ends. I’m just gonna be like keep going and the girl has to do it because people don’t other people I think are dying and she’s in a keep killing herself to figure it out.

[00:10:52] It looks like they’re just leaning into like the premise of. I think in the first movie if you like at first, it wasn’t like super funny to watch her kill herself and like became funnier as the movie went along. I think now they just leaned into that and it’s like yeah. So this whole thing is just gonna be her killing herself and really funny ways and trying to solve this mystery and all the Groundhog’s Day ask jokes of like yes or me.

[00:11:15] For me, there’s that runs a bit like I love happy death day, but it does run the risk of being very repetitive because you think like what else? What else is there? Really? I mean once she figures it out same with the move on I think the ending you remember the ending of that movie. I did you not think it was like the dumbest fucking thing ever.

[00:11:33] It was it was her roommate right one to play with. Yeah. Yeah. It was like a sorority sister that like. It wasn’t like anyone on our radar. I feel like in the movie. We just kind of like oh, yeah, here it is. And it’s like they made a quick explanation for how it made sense at the end like a quick little Montage or something and I was like, oh that was really stupid.

[00:11:50] Like it just didn’t I think it was building towards a payoff that like, I just never could deliver. Like I don’t know what could have it could have been the ending that was satisfying for me, you know, like I get the premise such as one of those premises that’s like so high concept. That you really need to write your way out of it.

[00:12:06] And I think they just kind of phoned in the ending and then it just made the whole movie reek to me of like, okay. Well, then what the fuck was the point at all that I would have wished I would have wished that they just would have gone on to someone else and made it like a new mystery with the same kind of framing device of living the same day over and over again, you know my life ecology style sequel.

[00:12:25] Yeah, I wouldn’t have minded that. Well, I got the same with the same girl already. Like when I happened she’s a great it’s happening again right part of the fun of the movie is her trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. Right? So we lose all that and it just looks the tone looks way different.

[00:12:41] It’s definitely I think I’m not sure what it’s labeled as at the studio, but it feels like a horror comedy to me and I feel like the first one skewed comedy but was like a horror movie first and foremost. No, yeah, that’s like I’m definitely going to see it. I’m yeah, I’m going to see it opening weekend.

[00:12:58] Sure. I hope I get a screening invite. I just I don’t know that movie. I mean I. I should be praising it because the other stuff they put out that year. I mean like we had like a truth or dare last year. So the fact that Blum House, you know also put out happy deathday. Like it’s fine like it’s much better.

[00:13:15] I’ll take that over another Truth or Dare which I’m sure will also get because that movie made a shit ton of money. Well, you know what also is coming down the pipe that personally I am not the most excited about you might be but. I think our audience might be but I definitely am just like rolling my eyes real hard is the new Rob Zombie 3 from hell.

[00:13:37] Yeah that one I don’t even know that’s on my list of like doesn’t have a release date yet. Oh, doesn’t it? I don’t think so. I just think he keeps he keeps doing those teams like instagramming updates, and I think they just. Finished filming or something but the movies and he’s had to like follow up to say the movie is not finished yet because people like were reporting that it was based on a tweet of his or something.

[00:13:57] But yeah, this is the third entry in the what you want to call. Yep. The the Firefly family is out. It is murdered a thousand corpse family. Yeah the house without horses. Yeah. So the first movies has 2000 corpses which oh my God, is that. Like 2001 or something. It feels very old at this point.

[00:14:16] No, I think 2002 I was we’re going to Blockbuster when it came out because me and my co-workers were so hyped for it. Yeah, and then I remember my one buddy went opening night. I had to work it came into he came by the Blockbuster after he saw it to tell me how terrible it was. Did you not like it at all when it comes to the thousand corpses?

[00:14:37] Yeah. I fucking hated it. Did you really? Oh, I liked it either. I can’t stand Rob Zombie’s a director. He’s terrible I disagree with you on I liked house doesn’t Court in 2003. By the way. I also have a blockbuster story around that movie because we rented it. You know, I had that thing on my account of Blockbuster that said I could rent R-rated movies because I was there so often by myself and like they were sick call my parents.

[00:15:01] This is a note from Brad’s dad Gary. Yeah, alright and movies that one. Yeah, basically it was just like it was just marked on my account whatever because like I had a membership card or whatever. It was sure. So my friend and I my other friend his name is also Brett. Actually we went and got it and thought we were being slick because his parents weren’t home and we’re going to watch it and it was 2003.

[00:15:23] Oh my God. How old was I I was like 12 I guess and we watched it at his house and like I definitely remember thinking it was really scary at the time. And I have since seen it and I like that movie. I own that movie. I own that and Devil’s Rejects. I think those are both out on I was going to say those are my favorite of his I.

[00:15:44] Lords of Salem is underrated and no one likes that either and I thought hey loaf. I really I really like that Balaam. I think those movies are all more. So Lords of sounds very visually interesting. I think and like just like cool imagery and like the record playing music is all creepy. I don’t know.

[00:16:01] I really like the Lords of Salem Devil’s Rejects. I’ll have you know, Roger Ebert huge fan of. Loved it gave it a positive review that movie so fucked up man. I’m just saying like, I don’t know people like that one. That one has like Merit is probably the best movie. He’ll ever make it’s like kind of it just has the most movie.

[00:16:20] It feels more like a movie than has 1000 Corpses and Lords of Salem does it just feels like a more conventional like isn’t that like they kidnap people and they’re in the hotel isn’t one of them Bryant was sane. Yeah, they all kinda killed and orderly. House of 1000 Corpses Stars, I believe a pre sober Chris Hardwick.

[00:16:39] Yeah, like a fat Chris Hardwick. Yeah. He looks like shit and they’re moving and Walton Goggins is in it. There’s some it was rain Wilson’s in the first one to let them dry. So those corpses. Yeah, I like that movie the movies fucked up. It’s just like a it definitely feels like what am I trying to say a riff on Texas Chainsaw?

[00:16:57] Is all of his movies kind of stood it. Everybody’s a movie every goddamn be he just remade Texas Chainsaw do remember 31. Yeah. Well, we’re not gonna talk about it. I guess we can talk about it because it’s talking about Rob Zombie movies. But yeah 31. I wish I could forget it was. Just a horrible movie.

[00:17:13] I mean that was a good that feels like a grift like he just got a bunch of money and then made this dumbass movie. That was again the same premise of every other movie, but I don’t know what the time when I watch has thousand corpses. It was a really scary thing like group of kids off the side of the road end up at this.

[00:17:32] It’s like was it like a museum that they had of like fucked up shit and then the bro, I don’t even I don’t I do not even remember. I think it’s a group of kids show up and like Sid Haig is a Captain Spaulding and they’re like looking. Yeah, that’s like there’s some weird like Twisted little Museum like a like a like a yeah, just like a, you know Road stop place and then they end up getting.

[00:17:56] You know murdered by everyone there and their den yet there even is like there isn’t there isn’t there a character? That’s just like the old man from Texas Chainsaw who just like yeah the whole thing. Yeah, and then Devil’s Rejects is pretty much like I think what he wanted the sequel to, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to be.

[00:18:13] So I can see why Devil’s Rejects was dismissed. Like I’m on the run just like them like yeah like this because I forget if they all get killed in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but that’s pretty much like the premise of Devil’s Rejects is like they got the fuck out there, right and then yeah, they laughed and the cops are on them.

[00:18:29] And then if you actually spoiler at the shootout at the other side if you remember they die at the end in a shoe. So Rob Zombie, I don’t think has said how this movie is gonna when this moves and take place. I think he’s trying to I think he may have said it’s modern but he hasn’t explained how or why.

[00:18:47] That they’re alive. Maybe it’ll be some Supernatural bullshit. Maybe it’ll be the never died which would be bullshit also, like maybe they are dead which Cassidy and the Sundance Kid they’re fine. Yeah, maybe that or maybe just maybe they’ll three it’s called three from hell. Maybe they escape hell what if it’s a high concept movie like that?

[00:19:04] That would be cool. I will wait for you to see Rob Zombie’s three from hell and you could tell me if it’s worth sing. I’m just glad he’s making a movie that. Has enough interest where I think it’ll get a fucking theatrical release other than 31 which we had to go see one night only fathom event and probably paid out of our pocket for it.

[00:19:23] Oh horrible. Okay. Can I throw one out real quick? I know we’re going back and forth. The one I think can spark this. This one is like everyone in the world. I think wants to see this next horror movie or every horror fan wants to see probably accept me, but I feel that I will definitely see it just because like it could be like.

[00:19:43] You could either like spark the reboot of like your Toms franchise. You’re talking about Child’s Play. I am okay. So me personally I never really connected with the Child’s Play movies. I don’t think a doll is very scary every time I’ve watched one of always just been like just pick it up and throw it like what it’s a doll like if an infant was trying to kill you fucking kick its ass.

[00:20:05] No, but whatever. Anyway, I’m interested. Now quick side note. I probably won’t be able to see the new Child’s Play Just Because my wife is so terrified of all things child. I can’t like I can’t watch the movies in my house. I can’t even say Child’s Play. Is that why you never want to do that?

[00:20:20] Franchise? You’re like, what is that? Because I’ve I’ve tried to get you to watch those movies repeated. I wanted your wife for let you know I really have to like I gotta wait till Mo like goes out of town. I can’t even like, you know, like in The Simpsons where Marge says sock puppets and homers runs out of the room.

[00:20:36] Yeah. That’s what it’s like with Child’s Play in my house. Like I really need to like like what like walking on eggshells that fucking so anyway, The rebooting it from what I can tell they also they also have a show but at least for the movie the movie which is it has nothing to do with the original creators.

[00:20:53] Don Mancini has been very vocal about how he’s upset that MGM and Orion or doing this. Yeah. So as we’ve talked about the package before Don Mancini and all the original creators and Brad Dourif and all the people who we know as Chucky franchise. They’re still Kickin and they’re going to do a TV show with mg with not MGM with whatever company they’re working with now.

[00:21:13] I think it’s Universal home video or something. But yeah, so this remake is happening. That’s kind of like an unsanctioned from the Creator’s thing. But the studio had the rights of the original movie. So they’re just doing it. Yeah, what do you think of that? I think it’s kind of disrespectful to the Don Mancini who’s created this franchise and been involved in every single one since the first one.

[00:21:38] It’s pretty fucked up. It’s one of those situations where. A studio is taking advantage of like, you know a right situation. It’s a I’ve talked about the physical to get the IP. Yeah talked about it before where like this is one of those franchises where I’ve personally have owned like Chucky box sets.

[00:21:53] Where the first it started with Child’s Play 2 because the people who own the retina MGM and Orion only writes A Child’s Play one and they were not playing nice with the rest of them. It’s just like petty and stupid to me and like it hurts their brand more than it helps it I would say but then again, If they are about to make a bunch of money off of it and like I think the movies in the work it stars Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree, Henry and Brian Tyree Henry.

[00:22:20] Just had like an insane year. And movies he was in like, yeah, three or four movies that are going to be private Academy award-nominated is incredibly he’s from Atlanta. Yeah, he’s fantastic. He’s amazing. So the new Chucky it’s rumored to be a more high-tech doll probably have some computer chip sort of Internet either angle to it or something just to you know, reflect the advances made since Chucky in the 80s and the movie is scheduled to come out in June.

[00:22:50] And you know, it’s just another reboot reboot. You’re still doing really hot. Of course, they’re doing it. I’m surprised it took this long. What does that? Well, I guess that movies want like 88 the first one or something. It’s just it’s like late 80s early 90s, I pretty minute. It’s definitely no names writing and directing it which I mean that’s a mixed bag, obviously.

[00:23:15] Part of me says good. Let’s get a fresh start of another part of me is like but really like no named writer-director. I’m looking this guy Tyler Burton Smith who wrote it he wrote the screenplay for child’s play and then also is currently writing Kung Fury to which was fun. But I mean, I wonder I’m interested to see what they do because again, this could be either like holy shit.

[00:23:39] They brought it into the Modern Age. Or they could believe fucked it because the one thing about Child’s Play also is like dude. I mean, this is a sense of stupid like do people even by kids dolls anymore. Yeah, maybe I don’t know I think Chucky like it’s just like a friend of your adjacent. He’s got that like brand recognition.

[00:23:58] Like I love going to Planet Hollywood and seeing the original Chucky doll. It’s really cool. Like I don’t know the cane from Citizen Kane. Yeah. Okay cool Simpsons reference there. The director of child’s play. The new one is actually Lars felber Cavell clev Berg. You know what his last movie was?

[00:24:18] What Polaroid you know, what happened to Polaroid? Oh, no put that Polaroids actually on my list of movies. That might come out this year. I don’t think it’s coming out. I think it got I think I got trashed it did get Weinstein to cut Weinstein didn’t trashed but the latest news actually I pulled this up for this episode.

[00:24:37] This was posted in September, so it may have fallen through again, but Polaroid is reportedly heading to Netflix. And we might get to see it. Anyway. Yeah, once you get dumped on Netflix, yes, and they get dumped on Netflix. Probably hopefully or just will never see it but you know Polaroids the movie that sparked the fans submitted fax machine script.

[00:24:58] That’s right. We got a we got to revive it. Who knows a I mean there’s a there’s a Netflix building right by not right by Blood like pretty close to me. So if Polaroids a hit for Netflix, We can we can drop that script off. No, let’s finish that script. I mean maybe we can get other listeners involved be like the first like new flesh production.

[00:25:21] We’ll all figure it out. Well, right all right a line and then send it to the next person. Yeah. It was like Exquisite corpse like everybody writes a page and then we’ll 10 and Netflix and then. Debbie’s dude, you know what like, I’m sure that won’t happen, but that’d be so funny just to like if we get an executive to actually read it and give us like the Straight Dope.

[00:25:38] So what do you think? Oh my God you we should do that. We should have it written somehow and then get a scriptwriter to come on a script reader. Excuse me. Yeah, come on show and read our. Fan submitted fax machines threads and just like talk about that. So funny we should do that. We’re always we’re full of grand ambition and big plants will we follow through stay tuned?

[00:26:01] Okay. I’m sorry I did too. So why don’t you hit me with that? Yeah, so I just mentioned Polaroid after so yeah, if I didn’t mention that child’s plays out in June, I’m pretty excited for it. Joe is not what do I got? Let’s see. I’m going to the top my list just to get it out of the way and because it’s in.

[00:26:19] The order of date again Jordan peels follow-up to get out us is out on hands are in the air. Yeah, Margie King. This will be the best movie of the year just on right now hands down or horror best movie of the year. Oh, I don’t know definitely best horror. Maybe one of the best movies too. Alright, so this movie is out on March 15th.

[00:26:42] The trailer is out. Now. Here’s the description if you don’t want to watch it, or if you want to know a little about it Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke portray a couple who visit a beach house with their children and their good friend played by Elisabeth Moss. The relaxing vacation comes to an abrupt halt with the arrival of some unwanted visitors.

[00:27:00] And beyond that it would be spoiler territory and the trailer gives it away. But yeah, I will be we know what’s in the trailer. So I mean what spoilers? Okay, so the trailer gives a way that The Unwanted visitors appear to be them. It’s a clones of them or like some sort of alternate Dimension version of them or something like that.

[00:27:20] So, it’s Man versus himself. In Jordan peels us. It looks the trailers great. I’m kind of upset I watched it and I’m kind of upset we just spoiled it for everyone who had watched it, but we gave him a warning. Yeah. I just think you know the less the less, you know the better for this type of movie.

[00:27:39] Yeah. I think that it looks. Amazing. He once again has put together an incredible cast of actors that are recognizable certainly not like household names and I guess Elisabeth Moss because of a ham and stale and down a little bit lower Tim Heidecker. I think plays her husband regardless, you know with with get out.

[00:28:05] He masterfully revived a. Oh like not a cloning, but kind of like a Stepford Wives sort of like plot and also was able to put in his own social commentary in there, which I mean the movies brilliant who that mean people have written, you know fucking thing pieces on thing pieces about how incredible get out is so unlike, you know bore you with that but with us already looking at it, I think he’s kind of done like not a 180 but like where that movie was like.

[00:28:34] Out in this world. He’s now bringing like, you know, this guy versus these people like this community, you know, black eye versus a white Community almost now, he’s bringing it like inside to like a house where it’s just like this family versus themselves. It has the feeling of like. Funny games and the strangers and possibly Straw Dogs depending on what happens in it, which is like, you know, we talked on the last episode about how amazing standoff at Sparrow Creek was and how incredibly tense and Brilliant the movie was using like these very small elements small cast people stuck at one location.

[00:29:09] And I think that this is going to have a little bit of that. I hope it does I just like. I mean my expectations are really high for this movie, but I’d already looks like he’s going to deliver. I mean he has been on fire, you know? Yeah, and it’s got their Twilight Zone premiering probably this year to write he’s got absolutely absolutely if we’re talking about anticipated and it feel like with Jordan Peele.

[00:29:29] I mean, it’s easy to forget that with Key and Peele show those on for what four years three years least four, maybe five like looking looking at those sketches, like every single sketch was like. Look like a scene from a movie or a TV show like yeah, they really nailed the like aesthetic of whatever they were imitating.

[00:29:46] Both those guys and clearly peel they were on top of the importance of Aesthetics and tone and how not just like the jokes. But also how everything is shot and put together has a dramatic effect on the feeling of the sketch and you know, they did what like a thousand of them have is not a thousand but like that show was oddly enough incredible training ground for Jordan Peele to understand exactly how to dial in his tone with you know, and how important.

[00:30:15] And the tone and the pace of whatever they’re making how important that is to the piece. So of course get out, you know is technically his first movie feels like it’s V because of all the great things you did with Key and Peele but it’s a comedy show. So I think people weren’t really paying attention to that.

[00:30:33] So I’m not surprised that he’s coming out of the gate just like having it all locked in. I think I just movies is I think this movie is going to be huge. Yeah. I think that we’re going to see some Oscar, nom. Because now finally the academy with with that Tony Colette’s performance in hereditary and also Emily Blunt’s performance in a quiet place both being buzzed about possibly being honest.

[00:30:57] Yeah, by the time this episodes out we’ll know but we don’t know right now. Well if they can’t believe the Academy I know where we don’t know yet, but I think the academy is finally starting to take a second. Look at horror movies and seeing that they are contenders. And I have a feeling that by this time next year and but hey, he won best original screenplay.

[00:31:13] So already, you know, they’re looking at his next work and I would not be surprised if there’s some best actor or best supporting actor nods for us. I’m predicting it right now. Wow today early prediction sight unseen. All right. I got one more to do before you can do one. This is coming out March 29th.

[00:31:36] Remember that movie from the Iranian filmmaker, but back on Vari from a couple years ago called only Under The Shadow.  Yes, it was a ghost story. It was sediments the iran-iraq war. So this he’s got another movie coming out March 29th. Oh, yeah. It’s an adaptation of a 2015 Novella the visible fifth or filth.

[00:32:01] Visible filth which follows a New Orleans bartender who’s life, unravels after he picks up a phone left behind at his bar. The movie is much more star-studded than his last Affair which you know was Iranian and didn’t start any a big American actors. This one’s got was the one with the bomb Limbs and under the shadow is on where the bomb lands in the yes apartment, but doesn’t go off.

[00:32:25] Yes, excellent movie. It features Armie Hammer. Dakota Johnson and zosky dates. Yeah, and that just sounds really good the book the author of the book won the highly coveted Shirley Jackson award for that now Novella. So it’s people in the surely he won the surely man. Everyone’s talking about it so wounds.

[00:32:45] I’m not sure when or how it’s coming out, but it’s March 29th, and I would assume probably at the actual release followed by VOD. You want to go you got anymore, you know till I got a million. Okay, keep going. All right, I’m jumping I’m jumping on my license. You did some jumping onto my list of like things that are really want to see so movie that I did a that came out of nowhere for me that looks incredible and will no doubt be surrounded by controversy because of the filmmaker of a controversy that he did not deserve but people on the internet stupid, but I was completely blindsided and so excited by the trailer for bright.

[00:33:23] Oh, yeah, I haven’t I haven’t watched the trailer still but I read the description and I’m in yeah, so for those who haven’t seen the trailer and Brett included Patton Oswalt sent out a tweet because I don’t know if you seen it or read the script, but he had said that the the conceit of the movie is what if Superman was Michael Myers.

[00:33:40] It looks to be pretty much the same origin story as Superman a family a couple. Out in the farm played by what did you call it? Bright is it’s bright Burn Right. Bright Burn. Yeah, okay. I thought I kept thinking Blackburn. I kept saying you’re wrong. Sorry. Let’s Let It Burn nothing. It’s nothing and it’s pretty and the movie.

[00:34:01] I think just produced by James Gunn and written by Brian and Mark gun. Okay. So do you have your ID written by Mark and Brian? Okay. So Stars Elizabeth Banks? Yeah and David Denman who I believe was the the love interest of Pam and the American office your eyes directed by David yaroslavsky who I don’t know so James Gunn just producing.

[00:34:18] All right my mistake anyway, he’s the most famous person behind the camera. And the considered next James got movie. So the conceit is that a couple who adopts a child that crash lands on Earth from another world and is raised to use his superpowers as a hero to better mankind. However, as an evil grows inside of him, the child uses powers for something potentially Sinister and it keeps jumping back and forth in the trailer of like this kid, you know.

[00:34:41] He’s abandoned spoons and like doing all this stuff and like showing like he’s like he’s so special that’s cutting to like what looks like the SWAT team like coming into like a restroom or whatever and it’s really really like I got like a Moody and kind of scary in the moms like terrified of it. It has all these parts of like.

[00:34:59] You know the parents who possibly have raised the psychopath and but they love their the child and the kid is like not saying stuff. We’re doing lots of weird things and it just looks amazing. I think it’s an incredibly clever premise for a movie why no one’s made a movie like this before is beyond anyone’s guess to me, but I like how it’s just.

[00:35:19] You hear the premise and right away. You’re like, holy shit. I got to see that so I’m very very excited for bright burn. Hell. Yeah, I’m not going to watch the trailer because I’m already sold. Yeah, don’t it comes out May 24th. Thank you. Yeah Memorial Day weekend. I think Memorial Day weekend.

[00:35:37] You got another one you want me to go? Yeah, you know, I’ll do one more we can tie it you can kind of throw it back at me what you heard about this. I haven’t heard too much. I’m sure it’s going to be excellent. I am. Beyond excited for the pet cemetery remix. Yeah, man, that’s on my list. I’m very excited.

[00:35:54] It’s 30 years since the last pet cemetery movie Mary Lambert’s I think was an 89 right? So this one is directed by the guys who did Starry Eyes Kevin Coulson Dennis would admire so I’m really excellent movie and if this movie, you know didn’t have. Such prolific to me to me very good filmmakers have to do it.

[00:36:19] I probably wouldn’t care so much. But you combine that with the fact that it Stars Jason Clark and John Lithgow and the trailer is really good and loud and scary. I think this could be like a top-tier king annotation. I think it’s gonna be. Absolutely, and you know I am blanking on the names you everyone has to forgive me, but one thing that got me excited about and it’s a big geeky, but I’ll throw it out there when I did a video for Insider about the guys who did the sound for a quiet place a quiet place being a masterpiece for several reasons, but also being this like the sound is like.

[00:36:56] So dialed in its conservative views of sound and everyone’s music. Oh my God, there’s barely any sound in the sound is very this this day that and rightfully so so the two guys are the team that did the sound design for a quiet place is doing the sound design for this movie. And I know that seems like so what but these guys, I mean, I got a chance to stop the trailer man.

[00:37:15] Yeah like these guys. I mean like sound is obviously very important in movies, especially horror movies and these guys like arguably the best sound guys out there and. If they’re crafting the sound for this movie guaranteed that it’s going to be excellent. Cool. That’s cool. I’m excited about that so so for but it so it’s also well, you said the directors from from starry eyes, but who is writing it are they also writing it?

[00:37:44] I’m pretty sure they’re also writing it. Let me let me pull that up. I’m looking at the screenplay and it’s one of the guys who wrote on the terror and another guy who. Writer of Midnight Meat Train interesting choice. Oh, yeah, David kostewicz or whatever. He wrote on the new Suspiria to did he?

[00:38:03] Yeah. Whoa. Oh hell yeah, dude. Yeah, I don’t even see that. Oh, look at that. Yeah it Terror Suspiria fucking loved both. Yeah. This is promising man. This is all very promising stuff and the other writer wrote. Wow, he’s writing the new pet cemetery. He wrote the new Jacob’s Ladder. He wrote the new Grudge.

[00:38:23] Holy fuck this guys getting yes this good this time. I think you are Colonel my God and he wrote The Prodigy which is the new instead of make my list of most anticipated but it is a horror movie that comes out next month. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Keep seeing Taylor Schilling. Yeah. I actually have a screening of it.

[00:38:42] Well, actually no the screening coincides with my with my comedy show so I can’t go but it’s directed by Nicholas McCarthy who did The Pact. Which people like and at the devil’s door which people I thought didn’t like but I don’t remember those movies very much. But yeah, The Prodigy also written by the guy who’s writing the new pet cemetery.

[00:39:02] So yeah, I think the talent involved sounds promising the trailers good cats is good. Directors are very good. What could go wrong?  I mean plenty obviously, but I feel like. Hey, it’s took what 35 years for them to start getting King movies, right? So yeah, we’ve seen successful adaptations. And I think this is a perfect segue to go into a next anticipated horror film that you and I both want to see I know it’s your turn but I’m going to go anyway, and I’m going to say that it chapter 2 is coming out this year.

[00:39:35] Yep. It comes out September 6th. I mean the first it from. If it’s first it reboot from two years ago, right? Yeah, I want to say it was 2016 I guess. No, I mean I yeah, it was right before I moved. Yes 2017 for sure. I mean it was amazing. It was it was like it was like I was raised. A perfect but it was like fuck.

[00:40:02] Yeah, like as far as like it got what I was on man. Yeah. I was very satisfying to be as good as it was. Yeah, I was incredibly impressed by Andy machetes Direction and vision of this film. I believe Doberman wrote it right dude, Gary fucking Darwin wrote it who in addition to writing. Also wrote the nun which was like, you know fucking garbage but also wrote Annabelle creation, which is not fucking garbage, but also wrote and about yeah.

[00:40:31] Well, okay. All right, but L say that he also wrote it chapter two, which I don’t know. I haven’t seen yeah, and he also is writing another movie that’s on our list that are am I on my list today, but yak about later. Probably not Swamp Thing because you know cheverus anyway, so and the next Annabelle movie.

[00:40:51] I mean, I think it’s going to be a hit man. I really think I mean, you know the fact that at the very end of it the original or the one that just came out. You know it custard dark and it just says it chapter 1 and the audience went fucking crazy. Yeah, I’m sure we all knew leading into it that it was going to be two parts, but just the fact that a movie was so good.

[00:41:13] And so satisfying that it’s a very last thing you see as them the announcement for the second. By saying like that was chapter 1 and the theater people are like, yeah, it’s like yeah, it’s I mean every which everyone walked out of there being like motherfucker gave me that number two. So I think that just like presale and hope for this thing is going to be gigantic.

[00:41:33] I like I cannot wait. I’m not to mention the fucking cast because now we got Jessica Chastain is Beverly March, which I’m pretty sure we did an episode where I mentioned that. Who should be cast in that was that was an obvious choice. But yeah, just how many redheads we her. Amy. Amy Adams got that’s a tie.

[00:41:48] Then James McAvoy as build then bro, Bill Hader Hader is Richie toes toes are. James ransone is Eddie Andy bean and Jay Ryan and Isaiah. Mustafa are people I don’t I don’t know but they’re all in it. Yeah, it chapter 2, I’m very hyped. Everyone’s hyped. It’s going to be great. I just read a thing where James McAvoy said, you know, Bill Skarsgard scared the shit out of them on set as a clown like it’s so scary.

[00:42:14] Yeah, I believe it. Okay what? Yeah and the guy and the guy who’s playing a Henry Bowers. I’ve seen him around and stuff. He’s in the terror for like a minute, but he looks. Fucking terrifying like if you like if you just mentally felt like what does your what does your grade school bully look like when it grows up to be like I’d like a depressed old crazy old man.

[00:42:34] This guy has that face like perfect casting for for adult Henry Bowers. So this over. Just gonna be so good. Fuck. Yeah. All right. Well, I’ll jump off your Doberman and go to his other this is on my list of like I’m excited. Maybe I don’t really know how to feel. It’s probably going to be more of a kids movie but October 11th.

[00:42:53] We’re getting an adaptation of the hit Canadian TV show. I believe Are You Afraid of the Dark? Not to be confused with with Eerie, Indiana or scary stories. It was scary stories to tell in the dark – oh, no, it was a book and it’s also on the list. Hang tight. Oh, sorry. That’s okay Are You Afraid of the Dark was premiered on Canadian television, I think in 1990 and then got a second run it from disorder ran from 1990 to 1996.

[00:43:22] And then from 1999 to 2000 Nickelodeon picked it up in 91. It started airing it. What else to say so in Seven Seasons 91 episodes? Yeah, if you remember like the show’s format was. I think it was they were called themselves The Midnight Society and they would just meet in the woods and like the format was like, you know, they’re around the campfire and someone would tell the story and then the show would cut to that story.

[00:43:45] And that was the episode was like an anthology pretty good idea for Cho. Yeah, so Gary Doberman wrote this movie. He said he wants to honor the darker scarier tone of the show and to a completely original story and he says the Midnight Society will still factor in not every story The Midnight Society told ended happily ever after or a person in their lesson and it will never happen again.

[00:44:08] I really embraced that side of things and I think it’s been a long time. That is what he said about it. It’s out, you know can’t get too excited when a writer. Bob promotes his own shit, but I’m excited about it. I think it could have it has potential to be cool and want since he said it also jump to coming out August 9th scary stories to tell in the dark and this is exciting for a couple reasons.

[00:44:33] One of them I think just being because the source material is so just the end the the visuals the illustrations are so scary the Stephen gamma lamb illustrations. The book is written by Alvin Schwartz, but they’re like kid friendly ghost stories. But I’ve everyone I know who read these as a kid was very scared of them.

[00:44:51] Do totally totally. Yeah, and I haven’t read them in years, but I. But I have them now and I’m excited to read it and it just like they it’s just very sexual and violent and that you think they it’s like vampires they eat each other. It’s great. Anyway highlife. Here’s the premise of high life, which is a blend of horror sci-fi and drama that is being described as existential Terror.

[00:45:14] Robert Pattinson plays a character named Monty. So montine his baby daughter are the last survivors of a damned and Dangerous Mission to the outer reaches of the solar system the crew of death row inmates led by a doctor Juliette binoche with Sinister motives has vanished as the mystery of what happened on board.

[00:45:33] The ship is unraveled father and daughter must rely on each other to survive as they hurtle towards the Oblivion of a black hole a staggering and Primal film about love and intimacy. Suffused with anguish memories of a lost Earth it’s been described as a haunting thrilling achievement from Visionary director Claire Denis.

[00:45:50] This is easily one of my most expensive movies of the year. Really? Yeah, it’s just clears and he’s just an incredible filmmaker who you know, it’s like a she’s a she’s the real deal. She’s like, you know gets Awards in place festivals, like people love Claire Denis. She’s been making movies for years.

[00:46:03] She’s trouble everyday as I would say is her only one that like I’d recommend to our. Base of podcast listeners, but she makes a lot of very delightful movies that are not horror. But this is it just look I haven’t watched trailer yet everything. I’ve heard from this movie like Charles were medicos tweeted about a million times.

[00:46:19] He fucking loves it everybody saying how great it is. And what’s it called high life and it’s out. A24 is releasing it on April 19th. I would imagine it’s going to be a limited release that will maybe go a little wide and then eventually go to VOD high life is definitely up there looks great. Check out the trailer.

[00:46:39] Wonderful. I’m afraid to but you do it dude September. I think it’s going to be an amazing month for us for several reasons. Obviously the it movies going to be coming out it has today. Yeah, it’s your birthday. So that’d be great. But I know the reason look forward to September specifically September of this year because I think this is when this movie is coming out.

[00:47:01] Sorry it premiered at a festival at last September. So I’ve never scratch that September thing. Wait a sec. Oh wait, it was released in September, but it’s not available in America yet. I don’t know when it’s going to be but I will be first in line to see my apparently favorite filmmaker s Craig’s eilers new film dragged across concrete.

[00:47:23] Yes this movie played. I think we were talking about is that it’s Premier to the festival and for that’s the date that you got there. I’ve heard people really like this movie. Also, it’s got like Mel Gibson and. Mel Gibson’s back Vince Vaughn. Yeah and Michael Jai White. And Udo career kind of Pops in there.

[00:47:41] And of course. Mr. Don Johnson for those who don’t don’t know Chris is Craig Zellers work from pronouncing that right Braun cellblock 99, which I fucking lost my mind over its if you haven’t had a ball she’d had fucking movie. It is incredible and his I believe debut film which completely knocked me out bone Tomahawk which no one fucking saw because it came out the exact time as the hateful eight.

[00:48:06] I hated the hateful eight. I thought the hateful eight was stupid and Bone Tomahawk is what the hateful eight should be. Right and they both are not hurt Russell, right? Yeah. It’s a Mustang he felt at the same time. She literally looks exactly the same. It’s almost like the character that Kurt Russell plays.

[00:48:22] It’s like he’s just like step. It’s like the adventures of this character whatever. Yeah and low Tomahawk is on Amazon Prime. You can watch it watch it right now. I cannot recommend both bone Tomahawk and bronze cellblock 99 enough and now he’s coming out with another one dragged across concrete the plot to policeman and old-timer Mel Gibson and other and the other of volatile young partner, Vince Vaughn finds himself suspended when a video of their strong arm tactics become media cuz days you’re low on cash and with no other option these two embittered soldiers to sentence a criminal underworld to gain their just do but instead find far more than they wanted awaiting them in the shadows.

[00:49:01] To disgrace cops go to the dark side to do what they got to do. Holy fucking shit. That’s what know it’s going to be insane. You know, it’s just gonna it’s called dragged across concrete. So I’ll be someone’s getting fucking I mean that title reminds me of a very memorable moment from brawl in cell block 99.

[00:49:18] Absolutely. Someone’s face is literally fucking dragged across God. Oh my God horrible what I love about this guy’s movies, especially this one and especially bronze sub like 99. He’s amazing at coming up with this premises that are just like that just like to just. Warren excessively hilarious Grindhouse level violence of just I mean bronze a buck 99 in this movie and this movie.

[00:49:44] I’m sure it’s probably just going to be like bronze. I like 99 is going to Vince Vaughn and now Mel Gibson literally beating the shit out of people Non-Stop and and hey, Don Johnson it, you know, Don Johnson is going to be the bad guy like his movies play out like like. 80s Video Games, you know, which is like you’re the tough guy you got to get to the boss and the only way to get there is to beat the shit out of people and it’s hard hard right?

[00:50:07] Perfect way to put it. Yeah, so drag across concrete, I’m sure is going to be excellent and cannot wait to see it. Fuck. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got some more. What do I got here? This one? I’m excited about apparently a trailer just dropped. I haven’t seen it yet, but. We’re getting a sequel to a very underrated horror movie from a couple years ago called 47 meters down a block.

[00:50:33] What’s it? What’s it called this time? I was expecting 48 meters down, but what no, it’s not. No, it’s 47 meters down uncaged. And they were in a cage in the first they were and this one comes out June 28th. And this time instead of one. I think it was Mandy Moore and her friend two people stuck in a cage this one five Backpackers diving in a ruined underwater city quickly learn.

[00:50:59] They’re not alone in the submerge caves. So it’s just another Shark Attack movie. It’s directed by the same guy who I thought directed the first ones so fucking well. Johanna’s Roberts who also did The Strangers to last year, which is solid. This one starts John Corbett or courbet whatever his name is from Sex and the City and Nia Long and a bunch of other people Karin Fox.

[00:51:23] Yeah, this movie was made by what’s that company called? Byron Allen’s entertainment Studios. All you want man that guy. Oh, I know. It’s a well he’s killing it the see my the way it is called. It is Kai was looking at Byron Allen’s Wikipedia page because I am a little morbidly fascinated with the guy’s career and.

[00:51:45] Sure enough. I just thought it was so funny. Is that his production company that he started when he was just a guy trying to make it is called entertainment Studios. Yeah, that’s insane. The most of us uninspired. Yeah, and the logo is horrible every time every time I see one of his movies. I’m like, oh brother with the with the with the two with two spotlights cross and like movie reels.

[00:52:08] Yeah. It’s like fucking mobile me a global Media company, but hey man, like like like we can laugh all they want but the dude is like he’s got some hits man. I mean his show is TV shows or kind of stupid like he’s done a lot of those those Court shows and he’s got a lot of those like Judge Judy.

[00:52:23] Yes. Shows like America’s court and Justice Court and Justice with judge blabbity blah, whatever and but I mean some of the movies is put out. It’s been what is a he was involved in Chappaquiddick? Yeah, he’s gonna request. Yeah a lot of like cheap horror and then yeah a bunch of random stuff. It’s crazy.

[00:52:43] Really excited for this one though because 47 meters down was so surprisingly good just because the premise itself was just inherently terrifying like it didn’t really need to do much just like yeah, here’s these two people trapped in in a cage underwater with sharks and they have, you know, finite supply of air and also pointing out that like, they’ve never scuba before right like the past and they wanted it went through kind of like did like a cheap.

[00:53:10] You know not sanctioned version. So they’re also kind of like. They’re shooting a truly fucked. Yeah, there’s like no like that. If you don’t think they even make a swim forward you can’t cause like look at the band love. Yeah. Yeah. It’s just really intense. It’s like I think it’s like 90 minutes or less.

[00:53:26] It’s just very much like a perfect little boiler little tight movie really good. So excited from excited. Yeah I said and I still die mean I saw the movie and I really liked it. But one one of the one thing that I think hurts these movies and seems so stupid, but I think it’s true. An average American has no idea how deep 47 meters is yes.

[00:53:48] Which is deep it’s way deeper than 47 feet. I know most people know that but I just think it’s funny like 47 meters down and a lot of people are like is what as what’s a meter. Like is that a yard is it a foot is a less like is a 10 inches like a anything underwater with sharks escaped fucking 10 meters.

[00:54:05] It’s still scary as fuck but. The only thing holding it back as like well, let’s look it up right now. Let’s see if it was 47 if we converted it to our system 47 meters. It’s now let’s what would it be as effective? Holy shit if it was called a hundred and fifty four feet down. I mean, it sounds I mean it’s it gets the picture.

[00:54:25] I painted that Japanese. I don’t think that sounds terrifying. Yeah, it does look like it was it was like 150 feet below or something like that about fuck that’s so deep. But 47 meters is like I guess that’s deep. I could I could handle that. Yeah, 447 is a food I could do that. What else do I got?

[00:54:45] I’ve got a fight more. I got a bunch Peggy. I don’t know a lot about this next movie. Maybe, you know more than I do I am I mean. There’s no way I’m not seeing re Esther’s next filled Midsummer spell MIT somm a are not Midsummer. The only thing that we know about it is reading up the Wikipedia page a couple travel to Sweden to visit the friends rural home town for fabled Midsummer Festival Midsummer spelled correctly.

[00:55:14] What begins is idyllic which we quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hey hands of a pagan cult. My guy re is going back to the the Pagan devil worshipping at stay away from the peyman. Yeah. Yeah the other that well which I. Hey suppose. You don’t know Ari is the writer and director of hereditary.

[00:55:35] One of the best movies from last year not best horror movies best movies period of last year agree. I think I think it should be up for best picture. I certainly won’t Tony Coletti will absolutely if she’s not up for best actress fucking fuck all the Oscars. Yeah. I mean, I mean already fuck them.

[00:55:50] But yeah, yeah the stupid anyway, but just in general it’s like to not give hereditary. It’s due for a best picture best cinematography best actress best screenplay. Best, you know, I’ll even say best sound design with that begs BB heading is to be hangs in this phone. Yeah, so just just I mean hereditary should be as shit fucking at least kill with the nominations shouldn’t win because people have you know, sticks up their butts, but I mean, whatever anyway his next move is come I mean a year later it was already coming out with my schedule.

[00:56:22] Come on, August 9, August 9th by a 24 who is literally fucking killing it. I mean the guy he’s a master his debut film has proven that he has a genius-level command of Cinema both in story. Pay stone like another Jordan Peele. These guys are coming up the gate which is fully formed ideas and styles which is incredible, which I love you know, I have also high hopes for this starring people who I don’t recognize Jack.

[00:56:53] Reynor Florence / Will Poulter winds Will Poulter is the guy. Yeah snatch. Yeah, he’s also a boy. Yeah, he’s in the We’re the Millers. I think that comedy is that people like yeah. I’m excited for this. I don’t have any more information there. It’s being kept pretty much under wraps and there’s no release date yet.

[00:57:14] Yes, it’s scheduled to release on August 9th. Oh really? According to Wikipedia? Oh, yeah, I don’t know about that stock from Midsummer and you guys should be too because it’s you know, my guy hereditary coming down the pipe with another one. All right. I’ve got some more in August. We’ve got crawl.

[00:57:31] From that maker Alexandre Aja who you know, you know him from what high tension and the last house on the No No, The Hills Have Eyes remake and mirrors. He’s getting married. Well, yeah, he didn’t even know where it’s terrible director. So he’s directing and it’s being produced by Sam Raimi. That’s why I’m excited.

[00:57:53] This movie’s called crawl and it focuses on a young woman who. While struggling to save her father during a category 5 hurricane find yourself trapped inside a flooding house and suddenly fighting for her life against Florida’s most Savage and feared predators.  That sounds fucked up. So yeah, that is coming out August 23rd, Sam Raimi production, Sam Raimi producing horror has me excited.

[00:58:17] So I just you know, the last thing you did was probably Evil Dead remake, which was okay, I guess didn’t love it. What else do I got? I got another one scrolling. Oh, yeah, this one may or may not come out August 2nd. It has a very troubled production history. It’s the X-Men movie spin-off the New Mutants.

[00:58:41] It was originally supposed to be out April of last of 2018 last year and then it was pushed to February 22nd of this year and then it was pushed back again. To August 2nd because they are ready cuz they also delayed there’s two delayed X-Men movies right now. So that one is delayed a bunch and then there’s one called Dark Phoenix, which is also delayed a bunch.

[00:59:04] So now dark Phoenix was pushed from November 2018 to February 20 19, which was why they ended up pushing New Mutants again to August. So dark Phoenix is out in February. New Mutants allegedly out in in August and it’s allegedly the reason they’re reached apparently the reshooting it to make it scarier because people like they sold it as a horror movie and apparently the movie really isn’t that so the rumor is they’re going back to make it more horror and maybe are rated.

[00:59:34] It’s just like it’s been there’s been so many updates from like the producers and director like no one really knows what’s happening with it at this point. The latest rumor is that. The director Josh Boone and fox are struggling to come up with a comprehensive incomprehensible finest final product and that there’s a chance Fox is trying to get it on like Netflix or Hulu and release it on an October with.

[01:00:00] Hi Daisy. Oh my God, the dog just got home and ran onto my bed. Hello. Hey, Daisy. So yeah, they’re trying to decide whether. New Mutants will be a theatrical release or dumped on streaming either way. It’s got like onion Taylor Joy who’s in like the new M Night movies and thoroughbreds and a bunch of other people in it.

[01:00:23] It’s basically a horror Twist on X-Men so it sounds cool but the troubled history makes me think of the might be trash but I thought it’s worth mentioning people might be excited about it and it’s supposed to you know, we’ll see if it comes out August 2nd, which is its current release. I do not know if that will happen and there is some big ticket items still to talk about do you have those ones?

[01:00:43] You know, I’m talking about I have I might not so let me let me hear Let me hear what the ones that I’ll hit you with three real fast that I don’t know anything other than white, I guess the rest. I don’t know anything about so I’ll hit you with. My father was just ones that I don’t have anything besides the name and and the premise one that I think looks really good as an Irish horror film that is going to be coming out of March first called the hole in the ground.

[01:01:12] Okay? So trying to escape a broken past zero Neil builds a new life on the fringes of a backwoods World town with her young son Chris a terrifying encounter with a mysterious neighbor Shadows of French security throwing sarin to spiral nightmare a paranoia mistrust blah blah blah blah basically the idea of the movie is that she moves she and her son moved to a quiet back woods house and there is a.

[01:01:36] Titular hole in the ground her son goes missing for a night comes back and is clearly not the same as he was before. Ohm, and I think that I think that term of that as a changeling or a potential changeling and has to do with this mysterious hole in the ground. There is a trailer and it just looks like a good.

[01:01:56] Tight. Okay low budget horror is like what the fuck’s going on? There’s something out in the Woods movie that I’m interested in looking at another one that I don’t know anything about is the Rabid remake the David Cronenberg film is being remade by The Soca sister the South so sisters does Justice.

[01:02:13] That’s all I know for those who haven’t seen Rabun check it out. It’s pretty good, but it’s ridiculous Cronenberg debut. I want to say it’s I believe so yes, and I’ll tell you. So I have seen most of the original rabid and I love Cronenberg. The movie is like it’s cheap. Let’s say it’s real fucking cheap and it’s like 70s cheap.

[01:02:34] It’s like when you had still to buy film, so it’s an impressive debut for who would go on to be one of the most legendary directors of all time. But you know when you watch rabid, it’s me, it’s perfect remake fighter because it’s like interesting premise. Pop has the brand recognition at least would like horror fans like you or I but certainly there’s no rabid pyrrhus.

[01:02:54] No one when they said they’re remaking the snow was like, huh, but the original it’s just like yeah, please by all means fix this one. Yeah, right like like I mean, I’m sure of Cronenberg. Could he go back and make it himself but he’s just feel like it and thus oska sisters. I like yeah, I think and it and they said they did American Mary.

[01:03:13] Is that right? I believe so. Yes. Yeah. I love that movie and they and you know, the. This put this version of a rabid. It’s a woman who gets plastic surgery and want some beautiful your face gets fucked up. So it has a very. Woman woman Centric. Yeah plot to it. So it’s good at these two women are the ones that are helping it.

[01:03:36] That’s not a guarantee. But at least they probably have more understanding of the the Unspeakable difficult beauty standards that women have to deal with and with the links of they will go through to keep up with them. So I have a high hopes, but I mean, there’s no Trail, there’s no nothing. So we’ll see.

[01:03:50] Okay, you said you had three is another. Oh, yeah, you saw piercing the new movie from the Nicholas pesi. I said horror movie. I would say yes, and no, I don’t know man. I I was hyped on it more the the night after the screening the more I sit with it the more I’m like, yeah that was kind of forgettable and not great.

[01:04:09] It was it’s definitely a step down for me from eyes of my mother. It’s just a weird. It’s more of a dark dark dark comedy is what I would say. It’s less of a horror movie. So definitely see it. But like don’t get your expectations too high for the new eyes of my mother follow-up. It’s not it’s not a straight-up horror movie.

[01:04:31] Okay, I got more. Yeah. Okay. So this one sounds awesome Vincenzo Natali who you may remember from. You know, he did Cube most famously I think and then sure police and a bunch all some really really really great episodes of Hannibal. He’s done a lot of Television lately a lot of that Hannibal you can’t get enough I fucking love handles great if you never watched it.

[01:04:55] You got it. Anyway, he’s got a new movie coming out on Netflix that I know you’ll be excited about because it is a Stephen King adaptation or oh actually, it’s a Joe Hill adaptation. Yes. Yes. Yes in the tall grass. It’s a king. It’s a Stephen King and Joe Hill. And for those who don’t know Joe Hill is Stephen King son.

[01:05:13] He choose to use his mother’s certain last name. Yeah, Tabitha Hill is the mom and they’re still married. But you know Joe Hill because if he was joking or joking, that’s a funny name. And I would be a funny name but also like obviously he did not want to as a writer. You don’t want to walk and their own be like hello.

[01:05:30] I’m Stephen King sun. It’s like it’s annoying. He wants to carve his own path here for him and I will say right away red Nosferatu which will be the show. We talked about the last episode the AMC show Nosferatu is excellent and will be a great show Joe Hill. He’s got the. So this premise here in the tall grass is about a brother and sister who wander into a large disorienting field after believing the hear a child’s Cry for Help coming from within it will star Patrick Wilson, which is awesome.

[01:05:57] He’s great and in The Tall Grass will be a Netflix original and it will come out in late 2019. So that is exciting love is no but I mean, you know, here’s the thing with them look the Stephen King adaptations and that I’m going to speculate here. I love Stephen King. We talked about him all the time love is and it’s been it’s been kind of like a frustrating relationship with Stephen King.

[01:06:19] Not only with his books. But also his movie adaptations is everyone who has seen his movies or read his books. But no, I mean he has greatness in him and has reached to Greatness several times, but there’s just as many, you know, Stephen King clunker books and Stephen King clunker adaptations Joe Hill on the other hand, you know, he’s like Stephen King 2.0 obviously as prolific as his dad, but certainly I think.

[01:06:42] Has the a similar mind Nosferatu is great. I’ve heard great things about the fireman and his other books and I will be reading them. So the fact that Joe is son is kind of stepped in and work with his dad. I’m predicting that Joe probably was a little more hungrier for this to be a success that his dad was so I’m hoping that Joe kind of took the reins.

[01:07:05] And made sure that this didn’t fall into another adaptation nightmare with Stephen King. You know what I mean? Totally like I’m hoping that son kind of like helped his old dad, you know make this a bigger hit than because I mean, you know Stephen King, he he’s in the middle of 20 books that could come out, you know to a year.

[01:07:23] He’s in a bit of like a thousand applications. Like I mean, you just know that some point Kings just got to be like on the phone being like, yeah, I don’t give a fuck figure it out like well, hey stupid there’s an issue with the with the put some insurance companies. I’m she’s just like, yeah, I don’t give a fuck like.

[01:07:34] 80 I don’t give a shit. I got my check you guys figure it out. So I feel like Joe Hill being involved is going to point towards a better quality. That’s a prediction. I don’t know Jill. I don’t know their Dynamic. So just guessing Okay, and I think the rest of these that I got don’t have release dates, but I got a few more big ones.

[01:07:52] Do you have a good how are you good? Yeah, I once I don’t know if they’re considered really been I mean there’s one that it’s going to be big for us. Goddamn that doesn’t have any sort of well, there’s two sides to is going to be for us all to look at it because some say one is going to be big for us and one that’s going to be like a huge movie the one that’s going to be big for us is of course Robert Eggers.

[01:08:15] New movie The Lighthouse quick side note if I refer to him as David Eggers earlier. I apologize this Robert Eggers. Yeah, you did call him Dave Eggers and I didn’t know I was like, I think that’s probably that’s the author’s that’s the author David Eggers is Robert Eggers. I’m assuming no relation.

[01:08:29] He is coming out of the new one called Lighthouse for those who don’t know Robert Eggers wrote and directed The Witch. Phenomenally fantastic movie somewhat polarized because people are stupid but another guy who came Who Came Out Swinging written directed looks beautiful dialed in tone. Perfectly patient well-executed movie.

[01:08:48] Absolutely love the Witch, and I was coming at us with the lighthouse which has very little to go on. All we know is being shot in black and white takes place in 1890 Nova Scotia Canada, and to me it doesn’t sound like a horror movie, but it’s being described as a horror movie by the press release Robert Pattinson.

[01:09:07] Patterson and Willem Dafoe started Lighthouse described as a fantasy Horror Story set in the world of old seafaring myths sounds like old skin, which is on shutter now. Yeah, just one can assume it takes place in a lighthouse. Hence the name. Yeah, and. Reports the it’s done filming and from what the actors have said.

[01:09:27] It was the most grueling film. They’ve ever shot. I’m sure Jagger’s is like hey to get you guys into the feeling of the 1890s you’re going to live like it’s the 1890s in the middle of winter and Canada and I’m sure they were like great. Like let’s go almost died from from frostbite. But I mean once again I can only go on same with Jordan Peele and re Esther we can only go on what they’ve made before and all three of them Beggars included have made their debut movies have been absolute masterpieces.

[01:10:00] I could not imagine why they would make. Terrible follow-ups considering that they made masterpieces with fucking no budget and now that people actually want them to do. Well, what is hoping that that the the new attention is going to do great things for them. What do you think? Yeah, I think this movie I mean we don’t know enough about it.

[01:10:22] But I love Robert Pattinson. He’s been great ever since he got out of those Twilight movies and he’s been making really interesting choices with directors and whatnot. I won’t if I was fucking awesome lighthouses are really in right now. They’re in there dude lighter. So in bro featured heavily in Aquaman featured heavily in cold skin.

[01:10:42] There’s another one coming out I forget but yeah, this sounds exciting. I’m always looking forward to what a good hot horror directors doing next. Here’s some stuff that doesn’t have release dates, but are two big ones. Of course. There’s going to be a Conjuring 3 this year probably rate. Actually it might be 2020.

[01:11:01] It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Here’s all we know about it though. James once said, This movie instead instead of focusing on a family in Peril. This one will focus on a man on trial for murder who claims to have been possessed the time of the crime. So speaking of Bloody Disgusting. What did James Wan have to say my internet just shit out on me here filmmaker James Wan James once a I promise I didn’t steal this from that book know it does I think it gets to this.

[01:11:31] Hold on. It’s not necessarily based on an artifact, but it’s based on one of the Warrens Case Files. It’s this guy was on trial for killing a murder. I think it’s the first time in American history where the defendant used possession is a reason as an. All the kind during films are based on the case File.

[01:11:44] So they’re more based on the true story aspect of the real-life Warren’s. I think that’s important. It’s important that the mother ship stays true to the inspiration of the real people the spinning upside down, you know, it’s actually it’s important that he based his scripts on actual events and not things that were made up by the warns because it’s fiction and therefore he’s got to pay them a billion.

[01:12:01] Is yeah good point that’s that’s why this yeah, so there’s a because it’s important for me to continue working in this industry. So we’re going to base it on court public court files and not the books that he’s fucking Psychopaths clearly made up. Did you know that James Wan is now the first director ever to have two billion dollar franchises.

[01:12:20] He directed. That’s all right Aquaman. Yeah, Aquaman just crossed the billion and and yeah, the other one you just mentioned Fast and Furious Fast and Furious in season and he’s Asian, correct? Yes. There’s a great so that’s like I said, no I’m saying like even more incredible did that it’s incredible and it’s also a well.

[01:12:40] I mean I hesitate to say person of color. He’s a person of color in America will talk about the global box office where he is a regular person in Asia, so it’s like yeah, but good. I’m glad it’s an Asian guy. Yes, so he said the spin-offs where we get to have more fun and do weird and wonderful crazy things the mothership of it being The Conjuring films.

[01:12:58] You want to come back to the real stuff. It sounds like it isn’t picking inspiration from the devil made me do it case which I think we’ve all heard about and also the guy directing Conjuring three, it won’t be James Bond will be Michael Chavez. Who impressed one with his directorial debut which is coming out this year called The Curse Of La Orana la la la Morena.

[01:13:21] There’s a trailer out watch it. It looks like a typical Ghost movie, but it’s opposed to it. Looks it looks pretty good. So that’s on my list to curse of La Orana Lorena whenever it is Michael Michael Chavez am assuming another person of color. Yes, I believe so. Alright and so Conjuring three is probably maybe 2020.

[01:13:39] We’ll see but there’s also Annabelle 3 and Annabelle. He has been described as. Like A Night at the Museum Style movie were like Annabelle awakens other curse objects from the artifact room and they do and they target the Warrens ten-year-old daughter Judy play Go Mckenna Grace So Annabelle 3 is set before The Conjuring 2 and after the beginning of The Conjuring, okay.

[01:14:03] Okay. Okay. I loved we both loved Annabelle creation and okay huge step up from the original. So let’s see what happens the third one. I would love if this one was good to and McKenna Grace has been in everything lately. That girl who looks like a younger version of the girl from Mad Men Who was the daughter?

[01:14:20] She’s in fuck. What a she and she was a night Anya. Yeah. I know and she’s in everything. So yeah, she’s in that and I think that might be all that about the other ones. I guess. I’ll just run them off. These are not the these don’t have dates yet, but something called ma. Ma coming out from Blum House that starts Octavia Spencer.

[01:14:45] And all we know is it’s let’s see. She said I read this and thought oh fuck this is so fucking weird. And I want Octavia to be the lead who said that that was director. It’s a very strange thing to say General. Yeah. That was the Rector Tate Taylor who directed the help and Get on Up who’s also directing this movie.

[01:15:06] I’m trying to there’s really no description of this movie, but it’s scars Octavia Spencer natur. No release date and then there’s something called the turning which is right from amblin films and it stars Mackenzie Davis and Finn wolfhard and Brooklyn Prince Finn wolfhard the kid from stranger things and / clean prints from the little girl from for the project and Mackenzie Davis the lady from Halt and Catch Fire and.

[01:15:33] Lover she loved Mackenzie Davis. The Turning is about a young woman. Hired to Nanny to orphans is convinced that the old country Mansion they live in is haunted by ghosts pretty standard but amblin Productions, you know. Very exciting to see what they will do. Very fine Spielberg e and then Polaroid was also the other one I want to talk about so we talked about it.

[01:15:53] So I think we’re done. That is the most anticipated horror movies of 2019 episode. So chew that I’ll just throw out there real quick that I don’t know anything about and kind of want to see but also and not a mirror that even horror movies but the new hell boys coming out this year thoughts on.

[01:16:06] Yeah, I really enjoyed the your ammo Del Toro ones, especially the second one and I’m really bummed that they never got to make another one because you’re more really wanted to so I don’t really care that much for this. I haven’t watched the trailer but I heard it looks bad. I don’t know. I’ll see it.

[01:16:23] But yeah, and then the last one is I don’t know if it’s considered a I mean it looks like it’s a horror movie velvet buzzsaw velvet buzzsaw. I haven’t watched the trailer for but it’s directed by Dan Gilroy. I did a crawler and Roman Jezreel Esquire, which is ok. Also, there’s Nightcrawler. That’s pretty much the same cast as Gyllenhaal and Rousseau cool.

[01:16:48] I haven’t seen the trailer but it sounds nuts like paintings come to life and kill people or something sorta or something LEL John Malkovich, isn’t it too? It’s from what I got from the trailer is more like. Dissipate like there’s a there’s an it’s an it’s in the Art. Here’s the thing. It’s in the art world.

[01:17:03] But it also if you look at the trailer, it looks like it’s kind of making fun of the art world. It’s pretentiousness and how everyone’s just like up their own ass about like what’s great. And what is it an art critics and how foolish it everyone is Dan Gilroy is again made I forgive you just said that I’m so ready.

[01:17:15] It looks like it might be a not so subtle nod to criticism and are not just fine art but like criticism and scenes and people who think you know, holier-than-thou attitudes and possibly the film world to hint hint. But anyway, I think it’s a series of paintings by unknown artists discovered a supernatural force in X revenge and those who have allowed the.

[01:17:36] Read to get in the way of art. Somebody’s pissed about a project that fell through. I mean, I think it looks interesting. But also whenever there’s a movie with a plot is about. A creative Endeavor art movies music and it’s all about how the people involved are. So like, you know greedy and don’t understand real art and therefore blah blah blah blah blah.

[01:17:56] I always kind of roll my eyes to be like, okay some someone’s a little butt hurt that you know, it’s hard to work in Hollywood. So we’ll see, you know, I mean like that it just has that when I was looking at me like the whole thing looks like it’s like. Rich people who buy are getting killed and who cares and paintings are the paintings and more important than the people getting killed by them or something like that like whatever.

[01:18:19] So it’s interesting. I loved his previous movie. I mean, I love Nightcrawler and it says previous movie but like no problem was fucking amazing, but also like fucked up and nightcrawlers about like kind of the same thing about like, you know, the greedy nature that the media will go out to get their story and the people.

[01:18:37] Drive off of it so the social commentary is kind of laid on a little thick with this guy’s stuff. But I mean I’m showing up saying it but you know, whatever. Yeah, it’s on Netflix. I’ll watch it. It’s on Netflix a February 1st. All right, I think we’re I think we’re good. I think it’s a lot of movies.

[01:18:51] I will make a letterboxed list of all of them for you to conveniently keep up. Thank you Brett. Yeah, no problem. I love doing that. I’m actually going to transition from the new flesh account that I made that I only use for Less. I’ll just use my personal account because I’m really all over it.

[01:19:07] Now. I will make the list for this episode. I definitely definitely definitely made the list for the last episode which I would totally do right now in the past in the future whatever’s happening and I hope you enjoyed the glass episode that I hope I. Well, yeah, I hope that came out on Wednesday has made episode.

[01:19:28] Thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah. I hope that it was and we’ll be back next week. Should we surprise people with what we’re going to do? I think we should yeah if you want, I mean, it’s official. It’s on the books. Okay look to go for it. All right cool. We’ll be back with a very special new series starting next week.

[01:19:49] What will it be question

[01:19:56] mark.

[01:20:05] I was hoping you’d be back.