165 Lords of Chaos, The Prodigy, Braid

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 Welcome to the new Flesh podcast. My name is Brett Arnold at Brett redacted on Twitter. Joe Avella follow us follow us and the new flesh podcast on Instagram new flush podcast Instagram check it out. How’s everyone doing? Welcome to the first of two episodes this week.

Brett: [00:00:40] So since we had the Jeremy Reddick interview last week, which I thought went really well and I’m very happy that episode. Yeah, he was really cool lovely to talk to but since we did that interview we did not get to what’d you watch or bits and pieces last week. So this week while we are definitely doing Final Destination 2 as well, we’re going to do an entire episode of what’d you watch leading to two main events that are new and exciting that people have been asking about one of them out in theaters wide Now The Prodigy starring Taylor Schilling of Netflix is Orange is the New Black and friend of the show Patrick Brice’s The Overnight.

She’s the star of this new horror movie

Joe: [00:01:22] wait, he’s in it.

Brett: [00:01:23] No, no Patrick Brice. I was just connecting her. . But yeah The Prodigy is in theaters now and Lords of chaos, which I think Joe brought up a few episodes ago because Joe is actually read the book. I think that this is based on and seen a documentary

Joe: [00:00:12] and I’m a I’m a bit of a black Norwegian metal buff.

I have the photo essay book that came out a couple years ago. That is an absolute Masterpiece if I had a coffee table to be on it, but right now it’s on display in our living room. I make sure wherever we live the book is prominat to lay out that in the Beastie Boys book. Anyway, yeah, so I was so so so hyped that they finally turn this into a movie there was a documentary that came out a few years ago called the until the light takes us.

That’s pretty good a pretty good telling of

Brett: [00:00:40] Is that the one that’s on Amazon Prime right now.

Joe: [00:00:44] I know it was on Shudder for a while. I don’t know. It’s probably I mean it should be streaming somewhere because there’s movie just came out that whoever has the rights that doc would be an idiot not to have it available right now, right the dock is a excellent kind of blow by blow through especially from the words of the murderer of exactly what happened varg Vickers.

So when they found out they’re making a movie about this. I was pretty stoked and we both watched it and we have opinions on yeah, we should also say that another one that I want to get to today because I know you saw a million things. We definitely got to talk about the Netflix documentary abducted in plain sight.

Brett: [00:01:20] Yep. That’s how my list as well as the Netflix just regular movie release velvet buzzsaw with a kind of landed with a thud a week or two ago. That we haven’t touched on yet. So there’s a lot to talk about. So in addition to all names

Joe: [00:01:35] we saw Braid too.

Brett: [00:01:35] Oh you saw Braid too?  You watch that watch say okay awesome glad really glad you watch that is high to talk about that.

I also haven’t touched on a movie. I saw a couple weeks ago that. Has become like the internet darling of the year so far, which is Serenity, which is Stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway and is like one of those movies that you know was supposed to come out in like september/october, but it was testing so poorly that they ended up burying it and just putting it out in January and did see it.

I did see it and it is the be all end all January dump month movie. It is hysterically funny. I will break it down on this episode just because it’s really fun. Yeah, so I saw that what else did I see Serenity of this movie called Nancy not quite a horror movie but core adjacent. I watched knife plus heart which is something I had a screener of from Brooklyn horror festival.

The title of the year right there knife plus Hearts. Yeah it mean it’s like a foreign film and it probably means it probably the French title is much more eloquent, but in America and American and English, it’s knife plus part. I thought that was a thought that was a purposely. Yeah, no shit

pants. Exactly what that’s about no, and then another oh a good one that I don’t know if you watched by wanted you to the ranger. Did you watch that? It did a good chance to see the ranger Okay, cool. So then I did watch the Steven Soderbergh non horror basketball movie. Oh me too. Me, too. I did watch that.

Oh, and then I watched the I’m a few minutes away from finishing the Showtime series you recommended Escape at Dana Rama Dana. Ranahan Amora, dannemora. Diorama diorama and I think that’s pretty much it worthy of talking about your documentary about the death of Sam Cooke and what’s kind of a horror movie more of like a racial horror movie in the sense of the guy was murdered in Cold Blood and then no one investigated the case.

Yeah and horrible and he’s probably the greatest American singer to ever live. Anyway. Yeah. So we’ve seen a bunch of stuff. I think we should just do you have anything that’s happened in the past two weeks in your life, too. To share with us Brett. Um, not really I guess I want to give a plug to my weekly comedy show in Manhattan, which is really going on.

Yeah, we’ve had we’ve packed the fucking room for the past. I guess almost two months now. Oh, yeah, our lineups have been crazy this week if you’re getting this was comes out on Monday. So tomorrow if you’re in New York City tomorrow come check out a pardon on Charla Kate Willett. Nathan Macintosh Monroe Martin, Tom took are all these people who have you know, either have Comedy Central half hours or late-night spots.

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But Theory I mean to be honest with you like I see the show. I go on at that bar and like we’re bringing in more than any other show. So he I don’t know people coming in and drinking. Yeah, they are they are they’re just not like occasionally. I think he set a very high bar for how much booze he wants sold per show and we do it every now and then but yeah, I don’t know he’s just he’s gonna get greedy with it at some point and I hope to nip it in the bud, but for now it is free.

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That’s my option new Flats broadcast stand-up comedy little after a little off brand. But okay. Yeah anything anything exciting to happen to me? Oh, you know what I did for a video that is not out yet the Scott I’ll spill the beans and new flesh. Exclusives will be our friend. It’s like a morning Zoo talk show real quick.

I went to something that is a cannabis and food dinner party. Oh wow. It’s like the guy it’s that you set it up and then you go and it’s three courses where he picks three different marijuana strains and then matches them to the course of the meal. You kind of just smoke and eat at the same time and the guy talks to talk to you through it.

So it’s like so it’s like having dinner at my house ridiculous. So how was it dude? It was awesome. But like I mean it was going late. So I think we left before the third course, but you know, I’m not much of. Area and becoming more of a marijuana smoker know they live in California have access to it.

But like before I was like, oh I’m assuming that’ll just be you know, like one has a different smell of different kind of taste to it and then like fuzing compliment but actually was more involved than I thought it was as far as like the information but it will say that the first strand of the gave us and you know up until recently every time I smoked weed.

It was just like weed whatever, you know, I mean like I understand someone more powerful than the other but I really really like this is weed and this is what we’d feels like yeah exactly. Right? I mean, right. Anyway, this guy is like oh this first strands like a sativa dominant hybrid blabbity blah th see this CBD that and I’m like a great like this.

Let me take out the first one right? I took a hit to to was like taken ahead of Adderall. I was just like, I mean, I was kind of I mean, I wasn’t stoned like broom so high it was just like boom. I’m alert. I’m up, right. Are my colleague and friend Sydney was shooting and she said they’re like the second everyone took his there’s a ten of us at a table the second everyone took a hit at first one was like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah like no one would shut the fuck up there was talking to each other that is just going and I like looked at some of the video.

I was like, oh man, so greater than some sister my talking too fast. I feel like I’m talking too fast. Then the second one comes from for the second course, I’m just like yeah, this is good like a mat like capital s stone. I’m just feeling really good. Like this weeds kind of like put me in the zone almost like now I kind of get it how sometimes people will smoke weed and want to like talk or do creative projects.

I’m like man. I’m like mentally just like like locked in you found everything train. Yeah. I made a note of it because we take the second one and then it’s like you then like suddenly like within two hits. Everyone’s just like back to like. It’ll concentrating on eating their food never really talked and somewhat kind of look up and start saying something but no one’s really paying attention.

Yes, and he said like the second we took that second hit like the whole fucking room just shut up. So hysterical was Sydney’s thanks over the whole time or not change the she ain’t no she wasn’t smoking and we had internet left halfway through it. It was it was interesting. But like it was like the most California thing I’ve done because I was like at someone’s Loft.

It’s a rocking you yeah all the people who came to. Just so like hey, what’s up guys? My name is Sparkle. I’m a musician. I’m also an artist I DJ sometimes I just launched a website with my painting. No, you just like who like you’re just like night you will you work at Trader Joe’s the fuck out of here.

And I mean like there’s like Two Buck Chuck. Yeah. There’s a thing at the thing that they get used to doing. I mean I felt this way in Brooklyn to but certainly in California like we talked to people there is like yeah, you know, I’m an artist, you know a painter and I got like a guy thing going up and wow.

Oh my God, like you make a living as a painter like. No, no. No. I’m at a call center right now. But soon I think my paintings like but I am a painter like oh, yeah, it took all my friends in New York who are actors who were like waiters. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, I go on editions. I don’t make a dollar for it, you know, just like all professional actors, right?

Like fuck I’m speaking of which plug for comedy Central’s hilarious new show the other two if you’re not watching it, it’s a billion. What’s up? It’s about exactly that. Oh, it’s hysterical Drew Tarver. Do you know anybody know? Are aware of that sum over the kid? Yeah boy is like a huge YouTube star in he has two older siblings or kind of losers, right?

Yeah. It’s one of them through Tarver. Who’s a UCB guy? Who if you listen to Comedy Bang Bang, you’ll know he’s hysterical. Yeah Drew time down and some very funny woman. Whose name I unfortunately don’t remember. She’s hysterical. Yeah, they’re so they’re all siblings two brothers and a sister the younger brothers like a Justin Bieber esque YouTube star who hits it big with like some dumbass one song that he has and then his agent is Ken Marino, so it.

Derrek Lee funny. Holy shit that their parents. The mom is met Molly Shannon. It’s just like using it’s so funny. You know, I have to say so you have watching you do like I’ve watched all three of them and they’re all great. I feel like that show should have been like a YouTube premium show. It really is it’s definitely well.

She’s just that one remove one removed from. When I went I saw ads for that show and I thought wow, that’s a perfect YouTube show. So YouTube trying to like get people to watch their stuff like so feel like on Comedy Central. It’s like I gotta go find common. Yeah. I hope it’s doing well because it deserves to be, you know infinite seasons, and I hope people are watching it because I know Comedy Central show.

It’s often the ones that you know, sometimes the ones you like do really well on there’s like a million Seasons, but also some of my favorite Comedy Central shows are the ones that no one watches and they last one season and I hope this isn’t one of those I think that it’s a stroke of Genius how they did the show because there’s been so many unfunny things that come out in the past few years kind of satirizing and hold on Thursday.

Yeah. Yeah. Yes, and it’s right for satirizing but I think the issue is always been that you can’t satirize them. Because they’re already so fucking ridiculous. Yeah, so the idea of doing a show or like here’s this ridiculous guy who I can only assume the kid is acting and doing things that are pretty much like how influencers actually act.

Yes, and it’s really smart to have to somewhat regular people next to him being like are you fucking kidding me with this guy Yan Andrew Tarver characters a struggling actor. Who’s the first three are so it’s his Arc is getting a commercial where he just smells a fart and has to react to. But like I said, there’s no good.

Yeah, that’s bad is what people like is that that Clash The Clash of context almost of like how is this the most popular thing and like, you know, and this thing is an or person in One field versus person in another I think is so much smarter than there was a show that came out as actually think a go 90 show that I think came up with then no one saw because the go 90 thing collapse that was like we should a bunch of influences and put him in a house like a mockumentary sort of thing of sure.

It just looks fucking god-awful. It just looked like something that you’re like even as a joke. I don’t want to watch that exactly. Like I get it there vapid but you know what? I mean like yeah, you know spinal tap only works because we are looking at being like look at these morons right total.

Okay. Couldn’t you get the bits and pieces all laid out for me bits and pieces our next episode sir. This is all what did you want? Like, holy shit. I know this is the what did you watch spectacular? What did you watch spectacular culminating in main events? Braid The Prodigy and Lords of chaos.

We get started want to give a shout out to my boy Joe who won the last exit to know where t-shirt contest shouted him out on last week’s episode. We will get in touch. Yes. He did and I got to send his information over. I will do that soonish just so case. Everyone is just joining us. We got an Instagram page and you know, we’re trying to get connect you guys with the brands and stuff that we like because we got a pretty good audience so less.

It’s nowhere which is my favorite internet teacher come. I mean my favorite t-shirt company like I’ve like a favor one that’s like a brick and mortar store, but they do really really awesome shirts. And I’ve said it before I’ll say it again what I like about the shirts are it’s not all this like crazy Graphics bullshit.

They make like shirts about like businesses and places in horror and Sci-Fi movies. You got to be in the know to recognize the shirt. So like you could be like a fan on the DL. Anyway, they got a lot of really great stuff last exit to Nowhere.com. Check them out, Joe your shirt will be in the mail shortly.

And with that Brett you’re ready to count it

down three 201 spectacular. All right, I think since I’m a little late to it. The first thing I should talk about is Serenity, which is in theaters now, but like won’t be for more than a week the rest of the morning not horror. Be alert non horror, but it is like terrifying and how bad it is. So this is the opening line of the best review not a horror movie yet terrifying.

Yeah, it’s really bad. I want to just give some background here. It’s movies articles came out like the week. It was released saying Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are upset with their distributor over the though The Dumping of their movie in January. So it got to the point where you know, it opened with like four million which with the star power it has was like horrible and it was because the movie like I didn’t know what it was even coming out and that’s because it was a coordinated effort to dump it, which means you don’t spend money on marketing.

You just kind of put it out in January, so you. Recoup, whatever you can and then move on because people you should just go see movies that are like, it’s January something just because January and there’s this new movie. I never heard of with Matthew McConaughey. How bad could it be really bad?

But anyway, this is what I found notable. Is that the strip distributor, which is a beer on a vir iion. They’re clearly not going to last very long. Like after the story broke that like the con everyone involved was like pissed that they because they Matthew McConaughey like wanted to do like interviews and do the junket and do all the bullshit you do in a movie comes out and the studio is like you have any money for that or there’s distributor said no.

So here’s the distributor put out to deadline after the article came out. And actual statement admitting that their movies bad. It’s incredible. We had the best intentions for serenity. We were excited for the opportunity to release this uniquely original movie and work with such a stellar cast and talented filmmakers as much as we loved this film and still hope it finds its audience we tested and retested the film with audiences and critics alike and sadly the data demonstrated.

The film was not going to be able to perform at our initial expectations. So we adjusted our budget and marketing tactics accordingly. Of the spend. It’s next to impossible for an adult skewing drama to overcome a 23% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a D+ cinemascore to have spent more would have been irresponsible to our Capital partners and wouldn’t have made prudent business sense for an independent distributor.

We have enormous respect and admiration for talent all the hard work. They put into the film and wish the box office results were better. This is extraordinary to me because. You always six, you know, you see how movies bomb and how like behind the scenes how it’s reported that you know movies get buried.

This is the straight up admission of saying like hey, yeah, we tested the good took the business side of it. Like hey, we tested this movie and even though it’s got two huge Stars. It’s so bad shit that no one likes it. So we didn’t spend any money on. Point out I’m doing some research right now.

This is the writer and director is the same guy who did lock. Yeah. He did that Tom Hardy all in one car movie Lock and he wrote which is great, which is great. And yes, he also wrote at least wrote indirect what he wrote Eastern Promises, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Yeah. It’s the Cronenberg has beautifully rights for peaky blinders.

Like yeah, it’s one of those things where it’s like this guy clearly had like a passion project that everyone said no to and eventually someone said yes for you get into it like it watching this movie will you be. I could see why this guy wanted to have the specific vision for this. I mean does it does a movie come off as like?

Oh, yeah, I can see why people wouldn’t like this because me just looking at this looks like some fucking like dumb dude it rough if I’m gonna explain it to and you’re going to think I’m like hallucinating like it’s just like the weirdest shit. It opens with Matthew McConaughey at Sea. He’s a fisherman.

His name is Baker dill and he’s obsessing obsessing everyone in town calls it. He’s obsessing over catching. Not just a he’s not just fishing every day. He’s going after one specific fish a tuna that he has called Justice. When I don’t understand, I don’t understand either this movie just opens this way.

It’s what is it? What is it? It’s a man is is this the biggest tuna in the ceiling he feels ago guess he just decides there’s one tuna in the sea that is his and it’s like his the capture and he catches dozens of other tunity throws him back. He doesn’t care. He’s trying to catch the. Jaja perfect fish he’s trying to catch this one specific fish named justice and everyone tells him it’s in his head and that he’s crazy.

And then this is a waste of his time but he’s determine if it’s at the symbolism or or the what he called the yes, you’re right. Yeah. It’s a little obvious. Yes. No, I’m a fisherman and I want to catch the one specific thing. You’re crazy. You’ll never get it. You’ll all see when I get it. Okay.

Yeah, it’s all right. It’s just like whatever like I roll and like he lives in this place where God I saw two weeks ago. And if you if you would have they said the name of the town like 500 times. I’m try to remember what it was and I can’t but I hope it Serenity. It’s not it’s a random town and like you clearly just meet a bunch of random people.

He randomly as fucking Diane Lane who is in this movie inexplicably Just. About that. Yeah, it’s just like a lot of weird him just laying around talking about tuna and fucking Diane Lane and then Anne Hathaway shows up and it’s clear. They know each other by the way, both of them and Hathaway in particular just giving the most like scenery-chewing insane performance ever like because of the script not really her fault, but she’s trying to sell it.

So basically this woman from his past shows up. And and basically disrupt his like idyllic, you know Beach Bum lifestyle just drinking and fishing every day. She shows up and says I want you but I’ll give you ten million dollars to kill my my abusive husband essentially her abusive husband is played by Jason Clarke in maybe the most batshit performance in the entire movie just like the drunk guy who’s always beating his wife and or being an apple without opening.

Are more about this movie like why does she want Matthew McConaughey of all people to Kinesiology and or something? No, you find out that like they used to be a couple and then they have a kid together who that kid is now being raised by this stepdad figure got you so get in here and get rid of it get in get in here.

And for the for the sake of your son get rid of this gun. So even from the start though, there’s something strange happening but the movie so this whole thing that I described is happening, but like I’m telling you this movie is put together so poorly. It’s like it’s like it’s me retroactively explaining it that makes more sense than watching it happen because I just I think it’s just I think it just got edited to because it’s like we test.

Yeah, I don’t know I did it. It’s just the the premise that the guy was going for is so outlandish here. So like in addition to all that stuff. We see like flashes kind of of Dill who’s Matthew McConaughey son. We kind of see him like, I don’t know how it starts was I was flashed flashes of him like at a computer somewhere just like typing away.

And like there’s like a flashback of like any time it shows how you know, I said Anne Hathaway is trying to get his abusive husband taken away. They show like a scene where the husband’s abusing the wife and the kid is like, you know coping with it by like just furiously typing harder and like he’s in a component.

Oh, yeah, dude, and then sitting over this is going I think you might and then there’s also just a random guy who if you watch succession. It’s played by Jeremy Strong the main guy in succession. He just has his a nebbish like a nebbish little businessman who has like these glasses and he keeps showing up like comically like two seconds late.

Every time Dill is about to like go to see he like runs up to the boat and misses him every day. He’s trying to like tell him something and you don’t know what he just keeps showing up at the briefcase like ah, dammit. He was 2 minutes early today. How did I miss them? And it’s like it’s very like in the like very in-your-face likes like what like I know you’re trying to say something to me like, what are you saying?

And then it gets to the point where it’s revealed that everything we’re watching on screen is a video game coded by Matthew McConaughey sun, which. On its face is completely absurd because the whole movie is just Matthew McConaughey fishing and fucking women fucking his mom like so this kids Ascent the movies essentially saying yeah this kid code of the game where there’s you got to get some bang his own mom all the time.

Yeah now so what like the most boring game it’s horrible trying to catch this one fish. Like it’s so stupid. So it’s a game called Serenity. I forgot. No, I don’t I don’t maybe I really don’t remember it’s just like and and the way that they reveal this like this long built up thing is like it’s not like a last 10.

It’s like the entire third act kind of like it’s like okay, we explain what it is now and now we get to watch it culminate and like it’s just it’s just the most baffling insane shit like yeah, because the plot essentially of the game is to like get to the point where the kids able to kill his father.

So like in the movie, you know, you’re watching Matthew McConaughey decide to do it. But the twist is that Matthew McConaughey died and like Iraq or something sure so the kid was you know, the stand-in for his dad and in real life. He actually killed his own. He did kill his abusive father like you just got off and got a knife and killed him and like the game was like his way of coping with it or coping with his hard life and it’s just like completely insane.

Like that’s a that’s a no. Thanks. That is a real movie that’s in theaters and I see why I tested poorly because everyone’s like what the fuck is going on. It’s just all of a sudden reveals like, oh, yeah, none of this thing you watched as real and then like it. Oh, my favorite part is the guy from succession who’s like randomly is just shows up and tries to explain shit.

What this is an actual line of dialogue that helps explain how subtle this movie is. He literally says I am the rules so like this guy is like incarnate like the rules of the game and it’s just explaining shit to you. It’s like literally an exposition character. I feel like the I feel like what’s-his-face Steven Knight and was he’s put he’s an older gentleman.

So I’m sure he has kids who are probably like in their early teens is watching other always like playing video games and he’s just like One Day At The Breakfast Table is are playing games not listen to him. He’s just. I got it where you’re in a game and you don’t realize it. Hmm. Yeah, I kids will think that’s pretty cool.

But the last the last like how I act is basically, you know the act of Matthew McConaughey trying to kill him like they have this whole convoluted plot about how Anne Hathaway’s like they’re going to give him 10 million dollars during to get Matthew McConaughey’s who’s very clearly broke 10 million dollars if all he does is take this dumbass abusive husband out on his fishing boat and just kill him and and it’s so Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey’s relationship is.

To to her husband. So like, you know, he has no idea what they’re getting at but he gets to the point where Jason Clarke character gets his ass kicked and like shouldn’t be able to go out on the boat because he’s like literally like should be in a hospital. He’s so injured but Anne Hathaway wants him dead so bad that like she gets him so drunk and she like forces like, you know by questioning his manhood like gets him to go on this boat.

So like the scene of him and like getting killed is just like Jason Clarke doing the most insane performance ever just likes plaque out drunken like beaten the shit and just like trying to like catch this fucking fish because again, like they’re on a fishing trip and any time a customer on the fishing boat that took a charter boat that Matthew McConaughey takes people out on any time he.

Like he’s it happens multiple times where like someone’s about to catch a fish and he decides that it’s his Fisheries after so he kicks them off as like I got it and like it’s just so weird like this final sequence of him and that Jason Clarke just beat the shit trying to like reel in a fish while dying.

It’s just it’s just I couldn’t believe what I was seeing what everyone told me like it you’re not ready for it and I still was like, how about where could it be? It is just the be-all-end-all January movie you it is it is it is it like the new is it going to be the new Gigli? It’s like the new the room.

It’s something like it’s like that like laugh out loud bad the whole time just feels like so yeah, like like every angle to where your degree angle what the hell? Yeah, they were trying to make something profound and deep and like I don’t even know what the message is supposed to be but it plays like this like bizarre fever dream and like it’s worth watching when it hits Netflix don’t spend any money on this fucking thing, but if you can.

Yet you should see it broke and I we were talking about potentially skewed realities want to talk about braid real fast. Um sure. Yeah. All right, because this is a movie that you recommended for me to watch so I it was on some Google play right now. I believe is unless you have to rent it VOD dial the trailer definitely piqued my interest when it came out.

I don’t know if that was the trailer. No. Oh I did. Oh I did. I mean, I don’t think it’s too much away, but braid is a psychological horror movie. Mitzi erroneous view debut writer-director grass submit see about two friends who are having some troubles in life. So they go back to what appears to be the house.

They grew up in or friends at the house of a childhood friend who is who they have a very strange like like shared history with and they so that the plot is essentially these two girls that Joe mentioned like they’re like drug dealers who basically. You’re not doing nothing. Yeah, they get caught they like I think basically get caught and they have to come up with like 80 thousand dollars because like that’s the amount of the drugs they had that were confiscated by police.

So they decide that the best way to get that money would be to go because they have a childhood friend who has this mansion and is holed up in a mansion, but they elusive enemy a little a little nutty. Yeah, they allude to the fact that she’s a little nutty. And like they make all these vague references to the fact that like they’re going to have to play some game and then they show up and and the movie through flashback, I believe and just kind of watching it happen.

It’s clear that they’re playing like a game of like, you know, when you’re a kid and you play doctor and like one person is a doctor in one’s the patient and in this case ones the mother. Yeah. It’s dr. Mother-daughter. It’s dr. Mother-daughter three of them are yeah, and you know, it’s hmm. It’s a the lead is a Madeline Brewer who is a lead and.

Pam and she’s great. She is fucking great. She said he that you actually build two actresses. Amojan Waterhouse and Sarah. Hey also did a really great job. Yeah. It’s a it’s an interesting idea for a movie. I should say that like I enjoy like when I watched. I wasn’t so hard on this movie. But I really like some of the themes and ideas in this movie and I feel just it’s like it’s just kind of batshit like it’s fun to watch.

It’s definitely not a movie for me. Specifically. I think you’d like it is a very specific type of childhood thing that I didn’t experience. I think this might really resonate with like with women or younger girls because you keep seems Flash Boys three girls, they’re playing and how you know kids wouldn’t would they would play it again, like you’d said, you know playing doctor.

There are house whatever you want to call it, but also like how girls have a tendency well boys to but in this case these girls are Tennessee like to to gang up on one. Yeah how that can have like lasting effects until like adulthood and that how that like, you know, not only your group of friends, but how group of friends kind of interact a dynamic of the three of them kind of like.

definitely now that they’ve gone back to visit their friend or yeah friend and they realize that like she’s kind of nutty and she. Be the one that kind of like they played with but also kind of like ganged up on and there’s a bit a little bit of like guilt there of like, let’s just play this game because you don’t know exactly why she’s acting so nuts the allude to like an accent or something that keeps coming back and forth, but also there because a trying to be while playing this game get her to admit like where the safe is that as like they’re there I was dead.

So they’re only there. Yeah, they’re there to get the money that’s like their end goal but in the process of trying to get that money, they have to endure so much shit that the movie. Not really about the money at all the movies really about you know, the psychological it’s a psychological Head trip of a movie where it’s just like you’re kind of in the heads of these three women and at some point the movie totally stops caring about plot and it’s and logic and it’s just like as you can buy early.

Kind of like is Gabriel or is this not the game that their plan is kind of baked into the narrative. So there are times where like things like change drastically like what’s happening with someone or what just happened with them like some will be like an accent or something bad will happen and then and then next you might find they’re just like writing to talk with each other.

So it definitely it has the that it’s unreliable. Yeah, it’s fragmented and like I think the movies is kind of told out of order. I’m not sure what the it just it just it’s more about like putting you in that. Base with the characters because one of the characters is on drugs the whole time and like that is definitely a part of the narrative that they’re trying to like get at with all the wood how shot am not shoddily edited because it’s on purpose but it’s very haphazardly put together and almost has like a some moments of like a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas part where like things are just everything’s just like so distorted.

Yeah. It’s just that it’s a discomforting experience and like very claustrophobic and. I really like it. Yeah, I like the ideas of it. I like the the concept of it and when the when the when the twist reveals itself how it kind of breaks back into the rest of it. I’m like, okay, it’s really interesting.

But I also felt like I’m just like this is like this is this is this movie night for me. Well, it’s one of those things where the characters are so unlikable. You’re like, yeah, you know, why am I watching this but it also kind of goes into how do young girls X towards each other like their bratty, but he would.

It keeps like jumping back to when they were kids. Yeah, and that like ECC like that Dynamic that they had when they were kids kind of like hasn’t don’t say hasn’t gone away, but these two girls and they come back they must have to act how they acted when they were kids in order to like communicate with their friend.

So yeah, they are like kind of shitty to her or like condescending and it’s like we’re that Madeline Brewers character like kill their fucking grandparents or parents when she was living with and yeah, I think it’s definitely about the effects of trauma in your childhood and how it. Reverberates your life by I think it’ll I think not do you need to be a girl to understand this movie?

I think it like it has a bit of like what girls are like to each other not only has kids but also as adults. Yeah, you know how it just kind of how I felt about New Year New You also a little bit Yeah, you has a little bit more of a straightforward premise this this movie more. It delves into the relationship of like it pretty much is like exploring the relationship of women grown-up who’ve known each other their whole lives and like the dynamic that kind of it also the way that it shot remember the movie that we watched or I saw it last year.

I think it’s called painted black with Ali Shah quetzal lietenant. She’s like dating a guy and. Dies or kills herself and then she has this weird relationship with his with his mom. It was directed by written by I didn’t watch it. I know you’re talking about but that was another really great example of a movie that like it was it like it was more psychological a psychological Thriller as I was kind of like, Kind of steeped in that this idea of like women’s relationships to each other like the complicated relationships that women can have with each other so that like if you saw that you like that you probably like this and vice versa.

So I did I do like this movie like stuff about this movie, but overall, it’s just kind of like, all right, let’s wrap it up guys. That’s me. I would say I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see an interesting. Yeah psychological Thriller. I recommend it if you are into like had trips that like you’re going to kind of be scratching your head by the end of it, but I do think it’s very surreal hallucinatory and all that but I do think it’s one of those movies that would really benefit from a re-watch.

I kind of want to re-watch it already because once you know, like what’s happening kind of with like it your kind of stopped focusing on like the narrative Drive of it. I had it would be very rewarding and like I wonder if it would be even better on the second. Okay, we’ll watch it again. Yeah, I did like it.

I thought it was very compelling and just like a very interesting debut from from Mitzi their great job Mitzi if you’re listening with another one. All right, what else did I get? I’ll do some quick hits here. I watched this movie Nancy that was on I think it was like maybe Spirit award nominated.

It’s not horror but it’s like a Sad Little Indie drama that I think you know horror fans might appreciate this is movie. It stars Andrea riseborough who was Mandy in the movie Mandy. Okay. She plays this like woman a very sad woman, like it’s kind of like rejected writer who had works like a boring 9 to 5 and through the dialogue we can tell like she’s like regaling her co-workers with her story of spending, you know a summer in North Korea.

And someone whose wife is from Korea is in the room and is like you’ve actually can’t visit. They’re like, what are you talking about? And she doesn’t makes it up and she has like Photoshop pictures of her there and she’s like, it’s really strange woman and like she lives she lives with her mother played by and out who has Parkinson’s so we’re imagine it basically her mom dies and once her mom dies, she kind of leaves the house finally and like goes out and tries to connect with.

Couple that she sees on TV basically she sees on TV like a couple talking about their kidnapped daughter from 30 years ago and how it’s been 30 years 28 years or something and how like she still hasn’t found and how it sucks and she does for real not like the chicks crazy and thinks she does. She does look in the photo a lot like Nancy.

So Nancy after her mom died. Starts think you can’t for a while. You can’t really tell if she really believes it or if she’s just kind of sad and lonely but you basically reaches out to this family played by Steve Buscemi and this other goddamn this other woman who I love was in a lot of stuff whose name.

I don’t remember they but she basically causes people and it’s like hey, I think I’m your daughter. I never kidnapped all you know, my mom’s dead now, but like she’s always was weird about how my raising me all the stuff. So at the movies kind of just as she stays chance of staying there for a while in the movies you seemingly about you know, is she or isn’t she there their daughter but the movie ends up being more about just like a really sad little story about like kin lonely people ever be repaired and it’s really it was kind of a harrowing and sad rotch and.

I recommend you know, I know of the movie I it’s a movie Them sure is excellent. I’m also like I don’t know if I’m ever be in the mood to watch this movie. Yeah. It’s like that’s a tough one. It’s a funeral remind me of what was that that fucking amazing. I think the HBO documentary about that is called The Imposter Jeff.

Yeah. Holy shit. That’s what it kind of reminded me of but like Spitzer the same thing of like, I’m a lonely person looking for a connection. You are lonely family. That’s lost someone why don’t we just get together and maybe. Regardless if it’s true or not. Can we kind of heal each other? Yeah, right.

Yeah, you’re right. It’s it was a bummer. I enjoyed it. There’s a there’s a cat prominently featured. It’s pretty good. Okay, that’s your shout out to cats. Okay, we used to quick. So give me a give me one or two other quick ones. Okay. Oh my God, I got so many Jesus. I know knife and hearts a knife plus heart now is it knife plus side?

It’s like a plus sign hail us book plus side heart. So this is a movie set in like nine times of the year 1979 and I believe Paris or France and it’s set in the world of gay porn and it’s about listening. It’s essentially a slasher movie set in the in the gay porn. So second degree. It was its exact it’s a lot like raising a lot of comparisons to cruising except the slasher stuff is kind of flimsy and not the focus after a while.

It’s more about like this woman who is like a porn a gay porn director and editor. It’s about her and I think the movies. Is maybe about how people like to exploit the gay community and their tragedies for profit because the movies about you know, there’s like all these murders happening and then this porn director decides to make a porno movie about the murders.

Yeah and the poor know even even even for a pornographic film maker. That’s bad taste exactly. So like the and like then her actors in the movie keep dropping dead and she still keeps making the movie like we’re recasting them for to shoot those scenes in which they die. So it’s this really.

Strange movie I’m pretty sure that you know, the serial killers is like it is revealed to it as in some point. It’s kind of stupid but I you know, you could you could watch it and kind of think you know is the serial killer AIDS because like it’s kind of a metaphor. It’s like right right before the you know, 1980 and in France.

So like what is this movie trying to say, it’s I just don’t really know what to make of this movie. It’s like very I think it’s more about like the art of. Making then like being a slasher movie. It’s kind of a very meta movie about movies and like love of Cinema. I think it has like a lot of giallo influences.

I found it very fascinating and I’ll I think I enjoyed it. But like I don’t know I wouldn’t recommend it to everybody. It’s kind of a mess overall. It’s too long and all those disparate Parts. I mentioned kind of don’t come together great. It’s it’s a lot of it’s mostly about the female director trying to like win back this woman that she loves and.

Just how relationship the relationship is toxic and I think the movie has a lot to say about relationships and love and what it means all this shit. It was just it’s it’s a deep it’s a it’s an interesting experience of a more than likely typical slasher movie like more arthouse than you want it to be may be so sure for fans this podcast.

Not sure if it’s up your alley, but if it sounded up your alley check it. Very erotic very kind of anger. Very cruising that’s not even know where to watch that that I had a screener of it of that one. Here’s one that’s on VOD and you should absolutely 100% spend the money rent this movie it is it’s called the Ranger and it’s from glass eye picks, which is we know is that I’m sending their weakest end in who’s been on the show and didn’t this is an awesome throwback low-budget movie.

Just this is more of a typical slasher movie. It’s a bunch of actual Punk teens Like That You Don’t See Punk teens and movies anymore. Yeah, let’s that first set of Rusty Nail films. Ooh boy, you poor. Yeah. So it’s a bunch of punk teens who like the opening scene there at a punk show at a warehouse.

I think and like doing a bunch of people doing a bunch of cool drugs in the back. Oh, yeah the cops come. Oh my God, and the cops come in the main girl who we clearly see, you know, she’s not the one who should have the drugs in her bag, but she ends up with the Giants. Drugs in her bag Adam and up on the run from the cops and then her dumb ass boyfriend.

Like she’s about to get caught he fucking like stabs this cop and like almost kills him like very brutally almost kills him and no way out. We gotta stab this cup. Yeah, and then they end up on the run and then they end up going into the woods because this girl the main girl from the opening scene.

We see that she was like, you know, when she’s a toddler she had this like house and look at a cabin in the woods type place and like. Been comforted by this man who you will soon find out is the titular Ranger because at the beginning it seems like you know, something happened was there was an accident and this Ranger kind of came and helped us little girl and then that all comes back later and I’m not going to ruin it but it’s pretty satisfying payoff it is what we would you say.

This is like a this is a good old-fashioned slasher movie. Yeah of it being hunted in the woods. We don’t know how to learn it. Well, yeah the so basically they show up in. They go to this house in the woods with this girl is very reluctant to go because you know, she had some tragedy happen there and doesn’t want to go back and then they go there and turns out the ranger still around and the rate is kind of like just becomes like a not a parody of a sash movie but like in actual very 80s old-school slasher movie were like the premises like I don’t want these kids partying in my Woods, like that’s kind of like the whole vibe sure super fun and super practical Gore that is really gross.

And I would just don’t make movies like this anymore. I thought I was dumb fun. I really liked it. Okay. Yeah, I do want to see it and then here’s one you also saw you saw I don’t know how or why everyone started watching this movie this week because it’s from 2017. Maybe it was just added to Netflix, but everyone is watching abducted in plain sight.

So glad you brought that up. Yeah, you know. This is agree that it just showed up at my queue. So maybe Netflix just got it or it took a while because you know Netflix has made the the documentary the crime documentary like a very viable genre. We had wild wild country from mid last year that everyone flipped out about there’s been a handful of ones that they’ve just come on people like you got to see and I think it took a minute for this one to get steamed or people to see because honestly like.

I started watching it maybe like a month and a half ago just on a whim it was late and I was kind of high and as watching a kind of half paying attention to it and and I remember like being like Whoa, man a lot of crazy stuff going on this this documentary. I’ll pick it up later. So then those people were talking about it and I’d like yeah man a lot of crazy stuff going on that dock.

I’m going to start I start watching it again. I go to start watching it and it was like where I left it off and I realized that it only watched about six minutes of it. How anyone who’s seen that knows exactly what I’m talking about this fucking thing? Like I thought I watched almost the whole thing.

Then I realized I was only six or seven minutes into it because this thing is fucking insane everything reason that it’s gaining steam is like everyone is very much. Like have you seen this? You have to see it because it’s so unbelievable and you’re still dreaming at your fucking screen the whole time and from a distance.

It looks like yeah, I get it. It’s a documentary about a guy who kidnap a girl a guy was trying to. You know kidnap a child like I like yeah, you know seems kind of heavy on me to watch and you have to be like no trust me that’s like 1% of what it’s about. This thing is so fucking nuts like so much happens in it.

We can we’ll talk about it now and not give too much away. But I mean there’s so it’s hard to like not talk about it without giving away spoilers, but also trust me this this documentary has if I had a count 25 spoilers. So much shit happens in this I get if I tell you the first five things that happened in our crazy you’d be like, well, you ruined it like no trust me.

Yeah. No, I don’t think we should ruin it. I think we should say that it’s one of those things where yeah, it’s a true crime thing. You’ll be screaming at your TV. It’s about a creepy guy whose effect on one family’s life extends way longer than it needs to and is just like he’s acting family friend clearly has a thing for their then I think 12 or 13 year old daughter.

But they’re just like this guy so friendly, he’s over all the time. Let’s hang out the family. He’s like they even called him Uncle D or whatever like yeah first like man did like there’s a lot of pictures of them like hugging and stuff and he’s sleeping over a lot in this is getting kind of weird and that’s where it starts.

Yeah. I don’t want to really say anymore. It’s really like just like insane to watch unfold and yeah, it’s kind of like I think a good way to describe it would be it’s like what happens when. Like a really intensely smart maybe or not. I don’t know if he’s that smart just just a fucking sociopath coming into contact with probably the most gullible people on the planet and like how you gullible or nice.

I mean if this would say like if this was a movie like this was like a scripting or watching it you totally would have been like this is from all the cops. Come on. Now that wouldn’t really happened. But the way that he plays these people overeat it matches. Her manipulation is singular goal was.

Like just be totally with this young girl and like cut everybody out and instead of what you would think of just like scooping it up and running away. He just sets forward like just this year alone years-long campaign of like being involved in their family and learning their secrets and playing people against each other playing townspeople against them and just just slowly like making himself the most important person to this girl and then also getting her through manipulating her to like.

Get distance from her family. But what’s amazing about it is they don’t even realize this is happening until it’s too late. There it is. Like wow, she’s acting so crazy and think God bees into her life to like kind of like a helper on take. It’s a manipulation on so many levels you just like this guy’s like it’s like holy shit.

And yes, also there’s a bit of like or a huge dose of the family were very gullible as you say, but also as you learn early on he is able to. Manipulate and create dirt on them to use that against them to make them pretty much like let him do what he wants it is there’s fucking raise it crazy definitely watch it.

I highly recommend but also, I’m sorry that you had to watch that and like I said the like the first eight minutes. You like I think I got it. No, you don’t got it. You do not get it is the concur AZ a ducted in plain sight. I mean could be, you know the documentary of the year if it came out of Netflix this year you right from 2017.

Maybe they just got it how much your what happened there. It may have been like sneaking sneakily on there. I’m not really great. Yeah. Yeah really liked it. What else I see this week. Oh, I saw the new I saw I saw the new Liam Neeson movie post all the new Liam Neeson controversy. Everyone follow that all I heard is he said that he heard someone raped his friend of his and she told him that when describing the guy she was like mentioned that he was black and then Liam Neeson were counting.

It was like I want to go out and kill that black bastard and everyone’s like whoa. Whoa. Whoa, what’s all this black bastard truck? Yeah, it’s more it’s stranger than that. He actually went to like a whole rant about how. He was like roaming the streets trying to find any black guy to kill because he was so DC.

Any I thought he just sees walk around looking for the guy he the way I read it from the I think it was originally an independent. I’ve read it a couple times. I’m pretty sure he said like he made it seem like it wasn’t the he’s like he was mad about this rape. So the way I. Dealt with it was to go look for any fight to fight.

It was really strange fight to fight with a guy. I was with them. He said a black bastard specifically. So like he said look it up if you want. It’s from the Independent look for the original Source. But anyway, so this whole controversy happened this week. He had to go on The Today Show and say I don’t like black people and literally dance with black people on The Today Show as I said, he didn’t like them.

He said no, of course. He said he had he had to go on TV and pretend like he’s not racist. He said I’m not racist. People are great Look At Me dance with them and then his movie premiere was canceled in New York. Anyway because of that so I like nah, I’m kidding. So I went and saw it and for the premiere.

No cancelled. I think he didn’t go know the whole thing was canceled. So the movie came out. It’s actually a remake of a foreign film that’s on Netflix. Now that everyone says is great and I haven’t watched yet. The original is called in order of disappearance the same director. He’s pulled to Michael Chanukah here.

He directed this remake as well for shot. I’m not sure if it’s shot for shot. But I hope not because I didn’t really care for this one. I was hoping the original was better, but this movie called Pursuit is essentially. It’s a Revenge Thriller. But it’s also a satire of revenge tour the same time which to me is you know in theory kind of fun, but it’s kind of obnoxious actually.

It’s just like he kills a bunch of people the movie makes fun of their deaths kind of glibly each person gets a title card when they’re killed their desks are pretty brutal and like sometimes like one of them almost being choked out and then not actually die and gets a big laugh just like it’s kind of strange and like especially with the controversy that.

Bend and then like just watching Liam Neeson beat the fuck out of people for a whole movie. It’s just kind of left a weird taste in my mouth. I’m not sure if it’s because of the controversy or just the movie wasn’t so good. It was I’ve now here’s a fun piece of trivia for everyone listening. I’ve never seen a Liam Neeson action movie.

That’s a never seen any of these are mostly one when he calls and he’s like, I have a very straight and very specific set of skills. I’ve no idea what movie Legend never seen taken never saw the one where he’s fighting wolves. I never saw the gray either but people say it’s actually good. Nothing about this guy has ever made me think they’re like, oh, he’s a good action star.

He looks like it like he’s like 70 or something at this. I know it always came up to me. Like look at the old man being like pretending to be a action star, you know, like just every time I seek seen trailers or clips of that light when he’s punching and kicking people just shine away. Like, you know, we like we had to edit this in a way that makes it look like he’s not like going slower than shit.

He doesn’t look like a tough guy to me. He doesn’t look like a strong looks like an old man and I just don’t buy. I’ve never seen any of these movies and to me it’s so strange that like he went from being the serious dramatic actor to this action star you like really this is what you want to do with your career comes up.

It’s called cold Pursuit. Is that what it’s called cold Pursuit and the original is called in order of disappearance. I don’t know this wasn’t like that. Yeah. I just I couldn’t get into it people were people enjoy it. I think I just don’t really get the appeal because it wants to have its cake and eat it too in terms of being like we’re making fun of all this violence that people.

To put also we’re going to give it to you in Spades. So like I don’t really understand that but you know that that actually something you mentioned Hannigan and funny games. That’s like kind of what funny games is about. Yeah it is. Yeah. It’s true like commenting on it by also like delivering it and delivered at least that one like Winks at you literally like I think they get the fourth wall and like wink honestly, I tell you and this one is just like great at the sounds like shit.

Yeah. I think that’s that’s the summation not much else to talk about didn’t really care for called Pursuit. One more thing. I saw before we. Into the couple main events. I saw over before we get into the main event. We haven’t talked about how Bell but velvet buzzsaw sucks butter free solo. This is a movie.

It’s nominated for best documentary at the Oscars. I put it off for months and months because I didn’t feel like going to watch a fucking documentary where guy climbs and climbs a rock I didn’t care. I well actually I’m glad I waited because after I got nominated for the Oscar they ended up putting it in IMAX theaters for the first time.

It is Nia. So I went and saw it in the only actual IMAX in New York at the Lincoln Square and holy fuck I love this movie. It was great. It’s just if you don’t know what it is, it’s just Alex Honnold this young fucking dumbass climber. Why is he a dumbass? Because if you’re a climber you’re an idiot because you’re gonna die at like 40 because you fell off a rock and that’s fine.

But like he’s made peace with that. He doesn’t care his put it so I will say but before I get into like the actual exhilarating. Art, the the scariest part of this movie besides the rock climbing is like watching this man starter start a relationship with a woman because like this poor fucking girl has to deal with this guy who was like emotionless and like doesn’t care about how he’s probably going to die and like it’s just very fun to watch some like, you know, buy a house together.

He does it’s their Dynamic is very strange. But it’s a documentary, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it’s very it’s very fun to watch. But basically it leads It All Leads to Alex Honnold wants to be the first person to ever climb El Capitan free solo, which means with no fucking ropes, which means if you do one thing wrong you’re dead so and like, you know, it’s an IMAX.

It’s really amazing to behold like just how insane of a feat that is like the whole thing takes like four hours to do and like if you’re at a good Pace like because it I don’t know if. One’s ever climbed who’s listen to this but like I used to climb in college and stuff and like when you climb for me when I climb like one rock face for like 10 minutes.

I am done for the day like my arms are sore. My legs are sore. Nothing works so hard it’s hard. It’s this guy. It’s just like what like the third Act of this movie watching him actually after setting up this whole time he’s going to do it. I really didn’t think it was going to and he does it and this fucking guy they got the footage of this guy free solo climbing the biggest El Capitan.

Nothing is something no one’s ever done and I don’t think anyone will ever do again just like watching him do this thing where like, yeah, there’s a part where we have to literally just jump and hope he catches a thing. There’s a part where he has to karate kick and hope it works like they’re just like all these things were just like yeah.

Well, this is the part where I could die. I. Easily, here’s the part where I could I really easily and watching it’s exhilarating watching it. I’ve seen YouTube clips. I’ve been familiar with this kid for years. Yeah. So by yeah likes likes to other stuff that he’s done and he’s done everything I sides this to yeah.

I feel like there’s another documentary about him or I’ll watch some other thing maybe ESPN put it might have been the real Rock things. I’ve been watching college. Yeah, but it’s certainly a thing where like when I was watching him. Whatever is watching him climbing something for some segments. I had to while watching it like.

Look up and confirm that he’s not dead. Oh, yeah, just like what you’re just watching him. Just kind of thing. You’re like even knowing full well that well he’s alive and well because you know, they’re like he’s caught in like, you know, here is a picture of him and he’s with the premier this thing you watching his me like you still I like your heart is pounding like a fuck.

Don’t fall. Don’t fall don’t fall, you know it when you watch those those videos of an Instagram of those guys like climb really high buildings with no rope. So whatever like that like girls wrestling teens. Yeah like to get that a top of like a tower like just as real like like hi. Fire with no ropes or anything.

There’s a hanging off with one arm and like selfing it just to show them up there. You’re like, holy fuck don’t it’s like a whole movie of that. Right? Yes. It’s it’s great. I can’t recommend it enough really liked it. I think everyone can see free solo shot at the free solo. Alright, and I was talked about velvet buzzsaw but not for long because it’s not worth anybody’s time.

Velvet buzzes. Ah, yeah. Sorry, Dan. Gilroy is new movie. He did on Nightcrawler which we love he wrote and directed Roman Jay’s Grill as Esquire, which was strange but almost really good, but kind of shift its own landing and then this movie. Which was build I think is mistakenly bill is a horror movie.

It’s not a horror movie. I guess it’s a horror movie like the way no bullshit. Fuck that. Okay. Sorry, there’s some horror elements because a horror movie. It’s a movie about it’s a really dumb like send-up of like art culture. Like there’s this movie called The Square that came out a couple years ago that was nominated for best foreign and it was interesting and it like had.

Nice things to say about the art world and how silly it is this movie has that same premise with none of the subtlety and it’s just like really like platitudes of like what it means to be a Critic and like how the art world is in itself like hypocritical because like they’re all just after cop, you know, it’s all about capitalism and not about the art.

It just has all these platitude statements of Art and then you realize you’re watching like a hundred million dollar movie made by Netflix and it’s like, is that the joke? Like I don’t really understand. Yeah. Well, I wonder I would also say that it the misfire and Dan Gilroy is part. Is that pretty much what you said?

They’re like did this guy and probably a revisionist history as movies I doing so well is this guy when he went into this? He’s like I’m going to make a movie that’s incredibly critical of I mean, let’s just be honest. He’s criticizing the film business. It’s not criticizing the art business here using the art business and be like look how stupid because if it was a movie, Filmmaking everyone that I was using are continuously.

Yeah, let me explain exactly what the second I started. I’m like, yeah, obviously Dan Gilroy has a very strong negative feelings towards the film industry. By the way, the Nightcrawler which was great is a really critical same deal. Yeah. Yeah, but more critical about like media. Yeah, the median our obsession with you know, violence entertainment at all costs and that movies great.

So he definitely is shown to have the ability to make a movie that criticizes something that’s close to him the film industry or like our media without it being like so obvious that this is just it seemed like such a backward step. Like we’re Nightcrawler had was just like a great story in that world that had like a lot of good ideas in at this was just no story and just so painfully obvious ways trying to save him.

The first minute of it. You just can’t help but roll your eyes at every scene. I can’t wait to like do something that I wasn’t expecting and it never dead. I just feel like every scene. He’s like get it stupid like okay. I got you know, I mean hundred percent. Yeah, and I felt like not a lot happened.

But what I guess was going to say is that did Dan Gilroy the question that cannot be answered is did he go into this knowing that he is making a critique with this hundred million dollar movie pretty much in his mind. He’s like, yeah, I’m going to make everyone including Netflix look stupid or not.

This movie is bombed. Is it kind of like a revisionist history of like? Oh, yeah. That’s my intention to hold. Of course is bad because you know, like almost like he’s Andy Warhol, like yeah. I took the money and you know and did it out. Like, you know, it’s not bad. It’s art right like just it was bad on purpose almost.

I really don’t know. He just he has the smugness to him like yeah this this was this was my intention to whole time. It’s not just like it’s a poor movie with no stories of poorly made like yeah. I thought it was there and it wasn’t it’s a really lengthy I didn’t there was like a couple scenes of Gore that I enjoyed maybe one and like that’s really it.

I found it. Almost a total waste of two hours. It’s pretty bad. Yeah, it’s very bad and Incredibly disappointing. I mean, I feel that that Gilroy had a like this was like his opportunity to like. Alright, Dan like you had your head with Nightcrawler like here’s a blank checks out. Yeah. I’m prove yourself, but.

By the way, when you want to look at a den Gilroy’s IMDb page, it’s he’s batting claiming. He’s been in the game for a very long time the first screenplay that he has credited for is freejack the weird future movies Emilio Estevez and back Jagger and then he didn’t become Chasers in 94. We like so you did that too early to Chasers, which is I mean I never is like the directed by Dennis Hopper, but as Tom Bergeron and some hot piece of ass, I’ve never heard of before and just.

They just looks like this like these two Navy grunts got to escort a beautiful female prisoner and oh my God, she’ll do anything to escape you haven’t heard of it because I’m sure Bob and I’ll sing about 94 dude didn’t write another thing or sell a thing until 2005. If 11 years this guy didn’t work.

I know he was looking on that Superman Lives movie that never happened. Okay. So there you go. So the next thing he sold or got a credit for was Two for the Money with Pacino and myrtana. Hey McConaughey, then he’s quittin the screenplay for the fall, which I thought Tarzan are some yeah, he’s got the screenplay.

Well three other people are accredited writing that so let me just worked out at the but okay. So here’s some other stuff here Real Steel that bomb Bourne Legacy. I think that did, okay. Nightcrawler, he has a screenplay credit for Kong Skull Island. My point is this the dude has been probably kicked around in the industry for a very long time.

So, of course he has this bitter POV of you know, I hate Hollywood. I hate the phonies. They’re your friends to your face behind the back. They stabbed yeah, they say it’s all about art, but it’s actually about money like again, like he and my mind and Nightcrawler. He’s primed to be the guy with the Insider view of like here’s what it’s really like and to really like Express that so for him to get this opportunity and fucking just throw up.

This brick is like so profoundly disappointing. Yep. I’m with you overall. Well, he’s already working on Stan Lee’s Annihilator, which have no idea what that is me neither and I’m glad let’s move on. Develop us all I would say is a horror movie and is definitely yeah, it’s definitely not worth your time.

Yeah, I don’t even know if it’s a horror movie, but I don’t it’s definitely worth your time. And before we get in the Lords of chaos, which I’m sure Joe will have lots of a lot more to say than I will I want to talk about The Prodigy so The Prodigy before I get into spoilers because I hate spoiling new stuff, but I also get tweets from a lot of you guys who exclusively want me to spoil new movies.

So what would they be? I’m not on Twitter. What do they do? They just they do. They every time I see a new movie they go. I hope you’ve explained on the podcast and I have to go. Okay, so, okay. So before I do that, let me just say I like The Prodigy I think it is a creepy evil kid movie that has a unique angle.

It’s knit has a unique way in which I’ll explain in a minute. Now, it’s called prodigy or The Prodigy. I think it’s called The Prodigy want to point out. There is another movie called The Prodigy that looks to be about some sort of. Sci-fi horror movie with a kid in it. Oh good that there’s let’s now currently fuck I saw because I saw it on something and I’m like that can’t be the movie that Brett’s talking about.

So this movie is only in theater. So it’s 2019 the one we’re talking about 2019 release from a major Studio. I forget who yeah, there’s a MM. There’s a 2018 Prodigy moving. That’s. See ya. Awesome. So this one another reason without smelling 2017. Am sorry 2007 came out another reason. I like this movie.

It’s are rated which is like I come to expect all these my kid is haunted movies to be PG-13 and it’s nice when they are not so I think it’s worth your time and it’s definitely definitely I enjoyed it while knowing absolutely nothing. But for those of you who are not the same as me and like to gets everything spoiled before you see it or never stop spoil it.

Tell me you tell me what it’s about without ruining it. I kind of have to spoil it to tell to explain why it’s good. It’s one of those. I feel like you weren’t going to see it. Come on. Yeah, yeah, that’s the one that was screaming. Yeah, I loved I loved the boy member the boy. Yeah the boy fucking rules.

So if you want to I want to walk away from like a minute all I’ll spoil her it you have to listen, but okay. So the reason I think this movie works and like isn’t the same one trick pony is always other movies, which is. Similar to it kind of follows the same trajectory as like the omen or the orphan or any of these kids about any of these movies about a possessed kid, but instead of being possessed by the devil, which you know always is the case.

It’s always satanic and always leave them a sort of exorcism in this smoothie. It deals with possession by way of reincarnation. In so like the movie opens with this like Hungarian man being like caught one of his victims whose hand I guess he’s like a guy is a murderer who kills women rapes them.

I pretty sure and cuts off their hands. So the opening scene. There’s a woman who has one of her hands cut off and you know, she’s saved at the last minute and she’s the one who leads the cops to this killer who gets who then killed himself before the police get him her or the police kill him. I forget how it goes basically.

Guy in the opening scene dies and that seen the opening scene is intercut with the scene of Taylor Schilling giving birth to this baby. So you’re kind of like At first just kind of like, okay. I don’t know how these two things are connected, but I am curious to find out and then once the kid the kid, basically.

He is like developmentally like just basically he’s like off-the-charts smart. Like he’s talking early. He’s doing this he’s doing that. It’s just very clear that this kid is something, you know, something’s wrong with him. But he’s also like developmentally challenged in certain ways. But basically it’s not long before this kid who has, you know, signs of advanced intelligence.

That that you know at first they take it for precociousness, but it’s earn it soon turns statistic. I’m pretty he he beats a kid at school with a fucking wrench and he does like all this crazy shit. He’s always just keeps getting into like fights and getting into spats with people. And then it turns out like I think half of the movie It’s revealed that like some doctor like because this is when she takes them to a doctor because at night she comes into his room and he’s just like speaking what she thinks is gibberish but is very clearly like Hungarian.

So this Biz child is speaking like a what is this ridiculous language? This kid is Santa never heard this before? Yeah, like she literally says gibberish doctors like no man. That’s Hungarian. So basically hungry. Yeah, so she comes to this. You know, the guy the plot device that helps the movie move along he tells the Mom.

Hey, I study reincarnation. I did some research turns out there’s this Hungarian murderer who died, you know the exact same time and date that your son was born. I’m pretty sure that he you know, his soul is trapped in your son and if we don’t get it out and take over and your son will be gone forever.

So we have to take it out. I’m sorry. What kind of doctor is this? It was a his a hypnotist of some sort. I don’t remember so not a doctor. Yeah, it’s some sort of kooky guy. So she tells him all this and of course she doesn’t want to believe it but then something leads her to believe that it’s true.

And then she decides well, you know, she asked him how am I supposed to stop it? And he says well there’s a reason that this person is still here like they’re supposed to be dead. But there’s a reason they’re still here. So we have to find out what that is. And then once that’s done your son is back.

So, of course they find out that unfinished business is. The the girl from the opening scene who survived who got our hand cut off. She of course just wants her dad and then that’s his like I’ll finish my mission shit. So another twist that this movie has which is why another reason why it’s a cut above and not just a boring movie about a possessed kid is then the mom the onus the movie puts the pressure on the mom who has to decide like her maternal instincts kick in and she goes.

You know, my son is possessed by this fucking Hungarian murderer. Do I kill him and move on or do I go help this whole area and murder. I love that. Yeah, really good. Yeah, isn’t it? Awesome? So yeah really good. So then the mom like, you know, basically if I’m fully so I guess I’ll see ya I’m spoiling it might as well go full through the mom, you know shows up there with the attempt with the with the mind that she’s going to kill this woman.

But of course she last minute decides not to. But then the kids there so the kid fucking kills a woman like viciously like horribly like stabs are billion times and cuts are open and then the final scene she realizes what she’s done in the or the boy reveals that he’s been the Hungarian serial killer for like days now and like the kids definitely done already and gone and she can’t get him back.

So she’s about to shoot him and then you hear a gunshot and you think that she shot him, but it turns out some random Hunter who was nearby so. Mom, Jean having a gun held on like her toddler and then shoots her and kills her so and then so the possessed evil kid lives and it’s over and I will and I will raise this boy as my own now.

Yeah and the kids like that’s really good kids playing the part. You know, they oh my God, I can’t believe she was trying to sell moment shit right there. Exactly. So it’s basically a modern woman with a Twist and I think that the. The The what-do-you-call-it Reincarnation angle makes it a little fresh.

But also mostly the like the mom has to decide what to do about it angle, which I thought was like really clever and it took it definitely A Cut Above So definitely see it, but I’m hoping hoping most of you just skipped ahead and didn’t listen to the spoilers because I fully enjoyed watching that movie.

And for those who wanted the spoilers. I hope you’re happy. And for those who didn’t I hope you skipped ahead and I’m sorry. Yes, yes. Yes. Well, I will let you know. I’m actually more inclined to see the movie now. You’ve told me what happens. I’m not like oh my God, I know will do bits and pieces in the next episode but like there’s two types of spoilers that I like you telling me how this one down makes me want to see this movie more before I would just would have felt like oh it’s an evil boy movie.

No, thanks. I’m glad that you told me but we have opinions on the new pet cemetery spoiler that came out. We’ll talk about the next episode Dead like, oh, yeah. Can I do it? Like I’ll hack that in the pits and line. Yeah, I have a lot to say about that and we’ll also talk about it vaguely without controversy without the spoiler and then we’ll get to the spoiler because because I know what it is, but I didn’t see it.

Like I’m avoiding the tree. I have one of the trailer but I also know what it is fucking fresh air. Okay, Lord Zuko. Lords of chaos. Yes. You start. Alright great. So Lords of chaos for those of you who don’t know sometime in the mid 90s when Norwegian black metal was developing and became a really popular subculture of metal back before the internet.

We had to wait for metal magazines to write or tell you about a thing you just getting glimpses. I’m a big metal head and still am so when a 90s I was reading like, you know, try and get issues of kerrang magazine or enemy finding out the fuck was going on in Europe. And they’re just as you would see these pictures is guys wearing what’s called corpse pain, they got their faces are wide and I didn’t even get a chance to hear the music to like a decade later.

I just knew this thing Mayhem and burzum and Emporium and all these fucked up and just the idea was y’all these guys are so crazy there. So satanic, they’re so evil and they’re like, you know music’s really intense and then eventually found out that there was a murder is in church burnings and stuff going on and I really had a hard time finding out.

What was true and what wasn’t fast forward to I think 15. Years later a book called Lords of chaos came out the bloody rise of satanic metal underground by Michael Moynihan and Dyrdek soybean Linda, sorry, sir, pronounce that wrong and also of around the same time a documentary called Matilda light takes this came out that pretty much is in the words of a guy who was in the scene and the murderer varg Vickers who has public 15 other names that he gave himself.

His real name is. Christian yeah detailing pretty much the the the rise of Y in this country of Norway and in Sweden also why the seemingly quaint Christian. Non-confrontational area did these teenagers suddenly become so obsessed with evil and darkness and Blackness and death that they would even go so far as to burn churches kill homosexuals and eventually kill each other.

It’s an incredibly fascinating tale and I mean, I’m a big music buff, but I’m also a huge true-crime buff. So this is just like the perfect story of the two things you learn about how the scene kind of came about and how the oppression of Christianity and the boredom and the niceness. Actually as we find out now, you know, the more you kind of force and ideology on people the more the rebel on it and of course in a country or an area where like Christianity is the law and they’re only been for like a few hundred years.

I think sorry this will make sense in a second. Only Christianity like been to like a few hundred years comparative to how long it’s been around and been present and culture that a lot of these teams when they kind of came up when the Republic against Christianity. So, of course they would take on these evil satanic black metal idea ideologies and within that white supremacy, and they also became.

Anti-christian because they felt it that and anti-government because it felt the government was Christianity and vice versa and also because of that their Norwegian Heritage had been all but wiped out when the Christians did moving in Norway. They purposely built churches and places where Pagan churches were Pagan rituals are other things were so now you do they just move in but Christianity made a point to destroy all other religions in I mean, they did that everywhere and including Norway so you can see how this simmering hatred towards the.

Today and the Christian goodness over a hundred years kind of sprouted up in this one area. And and these teenagers is metal scene. I tell you all that to tell you this this movie Lords of chaos is based around a specific band a band called Mayhem and a guy who claims to have been the leader of the group and the inventor of Norwegian black metal euronymous is what he called himself a forget what his real name was named bro, and from his point of view he.

Started or developed a sound in the band Mayhem now granted there were there was so many metal bands leading up to this Dimension Venom in the movie and we’re just metal is getting faster Slayer Cannibal Corpse Morbid Angel. So this idea of Superfast and the vocals jump like this was not something he invented out of thin air, but the idea of the the the ideology and the identification the the white paint the corpse paint is they call it and making it as like a lifestyle versus just like.

Music and being obsessed with death and they pretty much won do the opposite of everything like we don’t have fans. We hate each other. We have no feeling you know, we don’t care about anyone we threaten each other we talk about death like just they were just like everything had to be black and death everything you lived death lifestyle as a direct confrontation to the light and love of the Lord and Christianity.

Got it. Okay, great. So. While Mayhem was becoming this huge not huge but this underground sensation in Norway and around I guess the Netherlands another musician named Christian who would later call himself varg Vickers showed up and he went from being according to Iran Iran, Amis. And the people around he was kind of just a guy in the scene.

Then it became chummy with the running this then he became like the other guy leading the scene, but then he wanted to push things further and further and he was burning churches and basically living the lifestyle and going off crazier and crazier and then eventually him and he wrote him this would become foes because vard felt it was a poser you’re on Miss felt he was taken too far and then through some hearsay varg.

Catches wind that you’re running mrs. Playing at killing him because he doesn’t like it’s taking over the seen so far goes on the offense of goes over to his apartment stabs him a death gets caught gets thrown in jail, the whole world finds about this craziness because also other members of the Norwegian black metal scene.

We’re also burning churches and one guy killed a homosexual gentleman and you know, just your general craziness, right? So fast forward to this year a filmmaker by the name of Johann has a Kurland decides to make a movie about this and it is out now. It is called Lords of chaos, and I gotta say yeah it is out now in a couple theaters and it’s out on VOD for every one of the 20 seconds.

Yeah, so I have to say that it was a good effort. But I give the movie a little I’d give it a c-minus. I think not very good. It’s disappointing because. As if you don’t if you aren’t familiar with the documentary, if you haven’t heard of Lords of chaos, I recommend both but you’re just not straight up in that interested in it.

Let’s replace black metal and insert high school shooter now exactly. I told you they made a movie about you know, the two kids who did Columbine and the first 30 minutes of is it was a comedy and also their befuddled dorky teenagers who like are trying to let you know you’d be like. So insulting and also why would you do that?

Because those kids were straight fucking crazy varg Vickers is still alive, you know, and he gets interviewed all the fucking time. If you go on YouTube you can listen this guy talk. This guy is like fucking Charles Manson. He’s fucking crazy Capital C sociopath crazy. He has to this day Zero remorse for what he did.

He absolutely hates Christianity. He. Credibly racist Caesar is an advocate is a staunch white supremacist. He has murdered people and is glad that he did from his point of view. He had to kill euronymous because he was a traitor to the cause he considers himself a political prisoner this guys fucking crazy.

And for some reason this movie movie told him like a fucking poser like a jobless Clues I could like. Yeah, and I mean you want I don’t say he’s a winner. I mean, you can call him a loser. I call me fucking psychopath. Yeah, if you’ve ever listened to him talk and if you want to watch any of the interviews with them he’s so he’s one of the most cold-blooded human beings in captivity today.

He is a fucking straight psycho. If you feel like why not make him true to who he truly is the movie starts off where it says based on the truth and the lies because everyone kind of involved in this thing has her own version of like who thought what and who really, you know, who came up with this sound who came up with these problems.

And the moving is the movies point of view seems to be that euronymous falsely claimed repeatedly that everything was in his name, but it seems like it wasn’t. And like she just was trying to glob onto everything. Yeah, because because you’re running this was you know, which is true that going to make them seem like they should make him seem like also like a bumbling any but the truth is that euronymous wanted to be like a rock star like he was into this music in this lifestyle but his attitude was like, yes, we’ll get famous and we’ll make money and isn’t this great like I’ve invented this thing where varg were they separated was know if you’re true about this has nothing to do with going on tour.

Like we’re doing this to like Boo killed people and burn churches. Get Christianity out of Norway and kind of in you I was like, yeah, I mean we want that kind of like the same way the like any metal band wants quote Anarchy, you know the same way that you know deicide is like, you know a Cannibal Corpse like worship the devil like yeah, that’s it mean they might feel that way but the end of the day they want to play music and torn be not be rock stars, but be musicians right?

So and that’s pretty much where those to butt heads and it just kind of spiraled out from there because as I mentioned before varg Vickers is a great a fucking psychopath. Second he felt that you’re running us and him weren’t on the same page. He just did everything he could to kind of take over and then kill euronymous as a crazy person would do so why I don’t understand why they made the Anderson making euronymous kind of a dope because people do talk like oh, yeah.

It was a total poser. Just want to be a rock star or whatever like, you know, he gave even people said like oh, yeah, he had it comin like their music sounded pretty dope and that like one concert scene where the where the guy with the guy I like fucking ripping his cutting his arms off and shit dude Mayhem with dead.

Is incredible those records are really good and it would argue that varg Vickers band burzum which by the way, he still records and put some music because and has low. It’s like yeah, you’re in jail the like you have access to the internet and stuff and he’s been in and out of a funny story about Vickers after being in jail for I don’t know 20 years or whatever.

He had got parole and reading was even like let out because. I think the case was kind of like he was able to claim self-defense gets out of jail after being inflict 20 25 years and then then gets caught again. Try stealing a car with a plot to blow up and burn down a church. Like this guy’s no joke he in no way thinks anything he’s done is wrong or bad in justifies his actions his violent actions hundred percent why like does that not sound like a crazy person?

Yeah, the movie doesn’t do a good job of portraying that then and another here’s a reason why I thought the movie was. Just wrong. I think it was like I’m this is a horror movie podcast. We love whore we love Gore. I’m all for the Glorious horror movies possible, but this is not the type of movie in which to like flaunt that because like it’s a true thing that happened to people and the movie.

It appears to want to kind of Wag the finger at the scene while also being like here’s all the gore you wanted. Like it’s kind of I don’t understand like the movie the director lingers so lustfully and like long on all the gore sequences the sequence where the dude kills himself by slitting both of his arms miserably and his throat and then shooting himself with a shotgun.

Is this drawn out as assumably that actual process was but then like the linger the camera lingers for so long it becomes back to it like a hundred times every time there’s a bit of Gore the movie like Revels in it and like, you know as a horror movie I get it like it was actually very very tough to watch a lot of it’s actually really upsetting Liguori.

There’s the the scene where he kills a random gay guy and it just stabbing him a hundred times like yeah and like then just it just rubs me the wrong way. It’s like what’s the point of all this when the movie is the kind of shit? It has we had doesn’t have anything to say other than like we’re going to just show all this fucking horrible shit that happened.

I just got for a movie with no point of view. It’s a movie with no point of view and and like showing all that Gore is it was a turn-off for me which is so crazy because I love a good gory movie, but I just thought it was a weird mix of. Reality with the horror premise. Yeah, like just like and it kind of gross and I want to and there’s an exploitive or whatever you want to could be exploited which don’t I would recommend the book Lords of chaos.

I really enjoyed it. I don’t think you really need to know about the music to really enjoy the the book because I mean, it does spend a lot of time explaining how they got to this point of like why the metal just got like when why they’re going further and further and further and then it kind of dovetails right into like the.

The events around the murder, so it’s definitely interesting but it is deceitful that deceitful. But like I feel that the filmmaker thought that he had to get a little bit of everything in there because because a lot of stuff happened a lot of like things they burned down and albums that came out and news stories and people there’s way more characters that were involved are actually in this this movie, but my push back on this would have been, you know, a lot of the stuff that you guys put in here is kind of.

Moot considering if they had just focus if the movie just been about varg like from his point of view coming into this thing and us watching him become more incense and enraged and angry and eventually to the point to where he has feels he has to kill euronymous for for betraying the cause whatever that would have been a way but it would be like a serial killer moving it would have been like such a really interesting story.

But I feel like the filmmakers trying to get too much into it two words kind of not about anything that makes. Yeah, I totally agree. I think it yeah, I think there’s an incredible story in here that he just felt in the color with like like sky sky fear. Is that the girl’s name? Yes completely pointless no point for her to be in there.

Yep, no point the love interest in that and get did this whole thing of like. backing up. It says the movies based on truth and lies. So again, we only get this from her point of view because you’re one of us is dead. But at the end or towards the end. She has like this like almost a come to Jesus.

Sorry become the devil moment with him to be like, what are you like? What are you doing? Like, what is this? You know, it’s gone too far disguises burning churches and killing people. You’re not that into it. He’s like, yeah, I’m going to get out. I’m going to I’m going to sign the rights to the music back over to him.

He like cuts his hair this whole thing like pretty much being like, hey, he’s finally out but this is an American History X. It’s like safe for the one crazy guy. He’s just a dude in a metal band with a record store. You know what I mean adequately. Never really felt like oh man, he’s in too deep.

He has a friend who’s fucking crazy, but that’s just like, all right, just don’t like hang out with that guy anymore. So it really but I’m sure the whoever she was his girlfriend Patricia thing of like, oh, he was such a sweet guy like it was just an act. He really was a sweetheart and really want you know, like because here’s this last moment we spent together where he cut his hair and you know, I was going to stay over but didn’t and blah blah blah, you know.

You just like I don’t know like was he would like that for all for all we know like he was in his mind being like I want to dump this fucking annoying chick, you know, like we don’t know. So the whole thing is like based on you don’t know a Rodimus is point of view because he died before he got a chance to really be authentic.

So to make this movie about him being this guy wants to get this band going I want to be famous and also is in love and it’s gotten In Too Deep. Like that’s all conjecture. I guess if that’s the right word, but we don’t know what he felt like so why make him the star where varg Vickers has probably written several books and still puts out music.

We’re we can all just. Get a very specific Taste of how fucking nuts he is and it could just been like the story of this fucking crazy guy, but I just feel like it was a really huge missed opportunity. And if anyone is interested in Norwegian black metal just watch the until the light takes his documentary or read Lords of chaos.

Don’t don’t fuck it. Don’t waste time with this movie. Yeah, I agree with you. I think it’s yeah, it’s hard as in the wrong place or something. It’s just it doesn’t it doesn’t work. It’s a be all things to all people. That it ends up being nothing. Alright, that was a full 90 minute episode of what did you watch?

Holy crap. We did it go. Yeah a lot of stuff worth watching here. So I will release a letterbox list with this episode that includes every movie we talked about and we’ll be back midweek before our Final Destination 3 episode next Monday. We’ll be back this Wednesday with our final destination to episode which will also include all the bits and pieces from the past couple weeks which includes the.

Military talk the Child’s Play trailer all that glass man up. Let me lay my flyers and Pet Sematary trailers lit a fire under my ass. All right. I’ll see you on Wednesday by

Wednesday, but death is not. I was hoping you’d