167 Happy Death Day 2U, Climax, Final Destination 3

Welcome to the new Flash podcast. My name is Brett Arnold, brettredacted on Twitter. Joe Avella. Be sure to follow us on Instagram of the New Flesh podcast or maybe New Flesh podcast and Instagram search it, you know how search options work and today we are talking about Final Destination 3 working our way through the Final Destination franchise because this is a horror movie podcast about horror movies and all thing is tangentially related to the whole lifestyle.

[00:00:46] Yes, and we have to file destination sequels left after today’s episode and there’s a remake coming out in the near future. So we will certainly revisit upon that happening but for four, Legal [00:01:00] reasons. I just want to go ahead and say that the Instagram account is run by Joe Avella and not me. So if there’s ever any racist what Instagrams or yeah, there’s an old black face photo on there something I had nothing to do with any of it.

[00:01:17] It’s all Joe. As a guy who’s been all about Twitter and trying to be funny on Twitter for probably 10 years. This point is throwing shade at me. Like hey, if anything comes up an Instagram wasn’t me like I bet if I searched you did the Twitter search and search all kinds of like follow words L.

[00:01:32] Just by miles of bread Arnold sweet. So like comedy. So you’re like, I’m totally working on my cut my comedy career with he’s already close to you. Maybe you would have a year or two ago, but them shits been wiped son. Never tweet. I deleted every one of my tweets. I for some reason Twitter if you look at my.

[00:01:47] Sounds like 16 tweets that either I can’t delete or just whatever but I was able tweets there to good Twitter’s like now you can’t get rid of this. I don’t know but I’ve done the search for several times personally. I don’t think I ever [00:02:00] really was saying offencive things or being controversial on Twitter.

[00:02:03] I always was kind of like a Twitter. Just okay, but I just went through it just a minute.  Website, so I think I’m pretty clean on Twitter. Basically for me. All social media is LinkedIn from this point forward. I don’t put anything on there that I can’t offend or can’t be taken out of context. But if you also notice good luck in the coming business year.

[00:02:21] Yeah, right. Yes. Here’s a band. I like, you know, like it’s totally you know, whatever. So, yeah. But anyway social media, I hate all that anyway, but I’m doing the Instagram and besides our main event of Final Destination 3. Ross me talking about shudders horror new war a documentary. They made about the history of African-Americans in horror movies spoiler alert.

[00:02:42] It’s excellent, and it’s only on shutter and if you don’t have shutter, you should absolutely have it. We will talk about it. Hey bless you new flesh bless you. To and then I saw them I’m sorry. I saw a couple big new releases. I [00:03:00] saw happy deathday to you the much awaited by some Blum House sequel to the hits 2017.

[00:03:09] Happy death day we have liked which lets you liked. I thought it was okay. I really junk. Yeah. I know you like that. Okay, so I saw the new one, which is out now. And I believe under performing at the box office. And then I also saw something that it’s Saturday right now. It’s been out for a day.

[00:03:26] It’s been out for a day. But it’s it’s Friday return. Let’s just say was not what they were expecting compared to the first one but I also saw a screening of Gasper Noah’s new movie climax, which are basically basically you want to sell porno in the theater. Well his last movie was straight-up porno.

[00:03:45] That one was that one was called love and it played in 3D. And one of the first opens it opens with it doesn’t open with like an is 16-minute or like eight-minute shot of him getting it getting jerked off. I think that’s correct. And I’m pretty sure like, [00:04:00] there’s 3d come. Yeah to finishing if I recall correctly wasn’t like quick shots.

[00:04:04] It was just like one shot and no Italy. It’s a very laborious. Bad movie love so we’ll did he improve upon his last film. He’s a very divisive character that Gasper. I usually don’t care for his stuff, but I definitely have a take on his new movie and it’s definitely the only Ruby its horn. The only movie of his that I’ve watched all the way through is irreversible which as as well of a movie that has made it I can never watch it.

[00:04:34] Again. It’s definitely a traumatic movie. It wasn’t like Enter the Void one of the guys just pretty much like enter. The load is pretty similar to that. Well into the voids, I think pretty much. Maybe it’s all three hours. You’ll be shot but it’s like a guy on I think DMT and just like trippin out the whole time and starts to make its killed and he’s like, it’s like his Spirit like yeah, I didn’t finish it.

[00:04:54] Maybe it was all DMT trip, but the whole thing is just like it’s cool for 5 minutes. And then but three [00:05:00] hours is like give me a break. I know why were talking about him. Well guys there we’ll get there. But yeah, I saw a my Max that’s it have climax. Happy deathday in a horde Noir and then find us a nation three.

[00:05:09] That’s all I got. We also we also got a lots of news. Ruling Joe Hill’s Netflix deal little bit of the Oscar category drama two trailers. I want to tell you guys about that dropped. I think you definitely need to see and news about the Devil in the White City adaptation that to my knowledge has been in the works for at least 20 years.

[00:05:28] Yeah. It’s been back and forth with who was going to do it and then. Yeah, it’s been Scorsese and Leo for a while, but we have some new updates on that you like add one point Tom Cruise was attached to it, but it was for everyone else. That’s right. Yeah think also De Niro was peppered in there for a minute or two, but I don’t ya we’ll definitely hit that shit up.

[00:05:46] Did I mention we’ll also be talking about the news and the Creepshow shutter shows be going to shutter. Anyway, we’ll get to all that but first bred, how you doing buddy? How was your week? Pretty good week busy week in comedy show went really [00:06:00] well. I got another one. Tonight congrats. Also the Humphreys McGee band is in town.

[00:06:07] So I saw them I saw them last night in Brooklyn. They’re playing Broken Steel for three nights missed night one because it was Valentine’s Day and I know my priorities so I cannot go but I’m sowing some and he’s not and he’s not a fan of the other jam bands. No, she’s gone to to I’m free shows and one.

[00:06:30] Let’s say it one half will be generous one half of a fish. Oh, she leaving the middle of it. Yeah, I gave her permission to leave because I was like, you know Lester on you should go and she’s like great and she kind of seems that she like real quick and give me a rundown of the music. She likes the shows.

[00:06:45] She’s taking me to that. I actually end up really liking the front bottoms if you know those yes, really duel. What else did she like Diet? Yeah, we didn’t really great just saw them. She said we have we [00:07:00] are in sync on all other genres like we love all the other say we just saw Kacey Musgraves together a couple weeks ago loved it so fun, but like yeah jam bands not her thing, but that’s cool because I like so many things so like it’s like all the stuff she likes I also.

[00:07:13] Shannon is going to be your thing Shannon the clams. You know them. Yep. Yeah. I just imagine in the future when you guys are married and have kids possibly grandkids. You’ll just have your little like mankind used to be like Grandpa’s gonna go work on a ship’s in the bottle. He’s going to like, you know in the shop, you know work.

[00:07:29] I’m like making stuff out of wood. You’re just going to be in like your garage is like sitting there listening to some laborious jams to staring off to the middle distance just like oh yeah, Dad. He just likes to go into a shop and listen to his Humphreys like it’s like, that’s your. Thing one from 2010 is very memorable.

[00:07:46] Yeah, they say that the kids to just know not to ask you like son you listen to this one from 2010. They did they play in this could my this minor chord but the next day they played this major chord you notice a difference of like, how do you feel like that? There’s a God Dad. [00:08:00] Thanks for all right look into my future.

[00:08:04] You got it. Mr. Christmas future. Can I make a huge announcement? Oh, please. They’re yeah, they’re I said, we’ll just make the announcement. Hey, Jesus. Can I talk god? Damn it?  Anyways, as fans of the show have known we’ve been we’ve been doing this for I don’t know three years this point all over three years and I have been living in Los Angeles for over a year since why my my sound or I sound like I’m on the phone because it is over Skype anyway after much to sound better than me because I have all these issues.

[00:08:35] Yeah now while either way for much deliberation you and I going back up. We have decided as a team that we are officially launching the new flesh podcast patreon. Hooray. Yes, we’ve been crunching some numbers and looking some stuff and there’s some things we want to do with the show name and make it sound better put the files in a better place by using SoundCloud, which is also.

[00:08:56] Yield mixed results for various reasons and a few other things that would just make the [00:09:00] podcast and we sound better but also be able to reach a bigger horror lifestyle Community guys. You know, we’re just we’re Behind Enemy Lines over here. We need more allies. So we’ve decided to launch this patreon.

[00:09:11] The link will be in the show notes, but if you want to go right now, it’s patreon.com Slash new flush podcast or go to patreon.com and search new flesh podcast couple things case people are getting worried right now. Will the show change at all? No, not at all. I’m sure she’ll know once a week same Joe same brat same same Lively hilarious chattering banter the you come every week for but for those of you who want to support the show, we would appreciate it with tears starting a $2.00 a month if he’s one throws a couple bucks.

[00:09:38] And as the tears go up we are going to have a exclusive Facebook page where all of us can share. Horror movie news and chat about bits and pieces and various things with the shout outs on the show. We have tears where you get discounts on merch we’re also going to start doing two bonus episodes a month.

[00:09:53] So if you want even more Joan Brett, you can that’ll be exclusive to donors. We even kick it up to I’m going to be [00:10:00] doing a monthly audio commentary on a movie and we also have tears where you can even pick what movies you want us to review we have.  Tear for you could be a guest on the show. We even have a tear go.

[00:10:13] Yeah, I thought you broke up our second. It’s okay. Oh, no. Okay. We also have a tier where Brett Will as many of you listen to show no bread for several years was a script reviewer as script. We reader reviewer for Studio reader script coverage writer. So if we have any aspiring screenwriters listening Brett will do coverage of your script and we even have a tear that goes up to $6,000 a month that is only reserved for Jason Blum.

[00:10:41] So if you’re not chasing don’t bother. Yeah, Jason Blum. You want to pay a $6,000 a month? Brett will move to Los Angeles and we will work for you. So the point is is that if you check us out on patreon.com backslash new flush podcast and want to support the show. We would greatly appreciate it.

[00:10:56] There’s even a thing and I won’t bore you with where we’re different money for different goals. [00:11:00] Kind of explain what we want to do the show how it’s going to sound better and how your money will directly go into it. No, we’re not going to take the money and pocket it is all going to go directly to the show.

[00:11:07] If you want to support a steady great. If you don’t also find you don’t have to support us it’s fine, but we feel that this is much better than trying to like. Get sponsors to pay more out of pocket or do we? Yeah, we have a such a I’d say pretty small but very dedicated fanbase you guys listen every week and we want to you know, give those people the opportunity to throw a few bucks a month of the show and make the show better.

[00:11:31] So yeah, I hope I hope so. Hope you guys are down for that. Hope we’re not so it’s a relationship awkward for you. Yeah, I feel like we was a what we thought a lot about and we’ll just talk about this briefly is like what I didn’t want to do is be all like Hey, we’re going to patreon. Negative pay for stuff.

[00:11:46] You’re normally getting for free. So just you know, we thought a lot about it and it’s all extra stuff and this show will how we do it will not change for you if you just want to listen for free, but if you want to give us a couple bucks and get more involved, we would appreciate it. [00:12:00] Thank you. All right with you Mom and Dad.

[00:12:02] I know you’re listening throw the yak by the by the knispel package. I know you did. I know you got that script in the drawer from college to pay the pay the what is it? Hey the Sutter cane and give. Yeah, and let me review that script clever, right? Ya know the all the tears, Joe made are really good.

[00:12:22] We talked we came up with the ideas together, but he named them. They’re all great. Thank you. Yeah, there’s the Pontypool the Puppet Master the knispel the horrid Lifestyle the new flesh friend for the end. I love that. So yeah, please check it out. Patreon.com pa Treo and.com Slash new flesh.

[00:12:43] Thank you. And with that I leave it is time for better but better better bits and pieces no wait bits and pieces. I was talking about Jingles with my wife this morning. What is this mother classic ones? What was the ones we had sweetie? No. No, I’ve [00:13:00] already done that one. You’ve already done the weed one.

[00:13:03] Yeah, but I am so I put you on the spot nevermind. Okay. So anyway, it’s and pieces first one. This is horror movie a Jason because as do with the Oscars and award ceremony that I think is absolutely ridiculous and outdated up the Grammys were recently another thing that’s like who gives a flying fuck, you know, the Oscars.

[00:13:23] It’s like I mean it helps some people in the industry, you know, get jobs am all for actually. Me mention that let me just tell you the news if you’ve been following it, I think earlier this week or maybe was last week. I forgot to mention it or maybe we did and I forgot to mention them. They had announced that they were taking a bunch of categories cinematography.

[00:13:41] I think sound editing and regular health and are in fact and like unbox short film like one of the shorts like live action or animated. One of them is live action. For some reason. They’re the whoever just decided like, oh, we’ll take these and we’ll still give them at the ceremony. During commercial breaks and then we [00:14:00] watching them will not see them.

[00:14:01] Well, well what happened was there was a huge outrage and which was the most predictable outraged because this was like a rumor for weeks and everyone had spoken out against and yet they still went forward with it. But yeah and give it a turn. Yeah Guillermo del Toro put out one that I think poor.

[00:14:19] I’m going to paraphrase it. He was like nothing wants to get anything cut but, you know cinematography and editing and the and and. At the other ones they sounded we’re specifically movie what he called Awards like there’s a true to Simply like Cinema Centric Awards editing and cinematography the what the most visual ones, you know and like the fact that the most visual.

[00:14:44] We relegated to a commercial break just going to be like, oh, yeah, by the way this movie won Best cinematography like what the fuck and I’ll say real quick if they’re ever going like, oh, we just wanted the ones that people are less interested in fucking caught it all the goddamn musical numbers and all these attributes to Hollywood and shit that they do.

[00:14:59] That’s this. I’m just like, [00:15:00] oh my God, like just fucking get to the ones who want to see the famous people get their trophies and go up and say something stupid. That’s the whole point watch the ceremony. Anyway, luckily, I guess unluckily. However, you want to look at. Recently the Oscars have announced that they’re no longer doing it because of the outcry of people and I really like I don’t know why they were going to cut it.

[00:15:18] I mean, you know how long they had of the pretty poorly because before they came out and just gave up they kind of put out like a trumpian fake news response with her like this actually isn’t what’s happening. But even though it was very clearly that’s what was happening there. Like we were never gonna do that in the Commercial Bank, like everything will be televised just going to be like a little later and it’s like no that’s not.

[00:15:40] Said and there is being very disingenuous until they eventually gave in and it’s just like these are the people who are supposed to be celebrating the movies and who love movies and they clearly don’t and you to meet Jimmy. It’s something that I’ve noticed as a part-time filmmaker short filmmaker that I noticed when I would put things in a regional festivals and [00:16:00] try and get into like bigger ones.

[00:16:01] It goes all from you know, the smallest local ones all the way up to the Oscars. It’s just run by people who can’t do anything. Yeah, you know, I mean like this. Act like the people at the Oscars. They’re not filmmakers. They don’t give a shit about you know, the the craft of filmmaking the give a shit about getting a lot of ratings and giving trophies to famous people.

[00:16:20] And of course those dummies are like, yeah who cares about editing and cinematography, you know, we never heard of these guys. It’s like, no actually we really give a shit now. I think it’s a misconception. I think the Oscars like the idea of it when everyone was talking about in the first they’re like, well, you know Millennials don’t watch so we have to get them and the way to get them is to make it less boring.

[00:16:38] It’s like first of all you’re not. Get Millennials who don’t care about movies to watch the Oscars at all. So like don’t go for those fucking people who don’t care just make it better. Don’t make it like it’s one of those things where like Executives in a boardroom or making decisions that they have no business making and like the people who love movies and like who were there to be, you know support the Arts.

[00:16:59] They don’t get a [00:17:00] say and then it’s just like these dumb. There’s been like this is like the 15th controversy of the Oscars this year. Like it’s like a fucking joke now host plus 1 and then they. Why no to make the the most popular movie award? Yeah, which also was something they announced and then fucking backed away from as soon as people said how stupid it was.

[00:17:18] Yeah, you know, I think what you said Is Right on the money what they should do is make a more better show for the people who give a shit and not try to win over audiences. Never going to come me personally. I haven’t watched the Oscars live and I don’t know how many years just because my aunt is like, yeah, I’ll just I’ll just do the list tomorrow because I’m kind of interested in who wins.

[00:17:36] I never agree with the nominations let alone the winners usually. So I’m just kind of yeah, you know, I don’t care but some people really do and you just make a ceremony for them. You know, I think it’s a generational thing. I feel like the Oscars really became an event like in the 80s, you know leading into the 90s and as you know, just because for a while there, you know for before like pop culture was such a [00:18:00] viable industry.

[00:18:01] The only way you really can see movie stars and people celebrate, you know, Awards and movies and all these things were the. One time you could see a famous person like Sylvester Stallone talk directly to the audience only time you really see, you know, a guy like Martin score good. Most people have no idea who the fuck Martin Scorsese was a look like until he gets up around and ask his nominate now you can Martin Scorsese in his kitchen on Instagram like yeah now it’s like we have unlimited access through a whole industry of this type of like pop culture behind the scenes like they ask is almost seems like.

[00:18:35] Laborious why go there and see I can just follow these people on social media and like it might have these people have their own. What’d he call? It’s like reality shows of some sort of me. And to me it’s almost like if they wanted to like do an award ceremony to give something to the like. I don’t know Kim Kardashian.

[00:18:50] It’s like who the fuck is sit around being like I want to a Kim’s up to you know what I mean? Like which is like you can’t get you can’t win these people now, so the whole idea of an award ceremony what brought initially brought [00:19:00] people to it that I want to see celebrities, you know being themselves and you know looking all glamorous.

[00:19:05] It’s fucking this fucking everywhere. Now, you know, so it’s just this idea of these Awards ceremonies where I still think it’s a good idea to award the people I was going to I like the idea of a warning cinematographers editors, you know, they don’t have a stunt. They don’t have a stunt ask you but they should like the people who meet Lee don’t know should be the industry.

[00:19:25] Shh, right? Yeah should be the people who cause like an an Academy Award for an FR sound editing that can like transform a whole company’s life and right livelihood. You know fucking to quote Louis CK who hate now a couple years ago when he when he presented I think was like best live action short.

[00:19:41] He was just like, you know, when here you came here winners and you’re leaving millionaires like it doesn’t fucking matter if Jake Gyllenhaal wins a fucking Oscar or not. He will always work well, but the people who have never heard of election need these Awards, so that’s why it was such a fucking slap in the face when they literally were about to put [00:20:00] cinematographers not on camera like it’s crazy.

[00:20:03] Truly not only the fun. The funny thing is that now don’t be heightened. There’s button to all of that. But I predict I predict I predict that was it. No. No, I predict that because what do you think nothing? You keep your duck delayed reaction to my noises or scaring me I predict because there was the most popular movie thing that came and went there was Kevin Hart controversy the button like I was in an obviously everyone Hollywood doesn’t like Trump or the current.

[00:20:32] Organization that I feel with this a lot of people will get up there and give very self-congratulatory speeches about how important all aspects of filmmaking kind of things were saying like, I think this also gave a lot of people who are probably thinking about like well if I want an award chasing something about politics just something about rights just something about you know, Twitter and Kevin Hardin did not having a house above and I was like, oh sweet like everyone’s going to agree with me when I get out there and be like, [00:21:00] hey cinematography is really important how Ray so we can get a lot of like grandstanding about you know, how rude the Oscars are so but hey, maybe we won’t I’m definitely not going to watch it.

[00:21:09] So right well when they were gonna still go through with this plan my Hope was because the whole point of them doing this was to go we’re going to get more viewers with this streamline ceremony. The whole thing is like it’s three hours this year instead of fucking three and a half or four. Whatever it’s supposed to be so, you know, I My Hope Is that I guess my hope before was that no one would watch it and it would be the lowest rated and they would be look like idiots now that now that they’re doing it.

[00:21:34] I don’t know how I feel. I just I don’t want them to be validated and thinking that any dumb new decision. They made made them more watchable to get anything people are watching this year because they expect it to be a fucking train wreck. There’s no host. There’s all these new rules like it’s gonna be a disaster and they’re going to probably.

[00:21:52] The wrong fucking things if if people watch it, he personally and I do agree with that but what’s going on with the Oscars in the same things going on with football and the [00:22:00] Super Bowl is that I personally think well, I’m certain that these things are becoming less popular because it is a generational thing that’s changing.

[00:22:06] But what I hate is that you know, we have a current. Restoration we have a current half the country who like we’re boycotting NFL. We’re boycotting Hollywood. And when they see the numbers go down. They think like our boycotts working was like no one gives a fuck. Yes, like no one just cares anymore.

[00:22:19] You know, like, why would you kick like this footballs boring? I’ve you know, and the Oscars like you don’t need him anymore. But whatever it is what it is Times They Are a-changing. Let’s talk about something horror movie related. You’re ready. Okay. Yeah, go ahead did you know? Brett that there are there is a rumor that they’re doing to alien franchise TV shows in the works and Ridley Scott is involved in what for Hulu I did hear this rumor, but I haven’t seen anything besides that one room or site.

[00:22:46] So I hope it’s true. I mean, I guess I hope it’s true. Do you hope it’s true I actually do in here is why I have been more critical of the more recent Alien films that you have your like the last two fucking rules Prometheus. [00:23:00] Also great give him another shot everyone. So I like Thai. Prometheus more although I walked out a movie being like great.

[00:23:06] I know I have homework to figure out what the fuck I just saw and I did not care for healing coven. I just thought it was just like whatever right but I feel and when this was announced that kind of made sense for me that the reason I didn’t like the last two Alien movies is that Ridley Scott is just like he has got huge ideas about the meaning of a number one the Alien movies were just like this unkillable alien was was on a spaceship and people are trying to get away from it, you know, and now he’s just like baked in this whole story.

[00:23:33] About the origin of man in the universe in these like God like, you know, dr. Manhattan looking fucking mr. Clean dudes that like, I’m somehow responsible for life. And you know, the whole thing is just like what’s going to get to the aliens or whatever so clearly Really Scott is a time to think about it has a very huge.

[00:23:51] Universe of ideas you want to explore which after Prometheus came out? I did some reading on it was like man. I really like these ideas, but I’m just not getting what I [00:24:00] need from these movies. So the hope is these doing this thing with Hulu and it is a thing he’s working on. I think it’s going to be a potential for him to really.

[00:24:09] Flesh out the story that clearly has been sitting on for like decades Really Scott was also bought also a producer of The Terror correct. That is correct. I mean the terror been in the Tariff fucks man. Tara was so good. So I think that really Scott absolutely television or long-form TV episodic TV is a medium that is good for him.

[00:24:29] So if he can do for alien what he did for the terror, I’m absolutely there and I think he’ll be a masterpiece but obviously it is what it is. We don’t know yet. We just don’t know. Yeah, I hope it happens. What’s the deal with the two of them though? Why is it two?  Do you have like Child’s Play?

[00:24:46] Probably one really Scott’s doing and one I mean all these properties different people own them. I just saw that they said they’re doing one with the Hulu one. What’s talking with Ridley Scott and let’s see what the other the other one is [00:25:00] be nice. If I read this before we’re be okay. Simply discussing were hear Rumblings about a potential TV series set within the world that alien for a while now with h and entertainment Bringin us a big ol scoop that at there isn’t just one land actually in series but to the psyche was gonna say that those series is really Scott attached to produce a series for Hulu, which is pretty huge indeed and let’s say it’s very like knowing.

[00:25:25] Asian it doesn’t say anything about the second one. It just says Fox I’m going to Fox will be has a deal with Hulu or Fox would be doing her own because I’m assuming that Ridley Scott. So these were things some of the child’s place in the own Hulu who owns Hulu that was NBC. Okay, it doesn’t say because like Disney now owns Fox and has all that stuff.

[00:25:46] So I was wondering if anything to do with it, but I don’t know who knows will report more on that when we know God damn anything about it. I but I just. Now an alien show with Oh, no, [00:26:00] you’re right. Well Hulu says owners Walt Disney 2000 was a bunch Disney owns 30% Fox owns 30% come fast. I was 30% and Warner media owns 10% fuckin a.

[00:26:14] Someone’s got their errors of the fingers in that pie, but I just think that like an Alien series with Ridley Scott would be really good if he did it the way he did the terror and the sense of letting a vision comes a completion without a lot of interference. Go ahead. All right my next well, this isn’t it’s hard to do with just a photo but you should go look it up Greg nicotero who’s doing the new Creepshow for shutter posted which by the way he gave the original didn’t.

[00:26:40] Greg nicotero effects for the original I believes isn’t Greg nicotero The Walking Dead Guy. Yep, and he’s also the mean sergeant and Day of the Dead but that’s right. Yeah, so great and like his face ripped apart. Yeah, Greg nicotero tweet or not [00:27:00] tweeted instagrammed saying that episode one wrapped the other night and he it was a photo of the new creep.

[00:27:07] From Creepshow and it looks I’m sorry. Awesome. Yeah, it looks awesome. And I’m sorry that it greg- work done Creepshow to but not Creepshow one. And yes got it. I did. You know, I didn’t even think about it. I saw this picture but it looks like it’s going to be like the old show at the Stark lighting and the Practical effects, which I’m like flipping out about I guess I just when mind assume like it’ll be Creepshow and it’s episodic shorts and also in it’s like, you know.

[00:27:37] Like horror theme but they’re going to make a look like the original movie. This is going to be my favorite thing if they pulled it off. I’m going to fucking lose my mind. It does look like they’re going to go for that look, you know old-fashioned. They’re not going to update it. So it’s not like, you know beyond a recognition or anything.

[00:27:56] I do think it’s going to be really really great. I just have such high [00:28:00] hopes shutters very. Shudders, just been you know, since we started talking about it, I think a couple of years ago, maybe yeah evolved so much from like just like kind of like a Netflix knock off with why you broke up you broke up there if you start over.

[00:28:14] Yeah. I was just saying since we started talking about shutter its evolved so much from just kind of like a cheaper Netflix knock off with a few good horror movies to now it’s like they have tons of great old horror movies. They’re always changing. There’s new they’re requiring is good. They’re acquiring horror.

[00:28:32] Then these are for in horror and Indie stuff that you’d never see otherwise, and it’s still just five bucks a month. You gotta have shutter but shutters really great and the fact that they’re making all this original content and one of them is fucking Creepshow just very exciting. I hope it’s very exciting go if anyone wants to go back in the archives listen to an episode we did by year and a half ago with Sam Zimmerman who’s in charge of programming at shutter.

[00:28:55] I think they’re pretty much the interview goes like this. We’re like, hey what’s good on shutter and then as an hour long and being like [00:29:00] this movie that movie this movie that me gave us. We’re just like slow down. So no sorry but must have recommend a 10 movies or shows they had on shutter that all are really great.

[00:29:08] And I mean so it’s being a helmed by at least one guy who is very passionate about horror and making sure the content is really good. There will be talking in moments about their exclusive documentary about African-Americans and horror movies called shutter Noir, which whore Norris is hornwort.

[00:29:26] Yeah, which is a you know, spoiler really great and it’s something you only see on shutter and. Yemen they are killing it killing it according to go ahead. Yeah. I got it according to variety Thomas middleditch joins the Zombieland sequel. Yeah. So Zombieland double tap is coming out. It has the all the original cast which I believe includes Jesse Eisenberg what he heard Somethin.

[00:29:50] I’m stepping stone and Abigail Breslin and yet now Thomas middleditch. I mean always and also Rosario Dawson. Oh, [00:30:00] yeah. I saw that this week, too. Um so good cast. I think that movie was good and I think if that movie came out today, I don’t know if anyone would care about it because I think it kind of started a trend or like was the beginning of another uptick in zombie stuff.

[00:30:16] And since then there’s been so much and The Walking Dead is I kind of sucked all the life out of it for me and like while there still are, you know, like every for every you know every now and then there’s like a train to be saying or like a like a girl with all the gifts. There’s always there’s still Innovative stuff happening in the genre one kind of the dead.

[00:30:35] Yes. Absolutely. So there’s still good stuff happening. But like, I don’t know Willa Zombieland sequel be interesting anymore. Like what can well you remember remember when Amazon did that first and I’m sorry, I’m still does this but they did like when they kind of started getting the original programming for TV.

[00:30:51] They did a thing where they put up a bunch of Pilots with people could like boat on or depending on how many Got the Blues and they and there was a Zombie Land show. Oh, [00:31:00] yeah. Is that pilot was borderline unwatchable just felt like really tone deaf. I agree with you that when Zombieland first came out except for Shaun of the Dead.

[00:31:10] I can’t really think of a zombie property that had a humorous almost like kind of like an almost Seinfeld in kind of look of like, what would it really be like to be around the zombie apocalypse where most things are really heavy, you know as years before walking dead, but every zombie was like, oh my.

[00:31:30] Now we’re stuck in the world’s over and we’re all fighting and stuff. And then you know Shawn the dead obviously is a great movie and then Zombieland came along you’re like, yeah, I guess we would be like driving around shooting people coming up with games, you know, it was it was a fun. Look at almost like a fanboy version of man.

[00:31:45] If I was in if I was in a zombie apocalypse, you know, like gamifying with killing people and having these rules and stuff but we’ve seen so much zombies just come and gone both humorous and serious that I am dubious of how be I mean this thing already. The [00:32:00] trappings of being a movie that just rehash has all the old bits which it feels like I’m just just feeling with the whole idea of like what really do they have left to do that?

[00:32:10] There’s no probably going to do more of but I’m sure I’ll see it. Yeah, I’ll definitely see it. I just I just I’m very reluctant mean first of all name a good comedy sequel you really can’t there’s not there’s not there’s not really any that I can think of off the top of my head there maybe. You know a couple that proved the rule like the exception that proves the rule type thing where there’s so many but oh I can name one, but they’re just usually unsuccessful, especially when it’s like literally 10 years later.

[00:32:38] Yeah Dumb and Dumber To was what 20 years later. It was horrible. Every high-profile comedy sequel that I was excited about ends up being bad everyone ready. So excited. I don’t think but I’ll see you. My next bitten piece Devil in the White City series in the works at [00:33:00] Hulu from and DiCaprio and Scorsese.

[00:33:03] So before I even gets to hopes up of corner this DiCaprio and Scorsese, Leonardo and Martin that is are going to. Producing they are able to do sirs. They are no longer slated to direct and star respectively. Yeah, so everyone was very excited about this announcement that it’s finally happening.

[00:33:25] No, most nobody read the full had the full story because the headline still makes it look like they’re doing it. It says this is the variety headline Devil in the White City series in the works of Hulu from Leo DiCaprio Martin Scorsese, if you just read that and you know the history of the project.

[00:33:40] You probably assumed they were directing it and starring in it. But if you feel like yeah, I feel like Scorsese was that was originally has been his been leading the project this whole time like whenever the book came out. I feel like right it’s like fever pitch of this book which by the way is it’s an excellent book seems Scorsese was he was gonna make a movie it [00:34:00] was going to be DeNiro was going to be in it.

[00:34:01] And then for a while there Tom Cruise was attached all these people rumored he was attached kind of came and went and then yeah couple years ago. They’re saying Leo is going to be in it was going to be a. Movie Scorsese directing Leo starring in it. I feel like Leo and Scorsese are still pretty tight.

[00:34:16] Right. The last thing to do is Wolf of Wall Street has been selling since then. That’s the last thing yeah, that’s that was it that was long. So so the Assumption probably was that that’s how I was going to be and now show I’m glad to show because it’s a very long interesting book and a movie wouldn’t do it justice, but they’re producing it.

[00:34:32] I don’t know but I mean Scorsese projects produce always been a mixed bag. I think yeah they can have you. He was a producer on vinyl. That’s right. Did not last very long. Not the Caprio acquired the rights nearly a decade ago. Yes, of course Daisy came aboard in 2015. It was first put in development.

[00:34:55] You’re right by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner and the option but that [00:35:00] option elapsed and 20 2004 and Paramount. We acquired the film rights 2007. But here we are it’s coming up. Lou it’s a great story for anyone who hasn’t read it. I highly recommend the book but it also takes place in I think the year 1900 and it’s about rebuilding of Chicago and part of it was the Chicago World’s Fair.

[00:35:19] I might begin the wrong you’re wrong. I’m pretty sure was 1900 and also has to do with them. You know how prosperous Chicago was back then it pretty much had to rebuild the city from scratch after the fire and it has to do with the architects who designed the city and also a killer who had a I guess like.

[00:35:35] Business buildings / place where you live. We also built a torture chamber to kidnap those like so much going on. It’s but if you read it’s like to make this Faithfully, I mean it is a multi-million dollar project to say the least it is you could you can make this movie on the chest the police period details alone.

[00:35:51] It’s going to show is that yeah, not a surprise. It took forever. Just like, you know banking on this book. That was a best-seller then was talking about for a while. But also, you know, yeah [00:36:00] not Twilight’s at Twilight. It’s not something that like. It’s a weird thing where like it’s like a fad or tied to a moment.

[00:36:05] It’s just like yeah, it was more popular like a ten years ago, but I think people will still watch it watches the show certainly a now that it’s set up a thing that like a streaming service like Hulu can put the right money into it because they have the distribution already lined up versus before if the one to make it a TV show for regular television or put in the.

[00:36:27] You know, it’s just it’s also people remember The DaVinci Code, which was a huge cultural phenomenon. They made a movie out of that. I kind of bummed movie definitely stinks. So I feel like if they want to make a book phenomenon into a movie or series before it had to be something that kids were going to go see your Hunger Games in your your Twilight’s so this book was in that weird thing of being a popular book but is an adult audience going to come on drugs to see in the theater, which is for you know, whatever.

[00:36:56] Steve million dollars or whatever is going to cost to do obviously not so a [00:37:00] show on Hulu makes sense to me and I’m excited. Yeah. Okay. I’m excited too but less so because it you know, well, we don’t know who’s going to star in it or direct it yet. But we just know that it hasn’t been announced that they are they could still do it in theory.

[00:37:14] But yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see I got some news this is interesting. I didn’t know anything about this until reading this article but so back in 85 Deborah Voorhees, which is her real name. Played on Tina and Friday 13th A New Beginning now that lady is taking it upon herself to direct a movie called 13 Fanboy, which is essentially a meta slasher film centered on the stars of the Friday the 13th franchise being killed by it killed and stalked by a fan.

[00:37:46] Whoa, which sounds cool and it gets even cooler because she’s indeed brought actual stars from like all the sequels to the movie CJ Graham. That’s a great idea is Tom Matthews Judy Aronson from the Final Chapter Tracy [00:38:00] Savage from part 3 Ron Sloan from a new beginning and the big news is that they just got Corey Feldman.

[00:38:05] I love it. Yeah. Love it, dude. And yeah Kane Hodder Dee Wallace also not sure about. Great. Yeah, that’s Ed. It’s Ed Kane Hodder Always Somewhere. Oh, yes Stars Kane Hodder. He’s at least according to IMDb. He’s attached somewhere. Yeah, I’m so all this is such a great idea. I love it. Yeah, here’s like here’s what they say about it.

[00:38:27] Our horror Thriller brings you your favorite Friday 13th actors back to the big screen and entirely new horror series about a fan who takes his life for the series too far and targets the real life women from the franchise to kill them. Like they were killed in the movies to quote improve their death.

[00:38:41] 13 Fanboy Mel’s, the slasher style kills that Friday’s famous for and the heart pounding Thriller such as hush and Cape Fear will be using all practical effects. No CGI, he’ll fuckin. Yeah, I think that’s awesome. You know, it could be these do these people know how to make a good movie. Who knows but I [00:39:00] love the premise and if that ends up being good that will be very good.

[00:39:03] I think yeah guarantee guarantee. This will end up on shutter and I love how it’s just a person who has an intimate connection. To the the franchise is taken it upon herself to make a thing about it’s a great idea. I love it good for her good for her. So we know the Are You Afraid of the Dark movie is coming out this later this year in October.

[00:39:24] I believe now. We just found out that the Beloved Anthology series. We return to Nickelodeon this October with a brand new mini series that follows new members of The Midnight Society as they gather around a campfire to tell scary stories. The miniseries will coincide with the movie. So. I’m assuming it’s a limited thing for now.

[00:39:41] That’s just leading into the movie. But I’m sure if that’s successful as I’m sure it will be that it will last a while. So are you afraid of the dark coming back? It’s pretty exciting for fans of that, which is I guess Kitty horror, you know Nickelodeon goose-bumpy type horror story, but is that that’s anthology horror [00:40:00] and we do not discriminate on this podcast and I’m still excited for it and I will check it out when that went out.

[00:40:07] We don’t discriminate this podcast you kidding. Terminate heavily on this podcast but against other things again, I do not handle the Instagram account. I don’t know which I was talking about on their way. What’s this good? I just got here a couple more quick ones lottery winner rocks scream Master collect the winnings.

[00:40:28] This is hilarious. If you look it up online some person who won the lottery probably wanting to keep their identity secret. So everyone in the world doesn’t come after him and threatened to take the money. Yeah. I. I didn’t know this but apparently maybe it’s you don’t have to but maybe or maybe you do it depends on you with a lottery hates.

[00:40:44] You might have to you know, you have to show up and get it because the prove that you’re you and you did it. And of course hey if I won a hundred million dollars, I don’t want fucking anyone to know about it. So but this puts man or woman can tell I don’t think they’ve been released the person’s name.

[00:40:58] Well, obviously they didn’t showed [00:41:00] up one that were in the scream mask. A was a great photo of the person just signing like whatever the check is completely clothes gloves. You can’t tell nationality. You can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. You can’t tell anything so fucking funny. I also think it’s kind of a right premise for a horror movie like someones picking off lottery winners or something.

[00:41:22] No, I told you I have a better idea for a movie that if anyone wants to do this and then sign up for our patreon to have Brett review The Script. What about a movie about a serial killer a guy who successfully or a girl could be anyone who successfully thriving serial killer. Who wins a lottery and becomes a multi-millionaire and just how they can continue being a serial killer with another like of all this attention being super rich.

[00:41:43] That’s funny that is funny and like that’s their struggle is like damn like I can’t go murder because I have all become super famous people come out like spying on him and he wasn’t nobody’s like a passion. That’s actually really smart. We should write that or or they also like, you know, I mean, it’s a [00:42:00] person no one knew about us.

[00:42:01] They’re going to a Serial killing, but now that they’re a billionaire everyone’s like digging into the past to try and figure out a way to get the money. And if like filing I’m like ding of the clothes like wait a sec. Is this person a killer isn’t this a good idea? Somebody make it I don’t want to I’m lazy.

[00:42:14] But yeah, it sounds great trailer. The just dropped a you did not watch and I know I trailers to be swell. Don’t say anything, but tell me about a little about it. Okay, the trailer for a movie starring Octavia Spencer is that it is an amazing actress movie called ma ma. Looks not to be confined of with Mama and I don’t see Mama.

[00:42:39] Seema the trailer just dropped it’s going to be a bloodbath joint comes out May 31st. I mean, I think the trailer looks awesome. I am predicting that this will be Kathy Bates From Misery level performance. Just seeing the shots of this. Tavia Spencer who is an amazing actress you see in this movie is playing a grade A manipulative psychopath.

[00:42:59] It [00:43:00] is pictures of her dislike this dead eyes. Look that she’s given it looks so fucking good. I never saw the help, but I think it’s safe to say that it is the anti the help. Yeah, but you read the how I hate Taylor who directed The Help it’s very. John the help was about the help was a movie where takes place.

[00:43:16] What was a young girl and booze on a plantation of slaves like the the slave women are kind of helping her like get a guy or do something and I was kind of annoyed by it right because it’s like making almost a comedy out. Slaves are bad. I never I never saw it. All I remember is that someone eats a pie that has shit in it?

[00:43:34] And that’s why people reference that movie all the time. Oh really? Well anyway, that’s what it’s about. This is the other say this is the anti there’s no shaving. Okay now well, she’s definitely not helping young white people say that were helpin. Ya looks really good. I’m definitely going to see the trailer is awesome.

[00:43:52] It’s just it looks really great and I highly recommend Embassy the mod trailer when it comes out to sea. Another trailer that came out that isn’t a horror movie, but [00:44:00] I think I texted you this to you Brett. This is either the best premise for a movie or the worst premise for a movie. Either way when I saw it.

[00:44:07] I thought this is fucking awesome a movie called yesterday. Not a horror movie. Oh, yeah directed by Danny Boyle. Yes, and it’s produced by the same people who did Slumdog Millionaire is movie about a guy struggling musician who gets in an accident hit by a bus or something wakes up. Everyone’s so happy that he didn’t die.

[00:44:26] His getting out of the hospital gift is a guitar and he picks it up its extremities things Yesterday by the Beatles and was like that fucking Songs amazing is exaggerated that he’s like no Paul McCartney wrote it in there like it.  Who and the whole movie is about this guy that wakes up in a world where the Beatles never.

[00:44:43] It’s a he starts playing The Beatles songs. He becomes the biggest star in the world fucking hilarious. It’s a pretty funny premise but now I have to throw away my script where no one’s heard of the monkeys. And and then if this movie was instead of calling you yesterday, this move is called Nookie [00:45:00] and guy wakes up and nobody’s had a herd of Limp Biscuit.

[00:45:02] That’s a ticket sold right there. But uh, yeah Beatles that’s a much different movie. He like rights ducky and everyone’s like what the fuck is this and he just like doesn’t succeed because Limp Bizkit was succeeded at a very specific. Moment in time. I gotta feed them feel like they would have had the impact about that.

[00:45:18] She picks up a guitar and he’s like, um, somebody once told me huge huge bigger than the Beatles that tet. What the fuck is that try this is a good guys just like Spanish. I’ll start by Smashmouth what and then some movie he puts it the song and it was like and that’s not crap. I didn’t watch the trailer for yesterday, but I think the premise is very fun.

[00:45:36] And I love when Danny Boy, I love Danny Boyle. He does jump genre to genre and just like make great movies and every genre so like this sounds exciting to me. But I mean, yeah, I want to know how he deals with the implications of that because of the Beatles didn’t exist. So many other bands and things wouldn’t exist.

[00:45:54] And I wonder if the movie like is like fun in that way like time, you know, like I want to see the Ripple [00:46:00] effects of that or if the movie just kind of shallow and the dumb comedy and just will say this guy like becoming rich off of The Beatles or something and there is a part where. That party was yesterday is like the greatest song ever written and one was like well, it’s not Fix You by Coldplay.

[00:46:14] So I think there’s going to be a lot of jokes and there’s another part where he’s working on a you know gets famous and some reason now, he’s Rockin he’s hanging out with Ed Sheeran and the part where the recording Hey Jude and there’s an dad’s like dude great song, but I give you one night know.

[00:46:27] How about instead of Hey Jude? Hey, dude, and someone else’s yeah. Hey dudes way better and I think that’s funny. That’s funny to be like out of context. It was forcing Beatles for the first time to be like, yeah. What if we did this is Adam? Yeah, we’ll be funny if there’s a scene in there where he like gets on Google and like tracks down Paul McCartney.

[00:46:45] And if Paul McCartney’s really and and Paul McCartney’s just some dude in Liverpool who was just like, oh yeah that was in a bad for like a minute and just I don’t know. It’s never really yeah. I bet I have a feeling there’s gonna be a Beatles cameo in that movie now, we obviously all of them [00:47:00] that are alive or that CGI the dead ones to you know, yeah tracks down tracks down Ringo or whatever.

[00:47:05] It’s ring. It’s just fucking some dude in Liverpool is just. Retired old well, maybe it got dark and like all the band members exist in the world. And in order to keep his secret. He has to go assassinate them all himself. Okay? Yeah, see, we’re really intelligence to have to hug. They got to invent a thing where it’s like you just like saying idea about a good idea for a thing and then I know aii moocs it for you, right?

[00:47:31] Sure. Why not? Okay. All right. What do I got? Jason Blum talked a little bit about the The Invisible Man Lee Waddles invisible man. He said I don’t believe in saying we’re going to do movies about this and then trying to find a movie about it. So I didn’t believe in going and going in and saying I want to do all those movies and then try to find directors to do them.

[00:47:52] He’s talking about how he doesn’t have plans to do the entire Universal monsters franchise you just doing. We have a director who [00:48:00] we’ve also done six or seven movies with pitch just a spectacular story about the invisible man. We told them the right at he wrote it and then we took it to the studio and said we’d love to do this.

[00:48:10] And this is what we could what we would do it with and they said yes, he continue describing the script. He said it was like a Blum House version of the Invisible Man. It’s lower budget. It’s not dependent on special effects. CGI stunts super character-driven truly compelling a sterling. It’s edgy.

[00:48:23] It feels new those were all things that they felt like they fit with what our company does. And it happened to be the Invisible Man story. So check both boxes and there was and we responded to it because I think Lee is just an A+ director. I agree that Li Hua nose making make a name for himself. I love the idea that Blum House is taking on these iconic monster characters, and I hope it’s successful and I hope they do do more but I hope that they stick with the new plan which isn’t, you know, frivolously throw them into the same universe for no reason like the 2017 mummy movie or cool because you know, Jumping on my comments that I’ve said [00:49:00] so many times for this podcast will do no old horror movies suck and black-and-white movies are all terrible.

[00:49:05] The reason that in this is another reason why I hate these movies. The reason that you have, you know Frankenstein vs Dracula and the mummy meets The Bride of Frankenstein of the shit wasn’t because the studios were trying to do something like a universe is because they had no fucking ideas back then and there is like, yeah, why not?

[00:49:22] Hey Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein who gives a shit like that. Why there is a quote Universe. It wasn’t like some grand design for high-quality entertainment is because back then nobody gave a shit. They’re like put put it on a poster people will come and see it. Yeah and known Universal bottle man to ever meet the fucking wolf man.

[00:49:41] It’s stupid Universal monsters are not some like Avengers comic series where they’re all actually written in together like that. Very stupid. What else do I have? The Invisible Man and Dracula meet Frankenstein’s fucking ghost who cares [00:50:00] Eula ship You Love Tara fire, I still have oh, yes. Yes. I still haven’t watched it but the director or writer I guess just announced on Twitter or Instagram or whatever.

[00:50:12] That he wrote the script for Tara fire to and then it’s fucking insane and they’re working to bring it to us as soon as possible. So terrified to is happening. I think Damian Leone. This is named gotta get him on the pot. Got to get dude Tara fire the more I think about it the more I love it because if you haven’t seen Tara fire, it’s on Netflix and it is great.

[00:50:31] And the reason that you you know, the reason that’s becoming something so popular is because he’s a genius you put on Netflix. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got no money. I would love to hear what the deal was for the flex. I’m sure his deal was Zero. But it’s becoming a cult phenomenon because it’s on Netflix.

[00:50:45] It’s a simple premise. It is a well-made low budget moving the sense of like dude knew we had no money. So you just pick I mean think about how hard it is to make a movie starring a character a killer character. That’s somewhat [00:51:00] Supernatural and somewhat terrifying hence terrify her the name you mean it’s hard that is.

[00:51:04] Considering that like this is how so many people try to do what he did like, oh, this is new guy killer monster thing that kills penis watching like what fucking ever, you know what I mean? Like we’re you know, this are the clown the character I’m saying this right now has a potential of being a Freddy Krueger level movie monster.

[00:51:23] You know what I mean if you watch this movie, it’s like this. This is the simple terrifying looking clown. I think could be an endless amounts of movies could end up in other fucking movies. It looks cool. I’m seeing pictures of people dressing like him at horror conventions for Halloween. It’s great and simplicity.

[00:51:42] It’s just it’s like. The best trauma movie we’re so stupid is so ridiculous is so self-aware yet. So satisfying Liguori and stupid and sheep and all the best ways Emanuel to scene at the end where they end up at the morgue. It clearly is like his buildings basement and [00:52:00] them and the corner who’s like smoking cigarettes and eating and it’s so perfectly takes all the best things from 80s horror and schlock horror and horror comedy and and does it so, well, I really love.

[00:52:14] Movie I can tell I need to watch it. And one thing I really like about this movie and the story behind this movie. Is it started as a short film? I mean, this is indie horror, you know greatness guy makes a short with this cool clown short gets enough attention and use it to get enough money to make a movie movie takes off.

[00:52:33] Organically thanks to Netflix and word of mouth and just the fandom People Like Us just sing its praises and now he’s going number two. I really think it’s great. I’m happy. He’s making a second one. He to me embodies the spirit of what how horse should be made today come in with an idea just building upon it and building a fanbase.

[00:52:51] And I’m very excited for Tara fire too and speaking of horror. I almost forgot to mention this but I’m glad that it came up that another trailer came out [00:53:00] for a horror movie The United very excited about a movie called I believe asked. What was it assassin assassin not yeah, Drew Bolduc who did the taint who is a friend of the show been on the Pod before?

[00:53:12] Changes like a troma ask well now it’s actually a troma movie but before troma bought it it was at Romanesque horror comedy about the tainted water supply making people’s dicks explode and stuff assassin not looks it’s a total 180 for him, even though it still looks like it’s comedy a little bit but it’s definitely like more serious and very well shot and.

[00:53:36] Looks like it has like a I don’t know what it’s I know it’s budget was minimal, but it looks really good and I’m excited to have him back on to talk about it. Yeah, it looks great cannot wait. It looks great. It looks really I didn’t you know, I didn’t even know you sent me.  The trailer and I was watching it just not knowing who’s behind it.

[00:53:52] I thought whoa, this looks really good. So to then look it up and see this Drew’s film. So excited for the guy. He’s really cool. We can definitely have back [00:54:00] in the Pod and assassinate is that hugs astronaut he lives here now that new. Oh, yeah, big fucking fucking hang out with them and we’ll talk shit about you.

[00:54:12] Can you not please please don’t stop I’m begging you, please I got a couple more and then we gotta move on. Ilana Glazer of comedy Central’s Broad City is writing and starring in a horror movie for a 24 cool. It’s described as a contemporary take on Rosemary’s Baby and it’s called false positive, but there’s no other information available.

[00:54:40] So maybe the false positive has to do with birth of some sort. Who knows John Lee. The creator of Wonder showzen is going to direct it. He also too far. Yeah. He’s also directed. Episodes of Broad City and Netflix is Pee-wee movie. So we also work that you [00:55:00] also was one of the producers on delocated and a lot of the a lot of you also worked on Louie.

[00:55:05] I like that pfr is actually a really good production company that’s made a lot of cool stuff. Hell, yeah. Well, that sounds interesting. I’m already curious. I’m loving families great. And a lot of generally are both great quick news Eli Roth is getting ready to shoot his next movie in Boston. It’s with Miramax and I’ve been told it’s a horror movie.

[00:55:24] This is from by this customer rumor. No one knows no. No the rumor is that it might be the rumor rumor the Deep the rumor is that might be what’s that movie Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. Yeah. Yeah Thanksgiving is the short or the trailer that he made for Grindhouse which was a very great trailer.

[00:55:42] Maybe the best thing he’s ever done is that too. But people have been clamoring for that movie to exist and it might it’s so still a good idea. I mean, there’s no Thanksgiving horror and you know, yeah, I would like to see it. There’s no thanks going horror except for that Blum House hooloovoo movie that has something to do [00:56:00] with it.

[00:56:00] Yeah, and I will say that Eli Roth. I do not like him. I don’t know like his movies one of my first episode our first two episodes. I feel like our Eli Roth’s movie is it wasn’t it? Like I’m Knockin Green Inferno back-to-back two things. I really hated and I would not be surprised as his star Rises if it continues to it to me.

[00:56:21] He’s like another Max Landis just spoiled obnoxious bro who locked himself into a career-making horror thinks he’s funny. He’s not thinks he’s good. He hasn’t. It is really like shitty and almost like a petulant child and I just like the only thing that Eli Roth has done that I’ve enjoyed is cabin fever and the more they know about me though.

[00:56:44] And actually I will be honest. I’ve seen them with a thousand times. I still like the movie but the more I learn know about Eli Roth the less I like him fever and he’s done nothing but garbage since then and he’s really good at convincing people to give him money same with Max Landis. I don’t know why who these [00:57:00] guys blue who their mood their agent is.

[00:57:03] These guys keep failing upwards to bigger projects and everything. I’ve seen them do has been tied for terrible Eli Roth can redeem himself with may be making Thanksgiving but I’ll be straight up you can help if you really think about it. What are the jokes? What are the things? Can you do besides what’s in the trailer?

[00:57:19] No one else will see will say and the last bit. It’s just a little more on the Syfy Chucky series The Working title is in fact Chucky that could change. That’s the working title. And Nick and Tosca who’s the guy who created Channel 0 this is what he’s the one who’s working on the show. He’s talking about it.

[00:57:41] He said the series is going to be closer to tone the first two movies in the series going back to the sort of classic scare, which means I’m assuming they’re dropping all the goofy. It’s consistent with that mythology, but it’s a whole new story. So you could come into it without knowing anything about the previous stuff and get into it but it is consistent all the mythology that’s come before so it is Canon.

[00:58:00] [00:58:00] He noted that the doors open for Jennifer Tilly and Fiona door of to appear who are both, you know. It’s franchise stars. And Brad Dourif is in fact back. So that is happening. So is the MGM remake trailers out now we talked about it last week. Let’s move on to 3 2 1. Thank you guys. So so hot right now Terry go ahead.

[00:58:29] Yeah guys all here right now. Go back to the patreon which by the way, if you’re just joining us a missed the first few minutes, we have a patreon new flesh podcast check us out. Please donate and help the show. I think one of the things we should do is put a couple bucks aside to actually record a what did you watch theme because this thing is just becoming more and more obnoxious.

[00:58:46] That’s really bad. I feel like people who are coming in just like recently or just. Why did you guys say? So anyway, the second is called. What did you watch? Yeah, we’ve had a couple submissions and we’ve used them before but we would love more submissions and maybe we’ll [00:59:00] commission one ourselves.

[00:59:01] Okay? So, what did you watch? I want to get right into maybe the best thing that I watched over the past week is of course horror Noir the shutter produced documentary about African-Americans portrayed in horror movies. Yeah, this thing really good. It’s based on a book written by. Robin are means Coleman who is a talking head in the documentary and it’s a very well made and very simple documentary it just talking heads and clips from movies, but it is essentially I love that.

[00:59:33] It makes me it makes me want to read the book, but I feel like it does a great job of translating a book to the screen and just like kind of showing you. A legitimate history of black black black America black people in horror movies and how they how the characters have evolved over time and will like what it used to be depicted as versus what it is now and how we got there and how it’s all tied to, you know.

[00:59:58] History and what was happening at [01:00:00] that at the time and it’s just a really good deep dive like a very scholarly. Yeah, it has all the Talking Heads you want in terms of like the historians and whatnot and the writer of the book but it also has like stars of black horror. And Tony Todd Tony Todd, Ken foree.

[01:00:18] Just amazing people and he’s David Keith and David Keith. David’s musician’s musician, right? He had a key. Yeah fun to watch. I don’t know. I don’t know where the worst where the worst but yeah, it’s not only did it was a great but it made me want to watch a lot of stuff. I haven’t seen which I like basically have like a, you know, a list of black horror films, whatever scene to watch now, It is awesome.

[01:00:45] And also got Gaijin has 200 houses on Strutter a lot of the movies that are talked about there on shutter now. Yeah. Yeah. I really really enjoyed watching it. And if you’re at all remotely curious about the history of [01:01:00] horror in. All or not, let’s also very core. It’s also very eye-opening because they because I’m assuming everyone I remember everyone they interviewed in this thing are African-American actors and filmmakers kind of talking about especially the older ones I could can for raise your Tony Todd’s and a few of the older men and women who’ve been around for a while can talk about from firsthand experience, you know things that probably.

[01:01:25] Slip past us or didn’t seem that big of a deal they talk about what is coined as the sacrificial negro, which is a person for several years in horror movies do it up to today. Like the only one black person eventually put themselves in danger unless she dies to save way characters or the you know, the black character that gives advice to the white people in order to help them and just like from us like we didn’t I person didn’t really pick them.

[01:01:51] But to see them talk about how this had like- cultural effects to black people watching movies to be like, why is it that anytime I see myself in a movie. I’m either helping a white person or [01:02:00] dying for white person which is which is a very interesting system systemic racist thing that you know, maybe a lot of people didn’t pick up on yeah.

[01:02:09] It’s really enlightening and that way and also at it specifically talks about a handful of movies at length, including Candyman and trails with the hood both of which. Watched recently Candyman being one of my favorites ever and it just like it was interesting to hear, you know, black people talk about Candyman because like they have a totally different perspective than then I think you and I would have thought.

[01:02:31] Well, I’m sure when watching it because yeah, I got all the stuff. You know, Candy Man is the personification of racism. Sure. He’s Spirits conjured from from White’s history white supremacy. But they specifically talked about how oh, this clearly came from the mind of a white man for this one specific reason and that one specific reason was that candy man was terrorizing people in the projects rather than anyone else because [01:03:00] they’re like why what does it make any sense?

[01:03:01] They’re like, you know, he’s this figure and he has always history, but then he’s also terrorizing his own when instead like right over the, you know minutes from Cabrini-Green. The white people that are actually to blame. So like I was just like yeah here it was a great movie and it’s a great thing.

[01:03:16] But this is like, you know, it’s clearly that this came from the mind of a white man, which it did Bernard Rose so like and they talk about it. They talk about the my part. Yeah and as such are they also talked about when I did the actor’s name is Carrie Smith who was the lead in the original native living dad to see a black man and by the movie came out in the 60s, right?

[01:03:36] I mean the late sixties famously George Romero talks about when they were. Had the film in the trunk of their car driving to New York or driving wherever to kind of show the movie around they heard on the radio that dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Submitted so this this movie was made the height of like, you know, the Civil War in the clash between you know, the Civil Rights.

[01:03:58] And the people see a movie where a [01:04:00] black man shows up and he takes charge and it’s all white people and he’s you know, there’s a Clipper he’s like, you know says the Cooper is like well your boss downstairs. I’m boss up here and really to you know to see a black man. Take charge in a white environment was like, holy shit and never had anyone seen that portrayed in a film before this was.

[01:04:22] Unbelievable and even West driven casting a black child actor in the lead and People Under the Stairs was like you and that was only one m-80s know 99, but I think anyone I need to know yeah even that of also like wow, that’s a big deal, you know, and it’s a kind of in and Aaron get Ken foree talk about real quick about Dawn of the Dead which it exists, you know, maybe my favorite horror movie of all time from the be like yeah, you know, I like I the end of.

[01:04:51] Movie it’s pretty much black guy saving white woman, you know like yeah, I guess that’s true. Yeah. Yeah, no well, but it anyway, it’s really great. [01:05:00] It’s really they talk about a really great movies and its cultural significance of like Blacula and ganja and Hess and other other movies. Where are you stuff a bunch of other stuff.

[01:05:09] I haven’t seen how big how big of a deal was in the 70s with the black exploitation films as ridiculous as they were with like pimps and and hose and stuff like that just to see like black people at least portrayed. The leads obviously but like seeing like Black Culture a little bit a little bit more portrayed on the screen.

[01:05:27] Yes, they’re not all like pimps and hookers and hose and stuff like that. But to see like, you know stories with all black people and black neighborhoods and stuff. Like we’re really like it was a mixed bag for African Americans in America in the 60s and 70s. It’s just it’s just fascinating. It’s something that no one’s really ever talked about.

[01:05:45] Yeah, and I’m really glad they went long on Tales from the Hood because I just watched that recently. And it holds up so well and it really is like this Redemptive horror stories where they’re like, you know, [01:06:00] we’ll take a story about like a black Trope of like, you know, they beat their wives their and gangs there and then like police if you know, they’re getting killed by police.

[01:06:07] So it takes all these. Actual systemic racist and things that are happening in the country and basically make horror Anthology shorts about that and watching that movie in 2019. It’s shockingly relevant. There’s even a whole one. That’s with the racist politician. Like I think is David Duke in this movie, but like it’s very trumpian and it’s very like hard to watch now.

[01:06:28] And that movie holds up insanely well and the sequel is out now on Netflix, which I am just watched also and it’s not as good but it’s you know, I’m happy it exists and I will check it out more movies are getting made like that. But yeah, definitely watch horn War. It’s great. Yeah. Well real real quick.

[01:06:49] I would say. Well real quick. I forgot to talk about this last week. I apologize. I mentioned at the beginning but I saw a non horror movie high-flying Bird by Steven Soderbergh. [01:07:00] Yeah. Well, I think I think I think so deberg might be right now my favorite director of filmmaker. This movie is so good beIN unsane I hate it on saying right side.

[01:07:10] It was like raise a misfire crazy, but did but he definitely won’t be back with this movie which is not a horror movie. So I’ll talk about a real quick. It just takes place in a couple days of a NBA lockout centers around. Found a NVA agent played by the guy who was one of the leads in he was a Moonlight and he was also one of the leads in the nick a great show that I loved.

[01:07:31] We played LG Elgin on and they’re great actor and the the basketball star that he represents is also the rumor that kid from American Vandal to. Yes, Demarcus Tillman that guy said his name in the show or that’s his name and American Vandal to yeah, he’s great in the movie. Oh, he’s great in this one and I’ll still has a zazi beats.

[01:07:56] Is that her name is Ozzie beads from slice baby. [01:08:00] This is a whale about this moving with a little Steven Soderbergh. This is a small movie with big ideas, or says like big thing.  without. To be too contrived and he also made it with made with iPhones doesn’t look like without an iPhone. It’s just another movie where like you look at it and it just has a certain kind of like energy or movement to it.

[01:08:21] You can tell like was shot very like from the hip and the performance is a great but simply taking an idea of a during a basketball lockout and agent who is trying to you know, Convinced the NBA to stop the lockout because it’s been like I think like six months of this point no money is coming in and also players are starting to fold because nobody’s coming in there.

[01:08:41] It says very interesting things about how the NBA treats players and takes advantage of the fact that most of them are from no money and make some sign contracts to abuse them. It talks about this bloated system of agents in and and you know, merge deals and X y&z that puts these kids into these almost like [01:09:00] unfair.

[01:09:01] Cracks negotiations and the people that have to deal with them and also just the Cutthroat nature of working with the NBA and today’s climate but it doesn’t like doesn’t like expressly say the feelings of that. It just tells this one story about this one agent is one client and the performances are amazing.

[01:09:18] The lead actor Andre Holland is his name. This guy is such a great actor. He’s great and everything. It’s on Netflix now. It’s a small movie with Big Ideas. I love it’s not a horror movie unfortunately, but I think it’s required viewing. Yeah high-flying bird. Check it out. I also endorsed high-flying bird love high-flying bird.

[01:09:37] Okay. I’ve got a couple big ones here it. So I saw Gasper Noah’s climax, which is not as sexual as it sounds it is. Yeah. It’s about oh God. It’s about a group of dancers who were you know rehearsing? In some random French [01:10:00] town in the winter in some in some random rehearsal space like a big it’s like a big empty warehouse and they’re rehearsing in the movie actually opens with easily easily easily.

[01:10:11] The best thing gaspers ever filmed this amazingly dizzying dizzyingly choreographed dance sequence at just to start with like pulsing 90s EDM music and if that sounds up your alley, I don’t know if it’s up your house. But I don’t know watching that. It’s like it’s so engaging and enthralling and like you’ve never seen people dance like this.

[01:10:31] Like it’s like they’re all basically there’s no actors. They’re all professional dancers in this movie. So like it’s maybe just opens with like loud fucking music and people dancing like in crazy ways. You’ve never seen so fucking compelling and then like the Music Stops and they’re like, you know, they’re proud they’re like applauding themselves and they end up having like a party after because like I think it seemed like, you know, that was their big rehearsal on the other done and.

[01:10:57] They’re going to celebrate and party before they have to do whatever [01:11:00] they have to do with this dance dream. And then like there’s like this long sequence of just kind of a I’d say maybe a 20-minute sequence after the opening 20 minutes of dancing where it’s just like the people that we just saw dancing introducing themselves to each other or not introduce themselves to the to the audience not to each other like we’re just like watching them interact like a fly on the wall sort of as they basically they’re all archetypes.

[01:11:22] There’s like, you know, the horny guy this the guy the sad girl. All there’s some pregnant girl. Like there’s like a you learn a trade about every person essentially and then the whole time that they’re talking they’re all drinking a ton of sangria. Everybody does like they keep fixating on this bowl of sangria and then the second half of the movie.

[01:11:44] The turning point is when someone does discovers that the sangria has been spiked and boom all been drinking LSD and then we’ll drink a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Yeah, they’re opening a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and they all have a really rough night after know they [01:12:00] they were drinking insane amounts of LSD.

[01:12:03] So then the rest of the movie is the only way I can describe it as like it’s an actual Acid Trip bad. I took actual bad Acid Trip nightmare set to film it’s like. The most anxiety inducing stress-filled experience I’ve had in so fucking long watching this really last 45 minutes of this movie everything that could possibly go go wrong goes wrong.

[01:12:24] There’s like a kid gets trapped in a utility closet like one of their kids is there so they like so the mom is like freaking out about the acid and like hides him in his closet and loses the fucking key and it’s just like everything that happens just like oh my God, why no, please stop and like every character has that moment and.

[01:12:42] Terrible terrible horrible things happen. It’s his Relentless as you’d expect from a Gasper no of movie like it has all those horrible things but it also is a little like, I don’t know. I actually walked out of it thinking I hated it because it was so upsetting to me. It’s like a very. [01:13:00] It’s not a fun movie to watch man.

[01:13:02] Like it’s like it’s movies are never fun to watch dude. Yeah reversible is like the biggest bummer of all time. Also Enter the Void. I couldn’t even finish it. I was just like holy fuck dude was laborious and well the beauty of this one idling and yeah, at least this one’s not fucking three hours long.

[01:13:18] This one’s like 80 something or maybe 90 minutes. It’s like just under 90 I believe and so thankfully it is insanely uncomfortable the whole time or at least the back half, but it doesn’t over. It’s welcome and like it’s been days since I’ve seen it and I can’t stop fucking thinking about it and I’m actually listening to the score all the time because it’s or the soundtrack.

[01:13:38] It’s just like, you know, Aphex Twin and Daft Punk and like all this is like house music that’s really specifically cut for the movie. That’s really good. Really. I just can’t. Describe that experience of watching the back half because you know, you know how we film stuff. It’s like just as chaotic as like the movie like the way he shoots it like the cameras fucking upside down.

[01:13:59] [01:14:00] There’s just so many terrible horrible. Like I was actually like it’s like watching through my fingers like so intense and like that’s the whole energy of that the last 45 minutes and it’s like totally one of those movies that has two distinct halves and I will say though my big takeaway. Is that Gasper no a is.

[01:14:17] An incredible like like I’m he should direct musicals like that opening dance sequence. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like 20 minutes of just non-stop dancing and I was just smiling the whole time like it was so cool to watch and like that along is it it’s like the whole movie is like 90 minutes I’d say the damn opening dance sequence is probably like 20.

[01:14:37] Okay, maybe 15 but it’s just like it’s like people like fucking krumping. I’m going to describe it like just like every different every different style of illness every different style of dance you could think. Like all these diverse people dancing different types of things and the movie I feel like has does have a message Underneath It All like it’s kind of like, you know, they’re all partying and yelling.

[01:14:57] You’re drinking Yeah. Well, yeah, but they’re all like partying [01:15:00] together and everyone’s happy and then like the second shit turns bad, like people get really ugly to each other and like it’s kind of like Primal, you know, like everyone acts, you know, as everyone is out for themselves kind of and like attitudes change and like.

[01:15:16] I don’t want to give away any more of the horrors that happen because it’s really fucked up to behold but I think days later I can admit that. I really I think it’s a really powerful experience and a good movie and a very upsetting one and if you’re into that type of thing climax is easily for me easily his best movie and I think check it out even if yeah, even if you’re exhausted by him, which I am, I don’t really like his other stuff.

[01:15:43] I think there’s still. For you to like here and like I can’t like it has but the thing is I don’t want I can’t fully like I want to say it’s a four out of five experience, but for me, but it’s still it’s more like a three and a half out of five experience because it still has all those [01:16:00] flourishes that he puts on his movies like just totally obnoxious shit like God text on screen that just like cuts to the, you know, randomly cut in there that says like death is just the beginning or like something like some really dumb like arthouse bullshit like.

[01:16:15] As tons of that and like it starts with the end credits and has the opening credits in the middle. Like it doesn’t always like all these like pretentious I would say things that like, you know, they’re flourishes. They don’t take away from the movie for me. But like if they didn’t exist, I feel like you know, there is a cut of this movie where I’m like that is the fucking most intense best movie of the year sure and like for now because it’s like I really really liked it I think but it was a it’s a tough experience.

[01:16:40] It’s all right. Well, that means it definitely sounds like a something worth watching and if it’s only 90 minutes, I’ll grab it when it yeah, definitely. That’s right, man and like the music man. I just can’t stop listening to its on Spotify. Don’t contract check it out and then another big one I saw.

[01:16:56] Well that shouldn’t even talk about in this podcast because it’s not [01:17:00] even fucking horror even though it is goodness. What do you got? Happy deathday to you, which I will admit. I have to say up top. If you don’t listen if you don’t look in the show in the past or just listening now, I did not like the first one very much I said it was fine.

[01:17:16] I like that Joe liked it Joseph I think way after I did and say I cut it and strengthen. Yeah. I really enjoyed it. But those clever for how they did the premise the endings a little stupid, but I did. Enjoy what they did with the almost Groundhog Day. Everyone feels the same way as you everyone loves it, which is why take my opinion with a grain of salt.

[01:17:33] Maybe you’d still like to sequel but there’s no denying. It’s not a horror movie at all the freely. Yeah. The first one was definitely leaned comedy but was still I would say a slasher movie or it had it really had / elements and at least cared about them enough to like follow through with the plot with the slasher.

[01:17:55] This movie it’s more. It’s a hundred percent [01:18:00] straight up a comedy know like there is a killer involved but the movie could not give less of a fuck about it and it’s like actually very annoying. Let me tell you how it what the movies about so the movie opens with the Asian roommate of the guy that she ends up sleeping with every night mare in the first one remember Ryan.

[01:18:22] So he walks in every time when the first one and like she kicks him out or whatever. So in this one, there’s a does it matter that he’s Asian. I know I’m just giving it a signifier to the because the weird thing that like says Asian guy I couldn’t okay the roommate. Yeah the roommate Ryan was he’s not a famous actor.

[01:18:38] So I’m giving you a given the listeners don’t know who I’m talking about Ryan from the first minute. I said if I said Ryan from Happy deathday would you know any idea who the fuck I was talking about? Yeah bill I get the Asian guy got it. So it opens with him doing the whole like waking up. And then living a day and like having all these specific things happen to him and then he gets [01:19:00] killed and then he went to the bad guy at first it opens with that and you think it’s about to be the same movie with him, which I thought was kind of like a goofy but kind of clever thing and then you realize what they’re doing and what they’re doing is they’re showing you what was happening on that day from the first movie from a different perspective and you find out that this guy Ryan is doing some sort of science experiment.

[01:19:24] Dorky friends that is essentially creating something. It’s called like the machine is called like Sisyphus is something and it’s like they’re little they literally have like a Time Loop machine in a science lab that they’re working on. So you kind of learn the kind of like retconning the first movie like, oh, okay.

[01:19:41] So the first movie. You know the first movie never even tries thank fucking god to explain why she’s living the same day over and over again. It just like okay. I’m doing this and the only way out of it is for me to solve my murder and like that’s fine. That’s what a movies the premise was. And that that’s all I needed to be this one in typical Bad sequel [01:20:00] fashion.

[01:20:00] It’s like, oh you want to know what was happening? We’re like no we don’t like okay. Here’s a whole movie about it. So so with the opening scene, you know, we he comes in. Has Deja Vu and walks into their dorm room is like yo, I just had this thing and she of course knows what he’s talking about.

[01:20:18] So she’s like, oh my God, this just happened to me like what’s happening? And then she ends up going back to them and going back with him to his lab and finding this thing and she was like, oh my God, I realize now why I got stuck or whatever and then before we know it, she’s the thing the thing goes off.

[01:20:34] And she is now back basically the same movie again from the first one. She’s their living heard thing over and over again. But this time she’s not like getting killed every night. Although there is a killer involved, but she is in a parallel universe. Where everything is a little different like the boyfriend in the from the last from the actual for the last movie is now dating the head of the sorority [01:21:00] from the first movie which is like people who hate each other in the first movie.

[01:21:03] Everything’s really complicated. It’s so it’s a really broad dumb like Weird Science. He comedy it’s like very childlike a kid-friendly like it’s definitely like a PG-13 horror movie, but I even saying that it’s wrong. It’s not a horror movie. They do not care about it. It’s like this. The driving premise or the driving through line through this movie The Emotional through line is you Jessica Ross character.

[01:21:28] Whatever her name. Her name is fucking tree. How can I forget her name is tree the movies about Tree in this parallel universe. Guess what else the big thing in the parallel universe is that her mom who is dead in the first movie She’s alive in this parallel use that matter it matters because that’s the whole premise of the movie Now Is oh, well, I’m supposed to get back to this other universe.

[01:21:52] But in this one my mom’s alive. So do I want to go back to my boyfriend and happy life or can I stay in this universe where my [01:22:00] mom’s alive but I don’t have a boyfriend and like it’s not the goodness. You guys meet someone else. Well, yeah, so like it’s a movie. It’s just like this is not the movie.

[01:22:08] I care to see it’s just like I have to accept this this movie is not for me. Like it’s like it’s definitely not for horror fans by know a lot of people who like it and think it’s really fun and clever but I just thought I found it. So try Hardy and embarrassing and like all the humor like that. I like that time trihard.

[01:22:27] Yeah. It’s so embarrassing to me like all the jokes are like fall flat like there’s one like there’s one sequence as a totally played for Laughs. It’s just her someone. Joke to her that well instead of getting killed every night. Why don’t you just kill yourself to get to the next day so you can avoid that.

[01:22:41] So it was like a goofy Montage of her like killing herself in funny ways of jumping into a wood chipper and like jumping out of a out of a out of a like a what do you call it? She’s skydiving with no parachute and just like lands in front of her friends. It’s played for Laughs. It’s a very broad goofy comedy weird.

[01:22:59] It’s [01:23:00] so fucking. And that’s the whole movie is her just doing these goofy things. The premise is actually kind of 50 First Dates like we’re because she is she wakes up every day and remembers what’s happening but no one else does and she has to like have get their help to fix the science machine that got this isn’t the opposite of 51st days isn’t she wakes up?

[01:23:20] She has no idea who he is. Well, yeah that would essentially but like she said that same idea where she has to wake up every day and then tell them what to do. So like there’s like, The big another big plot point is her having to be smart and memorize all these algorithms that they write and then forget every day.

[01:23:34] So she’s like so like it’s just like this really goofy sci-fi movie. It’s not a comedy. There’s one scene where there’s an explosion. This is the type of humor it is there’s a scene where there’s an explosion in the lab and it’s set to classical music and slow motion. Like everyone’s falling backwards and slow motion to classical music and they think that’s it.

[01:23:53] Like I was saying they’re like mouth of gape just had no idea what I was watching. It’s a baffling Very Bad [01:24:00] sequel. They double down on all the elements that were bad about the for that I that I thought were bad about the first one and like forgot anything that was good like anything all the horror elements are just fucking gone the movies deeply deeply uninterested in that part of it.

[01:24:13] And even if they do shoehorn in the serial killer guy from the first one a little bit just to. Make it make like make sense with the first movie, but it’s a hundred percent not a horror movie and it has like a I can only describe I can only describe as like a National Lampoon type villain played by Steve zissis, you know that guy if you saw him and all the Gibson Ali I feel like it’s just like.

[01:24:38] It’s a very broad comedy. It makes all these like, you know, self-referential jokes about Back to the Future like references all the stuff like as if to say, hey, do you get it it references Inception. It’s just very meta. It’s just like I don’t know what it wants to be is it is it a parody of itself because it’s very goofy and it has a very it trying to be so sentimental at the movie.

[01:24:59] Like [01:25:00] there’s like a couple moments where I want you to like cry like what is this movie? It’s a feeling. I feel like it Blum House in the past like year is really like. Looted the brand of starting with these starting with these Hulu Hulu movies that have all been very underwhelming. But also now I mean with with this movie and also you do not have good things to say.

[01:25:21] No one had good things to say about glass. Obviously they still got like glasses the number one movie of 2019 though. It’s making a lot of noises. Yeah, but I’m just saying like obviously they still have like their their hits and the great movies but I mean, but that’s their model even their movies that bomb or the or this movie’s not going to do well, but it’ll be fine because it costs like 10 million dollars Max.

[01:25:41] Yeah. Looks like he’s having he’s he’s figured out how to make movies that make a lot of money versus movies that are guided us both but this is just another line and I mean the you know whether there is an audience there is an audience. Movie it has a good Rotten Tomato score everyone. I know who’s seen it besides me and my buddy Harris who saw it with me has liked it.

[01:26:00] [01:26:00] It’s just a hundred percent out for me. I don’t think it’s for people who in this in this podcast. But if you like the first movie and are curious and you want to see that world expanded go for it. But I mean. I don’t know how expanding that movie the the the way they went. It was like let’s talk about let’s have all this peripheral peripheral characters front and center in the sequel instead of like, you know, the main girl still there, but like it’s more about the other people who in the first one are just like window dressing like who cares about these people.

[01:26:29] So just like to strain it double down on all the stuff that was like not necessary. And the first one I just I thought it was very bad and. Yeah, the so the ending is stupid. All of it is just like really fucking dumb and I was very surprised to see it and it also has an end credits sequence that teases the third one and based on the box office performance this weekend.

[01:26:54] I don’t know if that’ll happen but it could have legs will see I doubt it. But at this movie doesn’t make more [01:27:00] it looks like it’s going to make like maybe it’s budget back and like a little more maybe like 12 million this weekend. That’s my guess and like if that’s what it ends up with and it is half.

[01:27:08] Kind of like it should be I doubt they do a third one, but we’ll see. We’ll see. All right. So happy deathday to you is a no-go bread Arnold. Yeah. Sorry. I was not a fan. I watched the last thing I can say for my what did you watch and maybe after this we can move on to the main event. I’ve watched a good portion of the Lorena Bobbitt documentary by monkey paw Productions and Jordan Peele.

[01:27:31] Yes, Loreena bobbitt’s the woman who famously cut off her husband’s dead. And it’s really really good. I watch one episode so far and I am intrigued it is very good. I think it’s on par with not the OJ documentary series, but certainly like I think there was another one that recently came out what I really love about.

[01:27:52] This one is it kind of takes you through the whole thing and you know starting off when we get to the initial [01:28:00] event was able to interview all the people from the guys who. His dick to the guys who sewed it back on and of course John Wayne Bobbitt and his family.  And Friends of people around him.

[01:28:12] They started off kind of going like showing how much of a sensational story this was and I was like a punch line and how you know, people just making jokes and this guy whose wife got really mad at him in this crazy wife who you know, this almost like a really feisty little Latin woman and you know, just like anger and her rage in this and that cut off his dick because you know, He started controlling The Narrative of being like Oh, we were going to maybe get a divorce and she’s crazy and she’s out of control and blah blah blah and you know always been like jokes about it Howard Stern had like a fundraiser for him to help his dick or whatever and big punch line and I didn’t know this but the first trial was a trial for him.

[01:28:53] Yeah, that’s pretty light was for him if he was guilty of abusing her, right and it [01:29:00] was all from his point of view and he was not guilty. He was found he was acquitted and then they. To the second child a much bigger trial. This was also going on the same time as the Menendez trial think it’s a fusion for the oj1 but there’s a few other like famous trials.

[01:29:14] So it eventually lost a little bit of steam because the a Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding trial came up and it’s also the early 90s when 24-hour news Cycles were just becoming popular and they just needed, you know to fill all this time with stuff and why the Lorena Bobbitt thing was so big what I love about is when it gets an aluminum bar, but story it changes everything.

[01:29:34] Story about domestic abuse and when as it goes along you realize I did know this a little bit about it, but the way they set it up. It’s like this woman was horribly abused and horribly treated by this guy and this guy is a giant piece of shit. It was it also run the time when Anita Hill was testifying against Clarence Thomas when it was going trying to become a Supreme Court Justice s fully became speaker.

[01:30:00] [01:30:00] That’s right Brett Kavanaugh. As its timely now because it shows how back then and also now how when it comes. He said she said without any sort of sexual misconduct or abuse it’s always in the man’s favor women are treated horribly the treated poorly by you know, not only Congress people or juries are stuff.

[01:30:23] There’s mostly men the interview some of the jurors of it and is one fucking piece of shit. Dude was just being like well, you know build butyl this thing in that thing and kind of like just and but also the. Really weird rule that the judge had for her trial was like they can only consider evidence that happened five days leading up to her trial.

[01:30:41] So of course, she’s like been abused and raped and horribly treated by this guy for years and their marriage, but they can’t they can’t. Use that for their evidence they have to only do things that happened five days prior so rude who knows why that was the rule so ridiculous BC this ridiculously unfair situation that women go into who are horribly [01:31:00] bettered by men and by their husbands and the weird laws that states have about what isn’t and isn’t considered rape when it is your legal spouse.

[01:31:09] You just watch like man. This is like really so gets into really how fucked up it actually was a horrible he was and how the tone. Changed in the country from this poor guy in this crazy woman to like this incredible piece of shit and how she really was like stuck and this marriage and the law couldn’t do much about the abuse that she was suffering and she is an immigrant.

[01:31:32] She had very little options. She had no friends and no and you know was like really crazy and somewhat depressing story, but it follows that threat of like it how it started off as his kind of like, Punch line joke in this poor guy and then like dovetail dimness interesting story and it is examination in America about exactly domestic violence.

[01:31:51] There is a really horrible and sobering stat that they had in their early on where they’re like for every 1,000 women who actually [01:32:00] report a case of domestic abuse there is probably a million who do not so thousand of a million. What does that one out of a hundred thousand and I can. Do the matter.

[01:32:11] We’re not doing really sobering stay out of like how ya fuck math, but you realize right away like this really awful situation that then and now like with domestic abuse and how difficult it is for women to come forward and the horrible abuse that they get when they come forward. He’s like, she’s treated like fucking shit dude like she comes out and does this thing and like the whole countries like what a crazy bitch?

[01:32:35] Oh my God another thing in there and I think this is a documentary so many needs. Do they show clips from the Jenny Jones Show? Oh, yeah, I can’t eat right Jenny Jones has him and his brothers and his buddies on the show. And the whole thing is like this poor guy and all of his friends. Look we want to kill that bitch.

[01:32:51] Yeah actually said it was like it’s worse than killing him. She cut off his manhood or whatever. She’s interviewing just these guys. There’s a whole documentary about the Jenny [01:33:00] Jones Show and how it was probably read the room wrong and every situation Jenny Jones was famous for having these episodes of shows where like in retrospect she.

[01:33:08] You read it wrong. Cause more damage than good. You see the fucking studio audience cheering for him when the guys like, you know, what it was up to me. I would have killed that bitch and seems like it gets a standing ovation by the audience like yeah, fuck her whatever and Jenny Jones was like like like facilitating this she her show was the worst thing in the night worse than I think Jerry Springer and its quest to like have the most unpopular taken from the worst people and celebrate their awfulness.

[01:33:38] It’s really great. It’s well done. I think it’s you know, I forget what awards are given documentaries, but as far as short term short form Doc’s it is excellent. Of course is from Jordan peels monkey paw Productions. Of course, they’re heading out of the park left and right. Definitely see Lorena Bobbitt.

[01:33:55] Yeah Amazon Prime. That is a private scuse me Amazon Prime. It’s great. All [01:34:00] right, let’s uh, yeah Main Event binding 3, I don’t know how much we’ll have to say about Foundation three, we can go through it final Ascension 3. Not my favorite entry in the franchise. Its assembly the word is definitely the worst of the three it’s the worst so far.

[01:34:18] It’s still not bad. It’s still not bad. It’s fine. There are elements three things. I like about it because I don’t let’s start with the opening sequence because these that’s what kind of make or break these movies. I feel like a lot of the time I look how it started. This one is a great on paper idea.

[01:34:34] I love love love the idea of a roller coaster crash. I’m inherently. Scared of roller coasters and amusement parks and anything. We’re like, I’m putting my life in danger and there’s like some fucking asshole making minimum wage to keep me alive like anytime true anytime please. I’ll never get old never get on a carnival ride.

[01:34:52] Yeah, never get a the carnival. They set it up in a couple of hours. Let’s hop on the rides. Not a fucking chance. Yeah, no way. I don’t trust it at all. So inherently already [01:35:00] scary, but the scene. The scene here. I don’t know what it is. If it was like over-reliance on CGI or like it’s just like a tough thing to pull off while it is like again, it’s just like the the scenario itself is just so terrifying the like the sequence is fine and like gets the job done, but I just wanted so much more detail and Gore in the hill.

[01:35:23] Because there’s like it’s very almost every death besides one or two in that sequence is like off screen and vague. It’s like someone they fly off and they die. You are hanging off for the upside down and they fall and die.  Yeah, well, it wasn’t really like as brutal as you think it was going to be considering how it should have been you anything while I’m fine.

[01:35:43] Yeah, I’m wondering though. I want to point out that this is the first Final Destination where Jeffrey Reddick is not involved at all, but it James Wong. From one who we got issues with our back for this one. They were not involved into so already were learning just how much [01:36:00] Jeffrey did bring to the bring to the table because we love we like one.

[01:36:03] We love to wear as Redick without those guys and now it’s those guys without Redick and this one is definitely week and by the numbers and I also feel like really shallow and it’s just reaching for everything. So starting with this opening sequence. I agree. It could have been way crazier way more involved.

[01:36:20] I feel that James Wong. As far as directing is concerned. He did not understand how to bring a how to figure out how to make a roller coaster tragedy really intense. Whatever Monica’s dad doesn’t want a mattock. I mean when he brought I forget the director David Ellis I think was director of to who has a stunt coordinator or stuntman.

[01:36:41] He really dug into the details of the car crash into the made it so fucking good. And this one I agree. It’s not that crazy. Don’t you think like, oh, man, I should just flown off. And landed upside-down and just rip people apart and you think like this so many years was but that could have been really brutal and just kind of wasn’t there’s [01:37:00] one kill Ryan Merriman the Disney star who is in this movie who plays her Nia doesn’t doesn’t play her boyfriend.

[01:37:06] He plays the guy that she ends up sitting next to on the roller coaster. It’s her boyfriend’s friend which again that whole sequence also is so unbelievable to me because like they’re all together as a couple and like. And Mary Elizabeth Winstead boyfriend wants to be upfront and she is too scared.

[01:37:24] So instead of going back with her. He just stays and is like hey buddy go with my girlfriend. She’s a pussy and like you can go hang out with her in the back. Like I just did not find that scenario believable at all, but I understand the movie needed to her boyfriend who died there and heard or not.

[01:37:39] But like it just like those little things that like, oh my oh, I can see the transparency of how bad the writing is. That’s yeah and you know, and I could economic. Yeah. Glad you said that because we all know the Final Destination. Well, however, they died always become some sort of like insight to like, how are they going to dine what or whatever order and that’s fine because this clearly is like they [01:38:00] almost knew how they wanted the story to go to define the teenagers after the event and just kind of backed kind of the okay since we don’t want to since we have all these two sequences of who dies in this order, we got to make sure that they lay out and said what fucking every you know, if it feels very force, it feels forced and why they’re sitting at how they know each other.

[01:38:17] It feels forced with the characters that like they’re very boring and one-dimensional. What’s that one goalkeeper, the guy who dies in the Drive-Thru keeps referring to himself in the third person. Oh, what was his name of the community guy with that would think with the camcorder Frankie cheeks?

[01:38:31] Oh God. Yeah. Yeah, Frankie Frankie cheeks what I meant to say about that guy. That wasn’t her boyfriend though. Is that his death during the opening roller coaster scenes the only good one. He gets like fully cut in half and like his bottom half just still in the in the. The roller coaster seat with her but every other death during that scene, there’s let me think there’s definitely the bunch of people that are like hanging upside down and fall.

[01:38:55] There’s like the people who just come crashing off and like it’s very like just I think the [01:39:00] thing runs into the camera and that’s it. There’s like no Gore then I think there’s maybe like another impaling or something. But like it’s all very either quicker off screen and like to me that’s why I’m watching these movies.

[01:39:13] It’s for like inventiveness of these sequences. So the bigger the first one on under delivers, but absolutely but definitely I will say the second kill in the movie. Earth the second second and third I suppose the tanning beds sequence is Final Destination extremely memorable within the franchise moment that it was one of the you know, one of those member ones, you know, yeah, just very memorable and like and again just like a scenario where.

[01:39:42] Oh God, like how horrible that would be to be caught in there really really good with like setting up. I mean that one definitely plays dude. I’ve never done a tanning bed. I’m sure I never will but that one’s definitely one when you’re like, yeah, I could see like being afraid of that. I can see that playing two or three right?

[01:39:56] I’m sure anyone’s ever done a tanning bed is kind of thought like what if I got trapped in here [01:40:00] and basically baked is that one? That one was pretty good? What was the what was the one after that I forgot what order they go. The one after that I believe was the was it the truck cheeks? Yeah, wasn’t it back in the Drive-Thru chicks?

[01:40:14] Okay, so I want to I want to I want to back up before we get into the story. So after the after they save themselves and they get the premonition the introduce something that a story that as of as of the third one. Because we’re going in order here of the three that now exists in the universe this device that they introduced is probably the most contrived one that makes a promise anything ever.

[01:40:39] Yeah. I know you’re gonna say the thing for the introduce these pictures and what do you know these pictures? We took also have Clues into how they died is just great a what the fuck are you talking arable bad? Right another thing of bad. Why were they like they took it. So basically everything that was sort of subtle before in the franchise.

[01:40:57] Like oh there’s all these elements that like lead you [01:41:00] to lead you to maybe solve it and figure it out before it happens. All those subtle signs are now just like neon sign blatant and this one and it never works like laughable the whole time. I thought can I put can I pause it a theory? Yes. Again, Jeffrey Jeffrey Wright action.

[01:41:19] Teams out with James Morgan and Glenn James Wong and Glen Morgan to make the first one and as you listen to our Jeffrey Redick episode, which is really great. If you haven’t there were some static there those guys didn’t get a really long long and Wang and Morgan kind of push every Redick out kind of took credit for things that they didn’t do etcetera.

[01:41:35] Etcetera Redick gets to make the second one in a second one, right? It introduces this idea or or develops more the idea of the premonition. Seeing weird Shadow things are searing weird clue things and whoever get the the actress’s name when she sees it. She’s like, okay see this thing we had this premonition of this and like what does it mean and and always has his like clue for us the eyes also be like hooks with hands hooks.

[01:41:56] What does that mean? You don’t then then right when he’s off what it means. It’s like oh, [01:42:00] yeah, that was it. But also like it’s a clue that doesn’t necessarily spell it out. I have a theory that as good as a device that was long and Morgan did not want to use that because they don’t want to aim it that Jeffrey read it came up with a good idea and be.

[01:42:12] Want to use intellectual property because technically different different project so they had to come up with an idea of how do we make premonitions like to and technically one but not do it how they do it because there’s Jeff likes idea hence this idea of De took pictures and the digital pictures is this thing that and it’s so like whatever.

[01:42:32] You know what I knew. You know what I knew that hold development was really fucking dumb is when. There’s a part where she’s explaining the photo thing to the guy and she shows a photo first of Abraham Lincoln an old photo of Abraham Lincoln and it has it has a line through his head and she goes yeah.

[01:42:51] This photo was taken like days before his death and like there’s a line exactly on this photo where the bullet went and then the next photo I shit you not [01:43:00] is the fucking Twin Towers. With the shadow of a plain as if to say someone took this shot before 9/11 and then it happened. I was like, oh my God this movie Just invoke 911.

[01:43:11] I couldn’t believe it. Also that’s just being like look the Twin Towers with a shed of a plane and it’s like Yeah, because it was in die like like Lower Manhattan and it was in between two. Huge international airports. I’m sure plane Shadows protecting all the time. It’s so like but like the first one with Abe Lincoln just like it’s a photo that was like creased at the top and the crease of the top is what you’re telling me was a sign that he was killed right there.

[01:43:35] I was just like this is the dumbest shit ever. Like if that’s your example for your introduction of your theory like your theory sucks. Yeah, I agree and that is a movie. So this this is something that I dislike about this movie in. The reason that for is called the Final Destination and then we have five which from point forward.

[01:43:55] It seems like every time they made when they made four and five they try to like [01:44:00] reinvent it is I don’t think the Final Destination series at this point is ran out of gas. I think that they unfortunately have James Wong and Glen Morgan attached to it and those guys I’m sure there are other great stuff, but for this franchise, they just they just don’t get it.

[01:44:13] They were brought on by Jeffrey Reddick Edge Jeffrey out. They took his ideas and ran with it. They want to take quite afford. I’m sure in their minds. They think that they came up with came up with it. But this clearly to me proves that Jeffrey rhetoric is in fact the architect of this series and when it hit when it with him absent, it stinks, I mean, I really wish we could re-interview him to be like, hey would like just to kind of point out.

[01:44:34] We’re just get this thoughts on like, how how would you think about trying to get him back by the end of it to be like he’s all the rest of them. And now we have qua other questions. Maybe maybe maybe maybe he won’t admit it. Maybe he wants to take the high road just be like, hey was my project but anyone it’s hey here.

[01:44:49] It is laid out for us you watch One Two Is Better Than One and Jeffrey Redick is into and he’s not and those aren’t guys from one aren’t in him. And then three is those guys without Jeffrey and it’s [01:45:00] it. Yes, it has a nice little experiment to see what the element is. Bagon got to be so satisfying from I don’t know and I’m just without saying details as a person myself as a video producer and a person did comedy in Chicago for like 10 years.

[01:45:13] I know exactly what it’s like to be involved in a project with people. We feel like you’re not being listened to we feel like they’re taking credit for your ideas taking credit for your things and when you’re like, okay guys, I’m going to go this way you go and you see that project improv team that sketch group that those films that they make after you be terrible as you just stuff.

[01:45:31] That’s much better. It’s satisfying to be like fuck you motherfucker. Told you needed me like he has to look at this and be like told you so I mean did this even do that while the body shop so I think it yeah, I think I think it ended up being the second highest after the fourth one and the fourth one, even though it’s the worst movie was the highest because of Jeffrey told us they marketed it heavily as like, you know, we’re going to answer all the things that you need answering.

[01:45:53] It was a big finale and the ended up kind of just a shitty movie hastily written before the writers strike started. [01:46:00] Sure anyway, so we’ll talk about that. Yeah. So this one another reason it sucks is Joe mentioned a little bit earlier every character. I found to be almost. Extremely unlikable like yes.

[01:46:11] Oh God. Yes, dude that the foot the the fucking football player like hits the girl. Like what was that? Oh, they just slaps are pushed her aside. Like the fuck is this fucking asshole? Like he fucking sucks. I don’t care about any of these people and I know they have to be dicks. So they could we could Relish in their death and be happy about it.

[01:46:30] But like we don’t have bench with this way better if people we like or deadlines are we for are about fuck that? Fuck? Yeah. They put a guy that was like Century as a creepy creepy man with a camera stalking and I trying to film down this weird store up to the butts like and then the to the Amber and amblin or whatever heard their names were right Heidi and Heidi what were their names?

[01:46:52] I don’t shoot. I’m just like twins are sisters are best friends or just like so shitty. And is this the [01:47:00] one where they go to the funeral and the guys like I don’t want to sound gay but no, that was the first one. He took that out something happens at. A funeral this one wherever just like like fighting or arguing about death and it’s like, you know, we had a funeral guys knock anyway, the writing of this just is really weak.

[01:47:17] There’s also that the hardware store kissing which I found like to be just kind of like a I thought they phone that whole thing in like, I really enjoyed the nail gun to the back of the head killing. But like he’s forever takes forever that whole sequence is like ridiculous and it’s just like, okay cool stuff falls on them at a hardware store like great.

[01:47:36] I don’t really understand what siding but in this is remember she falls back and then loaded nail gun shoots through her pain that will never end. But the rest most of the gore in this movie Just throughout it all is a little neutered or muted and some way I just think like. They took like maybe it was the MPAA or something was like especially annoying with this one.

[01:47:57] But like it seems like every Gore shot was like cut short [01:48:00] in some way like it is rated are correct it is it is but like even then like the guy who’s like when the guys had gets smashed with the equipped weight equipment, like even that is like a quick second and then it’s over I like maybe the other ones just spoiled me with a little like an extra second shot because like an actual half second or a second makes all the difference for that type of shit and like I.

[01:48:21] They all just went like to quick. Do you feel that? Maybe this thing is I’m looking at the Wikipedia page and it talking about when it was released on home media. They had a lot of like bonus features a cute and this predated bandersnatch as like, I remember had had a Choose Your Own Adventure style bonus feature where you could.

[01:48:42] I don’t remember how it works. But like there were alternate like ways people could die. I think they shot like other ones for the DVD my assumption my son could have been because this is when like home video and DVD was very lucrative or still was they could have just looked at a like what’s make an R-rated one just to get it in [01:49:00] theaters not even rated X, but a little more neutered version knowing that then they can have the Gory or version for the DVD unrated member.

[01:49:08] That was a thing for a while. I mean, I really probably came out. Yeah, you got to own it on DVD. It’s unrated away gory or whether or not it is there were some times when it was a marketing gimmick and there’d be like 12 seconds more and they would still use it. But a lot of the time there wasn’t this one.

[01:49:23] Yeah, unrated version. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t I don’t know it really this one. I still it’s still fine. It’s still fine. But like I mean once you get to like as we mentioned the photo Clues and stuff, it just becomes like really laborious and stupid like there’s that part. Revealed the and we’re like she figures out that McKinley is key to her death because she’s wearing a shirt that has his name on it because like the movie was again.

[01:49:51] So poorly written that there’s a line of dialogue literally early on with the guys like oh, my name is the last name is this a is the same as the school and that’s [01:50:00] all because later on. She’s wearing a shirt for the school and she’s like, oh my God McKinley. I know that guy. He’s he’s the one who’s key.

[01:50:07] And it’s like this is the. Shit everything they do in this movie. They Telegraph earlier and like very poorly screenwriting and very portion. Right and Screen written ways. Anybody wants to go back and listen to The Archives, especially when we were doing the Friday the 13th franchise, I think around seven whatever the one that came up before Jason Takes Manhattan would like to tell the telepathic girl.

[01:50:29] Oh, yeah, I remember. Really realizing that that’s when the franchise pretty much became repetitive in the sense that like and I compared that to this moment in the franchise where for the first time the franchise is no longer invented something useful and now is just going through the numbers and we as viewers are just like just get to the kills.

[01:50:49] I am I was never much liked Friday the 13th Part 7, which I went to was I’m no longer. Anticipating what’s going to happen next? I feel like I’m waiting [01:51:00] this throw this plot that I don’t give a shit about we’ve all locked in a yeah get to the kills. I don’t care about the clues in. Okay, it just feels like they’re going through the numbers and I’m no longer excited.

[01:51:10] I’m more like just tapping my foot with all this like arguing and talking like I’m surprised by the deaths as him coming a mile away. Even if they’re surprised is still a gift. Of course, that’s what happen is like you’re watching a paint-by-numbers thing happen. It’s like yeah I get to. And I do one positive I’ll thing all thing.

[01:51:28] I’ll say is that I do like the fake-out at the end because they do that thing where like, you know, they cheat death and they go wow, we cheated death like good for us. And then the last scene is them it’s essentially a Redux of the opening scene is that this time they’re on a train and they crash and yeah, I just like that the movie has a dark enough funding to kill the main characters.

[01:51:50] Anyway, you think it was the think it was a ploy to be like roller coasters and train and. And end the subway are both on tracks and maybe it wasn’t like [01:52:00] it was going to get them. Anyway, like they did their deaths were inevitable just took some time but it’s still kind of related to like a roller coaster death.

[01:52:07] You think there’s some like that I don’t know connects thought about it that much honestly, I think yeah, but I’m more than they did to be honest. I did not like this. I knew I mean they always die the end in some way I guess but for me in this one like why this again because because. It doesn’t explain if if they didn’t cheat it and it would eventually died this one.

[01:52:27] They have a premonition of the train crashing by the time they realized that the premonition they can’t get off the train and then they of course getting the crash and die. I just feel like II them again, you know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, I guess the point of this one was saying that other just like the end of the second one.

[01:52:45] We’re like that they think it’s over than that guy blows up. I think it’s just yeah, but no nothing could the difference the difference is that is that was a different scenario with the kid he was he was saved from almost dying for a different reason and then we just happen to see him die. [01:53:00] But that wasn’t death is coming for the original people who cheated you know what I mean?

[01:53:03] This one I don’t understand it’s very like, okay because into we learn that you can’t cheat death by an almost dying coming back fine in this one. Did they narrowly escaped this tragedy in the roller coaster saying right and then now death is coming for them Final Destination 101 and then they supposedly cheated but then why did they happen to be in another situation where they cheat death or they have a permanent?

[01:53:26] I don’t know. I just feel like it’s it doesn’t it? Next that’s it doesn’t make sense to me. None of it makes sense. But seem very light. It’s lazy. I don’t I think I agree with you. It’s like the ending of the original Nightmare on Elm Street doesn’t make any sense. We’re just like it’s just like a thing where the studio is wanted to make it.

[01:53:43] I actually don’t know how to say it Studios wanted to make it open to a sequel or something. But this one kind of does the opposite where it’s just like they’re all dead. I just think it was a flourish that doesn’t really have any meaning. I don’t I don’t think there’s a great look because. Yeah, committee made this movie theater [01:54:00] again.

[01:54:00] You gotta go Jeffrey radicand one we’re clearly was fighting for ideas and to or was kind of his thing or new group this one revert back to Wong and Morgan who could just like wouldn’t give us like nothing don’t give a shit. But just yeah, you know, whatever just playing ball to get a movie made together, you know percentage of what would eventually be a hundred and Seventeen million at the box office and a 25 million budget.

[01:54:22] You know, there’s something to be said about these guys just by the time again the three just wanting their payday, you know, if. The first one young the longer you stick with a franchise the more money you make that’s kind of what most contracts work. So I’m sure this one they just realized after probably the making a modest amount of the first one being out of on the second one to bring in the third one there.

[01:54:38] Like there’s gonna be a huge Payday for us fucking whatever get it made. Okay, cool who cares get they’re not. Get a shit ton of money and there you go. Like dude, there’s no there’s no passion. I don’t think Morgan or Wong are passionate about protecting this idea that are the clearly passionate about getting a Payday and you know, it’s Jeffrey products out there.

[01:54:59] Just kind of like no [01:55:00] one’s there to kind of protect the IP and that’s what happens in Hollywood. Oh well. Oh, well, yeah, we finally got to that point where we’re not enjoying the franchise so much. We’ll see where it fares from here. I think I know how we’re going to go, but we’ll be back. We quit number 4 and we’ll say for for was in 3D which is not a good thing before was directed by David RLS to do to which is definitely a good sign.

[01:55:26] Yeah. I’m excited to re-watch it. But I actually am I expecting very much is David Koechner in this. It’s gone is David Koechner in this one. You might be he’s in five. Yeah, um now you ladies night and also this one in 3D, it’s a shame. You can’t watch this. I thought of 3D it was I don’t like 3D movies the most part it’s always a gimmick, but I mean it works the gimmick works for a horror movie.

[01:55:50] So I understand what you’re saying. I mean, I mean everyone has been listening along. I mean, what did you guys think of three hit us up on the Instagrams and let us know or bug [01:56:00] Brett on Twitter. And also be sure to check out our patreon new Flash podcast check patreon. Anyway, sounds like a wrapping it up.

[01:56:07] Yeah, we’re done. It’s almost been two hours. I’m sorry you guys who has one will be back next week with my decision for and I’m seeing Alita battle Angel tomorrow. So I’ll talk about that and you’re a schmuck. That’s probably my weakest, right? Yeah and James Cameron. Just so we’ll see how that is, and they’ll probably be some other horror from shutter that we can watch.

[01:56:28] So we back next week with all that stuff. Thanks for listening. And please give us money on patreon and hopefully this gets better. I’m sorry about all the poor audio and check us out on follow us on Instagram, please follow its brother Joe on Instagram. I’ll share thoughts on there too, because we’ll get on it.

[01:56:48] Yeah, everyone. Goodbye. Alright.

[01:56:57] Bye.

[01:57:00] [01:57:02] I was hoping it’d be back.